How To Connect With Your Clients Online

Published Jan 29, 2019


In order to connect with clients online, they first must be able to find you! In order to be discovered, you must have a strong presence where couples are looking – Google and Social Media. This means a mobile-friendly website, with stunning visuals and examples of your work, including search-engine optimization and utilizing Google Adwords. Your social media presence needs to be professional yet personal, featuring real-time updates and highlighting your partnerships within the industry.

Differentiate with distinctives

Now that couples are able to find you online, they’re going to start the comparison process. This is your time to shine amongst your competition. Set yourself apart by highlighting your unique niche or focus right off the bat with a compelling description that allows your couples to picture exactly what it will be like to have you by their side on their wedding day. Pair that with authentic reviews, transparent pricing, and comprehensive visuals that tell your story as a company. In the age of information, people want to know everything up front in order to make an educated decision, so the more they know about you, the better!


Once your couples decide to contact you, it’s essential to make it as easy as possible! Ensure that it’s simple for them to contact you from a mobile device since 42% of couples are planning via mobile/tablet. And considering that they are probably contacting multiple wedding pros at one, a quick response can be a make or break factor in booking. Couples love inviting yet succinct communication with vendors that gets straight to your unique product offering. As they move through the commitment process, keep your value proposition top of mind and be prepared to offer a call to action at each stage by keeping the lines of communication open.


Yay! The clients have booked YOU to contribute an essential element to their big day! Now is the time to deliver on every expectation you set up until this point. Prioritize the highest level of client service, maintain consistent communication, and provide quality assurance every step of the way. Once all is said and done, encourage online feedback so that you can perpetuate the cycle of providing an exceptional online experience for your couples.