Sentimental Ways To Honor Grandparents at Your Wedding

Check out our blog featuring some of the most heart-touching wedding inspirations - ways to honor your grandparents at your wedding!

Check out our blog featuring some of the most heart-touching wedding inspirations - ways to honor your grandparents at your wedding!

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life, and you would want to spend this day with everyone whom you hold very close to you. Speaking of close ones, your grandparents might have always dreamt of seeing you getting married and walking down the aisle. And honoring your grandparents on the most important day of your life can be really personal and meaningful. If you are lucky enough to have grandparents at your wedding, then why not honor their presence? From hosting a Parisian-themed wedding because your grandparents have always longed to visit Paris to picking out the finest song for a special dance with them, there are many creative ways to honor your grandparents’ presence at your wedding. We have suggestions on how to honor grandparents at your wedding that are heartfelt and emotional.

However, in cases where our grandparents aren’t able to be there to celebrate our biggest life milestones, there are many significant wedding ideas and meaningful ways to acknowledge their special presence in our lives, even if they have passed on. Whether your grandparents are looking down on you from above, or they aren’t able to attend the event in person, or even if they are attending your wedding, here’s a list of touching ideas dedicated to grandparents at weddings to celebrate their presence in your life.

Honoring your grandparents at your wedding if they are still with you:


Ask your grandma and grandpa to walk you down the aisle

Who says your typical flower girl or your ring bearer needs to be the youngest one in the family? Create one of the most capture-worthy wedding moments by asking grandma to be your flower girl and grandfather to be your ring bearer and honor the precious grandparents’ role in the wedding. A quirky and cute spin to traditional wedding honors, giving the role of the flower girl and the ring bearer to grandma and grandpa respectively, can be a real surprise for everyone attending the celebration. One can only imagine the awe-inspiring moment when the elders come down the aisle, tossing petals and carrying the ring pillow! Prove that you are never too old to be a spectacular flower girl and a ring bearer by making them an essential part of the aisle walk moment.

Do a wedding speech or reading or a poem

Remembering loved ones at wedding poems during ceremonies will always be an emotional event for everyone connected to the couple. If you’re wondering about how to honor the grandparents at your wedding, ask your grandparent(s) to do a reading as an emotional honor during the ceremony. If you want a sentimental way to include your grandparents at your wedding, pick a wedding poem or a wedding speech that was read at their own wedding. This can be a nice way to make your wedding guests aware of the emotional connection you have made with your grandparents. You can also make them practice their wedding speech or poem during filming your rehearsal dinner so that they are better prepared for the actual wedding day.

Do a special dance

Boogieing down on the dance floor with all your wedding guests is probably the best way to celebrate a new union. And what can be a better way for honoring grandparents at weddings than getting them a special dance on the biggest day of your life? Ask your wedding videographer and photographer to capture the special dance with your grandparents on the wedding dance floor and create keepsakes that will be cherished by future generations. This memorable wedding idea will create so many sweet photo ops, which will be nice to look back on for years to come.

Ask your grandparents to join the wedding party

Since there are no age limitations for the wedding party, why not involve your grandparents in the crew of your bridesmaids and groomsmen? Making your grandma a bridesmaid and grandpa your groomsman by giving them a special boutonniere or bouquet can be a great way to testify the significant bond you share with your grandparents. Raise a toast to grandparents at weddings, by gifting wedding attire for grandparents and dress them up as members of the wedding party to play their respective parts. Dressing up your grandma the same as your other bridesmaids and styling up your grandpa the same as your other dashing groomsmen is a fun way to incorporate grandparents in wedding ceremonies.

Give something to make them stand out

Give away special bouquets or boutonnieres to your grandparents as they play a part in your wedding ceremony. Petite wedding bouquets can be a great accessory for your grandma-turned bridesmaid as they won’t be heavy for her to carry and can also double up as a wedding gift for grandparents. Similarly, a special boutonniere to honor your grandpa at your wedding as he plays a part in the team of groomsmen can be a great way to make him look cohesive in pictures and make him feel like he is a part of the group in a way that is appropriate.

Use photos of your grandparents

If you are wondering about how to include grandparents in your wedding ceremony in an easy way, displaying family photos of them on your wedding table can be a great way to celebrate their presence in your life. Displaying pictures of your grandparents in various ways can be one of the greatest ways of honoring and remembering loved ones at the wedding ceremony. From holding a small picture in your wedding bouquet to stitching a cufflink with portraits of them, can be great wedding thank you gifts for grandparents and a joyous way to honor your living grandparents.

Something borrowed for your wedding

There are details that can transform any wedding into a sentimental and touching celebration. Apart from thanking grandparents in the wedding speech, one can also bring sentimental accessories that belong to the grandparents to honor their presence on the big day. Sewing a piece of your grandma’s bridal veil or a piece of her wedding dress can be a great way to honor her as you walk down the aisle. Your seamstress can also stitch a part of her wedding gown into yours if you would not like to wear the entire wedding dress of your grandma. The same applies to grooms, where a patch of grandpa’s shirt can be sewn into the groom’s jacket for a sweet, subtle touch.

Other ceremonial touches and wedding details

There are so many ways to honor your grandparents during the wedding ceremony. From lighting a candle in their memory to making special mentions in wedding readings for grandparents, there are many ideas for remembering loved ones at weddings. If you want to honor your grandparents at your wedding reception, you can take hints from their own wedding. From scentscaping your wedding with their favorite perfumes and using their wedding china at your sweetheart table to using their picture as your wedding cake topper or dancing with your sweetheart to their wedding song playing in the background, there are many remembrance wedding ceremony ideas to relay the love for your grandparents.

Honoring your grandparents at your wedding if they have passed away:


Wear your grandmother’s wedding dress or grandpa’s wedding suit

One of the most prominent ways to host a wedding in memory of your grandparents is to wear their wedding attire on your big day. Clicking your bridal portraits while wearing your grandmother’s wedding dress can give you some precious must-have wedding shots. If you do not want to wear the heirloom wedding dress which has been passed on for generations, you can stitch a patch of that garment into your wedding dress to signify the fabric’s greater meaning. It can be your sweet and sentimental idea for something borrowed, too.

Carry a family heirloom

One of our all-time favorite and unique wedding memorial ideas for honoring lost loved ones at a wedding is to carry a symbolic heirloom while you walk down the aisle. A quote from your grandparents’ wedding speech or a brooch or a locket that belonged to your grandmother can symbolize remembrance for your grandparents on your wedding day. Incorporating a family heirloom into your wedding day ensemble can be a great way to feel the presence of those loved ones, who have passed away, with you on your special day.

Sharing their favorite pastime or memory

Probably one of the most sentimental yet sweet ways to honor deceased grandparents at weddings is to include their favorite activity or memory while planning your wedding timeline. Witnessing some of their favorite things might bring a smile to your parents’ faces, and also allow your guests to learn about the bond with your loved ones. Giving away your grandparents’ favorite candies by setting up a dessert station at your reception or setting up a special toasting station with grandpa’s favorite bourbon and cigars can go a long way to signify your precious bond.

Adding photos to the bouquet

One of the most common ways of honoring deceased grandparents at weddings is to adorn your bridal bouquet with a locket, photo pin, handkerchief, or another small but sentimental trinket that belonged to the deceased loved one. It will make you feel as though your late grandparents are walking you down the aisle when you affix the photograph of them to your bridal bouquet in a small heart-shaped locket or charm. You can also tie a framed photo of your late grandparents or a photo charm that belonged to them to your wedding bouquet to feel as though they are with you during the wedding ceremony.

Play their favorite song or quote their wedding speeches

One of the most sentimental and touching grandparents’ memorial ideas for weddings is to pick a tune that meant something to them, like their love song or the song they first danced to as newlyweds. Playing a tune for a song that reminds you of your grandparents can also be a great way to memorize them on your wedding day. Play the song as you walk down the aisle or take the steps to your first dance as newlyweds to the song that was your grandparents’ jam or a tune that takes you back to them.

Light a candle

Light a candle during the service in memory of all those who are there in spirit. It’s a good reminder that grandma and grandpa will be looking down from above as you walk down the aisle. After lighting the candle, have a moment of silence for your deceased grandparents or incorporate a touching song in their honor during the reception. You can also make a special wedding toast to commemorate your late family at the reception, as it is also a very special way to communicate that your grandparents continue to be in your thoughts on your big day.

Reserve seat in their honor

Reserve a seat in the wedding ceremony and leave it open in honor of your grandparents. You can also make a sweet wedding sign to honor the memory of your loved one and place their favorite flower bouquet on the seat. For instance, if rosemary sprigs or sunflowers instantly take you back to all those summer days spent at granny’s home, then incorporating a beautiful bouquet of her special flower on the reserved seat will symbolize remembrance. Giving a spot up front at the ceremony is also one of our favorite ways to honor a late person’s presence at weddings, as it is a heartfelt way to make sure that they are every bit as included in your big wedding as the rest of the wedding guests.

Select an important/significant wedding venue

Choosing a venue that was important to your late grandparents can be a great way to imagine them sitting there, bearing witness to your “I do’s” as you stand at the altar. Probably one of the most important wedding decisions you will make during your wedding planning process, choosing your dream wedding venue will take some of the most important factors into account. For instance, you would like to consider the time of the year, the number of guests, and the spending limit in your account, while choosing your wedding venue. Here you might want to consider a special and significant site for your late family member(s) whom you keep close to your heart. A family summer home or your grandpa’s beautiful backyard brimming with memories of summer vacations can be a significant wedding venue to tie the knot in their remembrance.

Each relationship is different and unique, and acknowledging a deceased loved one at your wedding is something you’ll want to put extra thought into. These creative ways will include your special grandparents in your wedding without making it seem like a memorial. From swapping a traditional wedding cake in favor of serving your grandmother’s famous chocolate chip cookies or peach cobbler to making a special note in your wedding ceremony program about your grandfather, these tips to honor your lovely grandparents at the wedding can be an ode to your special relationship with them.

Best Beach Wedding Venues in the US

Check out our blog featuring some of the most amazing beach locations that serve as great wedding venues all across the US!

Check out our blog featuring some of the most amazing beach locations that serve as great wedding venues all across the US!


There are only a few things that are dreamier than getting married with white sand between your toes and twinkling stars over your head! As you imagine yourself swaying with wrapped up hands around your sweetheart and dancing your heart out to the sound of waves crashing in the background, you will realize that you do not need to have a passport to make this dream a reality. Some of the most beautiful wedding venues in the US feature open white sand beaches and sparkling turquoise water, and you do not need to learn a foreign language or take a 12-hour plane ride to reach your breathtakingly magical beach wedding destination! The incredible beach wedding venues in the United States offer event spaces for picture-perfect wedding ceremonies, from the dramatic landscapes of Oregon to the sparkling white sands of Hawaii!

Here are some of our favorite beach wedding venues in the US:

Sunset Ranch Hawaii, Hawaii

Is there someplace dreamier than Hawaii when it comes to beach weddings? Home to some of the most beautiful wedding venues in the world, Hawaii is considered to be the paradise of beach weddings, with some spots for oceanfront nuptial celebrations. One of the top private beach wedding venues in Hawaii, the Sunset Ranch is located on the North Shore of Oahu and features sweeping ocean and mountain views of the entire northwest side of the island. Considered to be the best place to incorporate all your celestial wedding ideas into your celebrations, this luxurious private beach wedding venue in Hawaii is also home to a variety of flora and fauna.

Sanderling Resort, North Carolina

Probably one of the best beach wedding destinations on the East Coast, the Sanderling Resort in North Carolina is located between the Atlantic Ocean and Currituck Sound. Considered to be one of the best venues for a beautiful beach wedding, this tropical wedding venue is filled with breathtaking natural beauty. Whether you are seeking relaxation and rejuvenation, or simply seeking an unforgettable staycation idea for adventure and exploration on the East Coast, this luxurious coastal paradise can give you everything. From roasting s’mores and playing beach games to taking splashes in the mighty Atlantic while listening to live music scenes during magical sunsets, this dreamy resort with private beach access offers everything to savor during your sand-between-your-toes wedding ceremony!

Russo’s On The Bay, New York

Probably one of the best beach wedding venues for all the New Yorkers, Russo’s On The Bay goes back to 1987 when it was established and to this day continues to capture millions of hearts every wedding season. Boasting panoramic views of the Howard Beach Bay and offering lavish Italian-style indoor wedding event spaces with shining marble floors and elegant chandeliers, it is one of the favorite places in New York for destination weddings in the US. There is a beautiful landscape waterfront garden with a floating gazebo which not only makes it picturesque but also enables you to host the perfect summer garden soirée which your guests will remember forever.

Casa Marina Key West, A Waldorf Astoria Resort, California

Apart from being home to some of the best beach wedding locations in the US, California houses some of the dreamiest wedding destinations in the world. Nestled along the southern edge of the island of Key West and overlooking more than 1,100 feet of beach, Casa Marina Key West is a luxurious and historic resort that was once home to Old Hollywood’s elite. The award-winning special wedding venue is one of the top destination wedding locations for beach weddings in the country. The elegant yet refreshingly simple hideaway for couples offers a long stretch of white sand beach and fully outdoor beach wedding reception spaces, along with several beautifully adorned ballrooms for indoor ceremonies and receptions. Featuring fresh local seafood and an unimaginable culinary experience, this can be your destination for breathing life to all your over-the-top wedding ideas!

The King and Prince Beach & Golf Resort, Georgia

If you are looking for some of the best places to get married on the beach, look no further than The King and Prince Beach & Golf Resort in St. Simons Island, Georgia. Dating back to 1941 and overlooking the entire beachfront block of St. Simons Island, the King and Prince Beach & Golf Resort is a sprawling resort that offers breathtaking outdoor ceremony spaces on the oceanfront lawns. The wide selection of richly decorated rooms, spacious villas with ocean view balconies, and resort residences make it one of the dreamiest wedding venues across the US. Located directly on the Atlantic Ocean beaches of St. Simons Island, it is one of the best places for destination weddings in the US, with sweeping ocean views and state-of-the-art facilities.

Hyatt Regency Coconut Point Resort And Spa, Florida

Nestled in 26 acres of property with over 21 wedding event spaces to choose from, Hyatt Regency Coconut Point Resort And Spa is a tropical resort near Naples in Florida, perfect for an unforgettable beachside wedding. Making it one of the best wedding destinations in the US, couples can enjoy exclusive access to five water slides, four refreshing pools, a lazy river, and a secluded private island, all in one place. One of the top choices for beachfront weddings on the Gulf of Mexico, it is also voted as one of the best places to propose in the US, as it is loved by lovebirds for romantic escapes filled with endless excitement.

Water’s Edge Resort & Spa, Connecticut

Another East Coast beach wedding venue that makes to this list, the Water’s Edge Resort & Spa, is a renowned beach hotel in Connecticut located right on the Connecticut shoreline. Featuring perfectly landscaped gardens, acres of grounds overlooking the water, a private white sand beach, restaurants, entertainment, a premium spa, and breathtaking views of Long Island Sound which serves as the backdrop for wedding ceremonies and receptions, this premium beach wedding venue in East Coast has kept its presence as a top New England beachfront resort for weddings, vacations, and getaways.

The Grand Hotel of Cape May, New Jersey

One of the most luxurious beach wedding destinations in the country, the Grand Hotel of Cape May sits right across the street from Cape May Beach. Boasting panoramic views of the historic Victorian Cape May, this hotel is the perfect oceanfront hideaway for hosting weddings on the beach. Featuring a spectacular Penthouse Ballroom that is catered to host both big-sized and small-sized celebrations, this beachfront wedding venue in New Jersey can enable you to experience your ‘grand day at the beach.’ The wedding events can be held on the sand or on the spacious sundeck that overlooks the sparkling water, making it one of the top tropical wedding locations.

Mansion By The Sea, Texas

Just like the name suggests, the Mansion By The Sea in Texas is a dreamy oceanfront venue located just 25 minutes outside of Corpus Christi. This ultimate Texas beach wedding venue is one of the many unique destination wedding locations for a memorable seaside experience for you and your guests. The tropical vibe of this coastal mansion along with the long white sand shoreline can give you the ultimate private beach wedding experience with sand between your toes and waves crashing behind you. The gorgeous indoor and outdoor areas are perfect for celebrating your big day with your loved ones on the deck with string lights twinkling overhead. Whether you are planning to host a Parisian-themed wedding in the middle of Texas or want a chic beach wedding venue for your luxurious big day, this can be your ultimate bet!

Nonantum Resort, Maine

Featuring classic East Coast charm, the breathtaking Nonantum Resort in Maine is an all-consuming waterfront destination resort that overlooks the Kennebunk River within walking distance of Dock Square’s shops and restaurants and a half a mile from Colony Beach. Considered to be one of the most accessible and convenient resorts in Southern Maine, this beachfront wedding destination also features the iconic Maine Lighthouse as the wedding ceremony backdrop, which makes it one of the most loved wedding venues on the beach across the country. Surrounded by breathtaking natural beauty and an ethereal seaside backdrop, this Southern Maine resort can be the most ideal destination for your fairytale wedding on the beach!

Sea Crest Beach Hotel, Massachusetts

There is something so effortlessly chic about the Sea Crest Beach Hotel in Massachusetts, which makes it one of the best wedding venues for beachside celebrations in the entire country. The Cape Cod beach wedding venue is one of the most beloved venues which is located in North Falmouth which offers a charming waterfront resort that is set for relaxation, romantic escapes, family traditions, and memorable events. The only beachfront resort in Upper Cape Cod, this private property located along Buzzards Bay offers easy access to the area’s best outdoor adventures, like sailing, hiking, golf, historic tours, and more. If you are looking for glamping ideas for your minimoon after your big day celebration, this can be your cozy spot to retire after a day of exploration and adventure.

Turtle Bay Resort, Hawaii

Since Hawaii is considered to be one of the top wedding destinations in the US, the mention of this tropical paradise is making a second entry on our list. And one of the most coveted coastal wedding venues in the islands of Hawaii, the Turtle Bay Resort is a dream wedding venue located along the incredibly dramatic North Shore. This tropical paradise is known for being deeply rooted in the land, the history, and the layered richness of Oʻahu as one can find endless authentic connections to the place of uncommon natural splendor and warmth in every corner. Whether you are looking to get away from social media on your honeymoon hiatus, or simply want to get hitched in a place that is marked with constant discovery and moments that can touch your soul, this top resort in Hawaii can be your dream pick!

The Crook Point, Oregon

Perched on 60-foot bluffs above the Pacific, it is easy to see why Crook Point in Oregon is considered to be one of the top beach wedding locations! The peaceful and secluded luxury resort in the heart of Oregon is surrounded by Southern Oregon’s most beautiful stretches of coastline and the historic Crook Ranch. Making it one of the best destination wedding locations, for beachfront unions in the US, this exotic wedding venue in Oregon is home to three private beaches for you to choose from, followed by a clifftop reception on Arch Rock Lawn or Burnt Hill Overlook where you can take your first dance to the sounds of waves crashing below.

Semiahmoo Resort, Washington

One of the most breathtaking locations for exotic destination weddings in the US, the Semiahmoo Resort in Washington is a dream come true Northwest seaside resort for couples to begin their ‘forever!’ Also considered to be one of the top locations for a dream destination wedding, this luxurious resort is surrounded by the Salish Sea and offers the ultimate Pacific Northwest retreat experience for everyone. The gorgeous ocean views paired with scenic mountain views make it a dream destination for couples looking out for a beach wedding venue that can accommodate all wearing styles. Whether you want to get away from the daily hustles of life or looking for a place to tie the knot in a place that looks straight out of a fairytale, this is the place to be!

If endless sunny weather and sandy toes sound like your ideal wedding vision, then a beach wedding will complete the picture of your dream wedding. All the above-mentioned beachfront resorts and mansions are gorgeous locations where you will love to spend time with your friends and family while starting a brand-new life with the love of your life! These places are not just unique, but also picturesque, which makes them steeped in photo opportunities for your wedding photography and videography session. For couples who want to commemorate the biggest day of their lives in front of the sparkling ocean waters or want to escape to an island to tie the knot in complete seclusion, one of these picturesque beach wedding venues in the US can be the perfect place to exchange your “I dos.”


Ways to Incorporate Celestial Ideas in Your Wedding

Looking for celestial ideas for your wedding? Check out our blog featuring some magical celestial themes for a unique wedding!

Looking for celestial ideas for your wedding? Check out our blog featuring some magical celestial themes for a unique wedding!

It was when the stars aligned in that perfect way that you met that special person, and your world hasn’t been the same since then. It has become all kinds of magical overnight and has only gotten better over time! So when the day comes when that lover of yours proposes to you with a ring that sparkles like the stars embedded in the velvety night sky, you know he is the one you want to spend all your eternity with! For the lovers who are stargazers and wish on the falling stars and marvel at the poetic beauty of the moon, we have the perfect theme for your wedding! We will spare you the “out of the world” analogies, but what better way to get married to your one in a million partner than incorporating and committing to a celestial wedding theme? There is something dreamy, romantic, and enchanting about a celestial wedding theme with its dark and moody color palette teamed with the glittering and starry lighting which makes this the perfect setting for the dreamers among us! The celestial wedding theme is a decor aesthetic with inspiration borrowed from the cosmos, the stars, the sky, and astronomy! A moodier sister of a boho wedding, a celestial-inspired wedding leans more towards a romantic vibe with its sultry, midnight blue colors to iridescent details. You have the whole of the universe to seek inspiration from, so while the wedding theme is quite particular, it is also abundant in options! While one can seek to be inspired by the familiar like the stars, the moon, clouds, and the magical midnight sky, there is a whole lot we are not familiar with too, which can add a bit of whimsy and mystic charm to a wedding! A celestial wedding is a perfect blend of whimsical and bohemian, with a quintessential touch of moodiness and magic. Read on more to know all that there is to know about hosting a wedding inspired by the celestial bodies!

Colors to choose

For a celestial-themed wedding, the colors are inspired by the night sky, with a lot of navy blues, deep greens, and purples with colors borrowed from the sunsets like pinks and dark oranges. Icy blues of the moonlight, milky whites, and metallic silver, gold, or bronze elements are also included to add an accurate cosmic depiction of the day. However, these are just the traditional colors associated with the celestial theme, and you can go for your own unique spin, whether you choose a dusty pink with rose gold, or the ethereal white and silver, there are various micro color combinations that work just as well with this theme.

Celestial invitation

The wedding invitation is like a trailer of the actual day and is always the perfect platform to establish a wedding theme. So setting the right foot forward with a wedding invitation that drops some jaws is the perfect way to get the ball rolling. You can go for something simple like a quote with the theme in mind and your wedding colors and a sprinkling of celestial details, or you can go for something more specific like a lunar calendar marking your wedding date, a zodiac match of you both as a couple, moody invitation suite with loopy metallic fonts with dreamy translucent layers, and clever details like a bottle of sparkles as moon dust, crystals or a mini telescope!

Fun interactive ideas

People are usually invested and awed with a wedding theme that is a little out of ordinary, and want to fully immerse in that experience! So having a celestial wedding theme with some interactive exercises will entice your guests and encourage them to get involved. You can go for zodiac-led seating arrangements, tarot reading, predictions, forecasts, and such, which will ensure that your guests head home with a striking and memorable experience from your wedding day! This will also make them feel like they were really a part of your wedding vision. Another fun idea is to have your wedding guests sign your guest book in a creative way as they sign on a visual print out of the night sky on your wedding night! This can be a beautiful keepsake!

Magical night ceremony

While day weddings are usually the norm, there is something about a night ceremony that really brings the theme together. With the dark and moody play of aesthetic lighting, the cosmic sparkle, and an evening reminiscence of the night sky, there is something about a night ceremony that is quite a sensory experience, unusual and exciting! Also, this offers tremendous opportunities for some amazing photography! Whether it is you and your partner or the whole wedding party, the pictures captured as the sun sinks on the horizon and the moon has just come up are just magical!

Galactic decor

The decor is one of the most important parts of the wedding experience, especially when the wedding leans to a particular theme. For a celestial wedding, there is so much that can be done for decoration, be it creating the wooden lunar cutouts for a more authentic experience, creating a dreamy ceremony backdrop that makes the couple look like they are really floating in the cosmos, and dancing with the stars as they say “I do,” or various hanging star installations. And that’s just the start of it! Seek inspiration from the great unknown and let your creativity take you places you never dreamed of! The devil is in the details, so let the details spill out on the wedding reception tables, the welcome table, the aisle, the cake, and everything else! There is a lot to be said, so put out those dreamy signs so that quotes like “love you to the moon and back” can be put out in all their glory! It is the stardust here and the moody grays of the moon there all tie in the theme together to be truly out of the world!

A dreamy dress

With a wedding theme as magical as this, you know you have to dress the part, right? For a truly outer-worldly experience, go for floaty dresses with lots of starry details, translucent layers, shimmers, and embellishments! Also, don’t shy away from glitter! The movement of the dress should be easy, yet the presence should be impactful, and going for a long dramatic train might be a great idea! While you can make even a white and cream dress sufficiently celestial, if you are feeling bold, you can also go for a silver or gold sequinned dress, icy blues, or deep midnight blues for the maximum impact! If you want to keep your dress more or less classic, you can play around with celestial details in your wedding veil! A long cascading veil with pearl details, starburst, fluid shimmers, and luminous and iridescent glow flowing after you gracefully can really make a statement! Your bridesmaids can work together to bring your celestial bridal party to life with glimmering celestial bridesmaid dresses.

Starry accessories

While the outfit provides a ubiquitous ode to the theme, it is the little details of the accessories which make the theme seem intentional and well-thought-out! Whether it is a Game of Thrones-inspired headgear with rhinestones and precious gems, or whether it is a whimsical sprinkling of stunning hair accessories, there is a lot that you can do to add to your outfit and amplify it. A set of beautiful galaxy-inspired hairpins, a charm bracelet with the moon phases, or a set of more magical starry earrings, all are little details that leave behind a memorable image in the mind of the guests. You can also go bold and hold a galaxy-inspired hoop instead of a bouquet as you walk down the aisle. There are so many celestial-inspired hair accessory options out there, and accessories like brooches and rings, that you are sure to have all kinds of options for you to choose from!

Best face forward

One word when it comes to celestial wedding makeup– shimmer! Your celestial-themed wedding allows you to play with glitter, shimmer, and face stickers, and allows you to live your best celestial goddess dreams! While there is still the option to wear a more minimal face of makeup and go for classy golden or silver accents on the eyes, you can have fun with midnight blue lashes and smokey eyes for a more intense look, or go ethereal and fairy-like with golden freckles, highlighter with shimmer and tiny star-shaped face stickers. The theme provides you all reigns to have fun, so go ahead and let your lunar goddess or medieval celestial goddess come through!

Stardust Hair

Just like makeup, there is a lot of fun to be had while creating the perfect hairstyle for your celestial wedding! You can go for updos with celestial hair accessories, forehead bands, or crowns for a more formal look, so go for airy bohemian vibes with constellation-inspired barrettes, or tiny stars speckled throughout your flowy lengths. You can team your sparkly hair accessories with a bare-there veil embellished for a peek-a-boo effect if you are wearing a veil at all! On the other hand, you can go basic with the hairstyle and let your veil do the talking with enchanting embellishments!

Light it up

The lighting of the celestial wedding is something that should be paid close attention to! One of the gorgeous ways to run the celestial wedding theme is by adding abundant string lights overhead for a starry night feeling. You can also add star-shaped glass tealight holders for the effect of floating stars! Also, oversized sequins in shimmery drapery can reflect light and add a magical starry effect. You can also hang metallic stars and crescent moons so that the light can reflect off them as well, creating a beautiful ambiance! In addition to that, candles never go out of style! However, you can try incorporating candle holders with star cut-outs so that there can be stars dancing all over. Strategically placed disco balls, starry night projectors, and moon-shaped neon lights are some other stunning ways to light up the wedding day with the brilliance of all the stars in the sky!

Stars in your plate

Another fun way to add magic to your celestial wedding theme is by introducing it to the food and drinks, especially the part of the reception dinner which is set out for display, like the sweet table or the bar area! This is a really fun way to bring the theme into your plate! There are so many celestial wedding cakes out there for one to take their pick from. From crystal-inspired cakes to dark and moody constellation cakes to simple white and gold ones, there is a lot to choose from. You can top it off with a cute cake topper! While the wedding cake is the perfect way to tie a theme together, you can also do so with celestial-themed cupcakes, moon pies, gemstone truffles, moon-shaped macarons, and more! There are also many creative celestial drinks to take your pick from, and you can accessorize it all with cute stirrers that fit the theme perfectly!

Soon, it will be time for your guests to leave, so let this magical dreamy wedding of yours stay on longer in their minds by sending them off with the most fitting wedding favors! Think along the lines of a small customized bottle of moonshine, a small telescope or binocular for stargazing, a pack of tarot cards, or a small bottle of “stardust” which can be a bottle of honey mixed with edible glitter! There are so many wedding favor options for you to get creative with!

The world is full of wonders and miracles, and sometimes we just need a reminder! After all, we are walking on a tiny blue planet circling around a ball of fire and are just a speck of dust compared to the massiveness of the universe! That is a miracle enough in the fact that we exist, and we should thank our stars for the same. And then there is love, another wonder that exists in this universe! Whether you are looking inward or outward at the unknown, there is a lot of magic strewn in the most random and seemingly normal functions of life. If you and your partner are awed by the beauty and the grace of this universe every day and want that to be a part of your special day, a celestial wedding theme brings in that sense of wonder to your special day quite beautifully and aesthetically! A celestial wedding is sure to provide a couple a slice of wonder, mystery, and magic smack dab in the middle of the ordinary!

Over the Top Wedding Ideas We Can’t Help But Love

Check out this wedding blog featuring ideas that are slightly over-the-top but absolutely beautiful for weddings!


They say cats have 9 lives and hyenas have 7! Really? You might ask. Well, we don’t know, but we do know that humans get just one life! YOLO! We only fall in love once, and we only want to tie the knot once! So it only makes sense if we want to go over the top on our most special day! But we also understand that not everyone can hang the cost to make their dream of a lavish fairytale wedding come true! While some couples just want to ensure that their wedding is unique within their pre-set wedding budget there are others who want their wedding to be a flamboyant show-stopping affair that their guests talk about for decades to come as if they don’t have a care in the world. Regardless of your wedding theme or location, picking the perfect wedding decorations out for your reception can feel like a never-ending task. From an aisle running through the pool to a walk down the aisle with a unicorn to a one-of-a-kind ceremony backdrop that’ll make you feel like a celebrity, it’s our pleasure to enlighten you with the luxurious wedding ideas we can’t stop talking about. With very few installations and little furnishings, we have come up with some of the most celebrated wedding details that can transform any average wedding day into an epic celebration of extravagance and royalty.

Your sliding door moments with the love of your life have put you both on a lifelong adventure. And the wedding day that would seem light-years away until a few months ago is now coming towards you at the speed of light! We are sure you already have kick-started your wedding planning. Financially, weddings were a challenge but after 2020, aesthetically too, weddings have become a task. This year we saw drastic changes in wedding trends than ever before like large extravagant wedding venues being replaced by small simple backyards and courthouses, magnificent sweeping designer wedding gowns by low-key short wedding dresses, large wedding guest lists of about 500-1000 people by a list of 10-25 nearest and dearest, and grand gala affairs by small intimate weddings like micro weddings, minimonies, elopements, and virtual weddings to name a few. From microgreens to mini cupcakes and even tiny houses, everything seems to be getting smaller. But small doesn’t mean less important or gruey. It’s not the size of the detail that makes it special it’s the aesthetics it is able to exude. Ahead we have rounded up a few unique glamorous #weddingideas that will bring unlimited extravagance to your big event! But before we take a plunge into the sea of our favorite extravagant and clever wedding ideas, allow us to tell a little about the last over-the-top wedding that I personally attended as a guest.

Story Time!

About two years ago when everything was fine and dandy I attended a wedding of my close friend – it was a summer wedding and the venue she chose was a huge banquet hall and almost all the arrangements including the ceremony set-up, which was looking like nothing but a page from a fairytale storybook with a cherry blossom backdrop, were done outdoors. The entrance was decked up with huge beautifully framed couple portraits as far as the eyes could see which were later given away to the family and friends as wedding favors (I also received one which is hanging on the wall of my room). The guest count was huge, around 2000 (give or take) and food and beverage options were endless. I (and I am sure everyone who was present there) couldn’t even taste half of my favorite items as it was a never-ending buffet-style table with mouth-watering food. The wedding photographers and videographers were on their toes with their equipment. Drones were hovering over our heads making sure every single detail was covered from every angle. From entrance to guest tables to aisle, every nook and corner was screaming elegance and extravagance. With romantic flowers and golden uplighting everywhere I looked, I am sure the bride was feeling like walking into a fairy tale while walking down that aisle and the groom was like her prince charming while dancing with her Cinderella under the over-sized cosmic chandelier on the heavenly dance floor full of artificial fog. The day was everything magical, and I am sure it got etched in the memories of everyone present there. I could talk about the wedding till the cows come home! Here’s the catch, I remember the wedding because of those over-the-top details! Couples incorporate these luxe wedding ideas not only for guests to remember the day but also to live the happiest once-in-a-lifetime moment of their lives in an unforgettable way! Brownie points: swoon-worthy wedding photography.

Let floral centerpieces defy the gravity

This one is for those who are madly in love with orchids! And as Susan Orlean (the author of “The Orchid Thief”) said in her book “Orchids seem to drive people crazy,” bazillions of white orchids standing high on the guest tables not only promise tons of aesthetics and elegance but also allow your loved ones to mingle and witness the festivities far and wide through the space provided by tall elevated stands holding the hanging blooms. The joy of joys is that these tall sumptuous floral centerpieces are practical to arrange and only add to the grandeur of your reception. If flirty florals don’t make it to your wedding budget or your eco-conscious heart then let baby’s breath take your guests’ breath away! The baby’s breath adds softness and has romantic, ethereal characteristics. DIY your tall baby’s breath centerpieces and amp them up with seasonal blooms of your choice. A little sprinkling of your favorite ones here and there amidst the tons of baby’s breath in glass vases will do the trick! We don’t see any no-fuss, budget-friendly option that fits practically into any wedding decor more than baby’s breath when it comes to tablescapes’ centerpieces to feel extravagant. You may order your flowers from Sam’s Club or from Costco who sells bulk flowers including Baby’s Breath. You might also want to deck up the guest tables with something that screams luxurious like nothing else and that’s lace. All the more appropriate!

Tons of flowers in the backdrop can upgrade the ‘I do’ moment dramatically

The bride is dressed to the nines and the groom is looking like no less than a movie star. But if the backdrop is run-of-the-mill, don’t you think all their efforts can go down the drain? Don’t let the middle-of-the-road stuff make your extra-ordinary moment a dull ordinary one. Think flower walls! Not as photo booth backdrops but as your ceremony backdrop! No, I am not away with the fairies! Turn your mundane ceremony tent into an enchanted garden with a dramatic, gigantic floral display. You’ll have your guests swooned by this next-level extravagance! For the ultimate over-the-top look, flank the aisle with rustic candles! You may also use creating lighting to project an image onto the outside.

Let the stars light up your tented reception

When you think about it, nature really does offer some of the best décors! Case in point: A starry night sky. You might also opt for an open tent decked up with some drapes here and there to invite the twinkling stars to your celebration. Give your guests a dazzling view of fireworks at the end of the night (only if it made it to your budget). You might want to create an intimate feel by draping the walls or a romantic tent-like atmosphere or choose to deliver an element of luxurious experience by handing your guests out petal poppers or floral cannons, so they can enjoy showering you and your spouse with fresh petals as you walk the aisle as newlyweds.

Nothing can frame your best ever moment as the blooming frame does

The GOAT dream of your life comes true beneath a lush array of your favorite flowers, no wonder it’s a focal point of the ceremony space reflecting the mood of your special day. Whether you’re exchanging nuptials in a Jewish way under a standout chuppah covered in flowers on all four sides making a soft, but major statement, or simply want to kiss as newlyweds beneath a cascading cluster of your favorite roses, ceremony structures are a prime element to wedding planning. Take your “I do” moment notches above with an arbor that is all dolled up like a bride with pastel-colored roses and fronds in abundance. This 14-foot arch was decorated with fresh ferns, gardenias, and spray roses to create an ethereal woodland vibe that complimented the intimate outdoor setting. What we imagine – it would be a little like exchanging nuptials above the clouds below the rainbow. Remember the place where you become husband and wife lies under the shade of the wedding arch, so it must shower the good wishes in all colors straight from Mother Nature!

Let your wedding cake take the cake!

A wedding cake has become more than just a dessert not to mention! Think massive geometric cakes or multiple tiers with intricate details, like fondant appliqués, edible metallic foil, cascading florals, and buttercream frosting featuring ruffles or intricate texturing. Whether it’s a monet-inspired wedding or bohemian-inspired wedding, transform your cake into decor with careful designs and hand-painted accents to take your cake-cutting moment to the next level. These art deco over-the-top multi-tiered wedding cakes are almost insanely beautiful to eat but somehow, we think we’d manage! Make sure your wedding cake table is as opulent as your sweet masterpiece. Look at the larger-than-life cake (quite literally!) in the image above – how beautifully this oh-so-gorgeous six-story wedding cake from Haydel’s Bakery and the classy glass table surrounded with millions of lovely garden rose vases and romantic candles floating in the cute cylinder glass vases where it is placed are looking like MMIH! We can’t our eyes off of this full of out-of-the-world whimsy wedding cake table arrangement! We love how each hand-applied ruffle along with the delicate lace patterns on alternating tiers is matching the color palette and rustic theme. From the moment your loved ones will walk into the reception space until you and your brand-new spouse will cut the first piece together, it promises to serve as a decoration that they will talk about for the rest of their lives!

Nothing stands higher than a castle-like wedding venue in the world of luxury

No doubt your over-the-top nuptials can take place just about anywhere, but nothing can house a gala storybook-inspired wedding quite like a palace can! In fact, a castle-like wedding venue boasting lofty ceilings, gilded elements, intricate architecture, old-world pillars, enticing wall paintings, dramatic staircases, antique chandeliers, and interesting props like a piano is the most relevant venue to flaunt the royalty in your personality and the princess-inspired designer ballgown that you ran to earth! Here, we are not encouraging you to opt for a wedding venue that costs you the earth but to choose one that really highlights your very own and hand-selected aesthetics. There is a cartload of castle-like wedding venues out there that can bring your wedding visions to life without you breaking the bank! Or you could simply find a reception room that is as regal as this one at Oberoi Udaivilas, Udaipur, India that won’t need tons of flowers and expensive table linens. Also, there’s something truly special about venues with mountain views, and this historic castle wedding venue at Windham in New Hampshire provides some truly awe-inspiring scenery. For your own version of a royal (or Game of Thrones-inspired) wedding, you could also opt for a magnificent venue with great outdoors so that you can enjoy alone-time with sweetheart overlooking the striking natural beauty in the surroundings in the middle of the festivities to charge up for the remainder of the wedding day celebration and your wedding photographers can capture breathtaking sunset shots while you two are sharing sweet nothings at the golden hour.

Not to mention, a bewitching palace-like venue calls for an over-the-top bridal look

Nothing says glamorous quite like a ball gown! So, channel your inner princess out by walking down the aisle in a stunning designer number with a full skirt. Don’t forget to pair your sparkly princess-y gown with a tiara – an appropriate accessory to make you feel like what you are, and you are going to be – your dad’s princess and your sweetheart’s queen! There are myriad ways to bring elegance to your wedding day look, but we’re obsessed with accessorizing the dress with a wispy long dramatic veil, a crown or headpiece, gold or pearl accessories, and an elegant bridal bouquet! Do not forget to outfit your mother like a queen and ‘maids in glamorous dresses as you will shine like a moon only if they will twinkle like a star! For an instance, choose long solid pink bridesmaids’ dresses made of chiffon for your gals to keep the collective look sophisticated if you are donning a crisp white designer Cinderella-like bridal gown complete with a dreamy sweeping veil and tons of frou-frou.

A bottle full of thanks can elevate the wedding by manifolds

Even your wedding guest favors can get a glamorous upgrade. Add perfect endings to your new beginnings, with the perfect amount of liquid love and enthusiasm! Giving away a bottle of wine or mini bottles of champagne as wedding favors to the guests ensures the celebrating (and luxury) doesn’t stop even after the party is over. Adorn the guest favors with cute ribbons calligraphed with each guest’s name for a sweet gesture. You can personalize the labels using the colors, fonts, and designs for your special day. Consider incorporating the colors and themes from your wedding into a custom label for coordinated champagne or wine wedding favors. For now or later – serve these bottles straight from the wedding reception bar, or include them in a goodie bag as a keepsake. Add your wedding date to the label to have it etched in their memories forever. The 187-ml single serving size makes this a fantastic wine wedding favor that your guests can take home in a bag or enjoy at the wedding.

Dream big!

Brides and grooms on a budget often have to get extra thoughtful when planning their king-size ceremony and reception. But skimping on costs doesn’t mean you have to do away with your dream of having a picture-perfect big day. Every wedding has almost similar rituals and revolves around the same details. It’s only the extravagant decor or details that make it an amazing and unforgettable affair. Let’s face it! It might take a king’s ransom to pull off something different and amazing. And we can’t deny the fact that over-the-top weddings can cost you an arm and a leg but let us tell you that it’s not something that is achievable with a generous budget. You only need to forgo a few elements that are less important to you, or that you could do without! With that stubborn C-virus still breathing down our necks, intimate weddings are de rigueur and the large weddings don’t seem to be back any time soon and whatever savings the small weddings bring with them can be put towards the dream of your larger-than-life, over-the-top wedding. Where there is a will, there is a way!

All About Sequel Weddings

couple holding hands getting married by the officiant at the altar surrounded by the bridal party on either sides in an outdoor wedding ceremony setup

couple holding hands getting married by the officiant at the altar surrounded by the bridal party on either sides in an outdoor wedding ceremony setup

The anatomy of engagements and weddings has changed significantly over the last one year more than it has probably changed in a decade. While the pandemic has posed a major challenge for our love-struck couples, they have found loopholes, re-routes, and short-cuts to ensure that their love is not compromised. With a global pandemic on one side and the relentless couples on the other, we came across several terms this year that proved to be revolutionary in our wedding history, and left us inspired. Options like minimonies, elopements, sequel weddings, etc. Not only provided the couples with a whole lot of flexibility and options, but it has also permanently changed the structure of the weddings and made it more personal and open-ended. Talking of the new terms which we are slowly getting to know better, one such term is a sequel wedding. If you are new to this term, sit back, because this is precisely what this blog is about! Talking of sequel weddings, it is nothing but the second half of the equation, with the first half being the minimony, micro wedding, or an elopement, which is a small and intimate wedding celebration nature followed by a larger-scale second wedding, which generally involves a grand reception party. Whether the purpose of a multi-part wedding is a global pandemic, religious ceremonies, location, or convenience, a sequel wedding allows room for customization, with the constriction of cramming all the events and ceremonies in one single day and making it memorable at the end of the day.

Why choose a sequel wedding?

Sequel weddings offer flexibility and time, something which is crucial in many different scenarios when it comes to a wedding. Some of the time-sensitive and delicate scenarios which may demand a sequel wedding are listed below:

•  A pandemic:

As this is certainly not something that crops into our mind instantly, it is something that needs to be considered in the list, especially after the year we just had. With social restrictions in the air due to a  pandemic out there, your dreams for a perfect wedding might be stored away until the coast clears.

•  Destination weddings:

Destination weddings often come with lavish travel agendas, and in most cases, couples who decide to throw a small celebration for good friends and family may not have made this guest list for the destination wedding. So, a sequel wedding permits for the larger party and celebrations to take place at home while ensuring every guest gets included in the celebrations.

•  Interfaith relationships:

When two people from different faiths or cultures fall in love, ceremonies double up and both parties want to include their celebrations, as it is an important day for both. A sequel wedding allows for each faith to be acknowledged and celebrated. Some choose to do this by having the legally-binding ceremony at a registry office and savoring a symbolic ceremony ensuring the inclusion of both faiths in the ceremony.

•  Close ones:

People in our lives matter and their inclusion in our special days means a lot when it comes to the most special day of our lives. If there is someone special in your life who is sick or an elderly relative who cannot travel to visit your larger celebrations, a sequel wedding will allow you to accommodate the needs of these special people who you really want to be present at your wedding.

•  Travel restrictions:

A sequel wedding is perfect for a couple who need legal papers sooner or if you and your partner are from different nationalities and it’s not possible for you to have everyone you love in the same place at the same time. A sequel wedding will allow you to adjust the time and the travel limitations of your guests.

•  Finances:

Perhaps you just want to be married, but now is financially not the best time you can throw the dream wedding you have always hoped for. Many couples choose to have the private, legal ceremony with just their closest relatives and friends and wait until it is more financially stable to finally throw the big party they’ve been daydreaming about.

How to go about hosting a sequel wedding?

•  Commit:

While you might have always thought you will have one grand celebration, and a sequel wedding is not your first choice, it is encouraged that you feel mentally ready and actually commit to a sequel wedding. This might be an entirely new territory you are navigating, so remind yourself to not get overwhelmed or apprehensive about how things are. You will be overcoming new and unique hurdles and it might feel frustrating, but it is important to enjoy the wedding planning process.

•  Fix your Budget:

Double the event does not necessarily have to sum up to double the financial investment. If you are going in for a smaller event followed by a bigger one, your total financial number shouldn’t look much different than what you were to spend on a complete one-day celebration. To avoid going over your budget, there are certain things the couple needs to keep in mind.

•Decide on a total budget for both events.
•Decide on your priorities for each ceremonial event. This will help you decide exactly what money should go where.
•Consider your guests’ budgets and convenience.

•  Meet your Vendors:

As soon as you’re set on a sequel wedding and have an idea of your new budget, the next step is to meet your vendors and decide on the logistics. If your sequel wedding is a result of a postponement, you might want to ask about their postponement policies and make a final call on which you want at the first ceremony and which will better serve the latter. Once you are both sure that the vendors are available for your new date too, lock them in and you are ready to move into the next step.

•  Separate Guest Lists:

The next step is equally important and it is best to keep things simple. Keep your original guest list for the second wedding and invite only immediate family to the first. Sure there will be some overlapping as you will want your immediate family and closest of friends to be attending both the events. This is also a time to take into consideration the convenience of your guess. Are they available, healthy, and comfortable with attending? Also, you are not obligated to invite anyone for your first ceremony and make it as intimate as you like!

•  Inform The Guests:

Once the vendors and guest lists are both finalized, you can start announcing and inviting. It is best to start the invitations as early as possible so that your guests can plan their arrival accordingly. You can also use your wedding website for blasting a mass invite to your general guests, as it is easier to keep things on track through it.

What does the small wedding look like?

•  Elopement:

An elopement is the most private wedding of them all, traditionally consisting of just the couple, officiants, and 2 witnesses. However, an elopement can extend to being a handful of witnesses. The witnesses can just be your best man and the maid of honor and you can also extend it to your parents if you want. Anybody who can’t make it can join the celebrations via a livestream.

•  Minimony:

Minimony, a term coined during COVID-19, is something that has become incredibly prevalent. A small ceremony which can either be legal or symbolic, with just a select few witnesses, with a bigger celebration held on the date of your postponed wedding. Many will identify a minimony as being a celebration with a legal limit of people who can tend a wedding in their country under prevailing restrictions and those who couldn’t be there in person will be present via a livestream.

•  Micro-wedding:

A micro-wedding is a wedding with less than 20 guests, which is a good enough number for a ceremony as well as a small reception. A microwedding leaves things open-ended, enabling you to take a call on whether you want to host a bigger reception later or not. You can either be okay with having those few close people on your special day, or you can go ahead and have a grander celebration at a later day.

What happens after the smaller celebration?

•If having a small wedding was never a first choice in the first place, it might be disappointing to find that you can’t celebrate immediately. So you will need to go that extra mile to ensure that the first 24 hours as a newlywed is special and perfect. This can give you something to look forward to which is at a closer date.

A virtual celebration with your guests can be a good idea too, as it keeps them informed that they are in your thoughts and you are choosing to share this special milestone with them, even if it is virtually and not in person. There are several different ways you can include guests who are unable to attend, including bespoke food services, virtual lunches, and more.

•Having a definite date to look forward to helps. So make sure that you don’t have a smaller wedding without having a date in mind for the bigger celebration. Having clarity of thought, along with a sense of expectancy lets you and your guests know that the celebrations are not yet over and there is more excitement on the way. This way you have something to look forward to.

•Generally one of the weddings is more formal than the other., so you need to decide which one is going to be. You can either choose for a formal church wedding with an informal backyard reception on a later date. On the other hand, you can have a more informal small wedding with a formal reception, whichever works for you.

•Make sure are constantly in touch with your guests until the bigger celebration arrives, whether it is through virtual meetups, group chats, and more so that everybody is equally pumped up and looking forward to part 2 of your wedding day! Send in reminders, and separate invites for both the events, so that the second event is equally prominent in their minds and doesn’t slip away.

•Don’t get caught up in the rules. relax. This is new and everyone is figuring stuff out, with no reference from the past. The point is to have fun, and not stress every step of the way. No matter what are the hurdles, you will find a way to work around them, and when the day ends, it is sure to be absolutely beautiful, just like you imagined.

•The focus is to double the celebration. Don’t go into it with the perspective of compromise. You are not losing your dream wedding, you will be in fact getting two special days, both equally perfect. And with the change in perspective, even the most intimate of celebrations will be special.

Why stop at one celebration, when we can have two (or three?)! With the sequel weddings, the intricate wedding ceremonies can be spread out over the days, making sure it is more convenient for the couple, along with ensuring that the party continues, allowing the couple to extend the wedding celebration further. More is more when it comes to the millennial generation celebrations and a sequel wedding is surely about going big or going home! While sequel weddings have been around for long, especially in inter-cultural weddings, where the couple hosts two wedding ceremonies in two different cultural aspects, or even in two different locations, it has taken a new avatar during the recent year and has made a fresh new appearance. While Covid-19 has forced restrictions on our to-be-wed couples, the couples are warming up to flexible resorts like sequel weddings, where they can have an intimate ceremony first and can celebrate with the extensive guest list in a more extensive reception later on! Sounding like a perfect plan for a pandemic wedding, a sequel wedding sure made it easier for couples to plan and execute their weddings, and make it just as memorable.

5 Reasons to Change for Your Wedding Reception

Handsome groom and pretty bride cutting a four tiered wedding cake decorated with roses

Handsome groom and pretty bride cutting a four tiered wedding cake decorated with roses

For a bride, there is so much that goes when it comes to choosing that one perfect wedding dress. From selecting who will accompany you for wedding dress shopping to the actual shopping process, a bride witnesses almost every possible emotion during this whole wedding dress shopping journey. After finding that one perfect or we say dreamy wedding dress a bride feels usually relaxed and relieved. But there is always one thought that pops up in every bride’s head. And that question is, what if one wedding dress is just not enough for my big day? This question is something that always runs in the back of the mind of every soon-to-be-married bride from the very beginning (just raise your hand if you are soon going to be a bride who definitely wants two dresses for her wedding day!) or something you discover later, once you consider what it will be like wearing your wedding dress during the reception celebration!

We are very much certain that your wedding dress might be the ultimate choice for your first look moment or your walk down the aisle moment, but we are also sure of the fact that you may also not find it quite right for your first dance during your reception! It’s usually this concern that leads a bride to opt for an outfit change, either at the starting of the wedding reception or mid-festivities! The idea to slip into a new dress is completely up to you. Some of the brides want to stay in their wedding dress and make it to the dance floor for their first dance moment. Whereas, other brides feel that it’s best to get into something more comfortable before they hit the dance floor! But there are some fashionista brides who just want to wear two looks on their big night! Regardless what is your reason to change for your wedding reception, you are likely in the market for reception wedding dress inspiration!

We all know that being a bride is not a cakewalk. A bride is the center of attention on her wedding day. There are no ifs and no buts. All the wedding guests wait in huge anticipation and excitement for a bride to walk down the aisle in all her bridal brilliance capturing everybody’s heart! And all this excitement and enthusiasm makes the wedding dress an incredibly precious and important aspect of the wedding day (and of course it is always special for a bride too). But here is a question, why have one breathtaking reveal, when you can actually have two stunning and glamorous ones!

Until recently, brides have only one dress to carry with them through their wedding ceremony and reception. But these days more and more brides are choosing and becoming an active part when it comes to the second-dress trends. Wearing a stunning and glamorous traditional wedding gown that will take everyone’s breath away for the wedding ceremony and later slipping into something comfortable yet lovely and elegant like a frock for the reception is the latest trend that is taking the wedding world by storm. It’s indeed a great and fantastic idea for all the brides who have always dreamed of wearing a Disney Princess ball gown while still hoping to dance all night during their wedding reception! Brides are surely loving these two wedding looks trend- one for each celebration!

After your wedding ceremony, you can always slip into something different and more comfortable if you want to have the best of the celebration with your darling and all your wedding guests. And of course, to have an amazing wedding photography session and videos too! You can simply show off your wedding dress all day and feel increasingly uncomfortable, or read our blog and know the advantages of donning a reception dress instead! Check out five top and incredible reasons why being a bride you should consider jumping on the two-dress train for your wedding day!

You will keep your wedding dress clean

Being a bride, we know how many emotions are attached to a wedding dress. Every bride dreams of preserving her wedding dress for years to come. It’s more like keeping the memories of her special day alive for the rest of her life! Therefore, we suggest every bride out there make every effort to keep their wedding dress clean and in pristine condition so that whenever she wants to relive those special moments she can always slip into it and woo her boo! One of the best ways to preserve your wedding dress is to change it during the wedding reception time!

Changing out of your wedding dress and slipping into a new outfit during your wedding reception is surely a sensible and responsible move. This step will help you in keeping your wedding dress in the same condition it was when you put it on (especially when you are wearing a gleaming white wedding dress)!

We all know that wedding reception is all about these mandatory three things- dancing till everyone drops, plenty of food, and abundance of wine. And trust us, none of the above-mentioned wedding reception elements will help you in maintaining a spotless wedding dress. Changing your wedding dress and slipping into something more appropriate for the moment, will help you keep your wedding dress stain-free and have fewer wrinkles. This way you will not only save the most precious costume of your wedding day but will also maintain your peace of mind!

It will add some diversity to your wedding photos & videos

There is no doubt that you will likely have a bucket full of wedding photos taken by our affordable and professional wedding photographers of you in your expensive and gorgeous wedding dress. From the moment your wedding dress hangs over a hanger to the moment you are slipping into it and your mother and bridesmaids are helping you in attaining your final bridal look for wedding photography sessions, our wedding photographers and videographers never miss out on these kinds of wedding shots! Though your wedding photos in the same dress are making you think that your wedding portfolio is going to look too monotonous, then here is a pro tip, change it during the wedding reception time! Slipping into a different dress during your wedding reception will definitely add a variety to your wedding pictures! A bride wearing a different outfit and probably of a different color resonating with the decor and wedding theme (apart from white) will bring a lot of variation to the wedding portfolio!

After changing into a new dress for your wedding reception you can get creative and experimental with the new poses with your darling, your bridesmaids, and all your wedding guests. While giving endless wedding photography and videography opportunities to our wedding photographers and videographers! If time allows, another hairdo and different accessories will make wonders for your reception photography session! With different dresses, one for your wedding ceremony and the other one for your wedding reception, we can assure you that your wedding day will be truly elegant, memorable, and delightful!

It will bring your inner dancing diva out & will give more freedom on the dance floor

Dance is the super-duper and most fascinating element when it comes to a wedding reception. It is the moment when everyone comes together to rejoice in the celebration surrounded by amazing music and immersing themselves in it! This specific moment in a wedding reception is like, dance till your drop!

Everybody at the reception enjoys this moment to the fullest, but when it comes to the bride, it gets a bit overwhelming for a bride to dance her heart out during her wedding reception. The reason is, for the wedding ceremony, a bride chooses a very elaborate wedding gown which most of the time is bulky, restrictive, and makes it a bit hard to walk and dance freely in it! And here is another reason why a bride should change for her wedding reception- enjoy every moment of her wedding reception.

Slipping into something shorter, looser, and less formal dress for your wedding reception will allow you to savor every moment of the celebration without being wary of your hem dragging on the dance floor. Or if by chance you lift your arms a little too high, your stunning sequined bodice might come undone. So, here is a tip for all the brides, you can change into something a little less precious or we can say restricting so that you are flawlessly able to rip off the dance floor with greater freedom! Because excitement with loved ones and the love of your life awaits you on the dance floor.

But in case you are stressed about blending into the gathering, you can always go for a dress that is white in color while being more fancy and informal as you like, so that you can freely flaunt your choreographed moves and spins in the best way possible!

It will allow you to flaunt your stunning wedding shoes

Of course, your wedding shoes are as expensive and as valuable as your wedding dress. Your wedding dress gets everybody’s attention but somewhere your wedding shoes stay intact from everyone’s notice. Well, that’s major because of the long hemline wedding dresses, the wedding shoes don’t get that much attention that is required to them! No worries, if your wedding shoes didn’t come to everybody’s notice during your wedding ceremony, you can flaunt them during your wedding reception without any second thought!

Want to know how you can flaunt your wedding shoes during your wedding reception? Well, all you have to do is slip into a new dress and that too a shorter one for your wedding reception! If you are going for a shorter dress for your wedding reception, your beautiful wedding shoes will be the center of attention for everybody! As an added bonus, you can always pick a whole slew of new and shining accessories to match up with your wedding reception dress!

It will give you the time to be ‘Yourself’

Being a bride is without any doubt a tough task. As a bride, your wedding day will be all about you (of course including your sweetheart, but you will always be the center of gravity for everyone). So, if you feel like that a traditional and authentic white formal wedding dress doesn’t bring out the best in you during your wedding ceremony, be assured that your reception dress will do that job and that too gracefully!

There are times when a bride feels stuck in a formal wedding dress all night and it causes a little feeling of overwhelming. Just to feel more confident and relaxed, it is advisable for the brides to have a separate reception dress. Always free to express your unique personality without limitation on the dance floor and off!

Buying the right reception dress will allow you to be more comfortable and stylish at the same time. Besides this, you will be able to enjoy time with family and friends during your reception if you are more comfortable in the dress. After all, your special day is about much more than just a wedding dress, it should focus on what really matters to you.

A wedding reception dress will change your all-look in just a few seconds. For many brides, this is the only time when they can slip into an outfit that is not only fun and stylish but comfortable too, giving freedom to savor the reception throughout the night. Though the second look of yours during your wedding reception might feel extravagant, there is a vast variety of pocket-friendly reception dresses available in the market that actually feel and look like couture! Whether you are planning to have a casual backyard wedding ceremony or a stunning and luxurious black-tie affair for your wedding day, there are scores of reception dresses out there that will suit any and all bridal styles!

2021 Trend: Petite Bouquets

a beautiful bouquet of white roses and succulents

a beautiful bouquet of white roses and succulents

While we have always been transparent about how we feel about flowers(more is always better!), we are looking into our favorite topic with a renewed perspective. Flowers are a natural choice in decorations and adornments and are a go-to for weddings. A wedding without flowers sounds like a wedding we want nothing to do with! However flowers have been used historically for a long while now, and the trends have changed and evolved tremendously over the decades. While cascading flowers, wild bunches or mismatched blooms, and packed bouquets are adorned by us, among many others, petite bouquets are something that is becoming a thing, and aren’t they a cute bunch! Like most amazing things, necessity was the mother of invention for these cuties. Since 2020 saw a global pandemic, it also saw a lot of minimal home weddings, backyard weddings, minimonies, among many other versions of a wedding which entails a smaller guest list, lighter budgets and a lighter event. Dresses were simplified, makeup and hair became natural, and bouquets-smaller! Alternatives to huge cascading bouquets started pouring in, and petite or posy bouquets gained popularity fast, and we couldn’t get over how adorable and perfect they were. Flowers express our mindsets and minimal and less seems to be the catchword for this year’s wedding scene. From a single stem of the flower to flower hoops, to the most dainty collection of tiny blooms, petite bouquets seem to be able to communicate the vibe of the year quite appropriately. While the flowers are tiny and minimal in their stature, they pack quite a punch when it comes to impact. Some say it is in fact the small size that makes them so eye-catching. Let us look into this trend closely and look at some options.

Season inspired:

seasons reflect in the wedding quite naturally, be it through the colors used, the decor elements, or the flowers. Let your petite blooms reflect the season in its composition. A fall-inspired color palette in burgundy, deep purple, and blush, translates well for a fall wedding, while tangerine, palm leaves, and yellows work great for a tropical warm-weather feel. A nod to the seasons, seasonal blooms photograph well and are quite easy to pull off in a petite format.

Petite Classic:

Petite and absolutely divine, a posy of lily of the valley, might be the ideal design for the bride herself, as well as those special people like the mother of the bride and mother of the groom. The time-approved wedding flower for the classic wedding, we love how simplistic, pure yet impactful a delicate flower-like lily of the valley emits a wedding day charm.

Aye to anemones:

We love anemones for any bridal bouquet style. Unique, charming, and a little different from the rest, a petite bouquet with anemones is like a beautiful piece of poetry. For a posy, select just a handful of anemones for a bouquet all their own, or merge with dusty miller, astilbe, or eucalyptus for a delicate and enticing design.

Fern it up:

Ferns add a sweet surprise to your wedding day bouquet for sure. An unexpected addition to a design is always something we can support when it comes to wedding blooms! Adding in sprigs of bird nest ferns or plumosa will create a stunning design we can’t help but love. Ferns sure are great to lighten up a bouquet and add a tropical element to it.


Who doesn’t love the fresh-from-the-field look that a mono-floral bouquet can sometimes exude? Incredibly romantic and sweet, like a gathering of wildflowers, mono florals are a little disheveled, and not perfectly trimmed, resulting in a design that is reflective of the beautiful environment around you, while still being innocent and romantic in an old-fashioned manner.

Ribbon action:

Ribbons are perfect for tying in an accent color within the outfit, which makes the overall look sweet and romantic. Whether it is a shorter bow or a long and flowy one, a ribbon tie to a bunch of petite blooms provides the illusion of a more generous bouquet while still keeping the design within a petite. The small profile of the posy will be emphasized nicely by silk or satin ribbon, correlated with the color of the flowers, for an elegant draping effect.

Green effect:

Known for its lovely sage hue, eucalyptus is a perfect candidate for a petite bouquet, as it serves a sweet and romantic vibe, matches most wedding styles, and will last long past the celebration as an aromatic reminder of the wedding day! If eucalyptus is too single-dimensional for you, creating a design using several types of greenery creates balance and dimension, even for a petite one! Consider mixing greens from all the shades, like ferns, eucalyptus, or evergreen, for a unique combination.


For a bouquet that stands out and makes a statement, our larger-than-life flowers anthurium comes in pretty handy. This heart-shaped charmer of a flower is the perfect accomplice for a tropical soiree. One can keep it minimal and simple by letting it take the stage or add minimal additional flowers, making a big impact, notwithstanding its size. We love how clean and minimal the look is, yet how theatrical is its presence.

Roses posies:

If you are like to save the adventures for another day and rather go for an option that is well-received and remains a classic through all the years, roses are the way you should head. It is guaranteed you can never go wrong with a bouquet of roses, as often reminded by the infamous florist Griffith-VanderYacht. Short and stubby rose petite bouquets can be highly impactful, while still staying classic and evergreen.

An unexpected stroke of color:

Bring the petite bridal bouquet to the foreground and showcase its size by carrying a bouquet that is bright and vibrant and full of life. A vibrant bouquet can take things to the next level and go for colorful blooms which best expresses your vibe. you can go for spray-painted baby’s breath for a soft and airy look, triking orange celosia for a colorful fall wedding.

Blushing hues:

Blush instantly adds a soft and romantic tone to the vibe. If you are thinking of carrying a bouquet of a darker, yet complementary color palette, adding hints of pink might just be the facelift it needs. Taking the time to find the right style and color story is an essential step in building an unforgettable day. Bring in blush throughout your wedding design and the color will unquestionably cast a sweet, romantic glow throughout the day.

Proteas Alert!

While a traditional bouquet can restrict one from experimenting a lot, and go for more traditionally used colors. Petite bouquets are hence the perfect window of opportunities for making a huge impact as it enables you to use flowers which you wouldn’t normally use, like king proteas. Proteas provide a sweet juxtaposition as it is quite a large flower however when paired with just one or two of those, they fit the bill for a petite bouquet.

The lone stem:

Posies doesn’t have to be short and clustered into a bouquet and can also be a stem of a breathtaking flower. Minimal and memorable, a single-stemmed bouquet takes the road less traveled when it comes to design and delivers an enormous impact. More and more brides and bridesmaids are opting to sport long-stemmed flowers than a whole bouquet, and the impact is modern yet romantic.


All-white wedding bouquet is not new, and is something classic and ageless. For a petite bouquet so for tulips to hydrangea, or even a cluster of white orchids, and let that monochromatic design work its magic. The impact is huge with this one and brings together a bridal look together quite seamlessly.

Orchid Affair:

Fresh, modern, and inventive, orchids always have a way of attaching a layer of mystery without actually having to do that much. Perfect for your bridesmaids to carry, whether you opt for traditional white orchids or something more out of the box, like purple, use just a few sparse stems and you will clear a lasting image in your guest’s minds.

Fluffy astilbe:

Texture is something you can consider while choosing a petite bouquet. Fluffy and naturally eye-catching, astilbe is certainly a flower to consider when it comes to the principle of less is more. Select a few handfuls of stems and you can go with or without leaves for a brand-new take on age-old bouquets.

Floral hoop:

A new kid in the block, a floral hoop adds whimsy and allure to the wedding day and allows the bride to step away from tradition. Floral hoop is minimal, out-of-the-norm, and highly palatable for every bridal style. Highly customizable, a floral hoop is perfect for a boho wedding as well as a rustic one, and everything in between.

Simple and minimal:

Most often than not, we go for petite bouquets so that we can keep our wedding look simple and minimal, and simple and clean small arrangements like white peonies or ranunculus look stunning without taking away from the look, and adding a whole lot more. While whispy flowers like baby’s breathe add subtle whimsy to the look, full-faced blooms like ranunculus look sweet and romantic, and can wow even in more modest numbers.

Succulent bouquet:

For a nature-inspired wedding, or a minimal one, a succulent bouquet might be the answer. Whether you want to go for a bunch of beautiful stubby succulents as your choice of arrangement, or you want something simple and minimal like a single green succulent, two thistles, and strands of wheat to create a textured bunch.

Dried and pretty:

It is amazing how a bunch of flowers look just as pretty dry as they do while in full bloom. A mixed assortment of dried flowers, wheat, pampas, and such creates a beautiful petite bouquet. Neutral, minimal, sustainable, and perfect for a boho wedding, a sweet and simple spray of dried flowers is sometimes all that is needed.

Small and sweet:

A bunch of small flowers like daisies, yellow wildflowers, or baby’s breath looks abundant in a bunch while still looking beautiful in a petite bouquet. The bunches look romantic in a true wildflower fashion while delivering the perfect summer wedding feels. If you have a wedding coming up this summer, wildflowers tied in a tiny bunch and wrapped in a sweet lace or burlap ribbon will hit the spot just right.

Beachside bouquet:

For a wedding by the beach, a bouquet inspired by the tropical vibe is perfect. Reflect the fun beachy vibe with vibrant tropical hues in flowers and different types of palm leaves for a beachside casual “I do”.

Flowers are nature’s ornament and add romance and poetry to everything. It adds color, dimension, and feel-good vibe to the overall look, making one happier instantly. There is so much that instantly changes with just adding a bunch of flowers here and there, be it in our homes, our gardens, our hair, or most importantly, our wedding day. Flowers play a huge role in the overall wedding look and can make or break an event. It is of supreme importance in a wedding, as most of the bridal accessories, along with decor elements lean in the favor of flowers. Petite bunches are such a tiny addition to the bridal attire but make a whole lot of difference overall. So why does a petite bouquet work so well? Well, apparently there is a lot of it. Aesthetically, a posy bouquet is an excellent idea if one is looking for flowers that don’t distract the overall look, and rather adds to it in a subtle way. Think of a petite bouquet like an accessory, a stunning bag, or a pair of lovely shoes that escalates the look, without taking away from the carrier. no matter what is style, bohemian or classic, or glam, a petite bouquet is versatile and can accommodate any style of wedding. Additionally, there is something dramatic and almost intentional about a tiny bridal bouquet, which escalates the look even further. While huge bouquets have ruled our worlds for quite a while now, the small bunches are here to take their fair share of the spotlight.

Details that Transform Any Wedding

bunch of baby's breath flowers in a mason jar table decor

bunch of baby's breath flowers in a mason jar table decor

Your wedding is once in a lifetime occasion, and it should be inspiring in every aspect without a doubt. Hence, the parties and festivities leading up to your wedding reception and grand wedding exit should be celebrations of love and life equally. Whether you are planning for a dream destination wedding or you are tying the knot at the courthouse, and plan to throw a grand reception party afterward, this once-in-a-lifetime event should be celebrated with some unforgettable wedding details that can work seamlessly with your wedding timeline. Here are some of the traditional basic elements that you need to consider while planning your wedding– the wedding ceremony where you and your love will exchange your wedding vows and wedding bands, followed by some sort of cocktail party and reception.

Some of the most inspiring weddings truly embody a combination of modern luxury and a sophisticated interpretation of romance. In current times, many couples are opting for minimalist wedding themes and eliminating traditional big wedding details to their big day celebrations. But if you always wanted your wedding day to be remembered in the best way, you do not have to join this bandwagon of trending wedding style of minimalism. You will be surprised to see how adding unexpected elements to your wedding celebration can transform your big day into an unforgettable affair for you and your loved ones. Whether you are getting married in a rented hotel ballroom setting or hosting a cozy winter wedding in the countryside, add some of the most glamorous wedding details to the most special day of your life and transform the celebrations into something grand and glorious.

If all the glitz and glam sounds like your idea of getting married, there are ways to translate it across your décor landscape. Adding these glamorous wedding details will definitely have a big impact that your guests will remember for many years to come. Whether you are drawing your wedding inspirations from some of the best Instagram wedding accounts or browsing through good old Pinterest for various wedding ideas, you will be surprised to find how there are so many more glamorous and luxurious wedding themes than just palatial venues in India and destination weddings in Europe. With very few installations and little furnishings, we have come up with some of the most celebrated wedding details that can transform any normal wedding day into an epic celebration of extravagance and royalty.


Some of our favorite wedding details that can transform any wedding:


Visionary wedding venue

Your selection of wedding venue can make or break the deal. In the case of hosting a luxurious and extravagant wedding, no wedding venue is off-limits, and you can truly host a fairytale wedding. From renting entire islands to getting married in an airplane, we have seen couples get married in a wide range of luxurious and visionary wedding venues. Ranging from private islands and castles to vineyards and countrysides, your selection of wedding venue should be sophisticated and elaborate and it should not need to fit the mold. Choosing a luxurious wedding venue is the first step for extravagant beginnings and transforming these event spaces becomes easily doable as such wedding venues speak grandeur and uniqueness for themselves.


Top-notch service

Setting the tone for a luxurious wedding celebration begins with personalized and instinctive services. There should be a single point of contact, ideally a dedicated wedding specialist, who can ensure the wedding details come together effortlessly. The dedicated wedding specialist of your luxurious wedding venue can be the resource to help and select top-notch wedding vendors. Your selection of wedding vendors is the key to creating a flawless and sophisticated experience. Proximity to upscale vendors is also paramount. When researching venues, inquire about staff ratios so guests do not encounter hiccups like unnecessary long lines.


Creating an experience

Making people feel welcome aboard, entertaining them with excellently artistic options, treating them with wholesome details, and sending them back home with an unforgettable experience sums up the key details of a luxury wedding. To begin this, put yourself in the guests’ shoes and look at every element of the day from their perspectives. Look at the details and organizations and make sure you understand the entire process and every point they are going to have interactions with, and how do you want that to be. From extravagant activities like creating a customized gourmet cuisine experience and a private yacht tour to simple wedding details like a little note or sign or a special guest book, the thoughtfulness behind these details can elevate the entire wedding experience in a different way.


Customized feast experience

For creating a memorable experience for your guests, your wedding should be a series of gourmet culinary indulgences with personalization of every detail right from cocktail selections and hors d’oeuvre to main course and desserts. For instance, you can pick up any popular signature cocktail and add your dash of culinary creativity by including ingredients like foreign liquor, cordials, and a selection of herbs. The refined dining experience that will be presented to your guests will stay with them forever. Your wedding guests might not remember the exact floral details or what song played when you walk down the aisle, but they will definitely remember what they ate, especially if it was particularly bespoke and delicious. Customize your wedding menu and accommodate tons of tasty options by keeping common food allergies and dietary restrictions in mind. Bring in food experiences like a cocktail hour with petite Beef Wellingtons and bacon-wrapped scallops served with ‘Beet Martini’, and the list of epicure creativity can go on and on. You can also set aside time for a private tasting- it’s a good sign if the venue offers a relaxed and intimate space to taste and sample the food.


Upscale wedding décor

Whether you want something classically elegant with clean lines and a good old white and gold-themed wedding, or you want to bring in something bold like black and gold, your wedding is a series of opportunities to treat your guests to fabulous sights, smells, and sounds. It should be a feast of the senses in everything that touches the aesthetics- look, sound, smell, feel, and everything else that comes into a big play. From including custom neon signs that showcase the initial of your last name or the popular wedding hashtags, to working with your florist for bringing in small trees to break up the dinner tables, or wrap a pergola with vines and greenery to make your head table stand out, your timeless wedding décor should embody understated luxury and tasteful simplicity. Considered the entire wedding venue as a blank canvas where you can start crafting your luxury occasion with the expertise and intuition of a wedding specialist. You might want to create an intimate feel by draping the walls or a romantic tent-like atmosphere or choose to deliver an element of luxurious experience by handing your guests floral cannons, which they can shower the bride and groom with fresh petals as they walk the aisle.


Statement-making aisle designs

All eyes will be on you as you walk down the aisle on your wedding day and upscaling your aisle aesthetics is the best way to ensure that your ceremony entrance is extra grand. From setting the tone with some amazing wedding music and unique lighting to wearing a statement-making wedding dress and decorating the aisle with something meaningful are some of the best ways to make a statement with your wedding aisle designs. Ranging from decorating your aisle with loose greenery, white florals, and pampas grass for creating a modern eclectic boho feel to walking down the aisle with your mother or with both parents, there are many modern ways to make a statement on your wedding day as you walk down the aisle.


Personalized details

From the choice of wedding flowers to the choice of the cocktail menu, every wedding decision should be personal for the couple that is exclusively their own. Personalizing the wedding details according to the unique personalities of couples that differ from one another, and bringing them to the wedding detail palette is a great way to add sentiments and emotions to your wedding planning process. Creating wedding moments that will stay with your guests forever will start with great designs that lie in the details– the table linens, the wedding signs, the little jokes you sprinkle throughout your different wedding reception spaces, and so on. Bring your own story and personality into the mix and host a wedding that is fully yours. For instance, the wedding table numbers can be named after your favorite places in the world or you can place handwritten notes to each of your guests in envelopes that serve as their escort cards.


Splurge on incredible lighting

Your wedding lighting is one of the most important parts of the party especially because good lighting is inevitable for incredible wedding photography. Hanging extra lights- the dreamy cafe lights, glowing lanterns, and grand chandeliers is a great way to transform your wedding space. Whether it’s for your ceremony or reception, it’s worth the investment to upgrade to unique or romantic lighting that will add tons of interest to your photos. The warm glow of amber and pink uplights make even the simplest event space feel chic and stylish along with being super flattering for memorable wedding photos. You can also highlight a few spots within your reception space with smaller lights to bring in more drama. For instance, aim pin spots at the cake table and escort card table or shine a monogram gobo light on the wall behind your sweetheart table, which will instantly transform the space into a cozy and ambient atmosphere.


Creative reception options

If your wedding venue spacious and airy, you can divvy up the reception space from the typical round table and dance floor arrangements. As an alternative to the traditional reception seating arrangement, you can set up a lounge area, a zone of cocktail tables, and outdoor seating spaces which will add a sense of relaxation and laid-back vibe to the entire reception party. Long banquet-style tables look aesthetically beautiful and make it easy for conversations and mingling. You can also skip the traditional white linen and go for funky runners, tablecloths, and napkins in quirky and fun colors to create eye-catching reception settings. If you are a fan of understated sophistication, then opt for bold wedding color palettes for your linens, and go for the metallic route, and deck out the tables with sequin table runners with bold centerpieces and dangling focus lights.


Amazing entertainment options

Paying special attention to entertainment amenities is an inevitable part of hosting a luxurious wedding. Invest in a great music band or a popular DJ if you want your guests to remember having a blast at your reception. The pro-entertainers are known to be crowd pullers as they are known for playing a selection of wedding tunes that can pull your friends and family out of their seats to the dance floor. From hiring your celebrity favorite to famous artists for performing during receptions, the idea behind these extravagant entertainment options is to make the wedding event memorable and treat your guests to a special performance they will remember forever. Apart from dance and music, alternative wedding entertainments can be anything from hiring illusionists and exotic dancers to arranging for broadway shows, circus acts, and bespoke shows.


Host an after party

Just the sound of an after-party sounds fun and memorable! But if you are planning for an extravagant send-off, you can extend your reception hours and move to a smaller venue or even a bar to give your guests the option of partying till dawn. Who could pass up an invitation to a wedding like that? Hosting an after-party is the best way to say thank you to all your friends and family without even saying it, as they have traveled so far to be with you on the biggest day of your life. Fantastic after-party ideas can be anything from an outdoor bbq and pizza party with your favorite Spotify list on to heading off to an outdoor excursion the next day.


Time and again the rich and famous couples surprise us again, as they spare no expense when it comes to planning their wedding celebrations. Discerning couples who seek to create a refined wedding will find that a host of essential details and personal touches will take their wedding to a new level of elegance. Whether you are looking to splurge in the same manner or you want to get a little crafty while planning your wedding details, the key to hosting an epic wedding celebration is to stay connected during the wedding planning process, with your wedding planners as well as the vendors. Creating an incredible wedding experience is all about ensuring that your vendors work together seamlessly towards your definite ‘wedding goals’. With thoughtful planning, the careful eye of a helpful wedding specialist, passionate vendors, and personal touches, you can truly elevate your wedding to become a memorable and inspiring occasion

Wedding Etiquette That’s Outdated

bokeh photograph of a beautifully decorated table top with empty wine glasses

bokeh photograph of a beautifully decorated table top with empty wine glasses

For decades, there has been an endless list of ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts’ given out to couples for their wedding day. It is believed that following all this etiquette will result in a perfect and flawless wedding that people will not stop talking about! Though everything is changing and that too at a fast pace. From backyard weddings to elopements to virtual weddings, we think we have seen enough changes in wedding trends in all these years (especially the last year, all thanks to COVID-19). With everything changing and getting more personalized, the wedding etiquettes also change with every season that passes.

We know that there is no denying the fact that wedding etiquettes are important. Wedding etiquettes not only ensure your wedding guests remain on their best course, but it also creates a general understanding of what a bride and groom should wear, or what you should gift to your guests as wedding favors, and many more things. While some wedding etiquette rules of the past still remain, many of them have changed over the years!

As everything is getting modernized, weddings are too! One of the best things about weddings these days is that all of the old-fashioned wedding reception traditions and wedding etiquette rules are flexible and can be changed as per the comfort and choice of the couple getting hitched! Because we believe that there is no right way to get married! If you and your partner want to skip the fancy, three-tier wedding cake in lieu of an add-your-own toppings cupcake bar, you can surely go for it without any hesitation! It’s your wedding day and everything about it can be easily personalized to anything you hold near and dear, rather than what you may have heard ‘must’ be done on your wedding day! Whether it’s an extravagant wedding cake or a pair of amazing heels for you or an eclectic wedding party, you can easily set yourself and your partner and all your wedding guests break free from all these traditional wedding etiquettes. This blog will surely help you to carve your own path to ‘I do’, we have mentioned some outdated wedding etiquette tips that you can skip, replace, or upgrade to your personalized wedding day vision! So, all the modern-day brides out there, add a bit of modern touch to your wedding day and have an out-of-the-box wedding day that your wedding guests will not stop gushing about!

Colorful wedding dresses are so in Trend

Gone are the days when a bride has to keep her options limited to a white wedding dress. With everything changing around, our modern-day romantic brides are opting for colorful wedding dresses and ditching traditional white wedding dresses. Well, we completely support this decision of a bride, as it’s her special day, and she has the complete power to wear whatever color she wants!

Couples don’t have to wait to see each other until the wedding ceremony

If you are a traditional couple, then we are pretty much sure that you both are not going to see your darling before the wedding ceremony. But if you are a couple who wants to enjoy cocktail hour with your loving guests, and tradition is not really your cup of tea, then breaking this rule is perfect for you! With couples encouraged to see each other before the wedding ceremony is all decked out, the first look wedding photography sessions are becoming insanely popular. These days more and more couples are opting to have their first look moment before they head for their wedding ceremony. The charm of the first look is something that can never be expressed in words. A first look is a very private moment between the couple and their wedding photograph. This opportunity not only offers wedding photographers endless opportunities to capture stunning wedding photos but it is the moment for the couple to see each other before the ceremony and lessens the anxiety. It is indeed a very emotional moment for the couples and for their family members too! Well, the first look also allows you and your partner to pose with your closest family members and friends, as long as you don’t mind them seeing you before you walk down the aisle. Just think it like this way, the more pictures you will take before the ceremony with your family members and friends, the more time you both will have to enjoy your wedding reception and cocktail hour!

You can walk down the aisle ‘Alone with full Grace’

Well, a walk down the aisle with your handsome and dearest daddy by your side is something so emotional and whimsical to witness. It is a dream of every bride that her father escorts his beautiful daughter down the aisle towards the love of her life to start the new journey! But our modern-day brides are switching up this tradition. Some brides choose to have both their mother and father walk her down the aisle together while others want to take this trip alone while making a remarkable statement amongst all the wedding guests! Our modern brides are very much confident and independent, and thus prefer to walk down to their fiance all by themselves. Besides, many aisles are narrow and adorned with flowers and all, so if a bride is wearing a ballgown, she might be the only person who fits down the aisle in a flawless and perfect way!

Parents don’t have to bear the wedding expenses anymore

Back in the day, the responsibility of funding the entire wedding was primarily of the bride’s parents. As centuries backs, brides weren’t expected to work, and hence the cost of the wedding was taken care of by her parents. But, today we are seeing couples are not working in this favor anymore. These days the family members and the friends of the couple prefer sponsoring certain elements of the wedding, and the couples usually pay for their wedding expenses from their own pockets without making it a burden on their families!

The bridesmaids can wear any color on the Wedding Day

Gone are the days when lovely and beautiful bridesmaids were expected to wear white or we say matching dresses to that with the bride. Years back black attire was traditionally reserved for funerals, but as it is an evolving world, these days bridesmaids are opting for black dresses. The truth is that back is often a flattering and universal color that definitely looks good on almost every body type and complexion. Our modern-day brides are being carefree and supportive when their bridesmaids are selecting a black-colored bridesmaids dress.

Just a pro tip here, if the theme of the wedding is ‘Black Tie’, then by all means a stunning and sexy festive black dress will make your bridal party look mesmerizing. But if in case the wedding is planned during an early afternoon, then we believe going for a lighter shade for bridesmaids’ dresses will make the setting more cheerful and celebratory!

Wearing a Wedding Gown with a wedding veil is an option now!

With so many new and amazing wedding themes, and ideas the bride is also making changes in her wedding dress. With a barn, backyard, and destination wedding so much in demand, wedding ceremonies are becoming more light, casual, and personalized! Just like wedding ceremonies and ideas, styles have also evolved to keep up with the growing and latest trends. Nowadays, our glamorous brides are opting for wedding dresses with a shorter hemline, so that they can have the best time of their lives without being much concerned about their wedding dress. On the contrary, they are also ditching the train and veil for pretty floral crowns or some decorative piece of hair jewelry, creating a fresh take to the old-age tradition!

Bouquet and Garter Toss

We all know that these two traditions were kinda mandatory in the past, but now it is strictly optional for the couple to do it. If you actually don’t wanna do any of these, you can simply opt not to. Many modern brides are not comfortable with the idea of their groom lifting up their skirt to grab the garter, just only to toss it over his head to his guys. So, brides, these days are choosing to forego wearing garter altogether.

And about the wedding bouquet toss, these days couples choose to simply hand over the bridal bouquet off to the couple in the room who has been married the longest or who are planning on getting hitched next!

Your Wedding Ceremony does not have to be in a house of Worship

Initially, the wedding ceremonies were usually used to be reserved for the church setting as it was believed to have a significant and appropriate religious component. But with the change in everything and especially in wedding trends, couples these days see themselves getting hitched in a variety of settings that actually mean something special and unique to them. From outdoor vineyards to rustic barns, couples are choosing various different settings for their wedding ceremonies.

No specific order to have a perfect wedding reception

Well, of course, there are certain things that need to be organized in order to have a perfect and flawless wedding reception. Such as, parents’ dances, cake cutting ceremonies, and other traditions, but on the other hand, there is no set order in which you need to have them. It’s your wedding day and you can have anything in whichever sequence you want without any second thought. If you are not a person who always keeps up with the tradition, then you can simply ditch it all. If you want to enjoy the dance with your group for the night then you can simply have that. If you and your partner want everything to be spread out, that’s fine, too! It’s your day and your wedding, so schedule whatever you want, in whatever order you want.

Designated Table Up Front

Typically, there is a sweetheart table set up at a wedding reception where the newlyweds are expected to sit with their wedding party during the wedding reception. However, these days couples are wanting to choose to sit at a larger table with all their family and close friends. Well, most of the couples during their wedding reception spend their evening ‘on the move’ greeting and thanking all their wedding guests for their support and participation!

You can always ditch the Rice Toss Exit with something fancier

Going as per the history and tradition (especially Romans and Greeks), exiting the reception while tossing the rice brings happiness and prosperity and all the positive energy to the newly wedded couple. Since then, rice and grain have been the confetti of choice for the ceremony departure. But, as things are changing, couples are somewhere leaving the old traditions behind while adding some new and fancy ways to the wedding. These days, for a memorable wedding exit, couples can have their wedding guests blow bubbles, or toss confetti, ring bells, or wave sparklers, for a fun and memorable memory of everyone being involved!

Your wedding day should be on Weekend

Well everyone loves a weekend wedding but this wedding etiquette rule is now becoming less and less true! In fact, our celebrities are heading their way for Monday weddings to be acceptable, but yet there are chances that your wedding guests may not be fans of this, but a wedding on Saturday night is not a rule anymore. Because these days everything depends on the availability of the wedding venue and the wedding season. So, if everything works in the favor of the couple and the wedding day comes out to be on Tuesday afternoon, couples will not deny it, they will happily accept it! There are chances that a weekday wedding will affect your wedding guests list. Here is a pro tip for all the couples who are planning to get married soon, if you are planning a small and intimate wedding and your wedding venue offers you non-traditional wedding dates, there is nothing wrong with taking one of them!

Decorating the Car

Whether on the big screen or in real life, we have seen endless times that when the newly wedded couple gets into a car the car is adorned with big letters saying ‘just married’. And as they drive off into the sunset, balloons, streamers, and aluminum cans drag on the road behind them. Well, if you don’t want something common like this and want to try something different and unique, always feel free to scrap it. You can try to call an Uber or always rent a horse-drawn carriage to have a fairytale-like experience or you can always call a vintage Rolls Royce (for a grand and memorable experience), allowing someone else to take the reins so that you and your darling can sit back in the back seat and enjoy the ride while having some romantic time alone!


Traditionally the newlywed couple used to go for a 10-day honeymoon. But our modern-day couples are choosing to pass on the extravagant long trip as these days it’s kind of overwhelming. Instead of a long honeymoon, couples are choosing to take two or more small trips while managing their official work too! Just a pro tip here, try to plan your trips around the weekends and holidays so that you can make the most of your time off with each other!

As we already mentioned above, there is no specific right way to have a wedding ceremony or a wedding reception. The world is ever-changing and ever-evolving and so are these wedding etiquette rules. So, stick to the old traditions, if you want to add some twist to your wedding day you are always welcome and encouraged to do it! It’s your day and it should resonate with you, your personality, and your unique and romantic love story! Happy wedding!