Cherry blossom wedding details we love!

Celebrate your wedding in the blooming season with breathtaking cherry blossom wedding details! Check out our blog to know more!

Celebrate your wedding in the blooming season with breathtaking cherry blossom wedding details! Check out our blog to know more!


As spring wakes up from the deep winter slumber, the dusting of snow starts to melt away, making way for blades of grass to spring forth, the birds start to chirp and bees are abuzz with activity. And no spring bloom is complete without flowers. Cheery daffodils with their delicate trumpeted blooms and bright colors, shy bluebells, gorgeous irises, and spunky snowdrops, and of course, the cherry blossoms! Cherry blossoms are one of the few flowers that can attract attention in the springtime so beautifully. The blossoms’ delicacy is breathtaking, and their color is extremely beautiful, with a lovely perfume to match. A cherry blossom wedding theme might inspire some incredibly magnificent and joyful decor if you’re planning a wedding in early spring. The majority of cherry tree kinds bloom in the spring over a period of several weeks. The cherry blossom season is only a few weeks long. The time between the opening of the first blossom and the shedding of the petals might be as long as two or three weeks.

With the onset of spring, and the unmistakable aroma of love in the air, comes weddings! Spring weddings are the most amazing, and it is no surprise that so many couples chose spring as their backdrop of choice. Nothing like the subtle color palettes of spring and the gentle calming breeze of the season to step into a new chapter of your life. Also, a spring wedding means you get the choicest of spring blooms to be featured on your wedding day. There is an abundance of flowers to choose from, and of course, there is no such thing as too many flowers. You are particularly in love with the dreamy cherry blossom flowers and the pink glow it emanates, and want to make it a part of your big day, we have your back! From the gorgeous cherry blossom centerpieces to the delicate flowers trailing across your wedding cake, we come with many fun options for you to choose from! Are you ready?

Engagement photos

The preparation for a cherry blossom-themed wedding day begins right after the engagement! A fun way to make cherry blossoms an integral part of your wedding day story is to take some dreamy pictures amidst some gorgeous cherry blossom trees and you can send some out as a part of your save-your-date suite or post it online as your engagement announcement. These can also make the choice of cherry blossom as the flower for your wedding day be a more intentional decision, giving it the perfect linear backstory! Another fun idea is that you can print the engagement shots out and display them as a part of your wedding day decor, whether it is as displayed in the welcome table, or in the reception table setting.

The invitation

It all starts with the invitation, doesn’t it? There is no better way to bring a theme in motion than by making the invitation a part of it. Whether you go for subtle cherry blossom designs or you go big with the cherry blossom illustrations, the options are truly endless when it comes to wedding invitations. This is especially perfect for a wedding with cherry blossoms as a central part of the wedding day. Sending out some beautifully crafted wedding invitations with pale pink specks of cherry blossoms and swirly calligraphy makes the message of the spring wedding very clear for your guests. We love how the save-the-dates and invites combine the romantic impression of watercolor cherry blossoms with another print, such as a modest striped envelope liner or valium lettering.

Floral hair accessories

Is there anything as romantic as wearing flowers in your hair? And when the theme of your wedding is cherry blossoms, floral hair accessories are something that goes without saying! Whether it is a delicate floral crown that weaves over the crown of your head, or it is a sparkly cherry blossom hair comb with the most intricate details, whether it is real spring of cherry blossom adorning your elegant updo, or it is individual flower pins dotting your precariously created romantic messy braid, the options are as endless as your imagination. Wearing cherry blossoms in your hair is another fun way to embrace this fun theme into your look, and no matter what you choose, the results will be just fabulous!

The venue

If you’ve decided on a theme and are looking for a destination wedding, Japan is without a doubt the greatest option. There is no other site as beautiful as Japan for cherry blossoms, according to most writers, photographers, and travelers! The concept for a great Indian wedding is so novel that it’s easy to imagine it as the best ideal wedding that awaits you right there in Japan. After all, it is the actual cherry blossom paradise. If you’re looking for more ways to explore cherry blossoms as a topic, Hong Kong and North East India are good places to start. However, if you’re looking for something both abstract and authentic, Japan will always come out on top. If you are looking for something closer to home, cherry blossoms are most notable for blooming in Washington, DC, and Toronto, Canada, although they also bloom in Georgia, Texas, Hawaii, Oregon, and other places. The venue adds massively to bring this theme together, so having a wedding venue with cherry blossoms in the property is an instant win!

The cake

Another lovely approach to highlight this lovely flower? Use cherry blossoms as inspiration for your wedding cake. While real cherry blossoms can be added to a cake because the petals are edible, there are many other methods to include their beauty, such as handcrafted sugar flowers or buttercream blooms. Remember that you can add either white or pink blooms, or both, depending on the overall theme of your wedding. The good news is highly malleable, making it perfect for minimalistic cakes as well as dramatic ones. There are so many refreshing and inspiring ideas out there on the internet to choose from, we are sure you will find your perfect sugared bloom in a matter of minutes!

The aisle

Lining the aisle with the dreamiest of cherry blossom trees is a fitting and dramatic way to embrace the theme. What better than walking down a boulevard with gorgeous cherry blossom trees bending over you as you walk up to your sweetheart? You can go as dramatic or minimal with this idea as you like. To cover the entire aisle from start to finish! We recommend lining the aisles with 6-8 trees, but 4 may suffice for smaller events. This creates the aisle for the ceremony and allows for the most jaw-dropping images. The bride will have the most fanciful and enchanting walk of her life as she walks down an aisle lined with cherry blossom trees.

Table decor

Cherry blossom napkin holders and elegant cherry blossom centerpieces, there are a lot of different ways a cherry blossom-themed table decor can go. Their blooming branches, which come in a variety of colors from white to dark pink, give dramatic height to any spring wedding scene. You can find wedding floral décor ideas using cherry blossoms, ranging from centerpieces to bouquets to dessert. The sense of dining under a cherry blossom tree in full bloom is created by a towering shower of pink blooms. For an elegant romantic effect, combine white and soft pink with cascading crystal embellishments. Floating and taper candles add a brilliant aspect to the presentation. Submerge the flowers in attractive cylinder vases with miniature white rose bouquets for a contemporary edge. Don’t hold the belief that cherry blossoms must be employed in enormous, soaring décor elements. Arrange modest, clustered arrangements on a long tablescape. Don’t be hesitant to allow the branch’s natural, whimsical shape to dictate your styling and design.


This flower is ideal for the bride who wants her bridal bouquet to make a bold statement. They add great texture to a bouquet of peonies and ranunculus when used as a filler. Layers can be created by carefully combining large flowers, such as peonies and ranunculus, medium flowers, such as sweet peas, and miniature flowers, such as jasmine and ‘Hally Jolivette’ cherry blossoms, to give a bouquet texture and volume. If that’s too much for you, you can always keep it simple by just carrying a simple bouquet with a modest bunch of cherry blossoms. As the cherry blossoms are lean and tall flowers, they will make the perfect statement even when used minimally. Since this flower is quite petite and delicate, they make a beautiful choice for the groom’s boutonniere too! Worn alone or paired with an elegant rose or rustic greenery, this is a boutonniere that is unlike any other. You can match your bridesmaid’s bouquet as your bridal bouquet, or go for a different shade of cherry blossoms for both.

Bridesmaid dresses and robes

While the cherry blossoms are just adorable in real life, they look beautiful as a print too! Whether it is in the reception table or as a pretty bloom in your getting-ready robes, they will look amazing. If you want something beautifully attention-grabbing for your special day, you can consider having your bridesmaids wear matching cherry blossom printed dresses for the wedding ceremony. But if that’s too much for your cherry-blossom-themed wedding, you can keep it under wraps by going all out in the getting ready session! Go for fun cherry blossom prints in your robes as you get ready with your besties, and we promise, it will make the most amazing addition to your wedding photography!

The drinks

Spring drinks are made extra special when they come dressed in the essence of the season. In the spirit of being on theme, you can dress up your chosen drink for your spring wedding day in a myriad of different ways. Whether it is adding red coloring to your drink so that it has that sweet romantic pale pink color, or add a sprig of cherry blossom on your drink solely for decorative purposes, whether it is adding cherries to your drink, or letting one lone tiny flower swim on your glass, you can go as creative as you want! Letting the cherry blossom theme flow naturally to the wedding day drink will only make it that much more cohesive, bringing the whole vibe together perfectly.

The arch

The arch or the arbor under which you say “I Do” to your sweetheart is a place that gets a lot of spotlight on your wedding day. So why not make it the most amazing and stunning piece of art that your guests have laid eyes on? A cherry blossom-decorated arbor will do exactly that! Cherry blossoms have a quality that makes them light and airy, while still being extremely romantic and all-consuming, the same way baby’s breath flowers do. So it’s quite easy to make a bold statement with cherry blossoms, because of its sheer length and volume! Whether you are decorating your wedding chuppah or your arch, lining it with real or artificial cherry blossoms, it will instantly take it up a notch. Another refreshing way to go about it, especially if you are hosting an outdoor ceremony is to say our vows under a real blooming cherry blossom tree! Nothing can really beat that!

Sweet table

With cherry blossoms all around, it’s only natural it makes an appearance on the sweet table! The possibilities are endless, whether it’s delicate and elegant biscuits created with floral cookie cutters and dipped in pink chocolate, or macaroons hand-painted with cherry blossom branches and flowers in pinks and whites. You can have a lot of fun coming up with various fun and creative ideas for your cherry blossom-themed dessert table! Another fun idea doesn’t get easier or cuter than this. Dragees or tiny macaroons should be placed in favor boxes with notched petals and you can make a typical five-petaled cherry blossom by arranging five of these unique forms in a circle. These can be a part of the sweet table or can work well for wedding favors too!

There is something about the delicately feminine, elegant, and unique nature of a cherry blossom that goes perfectly with the light and airy spring vibe. If the cherry blossoms have managed to steal your heart, we hope these fun cherry blossom ideas were helpful for your gorgeous spring wedding plans. After all, what says spring louder than cherry blossoms?

Gorgeous Ways to incorporate Script into your wedding decor!

Looking for ways to introduce gorgeous calligraphy into your wedding? Explore our blog below to get inspired!

Looking for ways to introduce gorgeous calligraphy into your wedding? Explore our blog below to get inspired!


Are you also mesmerized by a calligrapher at work? If yes, then you are certainly not alone! There is something extremely romantic and mesmerizing about putting a pen to paper and watching swirly, artistic script come to life, especially when you leave it to the pros! So, if you are also captivated and enchanted by those viral videos of hands putting beauty to text, you might want to consider hiring a calligrapher to design each and every element of your wedding day, too!

An ideal option for all the brides who are looking ahead to adding a dose of elegance and something out-of-the-ordinary to their wedding day decor, calligraphy is indeed an age-old form of classic art that will surely impress all your wedding guests without any doubt! Calligraphy and weddings are indeed a beautiful and great combination and there are endless ways to incorporate script into your wedding day details! From your save-the-date cards and wedding invitations, to welcome signs, to romantic handkerchiefs for those sentimental moments and everything in between, calligraphy gracefully offers a luxe, and elegant feel to usher all your wedding guests into your romantic union of love!

So, if you are looking out for ideas to bring in the script to your wedding day, we have got you covered! We have rounded 12 unique and gorgeous ways to incorporate the script into your wedding day detail! From traditional wedding celebrations to classic and modern affairs, we are pretty sure that these gorgeous calligraphed ideas will surely step up your wedding decor game! Whether you are planning to go all out or want to keep it classic and subtle, we urge you to have a look at beautiful ways to weave in the art of the written world.

The Wedding Invitations and Envelopes

First thing comes first! Let’s start with your wedding day invitations! Whenever we think of incorporating calligraphy into a wedding detail, the very first thing that comes to everyone’s mind is the alluring envelopes adorned with stunning and beautifully calligraphed addresses! And, we are undoubtedly all in huge favor of going all out for the mind-blowing calligraphed envelopes but just a suggestion here, you can also use calligraphy for your entire wedding day invitations too! Going for a calligraphed wedding invitation will not only bring a wide smile to the face of your wedding guests whenever they will open your wedding invite but it will also give a brief idea about your wedding day and your personality! Depending on your budget and your wedding day guests’ list size, you can ask your calligrapher to handwrite each wedding invitation entirely in calligraphy or even brush lettering (check out Pinterest for more ideas and inspiration for this calligraphy style). In fact, you can also commission something called pot calligraphy, where the calligrapher will write out a few words (usually your’s and your sweetheart’s name and most probably the wedding venue or the location of your wedding day) and then can digitally scan the lettering to add into the final wedding day invitation design! Whether you are a bride who is planning a classic and elegant wedding, or a die-hard fan of a modern wedding, or you have already planned your memorable bohemian wedding in advance, there are calligraphy styles to suit every style and wedding theme! All you have to do is pick one style that resonates best with your wedding theme and woos all your wedding guests! In fact, a stunningly calligraphed wedding invitation will also look flawless in all your wedding portfolio when it will be documented by our experienced and professional wedding photographers and videographers!

In short, lovely calligraphy on your wedding invitation packages and envelopes is nothing but absolutely timeless and gorgeous! Well, this trend is majorly followed in 2017, but is now making its come back in the ring again! Trust us, when we say that every calligraphy style is unique and all it will do is make your wedding day invitation suite one of a kind!

Wedding Day Signs

Large signs are not only visible from a distance but they are indeed the perfect way to welcome all your wedding guests to your wedding! We just want to tell you that wedding day welcome signs can be made out of anything from large pieces of plexiglass to reclaimed wood. Even an oversized tropical leaf will look stunning when calligraphed gorgeously! If these wedding welcome signs are not enough for you, you don’t need to stress over them! There are millions of ideas waiting for you on Pinterest! Apart from welcome signs, there are other areas where you can consider bringing in calligraphy! Whether it be to sign your wedding day guestbook, what your wedding hashtag is, or that you are planning an unplugged wedding ceremony, or that your wedding has an open bar, signs are undoubtedly the easiest ways to get your messages across to your wedding guests! And when these signs are calligraphed in beautiful fonts they will definitely elevate your wedding day sign decor game to the next level! Beautifully calligraphed wedding signs and welcome signs will also look stunning in your wedding video and wedding photographs especially when captured by our talented wedding photographers and videographers! But, just make sure that you are not overpowering your wedding day signs by having calligraphy as the main design just to make them stand out!

Flawlessly Calligraphed Wedding Ceremony Backdrops

Using your and your’s sweetheart’s favorite quote, or the lyrics of your favorite song, or a meaningful phrase flawlessly written in beautiful calligraphy to serve as the backdrop of your wedding ceremony, is not only a creative idea to bring in calligraphy to your wedding day but is also a very romantic idea! This kind of wedding ceremony backdrop will give endless wedding photography opportunities to our professional wedding photographers and videographers to capture the romance between you and your partner in the best of frames possible! For this kind of calligraphy, the text can be painted onto a piece of fabric (white cotton curtains or even a bed sheet will do the trick) if a bohemian wedding is on your mind. Well, you can also consider writing the text onto a roll of art paper, or even printed.

Calligraphy for Your Romantic Wedding Vows

With every aspect of our life affected by technology, we understand that it is extremely easy to use a mobile phone to read your wedding vows to the love of your life during your wedding ceremony. But how about the idea of using a delicate piece of paper that is gracefully and artistically riddled with beautiful calligraphy and your affirmation of love! Isn’t that great and incredibly romantic at the same time? This is indeed a great move to incorporate the script into your wedding day! Once you both are pronounced as the newly married couple, instead of throwing away that piece of paper you can reuse them and also get them frames so that you can hang them in your new home as a beautiful memory of your big and special day!

Calligraphy on Your Wedding Day Place Cards

Planning every aspect of your wedding day beforehand is important as it avoids last-minute chaos! For your wedding guests, a seating chart or escort card will surely help them to reach the appropriate table! But, if you are planning on assigned seating at your wedding, you will also need place cards! If you are hiring a calligrapher for everything, or you are planning to show off your calligraphy skills, you can handwrite each guess name in stunning calligraphy. Doing this will not only add a touch of personalization but will also showcase your love and romance in the best way possible! Just by this sweet gesture, your wedding guests will feel extra special on your wedding day! And this kind of wedding decor will look fantastic in your wedding photo album too! You can also consider adding colors to the place cards! Like some color-dipped place cards with deckled edges, or some beautiful calligraphy tags pinned to some kind of gold spray-painted faux fruit will be a great idea if you are planning to get married during the fall season!

Seating Charts & Escorts Cards

Your wedding day seating charts and escort cards undoubtedly serve the extremely helpful purpose of letting your wedding guests know where to sit at your wedding reception! You have full control over how creative and beautiful you can make it! Well, before you go ahead and wear your creative hat, let us tell you the difference between a seating chart and an escort card so that you plan your calligraphy style in that way and make your wedding day decor stand out! The seating chart is usually organized by the table number, with the names of each of your wedding guests at that table below, whereas escort cards are individual cards alphabetized according to your guest’s name that will help them to reach their table! In both conditions, your wedding guests will be looking at a stunning and enchanting calligraphy style! Resonating with your wedding day theme, you can choose the color and style of the calligraphy for your guest’s name! All you have to do is just make sure that the name pops out gracefully and must look mind-blowing when captured by our professional wedding photographers in the most cinematic frames!

On Wedding Menus

There is no better place to flaunt the best calligraphy than on your wedding day menu! No matter whether you are decking your place settings with menus or having a buffet with endless varieties of food choices with a menu at the beginning, you can always showcase the best of calligraphy to amaze all your wedding guests! In both options, you will have the opportunity to loop beautiful calligraphy into your wedding! Trust us, a well-calligraphed wedding menu will be a perfect decoration element to your wedding day decor which will be understated and classic at the same time!

You can also consider adding some calligraphy to your wedding day drinks menu! Planning to offer a signature cocktail to all your wedding guests for your cocktail hour? Well, you can easily share all the delicious options with your wedding guests with a beautiful calligraphy bar sign! In fact, you can also add individual dinner menus in the form of place cards just by creatively writing the name of your wedding guests at the top! This kind of idea will serve two purposes! One, your wedding menu will look different and unique, and secondly, you will be able to bring in the script to your wedding decor in the best way possible!

Pre-Wedding Cards

Are you thinking of a pre-wedding card for your love? Well, that is indeed a great idea! You can consider making it more picture-worthy and memorable to incorporate in your wedding album! All you have to do is adorn the cover of your card with alluring and enchanting calligraphy! This kind of gift will be something that your sweetheart will never forget and will not have enough of! It will be a romantic keepsake that your darling will treasure for the rest of their life!

Chair Signs

We are pretty much sure that you will love this idea that we are going to talk about right now! The idea of creating special signs for your and your partner’s chair at your wedding reception! Elegantly calligraphed signs or some beautiful fabric banners are the perfect and best answers for this idea! This wonderful idea will not only look amazing but with a little posy of flowers to accent the sign it will definitely elevate the overall mood and setting of your wedding reception!

Stunning Table Runner with Whimsical Calligraphy

The idea of introducing calligraphy to your table runners into your wedding reception is not only unique but extremely amazing! This is indeed a bit outside the box, but don’t you also think that a calligraphed table runner will indeed be a perfect addition to the head table for your romantic and memorable wedding? Trust us, this kind of wedding decoration idea, we have only seen a handful of times! For more ideas to bring calligraphy to your table runner, you can bring in your wedding vows, or the lyrics of your first dance song, or some religious verses that mean a lot to you and to your sweetheart! This kind of table runner idea will not only keep your wedding guests entertained and make your wedding absolutely one of a kind, but will also elevate your wedding photos in every possible way! Just make sure that whatever text you are choosing for your table runner, must appear only on each side of the table so that it is not covered by your centerpieces!

Calligraphed Wedding Day Cake Toppers

With changing bridal trends, our modern-day couples are moving away from the usual and traditional bride and groom at the top of their wedding cakes! These days our couples are getting more and more creative and thus are using phrases or names to get displayed on their wedding cakes! Our talented and creative team of wedding photographers and videographers have witnessed various phrases like “our adventure begins here”, or “Mr. & Mrs.” or even “Mr. & Mrs. (last time)”. So, if this is the route you are going to take for your wedding day cake, make sure you are using enchanting calligraphy as it will definitely add a decorative element that will top off your cake perfectly! This kind of wedding cake idea will be soft, romantic, and will surely fit into your wedding theme of any season!

Calligraphy on Your Wedding Favors

Well, there is no denying that favors are hard to choose! You want something that not only woos your wedding guests and will make them remember your wedding day with every passing but also not break your bank! Sending your wedding guests home with a sweet little wedding favor is what marks the perfect ending of a memorable wedding celebration! And to make this moment unforgettable and the wedding favors more personalized you can add beautiful script to all your wedding guests’ favors! You can consider writing cute little phrases like “let our love grow” on a pack of seeds or you can also think of taking it one step ahead and writing their individual name on a special card which you can attach to the wedding favors and make your wedding guests more special! You can also ask your calligraphers to make you a rubber stamp with your names or initials in calligraphy, then stamp it on cotton muslin bags and fill it with the delicious favorite treat! No matter what you are gifting to your wedding guests, with this incredible idea, your wedding favors will stand out and will make a big and remarkable statement to all your wedding guests!

Between your wedding decorations and invitations, peppering your wedding day with stunning and beautiful calligraphy will unquestionably ensure a timeless and romantic setting that will be nothing but just a perfect display of your love! With so many ideas there, you have endless ways to incorporate script to your wedding day details! If you like any of our ideas and decide to use one, two, or more, you are more than welcome!

Bridal makeup ideas for 2022 wedding!

Up your glam game by checking out these bridal make-up trends that are going to be trendsetters in 2022! Read the blog for inspiration!

Up your glam game by checking out these bridal make-up trends that are going to be trendsetters in 2022! Read the blog for inspiration!


We know that by now you have spent months nailing down your ideal wedding venue, more months on the hunt for a perfect designer wedding dress that makes you look like the best version of you on the most important and special day of your life! And then some more time booking and hiring the best professional wedding photographers and videographers to capture every moment of your big day in the best of frames! We can assure you that our experienced and talented wedding photographers and videographers will not spare any wedding detail of your big day in documenting in their cameras!

So, now that every item on your wedding day checklist is being ticked out! You finally have found your wedding dress, had that stunning Cinderella moment with the perfect wedding shoes and also spent hours scrolling through Pinterest, Instagram, and other social media searching for just the right hairstyle and makeup inspiration for your wedding day bridal look! If you ask us, we would suggest that it’s your wedding day, so everything has to be perfect and flawless! So, when it comes to your bridal day makeup look, you must take a similarly personal approach just the way you have done for the other things for your wedding planning! With almost every aspect of your bridal ensemble checked off your to-do list, all there is left to do is to find some stunning makeup inspiration that pulls it all together in the most elegant and sensual way!

Every year there is something different and trending and chic when it comes to bridal makeup trends! From bold brows to nude lipstick shades, the bridal makeup trend keeps on changing every year and bringing something new and extremely chic! This blog is dedicated to all the trendy brides-to-be, who are going to get married in the coming 2022 and are looking for chic, elegant, yet trendy bridal makeup ideas to rock their 2022 wedding day bridal look!

Bridal makeup trends 2022 is going to be all about being natural! As there are two types of brides: those that want to go full glam on their wedding day, and then those who are after a more natural, effortless wedding makeup look! If you ask us, there is nothing in between, and one is necessarily not better than the other! But, if we talk about 2022 bridal makeup trends then we are pretty much sure that our brides are going full natural! These days our lovely and modern brides are opting for makeup and hairdos that enhance their beauty than conceals their natural beauty on their wedding day!

In this blog, we will be talking about natural bridal makeup tips and ideas and how you can excel the same on your wedding day with utmost ease. These natural makeup ideas will make you look nothing but stunning and out-of-the-world on your wedding day! A natural wedding makeup look definitely seems very effortless, but any makeup artist can tell you that pulling off the perfect natural glam look for your wedding day is more daunting than it appears! So, to keep everything smooth and the way you want your bridal makeup to turn out, make sure that when you are meeting your makeup artist for your trials or on the day of your wedding, come prepared with ample inspirational pictures to clearly showcase what kind of look you want for your wedding day, and most importantly what you don’t want!

Talking about the natural wedding day makeup look, then it was Meghan Markle who was the trendsetter for this natural bridal makeup look! Her wedding day bridal look was simple and classic! Meghan Markle’s wedding day makeup had one thing that it was for everyone, like for every bride! Before we go ahead and inspire you with endless tips for your wedding day bridal look, just know one thing, that natural bridal makeup looks tender and utterly romantic! It is indeed the best choice for any bride and also for any wedding style! Using pastel colors, matte lipsticks, or even fresh face makeup can gracefully emphasize the eye’s color depth or lip’s form!

If you want to skip a winged liner style for something soft and smokier? Or are you curious about the coverage of the airbrush foundation? These are some of the things that you need to take into consideration if you are planning to have a natural makeup look for your wedding day! Here are some ideas and inspirations that will help you in achieving the natural look for your big day without any hassle!

Untouched Skin

The initial step that involves getting a natural makeup look for your big and special day includes getting fresh and clear skin! Don’t be afraid to invest in good skin-care prep to make your skin look glowy and stunning on your wedding day! That way, your face will be so glowing on your wedding day and you will look marvelous in all your wedding photos! Investing in skin-care prep will mean that you wouldn’t dream of covering a single freckle with a full-coverage foundation!

The natural texture of your skin will make you look nothing but flawless and gorgeous! Brides who have made their minds to have a natural bridal makeup look for their big day, here is a piece of advice, always opt for a tinted moisturizer or BB cream for a thin veil of dewy coverage which will make the skin look like skin!

Feathered Brows

It is believed and said that eyes are the windows to the soul! So, if that is true then your brows are the velvet drapes! Simply brushing them up and filling in the sparse area can actually add a natural depth to the entire face and will make a bride look nothing but natural and elegant!

If you want your wedding day bridal look to be simple, classic, yet natural, you don’t need lipstick or a smokey eyeshadow on your wedding day! If these kinds of eye makeup are not your vibe, no worries, the natural makeup look has tons of ideas for you to look gorgeous! In short, bold, feathered brows are almost an even more glamorous statement that you will be carrying on your wedding day and will be rocking your wedding day bridal look!

Sun-kissed Glow

Sun-kissed pictures and sun-kissed glow are making a huge sensation on Instagram these days! Remember how stunning Monica (from Friends) looked when she got her spray-tanned!  So, if you are also looking for the shining post-honeymoon bronze in the days before you both actually go off to your desired honeymoon location, consider a pre-wedding spray tan! Just make sure that you opt for a trial run first so that you don’t end up looking orange, a la Anne Hathaway in Bride Wars, or somewhat similar to Ross from Friends!

Apart from spray-tan, choose the right highlighter as it will also help you in achieving that natural-looking glow very easily! All you have to do is focus on the color where the sun would hit: like areas across the forehead, the tip of the nose, and the cheekbones!

Soft Contour

It’s your wedding day! So, maybe it’s not the right time for you to get experimental with a heavy Kardashian-caliber contour! But, you can always try and play along with some soft sculpting which can elevate and give emphasis to the natural shape of your face and make you look incredible on your wedding day and in all your wedding photographs and videos!

If you have a matte bronzer just a shade or two darker than your skin tone will look flawless! You can simply blend the colors into the hollows of your cheekbones for a soft contour effect that reads as a naturally stunning definition!

Flushed Cheeks

Well, there is no denying the fact that a well-placed cream blush melts perfectly and beautifully into the skin to leave the softest hint of the color which will make you look ravishing! For a foolproof match, you can dab a little bit of your lipstick onto your cheeks, and then blend it out until the color is perfectly seamless and just the right shade you want on your glowing cheeks!

Natural Lashes

Well, it’s your wedding day, so of course, there are going to be moments which will make your eyes wet! So, make sure when you are picking up mascara, it should probably be waterproof, so that you can cry without having the fear of your makeup getting smudged! And the other important thing is that if you are planning for a natural makeup look for your wedding day, just make sure that you are using the natural formula that softly lifts and defines the lashes and makes your eyes look pretty!

If you don’t wear mascara usually, and you have fair skin, a brown formula will definitely be your best bet for a natural-looking lash with barely-there any definition!

Glossed High Points

If dewy skin is your ultimate goal for your wedding day, then you can gently gloss the high points of your face in no time! Your eyelids, lips, and cheekbones are some of the high and most noticeable points in your face, so make sure you are choosing a shiny (not shimmery) highlighter, to bring the illusion that your skin is actually radiating light, not glowing with sparkles! It does not matter what kind of bride you are channeling for your wedding day, a nude lip gloss will definitely deliver the perfect finishing touch to your wedding day natural bridal makeup look! From a bohemian chill bride to a classic princess bride, glossy lips work for them all and always bring out the sexy and sensuous side of every bride in the best possible way!

Blurred Lip

It’s a wedding, hence it is very clear that there is going to be kissing and too much champagne! Therefore, it might feel that lipstick is a bad idea! But, of course, wearing a lip color always elevates the overall look of the bride and in that case, you can consider wearing a lip stain and purposely blur the edges to have a long-lasting and smudge effect throughout the celebration!

You can choose whatever colors suit you the best for your wedding day bridal look! You can go with red, pink, nude, or berry shade! But just remember that if you want to keep your lip color lasting throughout the celebration, do not forget to blot, pat, and layer for that natural-looking, bitten effect!

Precious Metals

So, are you also looking out for one of the best ways to elevate your “natural” bridal makeup look to black-tie-ready status? Then here is the answer! All you have to do is focus on your eyes with a healthy dose of luster shadow! Well, luster here clearly does not mean that we are talking about disco dust, but just sheer metallic accents that never fail to create a modern, sexy smolder for your wedding day bridal makeup look! For your natural makeup look, you can choose warm metallics, like copper and gold, as they gracefully accentuate darker skin tones and bring out the best! A coppery eye gloss smudger from lash line to crease creates an alluring look that can be further enhanced and elevated by curled black lashes! If you want you can also work around your way with a golden highlighter as it lends definition to cheekbones, and a perfect nude lipstick is indeed the ideal contrast to all that sparkle! After all, for a bride, all the sparkles and blings are her best friend on her wedding day!

No-Makeup Makeup Look

Mastering the no-makeup makeup look is definitely an exercise in restraint! You can skip the lashes, contour, lip liner, and any other makeup steps you could do without and still manage to look flawless and sensuous! You can still excel your natural wedding day makeup look, with just something basic like a light coverage foundation, a hint of concealer, and some color on the cheeks and lips! Trust us, with this kind of makeup, you will look like the best version of yourself when you make your dramatic entrance while you walk down the aisle!

These are some of the incredible makeup tips for all the brides who are looking ahead to their 2022 wedding and are excited about the natural bridal makeup look! Gone are the days when bold brows, matte lip, and Instagram contour were in the trend and opted by the majority of brides for their wedding day! Our modern-day brides are preferring to slay their beauty in all its natural form!

Disco Details for a Glam Wedding Day

Add dollops of glamorous vibes to your wedding with these disco-details ideas for your wedding day! Click to get inspired!

Add dollops of glamorous vibes to your wedding with these disco-details ideas for your wedding day! Click to get inspired!


There is no second thought when hearing that we have come a long way since the sparkling decade of the 70s, but there is no denying that those golden details are still trending, especially in the world of weddings! Want to know what to incorporate into your big day to add a little Saturday night fever? Well, let us introduce you to those glittering details! Whether you just want a touch of retro glamour here and there, or the whole crowd dancing to the YMCA, these disco ideas reign supreme when it comes to a fabulous and glam wedding day celebration! Disco theme weddings and glamorous vibes always go hand in hand!

Wedding day decorations inspired by disco details never truly died, right? It just keeps reinventing itself in so many different and unique ways! And that is why our modern and millennial brides are looking for something out-of-the-ordinary when it comes to their wedding day celebration, and a disco-themed wedding is something that is actually catching up with our soon-to-be-brides attention and love! Well, not only for brides. A glamorous disco detail-inspired wedding is always a treat for our professional wedding photographers and videographers to shoot!

So, let’s be real! Your wedding day is going to be disco-themed! So that means apart from all the glam and glitter, there also will be disco playing at your wedding right? Is it really a disco-themed wedding if there is no disco? (okay yes, it is, but hard to imagine for sure!). So why don’t you allow all your wedding guests to embrace the boogie fever and inject a little disco detail and classic inspiration into your wedding scene? Cool and incredible, right? Just the way you have always envisioned your wedding day, nothing but just exceptional and memorable!

A disco-themed wedding is surely a new trend inspired by the 70’s era of endless and sensuous glamour! So, if you are looking ahead to adding disco details to make your wedding a glam and unforgettable celebration, you can just not ignore the disco balls! It is absolutely true that disco balls are not exactly a new concept! From Studio 5 to Saturday Night Fever, the glittering and fancy disco balls have been used as an iconic centerpiece to parties, especially weddings! The use of disco balls to bring in the real and true vibe of glamour disco setting has not just started since the age of disco, but actually since the 1920s! The popularity of disco balls has not waned over the decades, so much, in fact, that these days all the newly engaged couples are looking ahead to bring in disco balls into their wedding day decor in the most creative ways, just because they want some out-of-the-ordinary to make their wedding celebration a cut-above-the-rest kind of celebration!

Well, gone are the days when the disco balls were only limited to be the center of the dance floor! Well, we must be thankful for their reflective, light-up-any-space magic, that they can be used anywhere when it comes to wedding decoration! These days disco balls are being used in everything! From large-scale installations (say hello to the photo booth backdrop) to stunning aisle markers, so that when you walk down the aisle the whole pathway gets lit and you can actually make the saying “The light of my life” true for your sweetheart, and much more! And let us all be real for a while: disco balls have the power to take any wedding celebration up a notch so all you just wanna do is jump on this decor trend for your own big and special day as soon as possible! Trust us, it will not only leave your wedding guests in great amazement but will elevate your professional wedding photography game with mind-blowing decor ideas!

No matter if you are not sure whether you wanna go full-on disco ball crazy for your big and special day, you can always consider them into your wedding day details without completely making it all about disco ball and glitters! You can always consider going for smaller touches, like mini disco ball escort cards for your wedding guests (trust us, we have seen them, and they look absolutely adorable!), or can even consider printing them on a graphic wedding invitation to give all your wedding guests a hint at how fun your glam wedding filled with disco details will be!

For all the brides who are looking for unique and extraordinary disco details for their glam wedding, we have got you covered! In this blog, we will be talking about some of our favorite ways to mix disco balls into your wedding decor! And, lastly, to bring in the 70’s era of Disco to your wedding day, you don’t need to bring in the bell-bottom fashion (although you can, the choice is all yours!).

A Classic Disco-Theme Wedding

If you and your sweetheart want an all-out dance party for your wedding day celebration, consider making disco your wedding theme! All that glam and glitter will surely elevate your wedding day experience and will leave a lasting impression on the hearts and minds of your wedding guests! We can promise you that a disco theme wedding will undoubtedly lend itself to a fun, high-energy wedding celebration! To be honest, to us, this sounds like a recipe for a night to remember for years to come! Not only you and your darling, in fact, but your wedding guests will also enjoy to the core getting transported back to the 70’s era of disco!

Print Disco Theme Wedding Invitations

So, now that you have planned to host a disco-themed wedding for your big day, how about sending out wedding invites to all your wedding guests with a bit of disco touch? Does it not sound cool and incredible at the same time? Well, you can have a wedding day invitation that has a kitschy, retro vibe highlighted in a modern and chic way! You can consider bringing disco balls into the design of your wedding day invitation cards without being overtly sparkly and glitter! Trust us, this is indeed a fun and exciting way to give a hint to your wedding vibe without being too literal!

Personalized Paper Good Giving Out Disco Vibes

It would definitely be a great idea for you to add disco ball embellishment to day-of paper goods like drink stripes, signage, and matchbox favors! This will not only elevate your wedding day decor game but will also make your wedding guests swoon over each and every detail of your wedding day! You are looking out for other creative ideas, you can search the Pinterest boards and Instagrams reels, as they are full of DIY wedding decor elements! You can also consider creating a custom disco ball icon with the addition of a smiley face!

Plan A Disco-Themed Photo Shoot

There is no denying the fact that your wedding photos will be one of the most important parts of your wedding day! For a couple, their wedding photos are nothing less than a treasure that they will love and cherish for the rest of their lives! Now that you have a disco-themed wedding on your mind, why not pose for some wedding day couple portraits that stray from the standard? Get creative with your wedding photos, like play around with a disco ball ( or just simply throw it around like a beachball) with your darling during your formal portrait session to loosen up and get some fun-filled candids! You can also have a game of catch with the disco ball with your bridesmaids being on one side and handsome groomsmen on the other! This will indeed give plenty of photography opportunities to our professional and talented wedding photographers to capture the fun and incredible wedding photos in the best of frames!

Frame Your Wedding Altar With Disco Balls Glitter

Well, disco balls seem to be more of an obvious choice of decoration element at a wedding reception, but trust us, they can be added into your wedding ceremony decor to bring in the alluring and spectacular disco vibe to your “I do” moment! It’s your wedding day and you are the creative director of your wedding day decoration! You can do wonders to your wedding altar and create magic with disco balls! You can use disco balls and scatter them around your wedding altar to highlight the touch of whimsy and peek at the party to come! This will not only elevate your wedding altar decor game but will also give new and unique ideas to all the soon-to-be brides!

Disco Ball Inspired Wedding Altar Decoration Ideas

A disco-themed wedding is incomplete without a classic disco ball front-and-center adoration! Well, now you can also do that! You can adorn your wedding ceremony altar with pampas grass  with a fun tinsel backdrop to set the overall scene for sure-to-be fun and memorable “I do” moments! This will undoubtedly bring in the hip and chic vibe to your overall wedding day setup!

Line The Aisle With Disco Balls

As we already mentioned above, disco balls are indeed great decor elements for wedding receptions, but why not do something unique and out-of-the-box by bringing them into your wedding ceremony decor? You can combine disco balls of various sizes and then combine them together as aisle markers to bring in the twist of decor to the simple and usual aisle decor! You can mix some of your favorite or seasonal blooms with these disco balls and create an exceptional experience for your walk down the aisle moment!

Make Special Disco-Themed Inspired Napkins

Before we go ahead and give your endless ideas and inspirations about how to incorporate disco balls at your wedding reception, let us take a moment to remember that a disco ball illo can be easily printed on basically anything, including a clever cocktail napkin for cocktail hour! You can get disco balls printed on the napkins and woo all your wedding guests during the cocktail hour!

Go for Two-in-One Escort Cards

Combine your escort cards with cute and adorable mini disco balls! Trust us, together they will make a perfect way to greet your wedding guests and guide them to their seats at your wedding reception dinner! Not only will they set the overall mood and ambiance of your wedding day celebration but they will also befittingly double as party favors! Escort cards and mini disco balls are indeed a perfect combination for your disco-themed wedding!

Elevate Your Tablescape Game With Small Disco Balls

If you believe that you are a fashionista bride and your motto is “go big or go home ” think of the idea of mixing disco balls into your tablescape at your wedding reception! Disco balls when placed on the table set will undoubtedly make a big and remarkable statement! Consider pairing the whole wedding reception tablescape with mirrored chargers, lots of pastels, and an explosion of flowers punctuated by scattered disco balls! Trust us, it will display that will leave all your wedding guests enchanted for the rest of the night!

Create A Photo Backdrop

Using disco balls as a photo backdrop is not only a great way to flaunt the disco vibes in all your wedding photographs but it is fun too! If you ask, one or two disco balls in the background do not make a great impact on a great installation of endless disco balls in the backdrop! Too many disco balls of different sizes in the backdrop will make a statement and a classic setting for all your wedding photos! You can go for other disco elements in your photo backdrop as well and we assure you that all your wedding guests will love posing for the camera all night with such an alluring and fantastic backdrop!

Think of Creating A Light Show to Woo Your Guests

There are endless ideas and ways when it comes to lighting your wedding reception space! But, when you are in full mood to go all disco balls, just don’t forget what disco balls are all about! All we want to say is that take the best advantage of their light-reflecting quality and make a show of the shimmery effect that gracefully comes from pairing disco balls with spotlights or the traditional fairy lights! This kind of light setting will not elevate your entire wedding venue but will also leave everyone in great amazement!

End The Special Night With A Pinata! 

There are endless ways to surprise your wedding guests, but nothing can ever be compared to the surprise and amazement your wedding guests will experience when you will end the most special and memorable night of your life with a pinata! A pinata during or after your wedding reception is indeed a fun and extremely unexpected surprise that will just keep the party vibes going. Talking about a pinata, nothing says party quite like a shimmery disco ball, so why not combine the two together and make a greater impact on your wedding guests? You can consider filling up the pinata with fun grown-up treats, like koozies and glowsticks, and, ok, maybe some candy because adults love candy too!

Summing everything up! If you love parties and enjoy glam, and you want all your wedding guests to enjoy party fun on your wedding day too, all you have to do is all disco balls to your celebration and voila, everything is what you have always wanted and desired!

The Personalised Gift of Luxury For Your Better Half!

Congratulations Gorgeous! You just got engaged and a ring on your finger and permanent butterflies in your tummy remind you of the same every few hours. You are still getting used to being called his fiancee as it suddenly dawned on you- the holidays are just around the corner! This means the first year of gift-giving to your fiance and you want to get things right. You want to shower that man with the very best, but are a little lost on which way to head. What do you get for someone who seems to have everything, pursues the finer tastes of life, and has an excellent style? If you need a little hand-holding in the labyrinth that fiance gift-giving is, say no more. Let us go through some of the premium gifting options that you can choose for your special person, as per their unique area of interest.


  • Smokeless Wood & Charcoal Burning FirePit: If your man appreciates a good barbeque but can do without the hassle, welcome to the Firepit. This firepit BioLite makes making a fire as easy as flicking a switch on. It comes with an app that enables easy control of the fan setting, the intensity and there is no dodging-the-smoke-plumes activity involved.
  • The Barista Express Espresso Machine: We all agree on how that morning cup of coffee is everything. Gift this amazing espresso machine and be the first thought in his mind every morning by ensuring his morning coffee is made just right. Be it for the coffee nerd, or someone who appreciates a morning pick-me-up before diving into a busy day, this is perfect.
  • The Iconics Collection: For the guy who takes cooking very seriously, a set of kitchen knives and essentials is very important. The Iconics collection features a minimalistic clean design and a luxurious feel to make any foodie heart happy. It comes with various wood colors and handles color options to suit most kitchen aesthetics.


  • Arccos Driver Tracking System: If he is a lover of golf and technology, this is the perfect gift for him. This gadget uses GPS and Bluetooth technology to carefully map out the bird’s eye view of the golf course while capturing his best drives. This means more competitive golfing with friends, more bragging rights. The app syncs well with any iPhone or Android device.
  • Oculus Go Standalone Virtual Reality Headset: This virtual reality headset will be the best thing ever if he is into watching football games or playing video games. This VR set requires no computers, phones, or wires and comes with built-in audio, so no additional headsets required.
  • Lifestyle 650 Home Entertainment System: Any tech lover will appreciate the jewel cube speakers and the 360-degree sound which will make any movie date a special event. It also comes with WiFi and Bluetooth-equipped glass-topped console which is sleek and classy to look at, making it a great addition to the home decor, even when not in use.


  • M-E (Typ 240) Mirrorless Digital Rangefinder Camera: This camera is nothing less than a work of art. A Leica is surely a camera that he will love to have for his entire life, and he can capture the memories of the time spent with his family for years to come. This camera is high-end and comes with a super-tough body, and will bring out the shutterbug in him and have the memories to tell the story for years.
  • Boudoir Book: Turn this Christmas into the best Christmas ever for him by putting together a tastefully done boudoir book for your partner. Gift him this and watch that smile spread over his face and light it up. This can add some playful spice to your life while letting him know that you were thinking fondly of him.
  • Genetic Testing Kit: What better than the holiday season than to feel closer to your family? is spectacular for tracing and helping you navigate the occasionally confusing family roots and does the most authentic and premier quality DNA testing out there. Not only does it provide a detailed genetic analysis, but it also recognizes any potential health risks and explains any personality quirks.


  • Cacoon Hanging Tent/Hammock: The sweet spot between a tent and a hammock is where this amazing product is tucked away. This elevated relaxation pod can take any camping trip from okay to indulgent in a second. Your man can now hang out in the woods and feel like a stylish hummingbird while at it.
  • Radiate Portable Campfire: This easily portable campfire is a genius creation that makes the exemplary outdoorsy gift. It is perfect for the outdoorsy man who loves to be outside and a good campfire but likes things to be hasslefree. This amazing product has three hours of burn-time and when he is done, he can pack it and carry it on his next adventure.
  • Shearling-Collar Leather Bomber: This leather bomber is the perfect companion for all the adventures out there for your out-and-about man to explore. It comes in buttery Berluti leather, shearling collar, and a luxurious silk lining and is beautifully indulgent. This gift is surely the one for keeps and will keep your man warm and comfy.


  • The Mirror: Welcome to the future! This smart mirror is definitely made for the world of flying cars and time travel. And it is especially perfect for your fitness-focused partner and will comfortably slip into his daily fitness regime. This mirror streams fitness classes on-demand and closely monitors one’s moves. It is not just a mirror, it is a virtual personal trainer.
  • Smart Yoga Mat: If your man has a penchant for yoga, this is the most unique and appropriate gift to give him this holiday. This is a yoga mat to put all yoga mats to shame. You can snap this mat into place and there will be no curling around the edges as you use it. When done, just click the snaps, and the mat rolls out on its own.
  • Dolce & Gabbana Electric Citrus Juicer: If your partner doesn’t ever pass on that morning glass of freshly squeezed orange juice and also has a deep appreciation for D&G, we’ve found just the perfect gift for him. Smeg’s retro kitchen appliances and D&G had a baby and this stunning juicer happened. We can’t think of a more classy way of doing morning OJ.


  • Harness Bedrock Leather Briefcase: This exquisite leather briefcase is that preppy accessory which will not only make him the most dapper commuter but will take care of his essentials in the most perfect way. This will certainly get him some impressed looks as he arrives and leaves from his workplace.
  • Formula 1 Chronograph 43mm Watch: While he is hustling around and getting things done, he will look debonair with this elegant watch slung on his wrist. Its classy design will suit most formal attires and the blue backdrop gives just a pop of color to him an exclusive primacy.
  • Apple Watch: This next-generation Apple Watch not only makes a sleek accessory, but it is also an incredibly nifty gadget to keep your man ahead of his schedule, meetings, and deliverables. It comes with a state-of-art design and an 18-hour battery life, while also being water-resistant. It makes a perfect comrade to take him seamlessly through his busy workday to his after-work plans.

Some men have a simple taste while there are others who like the tested best of things. For the latter type of men who come with a taste for the finer tastes of life, this list will surely hit home and be an assured success. Your lovely to-be-husband deserves nothing but the very premium quality of things. So get him a Christmas present which will bring that child-like spark of awe in his eyes. For more holiday inspiration, check out Lauren and Kyle at Ironstone Ranch, and discover more amazing ideas.

Highlight Film Vs Insta Film: Made Easier by byDesign Films

The wedding trends all over the world have been taken over by social media. Weddings are not just about the ‘whats’ but also about the ‘hows’ nowadays. Wedding photography is on the verge of becoming passe as videography is gradually taking over the wedding circuit and how!

Wedding videos are of various types depending on their timing and relevance. As social media has deepened its claws over literally everything, it is inevitable for weddings to be spared. Boomerangs are a rage ever since they were introduced to the world. People do not shy away from capturing every little detail of their routine be it sharing the coffee you are sipping with your bae or enjoying a luxurious vacation at the Bahamas!

How can weddings not take any advantage of the social media revolution? From ‘save-the-date’ being announced on Insta story to engagement videos being put up as Highlights, it’s just the beginning. Wedding videography via aerial coverage is the latest trend to hit the wedding circuit. Well, filming weddings have been a thing for decades, however, the ever-evolving technology has taken it a notch higher.

Various new forms of videos are gaining strong popularity these days. The latest to join the bandwagon is the Highlight films and Insta films. Both are videos of a specific duration aimed at providing a gist of a wedding. They are videos that carry snippets from a wedding in case you haven’t noticed or heard about these, we’ll enlighten you. There are a couple of differences between a Highlight film and an Insta film. Let’s take a look at them.


Timing is one of the biggest differences between a Highlight film and an Insta film. While Insta films are restricted to 60 seconds or less, Highlight films can last up to 3 minutes. The crispness and shortness of Insta films are enough to create a buzz about the wedding. However, Highlight films carry more details and therefore, are meant to be for a longer duration.


Given the nature and purpose of Insta films, they are required to carry minimal but gripping and most important information. Insta films include scenes that involve the family members of the bride and groom only. Other important people such as those behind bringing the couple together get space in an Insta film. On the other hand, Highlight films include a more elaborate glimpse of the wedding. They include scenes related to the venue, family, and relatives of the bride and groom and the story of their wedding.

Range of Popularity

Instagram scores all the way! Insta films have more reach than Highlight films as they can be shared easily and have a better chance to reach a widespread viewership. They can be easily be posted and viewed on Instagram, which is currently the most popular and widely used social media tool. Highlight films, on the other hand, can be shared via Vimeo and Youtube.

The word popular does not do justice to social media and its tools. And it is even better to know that a wedding can make perfect use of social media nowadays. You can increase the reach of your wedding by a strong margin by utilizing tools such as Insta films and Highlight films. Post it to your profile, share it with your friends and relatives or just cherish it for your lifetime, wedding videography is taking the wedding industry by a storm! For more wedding videography inspiration, check out the rest of our blog.

20 Amazing Grand Wedding Exit Ideas

Wedding exits are not the end of a celebration, instead, they are an entry into a new beginning. The beginning of a new life, hopes, more celebrations, and a lifetime of togetherness. Grand wedding exits mark the epic end of your singlehood and give a rocking start to your married life.

How about adding a unique spark to your exit? One that will be remembered for generations to come? That will be cherished by both of you for your entire life. There are various ways in which you can have the most swoon-worthy exit at your wedding. We have compiled a list of 20 unique grand exit ideas, so, read on and take your pick.

Sparkle On

This is one of the most popular ways to make an exit at a wedding. Apart from adding heaps of fun to the moment, it forms a great photo op for spectacular wedding photography. For the ‘grandest-of-grand’ exit, you could go for extra long sparklers as well.

Glow Sticks

If you are worried about your guests setting themselves on fire, then glow sticks are your next best bet. They not only add color to your exit but also make for gorgeous props for your exit photography.


Every girl’s dream – to be showered with confetti. Well, almost everyone’s. Imagine the happiness it would add to an already existing happy moment of your wedding exit! The confetti shower makes you feel like a princess in every way.

Colored Smoke Bombs

Add a gorgeous dash of color to the wedding photography of your exit with the colorful smoke bombs. It has been proclaimed as the hottest wedding photo trend by the Huffington Post.


Since your fairytale deserves an equally whimsical ending, bubbles can be considered a perfect choice. Bubbles are so much fun for everyone, adults and kids alike. Also, the dreaminess they add to the photographs is the next level.


Feel every bit of a king and queen with the shower of petals on you both as you make your exit. Our favorites are the rose petals, as they add glamor, whimsy, and fragrance to your exit.


As elegant as it sounds, feathers look amazing swaying in the air. They add heaps of beauty to the wedding photos and look equally stylish as a wedding exit prop. You could choose between huge long feathers to be given to each guest individually or small little feathers to be tossed up in the air.

Sequins or Glitter

Glam up your exit with sequin or glitter throwing and see the magic it does to your wedding photography. Considering glitter is more difficult to clean, sequins are the best option to add not just a touch but lots of glamor to your exit.

Candlelight Romance

Nothing spells romance any better than candles. Hand your guests lit candles to show a dreamy way to your life ahead and make the most romantic exit. A candle exit is the ultimate romantic high that a wedding reception can get.

Balloons in the Air

Make your daytime exit merry and full of joy with the release of balloons in the air. It’s like the happiest ending to the ceremony and merriest beginning to what lies ahead. We love the fun element brought in by colorful balloons.

Utopian Laterns

Feel the utopia as sky lanterns go up in the air while you and your spouse make an exit. Sky lanterns are a treat to the eyes as they travel miles away in the air, as far as all the eyes can see. A bonus, it is a great option if you have plenty of kids at a wedding as they are left awestruck and thrilled!

Let the Bells Echo

Cowbells are another unique option to make an exit with. You can hand your guests cowbells and make a musical exit as they ring the little bells. The bells can also be personalized and gifted as a keepsake, always reminding your guests of your musical exit.

Butterfly Release

With all the anxiety before your wedding, after you both get married, the butterflies in your tummy are needed to let go of! How about literally releasing actual butterflies in the air? Witness that fairytale feeling come alive as you release umpteen butterflies in the air. Feel the fragility, magic, and dreaminess, all at once.

Bring On the Snow

Without caring much about whether, tossing snow in the air is a beautiful thing, whenever done. We mean artificial snow, of course. It’s also so much fun (think photos!). Snow tossing is one of the most unique ideas to have a wedding exit.

Tossing Leaves

Perfect for a fall wedding, your guests tossing leaves as you both make an exit is sheer beauty. The leaves add a wonderful story-telling effect to your wedding photography.

Adventurous Exit

If you want to have a rare kind of exit, there are so many ways to do so. Think sailboat, rowboat, paddleboat, surfboat, sled, or a snowboard. Many brides and grooms opt for these options also especially if it has some significance to their love story.

Fairytale Carriage

How about being a princess and being carried away from your singlehood by your prince charming? Get the absolute princess feeling in a carriage while making your wedding exit with your spouse.


Sureshot to have that ‘Whoa!’ effect on everybody, fireworks are the king of a grand glamorous exit. Imagine your wedding photography featuring you both driving away as fireworks light up the sky all around. Impressive? Exactly what we mean!

Ski Lift

In case you are getting married in the mountains, head up for a ski lift to make that perfect showstopper kinda wedding exit! We bet, you won’t regret the decision once you see your wedding videography – like you are in a bubble you’d never want to pop.


This final one is the answer to every question aimed at the grandest exit of all times. Get on the helipad and make the most dramatic wedding exit in a helicopter, leaving everyone awestruck. Into the sky, enjoying the views, this exit will give you one of the most memorable moments of your life.

The exits are special and should be celebrated in a grand way as they form the final moments of your singlehood. As you move towards your happiest change of life, it deserves every grand kind of celebration.

5 Tips for a Cozy 2021 Winter Wedding

Tis the season of cozy cuddles, warm blankets and smokin’ hot cocoa. If you think your upcoming winter wedding is going be challenging, think of these things and relax. After all, such a romantic occasion calls for all things romantic like these. Love is all you need, they say and cuddles, blankets, and hot cocoa are indeed all things love!

However, apart from these things, there are a few others that you can embrace to have a perfect and romantic winter wedding. We have shortlisted the five most important factors that you need to keep in mind while planning your winter wedding. Read to know more.

Bundle up

Whether it’s you, your partner, or all your guests, ensure that everyone is dressed keeping in mind the weather conditions. You could remind them about it via the invite, hinting at the climate and its Dos and Donts. It is advisable to invest in a cozy pair of tights that you can wear underneath your dress, in case your legs aren’t exposed by it. Another great idea would be to opt for a wedding dress with long sleeves to keep away from the chill. Let’s remind you that at times, silhouette makes all the difference, and sleeves do not always matter. You can look as sexy as you want to look despite being fully clothed. Pick a silhouette that flaunts your body while keeping you warm from the inside.

Say hello to winter wedding accessories

You have heaps of winter accessories and you don’t repeat them often. But did you know, those winter accessories can help you get through that chill on your wedding evening? Yeah, that chic cape or that glam faux fur throw that you saw at Nordstrom will prove to be your perfect companion. You could also be a trendsetter wearing denim or leather jackets over your wedding dress. A fuzzy warm scarf would also do the trick, you could also opt for a glitzy one and take the glam quotient a notch up. For a winter wedding, do not hesitate to add dark and bold colors. They add an elegant touch to your wedding and the effects of it on your wedding photography are spectacular.

Take care of your guests

Given the chill, do not forget to ensure that your wedding venue is a comfortable cozy place for your guests to enjoy every moment of your wedding. Start with a coat check right as they enter. Inform them well about the coat check (maybe through the wedding invite) so that they do not hesitate to wear coats and land up sneezing at your wedding. Pick a nice hot drink for your guests on arrival, like a hot toddy bar, cocoa, soup, or hot chocolate. For outdoor weddings, you could add an ample stock of pashminas and blankets for your guests so they can beat the chill with ease. You could also keep heaters or fire features at convenient gaps. Candles are another great way to add mild heat, romance, and light to an outdoor wedding.

Pay attention to the timing

We all know that with winters come early dusks. Getting your wedding photography in natural light might be a challenge. Therefore, remember to get your wedding portraits done before the dusk strikes. Another challenge would be getting an outdoor shoot, however, with well-thought-of plans, that can be achieved perfectly. Dress keeping in mind the climate conditions, wear proper shoes in case you are planning to shoot in the snow and do it before the night falls. You don’t want to pose while freezing yourself away. The wedding videography should also be timed carefully.

Prepare for all things winter!

Winter brings with it chill, extreme chill at times, snow, blizzards, and what not! As romantic as it feels, winter can be really harsh at times. Keeping all that in mind, you should do all the needful preparations like the arrangement of parking in close proximity of the wedding venue only, well-heated smoking zones for those who want to go out for a smoke and other such things. Have back up plans regarding your photoshoot or videography in cases of blizzards. And do not forget about plan Bs for suppliers or contractors for specific purposes.

These are pretty much all the important stuff that you really need to care about while planning for your winter wedding. If you are cautious about these things then you are all set for a memorable wedding, which everyone would be able to enjoy and cherish. For more inspiration on weddings check out the rest of our blog.

6 Wedding Trends for 2020 You Can Look Forward To

The ball drops and another year rolls in. What a year, huh? We will soon be stepping into a brand new year, and also a whole new decade. As 2019 comes to a glorious end, 2020 comes at us with the whole new box of wonders. If you have set a date to tie the knot anytime next year, we are here to give you a fresh breeze of inspiration which holds promises to be big trends in the next year.

2020 seems to be the perfect balance of going inwards and keeping your conscience happy and going all out with opulence, drama, and a peppering of mystery. The duality promises to be thrilling and we can’t wait to see what these trend predictions play out. Let us take a close look at how 2020 will look like in terms of wedding trends.

The Right Cause

If there was ever a time to care for a cause, this is it, because the world sure has a lot of causes which could use some attention. And what better way to share the joy and steer the focus to some cause which is close to your heart than using party favors as your charity? Give back to the community by adding a charity to your wedding registry or thank your guests for celebrating with you by donating to a charity of your choice.

Opulent Photo Booths

Photo booths are great, and even more so when the photo booths are no less than the set of a period drama backdrop. The experience is elevated by several levels, and are more artful in a Kardashian-meets-Shakespeare way. The effect is deliciously opulent like all your guests are posing for a luxury magazine cover. Bring in the moody tones and metallics and take the cute high school photo booths to a whole another level. Bonus? Your guests will love and cherish the perfectly captured and edited portrait of them delivered right to their doorstep following the wedding!

Unveil the Drama

Veils are going to sport a strong presence, come 2020. They are either going to be supersized by triple-fold or be unmissably bold in its presence or not be there at all. There is no mid-way here. Think along the lines of the dramatic veil sported by Priyanka Chopra and Nicky Hilton- that’s the effect we will be going for in 2020. The veil is either going to be blown out of proportion (quite literally) or be non-existent in the coming year.

The Allure of Unknown

There is definitely a wave of spirituality and mystical in this troubled time, and it has certainly trickled down to weddings as well. People have an allure for the unknown and weddings are certainly a great place to explore the same. Not only is it a great way of entertaining and keeping your guests busy, but it is also an inclusive way of passing on that feel-good around, irrespective of faith, creed, deco, and vibe of the wedding. 2020 predicts tarot and palm readings, crystal healing, and aura paintings.

Cheese Galore

‘Let there be cake!’, they said. But next year will surely see something called the ‘cheese hour’, a more interesting and decadent version of the traditional sweet table. Mounts of cheese, crackers, nuts, relishes, and fruits, which you can’t possibly say no to! Think of a charcuterie board, lux it up and multiply it seven folds in proportions, and there you have it- a phenomenal cheese table!


Caring for the environment is the need of the hour and certainly cannot be stored in the box labeled as a trend. However, the sustainable wedding is certainly bringing the right kind of attention to the issue at hand. It encouraged one to get closer to nature and keep technology and artificial materials at bay. Sustainability is certainly a strong presence in the current year and is anticipated to be more so in the coming year. Sustainable weddings are extended from food to flowers, decor to waste management, and everything in between. This is certainly a nice ‘trend’ to exercise.

The ebb and tide of trends are dynamic and can shape the overall evolution of any industry at large- be it fashion, wedding, or decor. What is in trend certainly does not direct the way you should be planning your wedding, but it surely gives you a fresh wave of perspective on what you could be considering. 2020 comes with a whole bunch of amazing reasons for us to be excited for the year ahead when it comes to weddings. Are you excited? Because we sure are!