Wedding Popcorn Bar Ideas

Planning to have a popcorn bar at your wedding? Here's all the inspiration you need for an impactful popcorn bar to make your wedding iconic!

Planning to have a popcorn bar at your wedding? Here's all the inspiration you need for an impactful popcorn bar to make your wedding iconic!


Over the years, weddings have definitely had their trendy and chic decorations, unique themes, mouth-watering food, and endless dancing! Everything from surprise-yet-rehearsed wedding party dances, to modern and rustic country wedding themes, we have seen it all over the last decade!

One such aspect of weddings that never comes to a halt is the food! With every year’s something new and unique is getting added to the wedding food! When it comes to food at weddings, these days, the latest trend is focusing on the wedding day dessert table! These days our millennial couples are more focused on showcasing and offering more than just the usual wedding cake! At present, the biggest wedding day dessert trend is popcorn bars! They are gaining popularity in no time as every other couple is considering having a popcorn barn at their wedding!

Popcorn is indeed a great and fantastic treat that nearly every person enjoys and it also makes the perfect display at any wedding, regardless of the wedding theme, color, or dietary restriction. The best thing about popcorn is that it can be colorful, flavorful and it makes great wedding favors. And a popcorn bar is nothing but a great choice for vegans! Everybody just loves popcorn, no matter whether it’s salty or sweet. We can assure you that your friends and all your wedding guests will be thankful to you for this tasty and light wedding snack! And dancing the night away can make your wedding guests hungry! So, why not fuel them up to dance again with some delicious and flavored popped popcorn! Your wedding guests will love having this as a late-night snack, and leftover bags of popcorn make for cute wedding favors!

So, before we go ahead and tell you about all the incredible and unique popcorn bar ideas for your wedding day, which will not only elevate your wedding day snacking game but will also leave your wedding guests enchanted and mesmerized, here are some of the general questions that every couple face while they plan for popcorn bar for their wedding day! The idea of creating a popcorn bar usually starts with endless questions popping into the minds of couples. In that case, you don’t need to stress away as we have got you and all the questions that might be coming into your head covered!

Here are some of the simple yet important questions whose answers will help you in creating a perfect popcorn bar for your big and special day! All these questions will not only elevate your wedding day decor game but will also give our professional wedding photographers and videographers endless possibilities to capture mind-blowing wedding decor photos in the best of frames! Our experienced and talented wedding photographers have keen eyes for the details, and when with them by your side on your wedding day, we can assure you that none of the wedding details will be spared in getting documented in the most creative frames!

How many gallons of popcorn will I need for _____ number of wedding guests for my wedding day?

Well, the factor of ordering the number of popcorns depends a little bit on how much food and the varieties you are putting down on your wedding menu! If you are planning a complete sit-down meal with lots of finger food, then you might consider ordering 1.5 to 2 cups of popcorn per wedding guest! But, if you are planning to have the popcorn bar as the star of your wedding celebration, then you must go with 2 to 3 cups of popcorn per guest! Just keep in mind that some of your wedding guests might not eat popcorn and the kids will have some extra. So, just plan in a way that you may want to have more than you think you need!

Just some maths here, that will help you with your question! On average, a 2-gallon bulk bag of popcorns will serve 32-1 cup servings. Whereas, a 4-gallon bulk popcorn bulk bag will have about 64-1 cup serving!

Just for an example, if you are planning on a grand celebration with about 128 to 200 of your wedding guests, as per the above-mentioned details, you will want to purchase a minimum of 8 gallons for each guest to have one-1 cup serving of popcorn!

What is the usual serving size?

Talking about the serving size, then you must plan that your wedding guests will eat an average of 1 to 2 cups of popped corn per person! But, if you want to be more precise and don’t wanna waste any food, then you can determine the amount of popcorn (by volume) the individual containers will hold in order to determine an individual serving size for your popcorn bar at your wedding!

To get a brief and generic idea, you can fill one of your containers for your wedding guests with popped popcorn, and then pour the popped popcorn into a measuring cup to actually determine the volume (preferably in cups) that the container will hold!

This simple and easy method will help you to get an approximate idea about the typical serving size of popped popcorn on your wedding day. And this way you won’t be wasting any food and your wedding guests will have enough popcorn to savor!

How long before my wedding should I order my popcorn?

You can always place an order for popcorn for your wedding day as early as you would like! When you will submit the order you will be asked to specify your preferred shipping date, and you can choose whatever you find the best! Most brides and wedding planners prefer to get the popcorn delivered about 3-4 days before the wedding to alleviate any kind of last-minute stress and chaos! Or you can always schedule a future shipping date for your popcorn to arrive!

If you don’t want to schedule a future shipping date then we will suggest you place an order a week and a half to two weeks before your wedding day so that the popcorns arrive on time and also stay as fresh as possible for your big and special day!

What kind of theme should I consider for my wedding day popcorn bar?

It’s your wedding day and we are sure that you have already planned every inch of your wedding day in your head! But, if you ask us, all we will say is whatever inspires you and your sweetheart! You can coordinate the decoration with your wedding day color palette. Or you can also draw inspiration from something in your life (like a romantic movie, perhaps?). If you still need some inspiration, we have some ideas for your wedding day popcorn bar-

  • A movie-theme
  • An Art-Deco Theme
  • Something rustic yet chic and elegant

What are the basic things that I may need to create a popcorn bar for my wedding day?

Well, you need a lot of stuff to create a fantastic and eye-catching popcorn bar for your wedding day celebration! All you will ever need are-

Popcorn (of course!)

Chic and unique containers to hold the popcorns. When it comes to choosing the holders for popcorn, the sky’s the limit! If you want everything to be extraordinary, then you will need to think outside of the box (or bowl), when trying to figure ways to hold your popcorn snacks! You can always try the tin buckets, large Mason jars, or even baskets!

Scoops for scooping out the popcorn.

Containers that your wedding guests will use to fill with the popped popcorns! Consider adding bring in favors bags or treat cones are the unique containers to fill in the popcorns!

Various kinds of toppings or seasonings. From delicious and mouth-watering chocolate bits and chunks of bacon to seasoning both classic (Kettle Corn, Caramel, Buttery Garlic) to the unusual and scrumptious (Pizza, Sriracha, Chilli Lime), you can allow your wedding guests to mix and match the flavors of their choice to please their own taste buds!

And lastly, the napkins!

So, now all the important questions related to Popcorn Bar are answered in the above section, let us enlighten you on some really incredible and fantastic popcorn bar ideas which are popping. These unique ideas will surely leave a lasting impression on the hearts, minds, and in the mouth of all your wedding guests, and will also offer ample photography and videography opportunities to our professional and experienced wedding photographers and videographers!

Pick a Theme for Your Popcorn Bar

The initial step that comes into play when you are planning to have a popcorn bar at your wedding is deciding upon a theme! Make sure you are choosing a theme that matches your wedding theme or the style of your wedding! Like a rustic popcorn bar setup if you are planning a rustic wedding, modern and chic for a contemporary wedding style, vintage, retro, colorful and fun, and so on! If you are planning an outdoor wedding or a spring wedding celebration, then make sure your popcorn bar should have all the beautiful colors of the spring wedding palette! The options are endless for you to choose from! The reason we are saying it matches your wedding theme or style is that it will make your wedding photos look stunning!

Here are some popcorn bar theme ideas for choose based on your wedding theme-

If a rustic and vintage theme wedding is on your mind, you can have your popcorn bar set up on a wooden trolly to bring in the rustic vibe and adorn it with kraft paper. You can keep the popped popcorn in a bucket, or paper bags, and place them alongside a large chalkboard sign mentioning “Popcorn Bar is Waiting!” this style of the rustic popcorn barn will undoubtedly leave your wedding guests enchanted and wanting for more! And of course, it will be a great photography opportunity to capture!

In case, it’s your spring wedding, and we all know that when it’s spring season it’s all about colors! Especially the poppy colors! If spring is your wedding theme, you can consider a fun and bright popcorn bar made of a wagon on wheels with colorful popcorn in glass bowls and in sacks!

Opt For Proper Decor For Your Popcorn Bar

Once you are through with the theme of the popcorn bar for your wedding day, the next step is to choose the base of your popcorn bar! Like, will it be a classic vintage dresser or the cabinets? Or will you go for a cart or trolley that screams retro at its best? Or you want things to be simple, elegant, and classy, so just want to go with a minimalist console table? Or maybe you will try something fun like a couple of ladders and a vintage door as a shelf between them? Whatever you prefer, we can assure you that it will offer a great setting for your popcorn bar! Once you decide upon the setting, it’s time to put all the popped popcorn into proper containers, like the clear glass jars or bowls for a modern and chic wedding! Elegant glass jars with beautiful lids will make a perfect container for a vintage-themed wedding! Choose it as per your choice and then add a table cloth or a runner and pair it with some blooms and greenery if you want! The choice is completely all yours! You never know, maybe a well-decorated popcorn bar becomes the centerpiece of your wedding day!


No bar or food station goes without a sign on a wedding day! So, you will need at least one large signage to point at the bar and some cute little smaller tags or signs to mark each type of popcorn you display on the popcorn bar! To make your signages more attractive and alluring, you can also consider hanging banners or can bring in some string lights to accentuate the station! Choose the style of signage that perfectly fits your wedding theme and style. If you ask us, chalkboards are the most popular signages these days! Well, you can also try something vintage, modern and chic, along with many other styles, looks, and frames depending on your wedding day theme!

So, whether you are planning a grand wedding celebration or an intimate celebration with your loved ones only, adding a popcorn bar to your wedding day will be a crowd-pleasing treat that will surely delight all your wedding guests as it offers enough of a tasty snack without being overly filling!

Why You Should Consider a B&B Wedding Venue

Looking for a wedding venue? Here's why you should consider a B&B wedding venue for your upcoming wedding!

Looking for a wedding venue? Here's why you should consider a B&B wedding venue for your upcoming wedding!


Does thinking about your wedding day give you a whole zoo instead of simple butterflies? It is needless to say that planning for your big wedding day is one of the most exciting yet daunting things you will ever do in your entire life. With so many details to take care of from planning a luxurious wedding photoshoot with all the must-have wedding photos to getting in touch with all the wedding vendors and preparing at least a million lists, it is not easy to be a bride! And where is that one place where everything – from all the shiny and glamorous wedding details to the little and thoughtful wedding ideas will come to life? Yes, it is your wedding venue. Your choice of wedding venue is the live stage for all your hopes and dreams that you have always secretly coveted for your big day. After picking up a wedding date, it is the second most important wedding decision that will require certain homework. Thankfully there are thousands of wedding venue options for brides across the country or even beyond it to choose from and get married at. But what is it about intimate wedding venues that set them apart from all of its contenders?

Think about an intimate space that feels like home with a quaint little garden and charming on-site guest rooms where you will be tying the knot with the love of your life while your most dear ones are going to cheer you on! Talking about some of the dreamiest wedding venues across the country we cannot leave out without mentioning the beauty of B&B wedding sites. Choose an intimate and gorgeous bed and breakfast wedding venue instead of a traditional venue, as they have become one of the most loved post-pandemic wedding trends. Here a couple can tie the knot in an utmost private setting without losing out on basic amenities and luxurious wedding ideas. We have seen how B&B wedding venues have made their mark in almost every dream wedding destination across the world. Bed and breakfast are popular in almost every country and hence we are sure that you are going to find your fit that will not only meet your wedding needs but goes beyond imagination to surprise you in a beautiful way. From finding a private and romantic wedding bed and breakfast by Lake Como in Italy to scoring some of the best in class B&B wedding packages that can redefine “luxe,” let us find out why couples are considering B&B weddings, and maybe you should too.

Reasons to go for a B&B wedding venue for your big day celebration:

All-in-one wedding venue 

On your wedding day, it can be incredibly stressful to get everyone from the ceremony venue to the reception venue. When you have decided to rent a bed and breakfast for wedding celebrations, you can rest assured that every wedding event can be held on-site without having to travel. From accommodating your rehearsal dinner in a big dining room to hosting your whimsical summer garden wedding ceremony and having your first dance under the starlit skies, B&Bs have it all to host the wedding of your dreams. Different aspects of your wedding can be hosted in one location. For instance, you can exchange your wedding vows in the courtyard against the trickling fountain and head inside for your wedding reception, and have all your guests in the private dining room area. Hence it is easier for you and your guests to attend all of the different wedding events in the same wedding venue. Some bed and breakfasts also have indoor areas that can be used if the weather doesn’t cooperate on your wedding day.

Everybody gets to stay together

When you are hosting a bed and breakfast wedding reception, all your nearest and dearest ones get to stay together under the same roof and have an old-fashioned family time with everyone laughing at uncle John’s timeless childhood jokes! Your guests can use some of the rooms to rest in between wedding events or even stay in for the night especially your out-of-town wedding guests. When your guests check into the on-site rooms of the bed and breakfast, they can touch up their makeup and even opt to change in between the wedding events. Bed and breakfast weddings mean that all your guests can conveniently and comfortably enjoy the wedding weekend under the same roof. It also means that the B&B is a great place for them to stay before and after your wedding festivities. It can also serve as a little vacation getaway from their daily lives and might turn out to be the kind of vacation they needed for a long time. What can be a more wholesome idea than to bring all the people you love together under the same roof on your wedding weekend? It can also allow you and your spouse to spend more time with the closest family members and friends before and after the wedding.

More intimate wedding atmosphere

What does a small wedding bed and breakfast seem like for hosting your big day? For couples who are fond of privacy and intimacy, this one’s for you as a beautiful B&B wedding might change the way you used to look at traditional weddings. While large and luxurious weddings have their own charm and beauty, intimate weddings are preferable for some couples who want a more private experience with a small wedding guest list. Just like not everyone wants a large wedding, a quaint and private bed and breakfast reception can be a great option for intimate wedding events. With more cozy spaces and extra rooms, you can be sure to spend quality time with your fiance and your closest family and friends. Hence hosting a small B&B wedding means that you are going to spend private time with people who matter the most, and not with people who you will probably see or meet only on the day of your wedding. Also for couples who are looking to keep a short guest list, having your wedding at a bed and breakfast is a pretty great excuse. However, there are many bed and breakfast wedding packages that enable you to accommodate a large wedding guest list, which means that you do not have to make a hard choice and it’s a win from all sides!

On-site staff and wedding vendors of B&B can be very helpful

When you are hosting a B&B wedding, you can be assured that many top-class wedding vendors will be available at your disposal. From catering services to wedding florists, there are many award-winning B&B wedding venues around the world that are also home to on-site world-class wedding vendors. There is a high chance that catering will be already included in your B&B wedding packages as an added perk. It is worth finding out if the venue is equipped to serve meals, finger foods, and drinks. If they are not, they may be able to suggest reliable local caterers to meet your needs. Many B&B owners are connected to local wedding vendors and have connections that can also prove to be convenient. One can be confident in their vendor recommendations as the chances are these wedding B&Bs have already hosted several weddings with these vendors. This can not only save you enough time to find a good wedding vendor, but it is especially important if you are getting married in a region that you are not familiar with. For instance, in the case of a destination B&B wedding in a faraway land, you would want to enjoy the entire wedding experience and not feel overwhelmed by the small details that will show up throughout the day.

Picturesque and beautiful 

If you have always wanted Pinterest-worthy wedding photos, hosting a bed and breakfast wedding can be a great start to this wedding dream. From quaint English garden settings and the sprawling lawns to wrap-around porches and lakeside rooftops, B&Bs have built-in unique and gorgeous backdrops for wedding photos. One of the biggest flexes is B&Bs are generally located near sweet or famous towns and cities that can offer unique shots in front of bustling nightlife, landmark buildings, whimsical skylines, and main street views as your wedding photography backdrop! There are many historical wedding venues around the world that have been turned into bed and breakfast inns for enhancing your entire wedding ceremony experience with a breathtaking backdrop.

Enriched history and heritage

Choosing a B&B location with a rich history can make a location have sentimental meaning and excite many individuals who are attending the ceremony. These historic B&B wedding venues can offer a beauty that is hard to capture elsewhere. Starting from the architectural style to the unparalleled décor, these are elements that are hard to grasp in modern wedding venues. These kinds of historic bed and breakfast wedding venues will often boast this beauty that you desire in a marriage location on both the inside and the outside of the building. Hence you will have to do very minimal wedding décor in the already beautiful area for your wedding ceremony and reception.

A special experience 

Choosing a bed and breakfast wedding means that you will get more than just a beautiful location. Most B&B wedding venues specialize in making your wedding perfect by providing a more intimate and detailed experience. The helpful staff of these wedding B&Bs is trained to make you feel at home with their cozy and warm hospitality. You can also make your B&B into a mini honeymoon or a romantic getaway with your new spouse once the event is over. From added perks like a couple’s massage or a candlelight dinner to indulging in some special experiences like going on a nearby adventure tour or organizing for a post-wedding photography session in some of the famous landmarks nearby, the options are endless. Having a small wedding at a bed and breakfast location will also mean that you can finally go for the most exotic honeymoon that you have always wanted for yourself. There are also many famous and well-known B&B wedding locations around the world that organize special tours and exclusive getaways for couples who just got married.

Bed and breakfasts are a perfect and unique venue to hold a wedding and reception. However, it’s worth taking a tour of your favorite Airbnb wedding venues before settling for your final choice. Previously known for being brilliant staycation ideas, these private spaces are turning into bed and breakfast wedding locations. However, it is also important to find out what sort of atmosphere and wedding theme you are looking for before going on the hunt for the best non-traditional wedding venues. Bed and breakfast wedding ideas are all about delightful and picturesque details along with elegance and relaxed settings as a backdrop. The charm of hosting weddings at bed and breakfast can give you a pocket full of memories in the form of beautiful wedding portraits as well as an experience that you can tuck away in the most lovely chest of treasure filled with emotional wedding memories. So when you are looking for a “bed and breakfast wedding near me,” paint a picture of truly gorgeous portrait backdrops, including well-manicured gardens, fountains, and more.

Choosing a venue can be one of the hardest decisions you make when planning your big day. Whether you are looking to go for glamping as a minimoon idea with the love of your life by your side or looking to host your wedding at a bed and breakfast inn in the whimsical countryside of your state, there are many options and packages to browse through before settling on your perfect fit. There are many bed and breakfast wedding packages that also enable you to have a big wedding guest list (how convenient is that?) so that you do not miss out on any important family member or friend.

Luxe Ways to Incorporate Chocolate into Your Wedding Day

Sweeten your wedding even more by incorporating chocolate into your wedding day, in the most luxurious ways! Click to explore!

Sweeten your wedding even more by incorporating chocolate into your wedding day, in the most luxurious ways! Click to explore!


“All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt.” That’s what Charles M. Schulz said, and we sure live by that!


Chocolate sure makes our lives better and there is no denying it. A square of chocolate after an emotionally turbulent day, a box of chocolate on your anniversary, that chocolate dessert after a romantic dinner, there is nothing in our pantry that can hold a torch against any of those things! In many ways, chocolates are more than a food item, a dessert, something sweet to turn a day around. It is, in fact, a feeling, an emotion, a tug in the heart, a smile on the face! Of course, when the most romantic day of your life rolls in, you will want to include the most romantic food item in history to be a part of your special day! If the first thought which rushes in when it comes to cake flavors or desserts is “Chocolate”, there is no denying that there is a special place in your heart for it, and chocolate does deserve a place on your wedding day.


While the most obvious way of using chocolate on your special day is to use it in your cake, which we think is always the perfect choice and a crowd-pleaser, there are many other ways to use chocolate on your wedding day too! The good thing is that chocolate is very diverse, yet uniquely rich and decadent, and fits quite comfortably into a special day! Here are some of the creative ways chocolate can make the happiest day of your life a little better, and also lend your guest some serotonin boost, leaving them feeling warm and fuzzy and happy!


Personalized chocolate blocks

Always in love with the classic chocolate bar and the simple romance in it? Claim it and make it yours on your wedding day! Nothing is so endearingly classic than a block of chocolate personalized with you and your spouse’s names or initials on it! You can have the chocolate bar engraved or have fancy paper sleeves to incorporate the personalization! There are so many ways that you can personalize your chocolates whether you want to do it by the block, or have them in personalized squares, the effect will be enduring for sure.


Chocolate fountain

If you are the type of couple who likes to make grand gestures and will never fall back from going big, the chocolate fountain is exactly what you are looking for! Grand elegant and classic, chocolate fountains will steal all the attention on your sweet table, and rightfully so. This is by no means a discreet chocolate dessert but has all the bells and whistles attached to it! Put out the selection of assorted snacks which will go well when dipped in chocolate, like tiny squares of fruits, and savory snack options and have the skewers handy so that your guests can help themselves to chocolate-dipped-anything.


Chocolate cake

A chocolate cake is divine, decadent, yet such a comfort food too, and it is only natural that it finds its way to the sweet table of a true chocolate lover. If you want the classic look you can coat the chocolate cake with vanilla cream or fondant and it will always be a nice surprise when you cut a slice off the white cake to find the rich chocolate goodness inside. The great thing about chocolate cake is that there are so many different ways you can go with that, whether you want to pair it with a layer of vanilla cake, or you want to add berries of your choice, there are inexhaustible options to choose from. For a fall wedding, a dark and moody chocolate cake adorned with fall accents will be the perfect fit; while for a rustic wedding, chocolate naked cake brushed with buttercream coating will be just amazing. From chocolate truffle cake to artistic marble chocolate cake to a simple white cake with the chocolate drip, there is a lot for you to choose from!



If you want to incorporate chocolate into your summer wedding, what better way to do it than with smores? Whether you choose to have a s’mores station in your dessert table, or you provide individual small kits for your wedding guests to take home, there is nothing that says “cozy campfire” quite like the melting chocolate and marshmallows squished between two crackers. Not only is this nostalgic and will bring out the child in every wedding guest, but it will also be a memorable touch to your wedding day, something that they will not forget.


Chocolate-covered strawberries

What is more romantic than chocolate-covered strawberries on your wedding day? This is a classic choice of dessert and will work perfectly well with an elegant classy wedding theme which leaves a bit towards the traditional side. You can have a variety of options for your berries which need to be dipped, as well as your choice of chocolate, allowing your guests to choose what they want. This is not only luxurious, but it is also ridiculously easy to put together. and it goes without saying that there is something about chocolate-dipped strawberries which are incredibly decadent, like a special treat!


Chocolate factory venue

If you and your partner are truly huge fans of chocolate and want to make it a part of your wedding day narrative, you can consider posting your wedding reception in one of those cute and quaint chocolate factory venues. Having a story to your wedding venue is always a nice touch, and the factory interiors will lend your wedding a cozy yet industrial look, however, it is the definite Charlie and the Chocolate Factory vibes of the venue which will help to make your wedding memorable and lend it that whimsical vibe!


Hot chocolate bar

Dreaming of a cozy winter wedding? You know what will go perfectly with that winter draft, the snowy outdoors, and the crackling fireplace as you say “I do” in your cozy winter wedding venue? A cup of hot chocolate! There is nothing that can put a price on the happiness that a cup of hot chocolate can deliver. Not only is it sweet and warm and cozy, but it is also extremely delicious and can put any other dessert on the sweet table to shame. There are so many different ways you can serve your hot chocolate for your cozy fall or winter wedding, whether you choose to sprinkle it with mini marshmallows or top it up with whipped cream and sprinkles or keep it simple with a stick of cinnamon. If there is one thing that you can count on, it is the smile that the cup of hot chocolate will bring to every guest’s face.


Brownie sundaes

If a chocolate cake is too intense for your liking, go for a chocolate brownie sundae instead! A good fudgy brownie is something that nothing can compete against. And is known for being a crowd-pleaser for anyone between 8 to 18 years of age. You can pair the chocolate brownie with some delicious homemade ice cream and top it up with the toppings of your choice for some unforgettable brownie sundaes. This is simple enough to be a part of your weekend dessert but still feels special enough to be a part of the wedding dessert. And everybody knows that the warm brownie and ice cream is a winning combination which will go down the history books as the best dessert combination ever.


Chocolate favors

Wedding favors are a huge part of the event and it is a fun way to sneak in your wedding theme or your creative ideas. So when it comes to a wedding featuring chocolate details, of course, wedding favors containing chocolate are inevitable. While we already talked about how much we will love the simple block of chocolate, there are so many other ways that you can go about it as well! We are talking cute chocolate truffles with edible portraits of the couple getting married, chocolate in gemstone shapes, and cute molds, all of which will be well received by the guests! Give special attention to the packaging as half the fun is in unwrapping chocolate!


Choco cookies

Is there anyone on this planet who hates a good double chocolate cookie? Thought not! It is an immense crowd-pleaser and easy addition of chocolate to your wedding, and it is also fairly portable which means you can make it the perfect edible wedding favor! You can have it displayed on the sweet table as a part of the cookies and milk duo, for alone, or you can also have them packaged in personalized cookie tins for your guests to take home. And we promise, as simple as it sounds there is nothing quite like a choco-chip cookie! Another fun way is to have a cookie-in-a-jar premix wedding favor which means you put all the ingredients for the cookies in a jar and have the recipe written in a cute card to play around the jar. All the recipient has to do is to mix the ingredients with milk or water and make themselves some delicious cookies!


Choco cake pops

If you want to go the classic route for your wedding cake but still want to incorporate chocolate in your sweet table, chocolate cake pops are probably all that you were looking for! Cake pops are an easy way to add different flavors to your sweet table as well as adding different design elements to it. It is a perfect window of opportunity for some cute cake pops which look and taste just as amazing. Also, this way you won’t have to give up your chocolate cake dreams, without actually having a chocolate cake as your main wedding cake. Now that’s so win-win if we have ever seen one! The good thing about chocolate cake pops is that you can coat it with icing which will fit any theme or style that you have envisioned, without giving in the secret which is inside! The chocolate cake pop also happens to be a favorite among the kids in any wedding reception.


Chocolate lettering

Have your heart set on an elegant and luxe wedding with sparkling chandeliers, grand ballrooms, and classy reception table settings? We know just the thing which will add the luxe chocolate details and take your table setting game off the charts. Have your guest’s dinner plates marked with chocolate calligraphy lettering! It is such a simple step, yet it makes all the difference. It will add instant elegance to your reception table setting, but is achievable without much effort! You can either add your initials to the plate or write the guest’s name or initials on it, and we promise the guests will appreciate that minuscule detail!


Chocolate eggs

For a spring wedding around Easter or a wedding with rustic elements, chocolate eggs can be a cool idea! You can have the chocolate eggs filled with caramel, peanut butter, or even more chocolate(why not!), and we promise they will be instant hits! Elevate the presentation by stacking the eggs in bird nest presentations, and it will add a quaint and whimsical feel to your wedding day! Also, something tells us these will be well received by the kids at your wedding reception!


Personalized M&Ms

Bring in the favorite candy of everyone to your wedding day, and we promise it won’t disappoint. Chocolate M&Ms are going to be an instant hit at parties, birthday weddings, or a bridal shower! For your wedding reception, you can make them extra special by adding personalization by having your initials on them. You can have them displayed in a large glass canister on the welcome table as a part of the decor and something that guests can help themselves with, or you can have them wrapped up in individual packages for the guest to take home as a wedding favor.


There is no one who will say no to a block of good quality chocolate, and having the same in your wedding is almost like a cheat code to ensure that your guests feel indulged and happy. Whether it is chocolates in your wedding favor or your sweet table, any chocolate details at your wedding will be right at home and will serve the purpose of cheering people up at ease. Whether it is light and aromatic in summer, or rich and indulgent in a chilly winter wedding, you can’t go wrong with the king of all flavors-the chocolate!

Unique Details for the Music-Lover

Looking for music-themed wedding detail inspo? From invites to favors, check out these amazing ideas to lend a musical touch to your wedding!

Looking for music-themed wedding detail inspo? From invites to favors, check out these amazing ideas to lend a musical touch to your wedding!

Music can change the world because it can change people!” Music holds the power to transform our mood just in the blink of an eye! Music can make you happy and can also make you relax after a tiring day at work! Listening to some soulful music allows people to get lost in their own world of imagination and thoughts! Some people are so passionate, or we say addicted to music, that they just cannot live without it! There is something so different and unique about music that it directly connects with the souls! If you are a music lover you will truly understand that you will be able to run with music, dance with music, hum with music, and lastly express your love to the love of your life with some great romantic music! As a music lover, you can benefit a lot from music! If you know how to play any kind of musical instrument, trust us, we’re sure you love music even more! So, if you are a bride who has a great inclination towards music and believes in the saying “life is a song and love is the music” then this blog is especially for you!

Music, romance, and weddings have always gone hand in hand! We think that it came from the rom-com movies or series of all the time! You know, when Alison met John at the bar and the most romantic song played in the background and voilà the magic happened! That was the very exact moment when they fell in love at first sight and then lived happily ever after! See, we told you that the music had the power to make two people fall deeply and madly in love with each other and end up being together for the rest of their lives! If you also share the love for music with your better half, all you have to do is just hit the right note with a music-themed wedding for your big and special day! As a team of professional wedding photographers and videographers, we think that it is such a unique theme to play off on your wedding day, sure to bring out emotions! And trust us there are endless ways to incorporate some of your favorite musical touches into your wedding day to woo all your wedding guests without any hitch!

No matter whether you are a rock and roll bride? Or an old soul music lover? Or a hardcore country music fan? We hear you and your deep love for music! And that is why we have curated this special blog for all those couples who are looking out for unique details to incorporate music into their wedding day in the best way possible! Snagging a great musical band is not the only way to infiltrate your wedding day with some amazing music! There are endless great and unique ways to weave in your favorite song, lyrics, artist, or genre into the fabric of your wedding day! We are pretty much sure that there is a song for every date and occasion! From the most romantic and beautiful lyrics in your wedding song to an old and all-time favorite from your first date, we know that there are some memorable songs out there in your list that may just pull on your heartstrings! It’s not only us, but our creative wedding photographers and videographers also love the idea of adding musical notes as a part of a wedding decor through various crafty displays and endless DIY ideas! The details look gorgeous in photos! Music-lovers, this is absolutely a great idea to bring in all your favorite lyrics and songs to your wedding day and make your wedding celebration an out-of-the-ordinary experience for everyone! After all, many of the most unforgettable and iconic wedding moments are set to music! From processional songs that well up your parents’ eyes during your walk down the aisle moment to the peppy reception tunes that keep all your wedding guests dancing and tapping their feet all night long, music is indeed the sole core of a wedding celebration! There are endless ways and ideas to plan a music-themed wedding! Your choice of music can be visually showcased through so many different wedding elements including the wedding invitations, centerpieces for your table settings, seating charts, wedding vows, and much more, while still playing into overarching rustic, modern, classic wedding celebration styles! It’s your wedding day and everything is possible if you want! From guest books to reception table arrangements, to wedding cakes, we can assure you that we will help you with some of the most incredible and great ideas to rock the wedding day with your favorite music and lyrics! No matter where you are planning to host your musical wedding, we can assure you that your wedding day will be remembered and cherished for decades to come by your wedding guests with all the music notes and fun you are planning to add to your wedding day!

So, let’s get lost in the world of music and check out some really cool and unique details for the music lovers who just want their wedding day to be a melodious song that everyone can hum for the rest of their lives!

Hand-Written Lyrics

We know that there are favorite lyrics that always make a person tear up, or actually evoke love and their feeling in the best possible way! So, if you also have a favorite lyric in your mind that invokes the true meaning of your relationship, all you have to do is put them where all your wedding guests can witness it the moment they enter your wedding venue! Like, it should be the first thing that must catch your attendee’s attention within a blink of an eye! You can consider adding some DIY signs like writing the lyrics of your all-time favorite song on a huge piece of paper and get it glass-framed and hang it on the wall that witnesses the maximum amount of attention! This will definitely be a special feature of your wedding day as it will gracefully tie your musical theme wedding while telling the romantic love story of your and your sweetheart’s! If you want, you can fit this kind of song-lyrics frame anywhere! From your table card display to your dessert bar, they are indeed very flexible to incorporate into your wedding decor!

Album-Style Wedding Invitations

Thinking of unique ideas and ways to blow away your guests with some seriously stunning music wedding details even before they set foot at your wedding venue, try something out-of-the-box! Here is an idea, try sending out your “save the date” cards in the form of vintage vinyl record invites! You can keep the actual authentic label on one side of the record, while using the other side of the record to put all your wedding day information! Trust us, this kind of music-inspired wedding invitation will be a truly customized and delightful experience for all your wedding guests!

The Wedding Gift

We are definitely smitten and head over heels in love with the idea of you gifting the beautiful lyrics of your wedding song to your darling! You can create a DIY wedding gift for your sweetheart by using the sheet music of a wedding song. You can use it as a decor piece to hang proudly in your new home as a sweet and romantic reminder of one of the most amazing and incredible days in your relationship! If by any chance you think that this kind of gift is more for you than your partner, then no worries, give it to yourself as a wedding day gift and feel every word of the lyrics! Ideally, we think that it makes a beautifully romantic gift on the day of your wedding! Well, it is true that it is technically not a way to bring the music to your wedding day, but trust us, we could not resist the suggestion! But you can do one thing if you want to introduce it to your wedding day, you can gift it to your spouse before the wedding day, and by that way, you will be able to display the frame and make it a part of your wedding day decor.

Musical-Style Guest Book

How about the idea of walking away from your wedding day with a beautiful guest book that you can actually put on the display in your newlywed love nest? Great idea, right! You can ask your wedding guests to use a thumbprint and sign the oversized piece of sheet music that you especially got designed to match with your music-theme music so that you can later frame and display it in the form of instant art!

A Duet Wedding Cake

Ask your baker to design a note-filled wedding cake that must blend gracefully and harmoniously with your music-inspired wedding! When it comes to music-themed cake toppers, there are endless options available in the market for you to choose from! So, if you and your honey are singers, guitarists, drummers, or any other kind of combination, trust us, you can completely rock a rock-star wedding cake topper! These kinds of creative wedding cake ideas will look incredible in your wedding photos and videos!

Song Request Response Cards

Looking out for some really unique and creative ideas for your wedding day response cards? Well, here they are! You can put a creative spin on them and create some DIY response cards so that your wedding guests can put the list of the songs of their choice that will make them get up and groove! Think of the moment, when your wedding guests will be waiting for their favorite song to get played and the moment it’s played, we can assure you that they will be on the dance floor!

Sweet Musical-Shaped Treats

Adding some music-themed cookies and biscuits to your wedding day dessert table is definitely a great way to show your love for music and allow all your wedding guests to witness it! If you need some ideas or inspiration, Pinterest boards and Instagram are full of it! You can also try asking your bakery to make some cute little ukulele-shaped biscuits for your wedding day sweet treats! They will not only be delicious but also will perfectly match up with your music-themed wedding and will guarantee to make your wedding guests smile when the dessert rolls around!

Musical-Themed Wedding Table Numbers

Well, above, we have mentioned a few different variations of including sheet music into your wedding day decor! You can also use them to create table numbers to guide your wedding guests! Using sheet music to create table numbers is definitely a big yes. It is super-duper easy to create, budget-friendly, and will bring the rustic vibe to the overall setting of your wedding day decor!

Music for Meal

Well, it is absolutely true that none of your wedding guests are going to notice if you don’t have napkins rings at your reception dinner place setting (except the nosy ones, hahaha!), but we can assure you that your wedding guests will be totally tickled and blown away to see the thoughtfully done musical note napkin rings! It is indeed one of the great and creative ways to introduce music to your wedding day decor! You can use the kraft paper as it will give the napkin rings a rustic feel. If you are planning a summer or winter wedding in a barn, it will be a perfect fit to elevate your tablescape setting and will bring in the real essence of a barn wedding!

Decorative Antiques

Have you thought of filling a gramophone with fresh wedding flowers from your florist? Well, if not, then you must try this unique idea, and we can assure you that you and all your wedding guests will be in love with this incredible idea! If you and your darling are die-hard fans of the history of music, a classic and vintage gramophone is undoubtedly the best way to nod to music’s past in your wedding celebration! Plus, there are hardly a very few people who don’t love a great antique find! Right? So, go with this idea for your wedding day and leave your wedding guests in great amazement!

Soulful Unique Chimes

How about fancy and DIY lace tambourines? Swoon-worthy and pretty, right? If you are a super crafty and creative bride, you can consider these easy and extremely distinct and beautiful wedding favors for your wedding guests. Trust us, these kinds of items will be a perfect addition to your musical-themed wedding! Just put them on guests’ chairs along with your program and watch out for their reactions! In lieu of clapping, they can actually chime in with these at the conclusion of your wedding ceremony. Or they can use them as a signal whenever they all want you to kiss (how cute and impressive!).

Paper Hearts as Confetti

And finally, for a memorable and dramatic exit, how about heart-shaped confetti made of sheet music? Different and amazing idea, right? Heart-shaped confetti made with sheet music is indeed a great alternative for sparklers! Apart from offering great photo opportunities, it is really a very extraordinary and poetic way for you and your sweetheart to make a memorable wedding exit and start your happily ever after! After all, your wedding guests will be actually tossing lyrics of love all your way!

No matter what your wedding style or genre is, a music-themed wedding is and will always be a guaranteed hit amongst your wedding guests and will surely set a new trend for all the soon-to-be-married couples in your circle! Music always ignites a kind of passionate energy and will do the same throughout your wedding day that will strongly resonate with your wedding guests’ mood in every possible way! Choose some of the great and unique ideas mentioned above to find an ideal fit for your music-themed wedding! Trust us, they are guaranteed to go platinum!

Our 5 Favorite Current Bridesmaid Gifts

Here are our 5 top favorite bridesmaids gift ideas % on your wedding to let them know how much you mean to them!

Your partner has proposed and it has begun. You are engaged and currently scrambling to get everything in order for your big day. It can be a nervous yet exciting time for you. There is so much to do and the time always seems so little time. Of course, it can get hectic but with planning ahead and by taking one task at a time, you can easily cruise through this exciting phase of your wedding. The key is to research as much as you can. The more you are prepared, the easier would be your wedding day. There are a lot of aspects to a wedding that have to be taken care of – band, wedding cake, the wedding favors, bachelor or bachelorette party, booking the venue, professional wedding photographers, videographer, and other vendors, etc. We understand that you might have your hands full and thus, you may forget certain things. One thing that many brides forget is to get gifts for their bridesmaids. Sometimes, we easily end up taking granted people to whom we are closest and who work so hard for us. They will be your shoulder to lean on throughout your journey during the preparation phase. Thus, getting them some amazing gifts is the least you can do. And everyone appreciates a nice gift with a little thought behind it.

We know that you’re probably already struggling to get everything together and make your wedding day as perfect as it can be. From nailing down the right wedding invite to getting your dream venue booked, things might get hectic. Thus, we’ve come up with this article to help you pick out the perfect gift for your bridesmaids. You can get inspired by our suggestions, or you can follow the tips and pick out a really memorable gift for your loving bridesmaids. Without further ado, let’s dig in.

All about bridesmaids

As you all know already, there is a clear difference between bridesmaids and the maid of honor. There can only be one maid of honor, while there is no limit to the number of bridesmaids you can have. Moreover, a maid of honor is like a head bridesmaid who delegates work to all the other bridesmaids and coordinates with them. We’ll get to what they do in a bit but first be informed that you should also pick out a gift for your maid of honor along with the bridesmaids.

Bridesmaids along with the maid of honor will help you out at every step leading up to your wedding day. They will help you with the invitations and booking the venue, band, food caterer, etc. The most important ritual that you can have with your maid of honor and bridesmaids in wedding dress shopping. When looking for the perfect wedding gown, you will need second, third, and even fourth opinions. A whole day dedicated to wedding day shopping along with your closest friends can really be a memorable time for you. Even on the wedding day, your bridesmaids and maid of honor will help you with anything that comes up. They will also interact and take care of the guests. All in all, bridesmaids and even groomsmen for that matter end up becoming the backbone of a wedding day. It’s not humanly possible for an individual to successfully take care of all things and prepare for a wedding all by themselves. For a wedding that is planned and executed successfully, you will need all hands on deck. Apart from all the work, bridesmaids and your maid of honor will be a kind of emotional and psychological support for you. The days leading up to the wedding and even the wedding day can be quite stressful. You will need your loved ones by your side to keep your spirit up and prevent you from losing your cool. Your bridesmaids and maid of honor can do just that. Now that you’ve understood the value that bridesmaids hold, it is obvious why you should be picking out some gifts for them.

Why should you get a gift for them?

It must be obvious by now how important bridesmaids are for a bride. Thus, rewarding them with memorable gifts at the end of your wedding ceremony only makes sense. It will not only strengthen your bond with your bridesmaids but also let them know that their hard work did not go unnoticed and unappreciated. Apart from it acting as a way to let them know how important they are, gift-giving is also a sort of ritual that many people expect at the end of a wedding. So, you should definitely not skip it as your bridesmaids might be expecting it. After all, people love to be appreciated and validated. It’s not about the gift but the thought behind it and the context of it.

Our 5 favorite current bridesmaid gifts

If you’re unsure what to pick for your bridesmaids, you do not have to worry. Here is a list of our 5 favorite current bridesmaid gifts that your bridesmaids will love. There are some unique gifts for your bridesmaids on this list, take a look!

Personalized jewelry:

A personalized necklace or a unique matching bracelet might be just the right gift for your bridesmaids. You can pick out an aesthetic necklace that is trendy and hip. You can get it personalized by getting something written on it in the script. That’s where your creativity comes in. Try to make the handwritten message as personal and memorable as you can. Go back to the day you met your bridesmaid, to your best moments with them. Think about something you had said to them or what they had said to you. Try to come up with a message or a phrase that is close to your relationship and means something to both of you. After all, it’s the thought behind the gift that counts. There are personalized actual handwriting necklaces that replicate your handwriting. Thus, they can truly be a memorable pick as a gift to your bridesmaids. Your aim should be to make sure that this gift is remembered by your bridesmaids for the rest of their lives.

The engraved flask/glass:

When it comes to royalty, can you imagine something more royal, and regal, yet so wild at the same time than an engraved golden flask, or a personalized tumbler or glassware. It’s a gift that resonates on two different ends of the spectrums. It will look aesthetic and regal, like something that a princess might have. If your bridesmaid is fond of her drinks, then it’s a win-win! They will definitely love such an amazing flask or a delicately engraved champagne glass and will think of you, and your wedding day every time they drink from it. They can even use it as a piece of decoration or memorabilia. It can become something that sits on the shelf with a really cool backstory. You can use your creative juices when it comes to the message that is engraved. You can engrave their name or sentence that means something to both of you. Or you can poke some fun at them and go the comedic way. “My bridesmaid is a raging alcoholic” and “Don’t look at me, I’m just drinking milk” are some suggestions from which you can take inspiration. In the end, it’s up to you. However, all you need to do is make sure that whatever message you engrave on the drinkware is iconic or memorable in some way.

Comfy hip robes:

When it comes to gifts, clothing is overlooked, and in our opinion, the right pieces of clothing are quite underrated as gifts. If there’s one thing that everyone loves, it’s good attire. There are some really comfortable and trendy robes out there that you can give to your bridesmaids. Robes are something that gives off a luxurious vibe, and they’re often overlooked when it comes to bridesmaid gifts. Most people do not realize how comfortable they are and how badly the receiver might need them. Thus, not many end up buying robes. Do your bridesmaids a favor and buy them some cool and comfortable robes, so they can relax in comfort and style. Apart from that, if you decide to give out the gifts before your wedding day, they can wear them to your bachelorette party, depending upon the type of party it is. Not only is it a cute gift that will end up becoming memorable for both of you, but it is also a practical one. It’s something that your bridesmaids can use every day. And believe us, with the comfort that a good robe can provide, they’ll thank you for it every time they wear it.

Custom book collection:

If you’re in academia or love books, chances are that your bridesmaids and maid of honor are fond of books too. After all, like attracts like. A quick Google search will tell you that books are the most popular gifts out there. They can also be a very boring gift given to the wrong person who doesn’t realize the importance of reading and the beauty of fiction. So, what can you do to make a gift that contains books special? The answer is to make it customized. As your bridesmaids are often your closest friends, you will probably know a lot about their likes and dislikes. Thus, you can pick out the books that they love and the ones they are looking forward to reading. You can make a custom book set with them and gift it to your bridesmaids. Brownie points if you manage to get any book signed by the author.

The wild combination:

This is where things get unique and wild. Who says that you have to stick to just one item when picking out a gift? You can always make a deadly gift combo containing memorable, practical, and cool gifts. Pick out a cosmetic set and combine it with a book set. Get them a Yoga mat along with Yoga pants. The combinations are endless. You can pair the most unexpected items this way. They will not expect it and be legitimately surprised. How about a jewelry box and a silk sleep mask? This is another gift idea that requires your creativity and imagination. Go wild and surprise your bridesmaids with the best gift combination ever.

Tips to help you pick out a good gift for your bridesmaids

Of course, you don’t have to give your bridesmaids the exact things that are mentioned on the list above. You can take inspiration from them, and add your own twist. It’s also perfectly fine if you want to gift your bridesmaids something else entirely. In this section, we’ll provide you with some general tips that you need to keep in mind while picking out a gift for your bridesmaids.

Keep the budget the same:

You wouldn’t want to start any heat, so try to keep the cost of all gifts the same. You wouldn’t want to gift one bridesmaid a piece of expensive jewelry, while you gift another a simple mug. The disparity between the prices should be minimum as it can hurt the feelings of some of your bridesmaids. Of course, you can choose a relatively more special gift for your maid of honor, but don’t overdo it.

Make it personal:

Try to make the gift as personal as it can be. It’s the thought that matters, not the actual materialistic product. Gifts become special because of the person gifting them to you and the context around the gift. Without the love you put into it, it’s just another gift that doesn’t mean anything. So, try and make your gift mean something.

Take their tastes into consideration: As a bride’s bridesmaids are usually her close friends, she is probably aware of their tastes. Therefore, it is important that you as a bride take their tastes into consideration. You wouldn’t want to give a bridesmaid of yours a book if she is not into reading at all. Such gifts lose all meaning even if they’re customized or personal.

With all the information above, you will definitely end up picking the most amazing gift for your bridesmaids. Stick to the budget, make it personalized, and make it unique. We’re sure that your bridesmaids and maid of honor will appreciate the thought.

Wedding Etiquette That’s Outdated

bokeh photograph of a beautifully decorated table top with empty wine glasses

bokeh photograph of a beautifully decorated table top with empty wine glasses

For decades, there has been an endless list of ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts’ given out to couples for their wedding day. It is believed that following all this etiquette will result in a perfect and flawless wedding that people will not stop talking about! Though everything is changing and that too at a fast pace. From backyard weddings to elopements to virtual weddings, we think we have seen enough changes in wedding trends in all these years (especially the last year, all thanks to COVID-19). With everything changing and getting more personalized, the wedding etiquettes also change with every season that passes.

We know that there is no denying the fact that wedding etiquettes are important. Wedding etiquettes not only ensure your wedding guests remain on their best course, but it also creates a general understanding of what a bride and groom should wear, or what you should gift to your guests as wedding favors, and many more things. While some wedding etiquette rules of the past still remain, many of them have changed over the years!

As everything is getting modernized, weddings are too! One of the best things about weddings these days is that all of the old-fashioned wedding reception traditions and wedding etiquette rules are flexible and can be changed as per the comfort and choice of the couple getting hitched! Because we believe that there is no right way to get married! If you and your partner want to skip the fancy, three-tier wedding cake in lieu of an add-your-own toppings cupcake bar, you can surely go for it without any hesitation! It’s your wedding day and everything about it can be easily personalized to anything you hold near and dear, rather than what you may have heard ‘must’ be done on your wedding day! Whether it’s an extravagant wedding cake or a pair of amazing heels for you or an eclectic wedding party, you can easily set yourself and your partner and all your wedding guests break free from all these traditional wedding etiquettes. This blog will surely help you to carve your own path to ‘I do’, we have mentioned some outdated wedding etiquette tips that you can skip, replace, or upgrade to your personalized wedding day vision! So, all the modern-day brides out there, add a bit of modern touch to your wedding day and have an out-of-the-box wedding day that your wedding guests will not stop gushing about!

Colorful wedding dresses are so in Trend

Gone are the days when a bride has to keep her options limited to a white wedding dress. With everything changing around, our modern-day romantic brides are opting for colorful wedding dresses and ditching traditional white wedding dresses. Well, we completely support this decision of a bride, as it’s her special day, and she has the complete power to wear whatever color she wants!

Couples don’t have to wait to see each other until the wedding ceremony

If you are a traditional couple, then we are pretty much sure that you both are not going to see your darling before the wedding ceremony. But if you are a couple who wants to enjoy cocktail hour with your loving guests, and tradition is not really your cup of tea, then breaking this rule is perfect for you! With couples encouraged to see each other before the wedding ceremony is all decked out, the first look wedding photography sessions are becoming insanely popular. These days more and more couples are opting to have their first look moment before they head for their wedding ceremony. The charm of the first look is something that can never be expressed in words. A first look is a very private moment between the couple and their wedding photograph. This opportunity not only offers wedding photographers endless opportunities to capture stunning wedding photos but it is the moment for the couple to see each other before the ceremony and lessens the anxiety. It is indeed a very emotional moment for the couples and for their family members too! Well, the first look also allows you and your partner to pose with your closest family members and friends, as long as you don’t mind them seeing you before you walk down the aisle. Just think it like this way, the more pictures you will take before the ceremony with your family members and friends, the more time you both will have to enjoy your wedding reception and cocktail hour!

You can walk down the aisle ‘Alone with full Grace’

Well, a walk down the aisle with your handsome and dearest daddy by your side is something so emotional and whimsical to witness. It is a dream of every bride that her father escorts his beautiful daughter down the aisle towards the love of her life to start the new journey! But our modern-day brides are switching up this tradition. Some brides choose to have both their mother and father walk her down the aisle together while others want to take this trip alone while making a remarkable statement amongst all the wedding guests! Our modern brides are very much confident and independent, and thus prefer to walk down to their fiance all by themselves. Besides, many aisles are narrow and adorned with flowers and all, so if a bride is wearing a ballgown, she might be the only person who fits down the aisle in a flawless and perfect way!

Parents don’t have to bear the wedding expenses anymore

Back in the day, the responsibility of funding the entire wedding was primarily of the bride’s parents. As centuries backs, brides weren’t expected to work, and hence the cost of the wedding was taken care of by her parents. But, today we are seeing couples are not working in this favor anymore. These days the family members and the friends of the couple prefer sponsoring certain elements of the wedding, and the couples usually pay for their wedding expenses from their own pockets without making it a burden on their families!

The bridesmaids can wear any color on the Wedding Day

Gone are the days when lovely and beautiful bridesmaids were expected to wear white or we say matching dresses to that with the bride. Years back black attire was traditionally reserved for funerals, but as it is an evolving world, these days bridesmaids are opting for black dresses. The truth is that back is often a flattering and universal color that definitely looks good on almost every body type and complexion. Our modern-day brides are being carefree and supportive when their bridesmaids are selecting a black-colored bridesmaids dress.

Just a pro tip here, if the theme of the wedding is ‘Black Tie’, then by all means a stunning and sexy festive black dress will make your bridal party look mesmerizing. But if in case the wedding is planned during an early afternoon, then we believe going for a lighter shade for bridesmaids’ dresses will make the setting more cheerful and celebratory!

Wearing a Wedding Gown with a wedding veil is an option now!

With so many new and amazing wedding themes, and ideas the bride is also making changes in her wedding dress. With a barn, backyard, and destination wedding so much in demand, wedding ceremonies are becoming more light, casual, and personalized! Just like wedding ceremonies and ideas, styles have also evolved to keep up with the growing and latest trends. Nowadays, our glamorous brides are opting for wedding dresses with a shorter hemline, so that they can have the best time of their lives without being much concerned about their wedding dress. On the contrary, they are also ditching the train and veil for pretty floral crowns or some decorative piece of hair jewelry, creating a fresh take to the old-age tradition!

Bouquet and Garter Toss

We all know that these two traditions were kinda mandatory in the past, but now it is strictly optional for the couple to do it. If you actually don’t wanna do any of these, you can simply opt not to. Many modern brides are not comfortable with the idea of their groom lifting up their skirt to grab the garter, just only to toss it over his head to his guys. So, brides, these days are choosing to forego wearing garter altogether.

And about the wedding bouquet toss, these days couples choose to simply hand over the bridal bouquet off to the couple in the room who has been married the longest or who are planning on getting hitched next!

Your Wedding Ceremony does not have to be in a house of Worship

Initially, the wedding ceremonies were usually used to be reserved for the church setting as it was believed to have a significant and appropriate religious component. But with the change in everything and especially in wedding trends, couples these days see themselves getting hitched in a variety of settings that actually mean something special and unique to them. From outdoor vineyards to rustic barns, couples are choosing various different settings for their wedding ceremonies.

No specific order to have a perfect wedding reception

Well, of course, there are certain things that need to be organized in order to have a perfect and flawless wedding reception. Such as, parents’ dances, cake cutting ceremonies, and other traditions, but on the other hand, there is no set order in which you need to have them. It’s your wedding day and you can have anything in whichever sequence you want without any second thought. If you are not a person who always keeps up with the tradition, then you can simply ditch it all. If you want to enjoy the dance with your group for the night then you can simply have that. If you and your partner want everything to be spread out, that’s fine, too! It’s your day and your wedding, so schedule whatever you want, in whatever order you want.

Designated Table Up Front

Typically, there is a sweetheart table set up at a wedding reception where the newlyweds are expected to sit with their wedding party during the wedding reception. However, these days couples are wanting to choose to sit at a larger table with all their family and close friends. Well, most of the couples during their wedding reception spend their evening ‘on the move’ greeting and thanking all their wedding guests for their support and participation!

You can always ditch the Rice Toss Exit with something fancier

Going as per the history and tradition (especially Romans and Greeks), exiting the reception while tossing the rice brings happiness and prosperity and all the positive energy to the newly wedded couple. Since then, rice and grain have been the confetti of choice for the ceremony departure. But, as things are changing, couples are somewhere leaving the old traditions behind while adding some new and fancy ways to the wedding. These days, for a memorable wedding exit, couples can have their wedding guests blow bubbles, or toss confetti, ring bells, or wave sparklers, for a fun and memorable memory of everyone being involved!

Your wedding day should be on Weekend

Well everyone loves a weekend wedding but this wedding etiquette rule is now becoming less and less true! In fact, our celebrities are heading their way for Monday weddings to be acceptable, but yet there are chances that your wedding guests may not be fans of this, but a wedding on Saturday night is not a rule anymore. Because these days everything depends on the availability of the wedding venue and the wedding season. So, if everything works in the favor of the couple and the wedding day comes out to be on Tuesday afternoon, couples will not deny it, they will happily accept it! There are chances that a weekday wedding will affect your wedding guests list. Here is a pro tip for all the couples who are planning to get married soon, if you are planning a small and intimate wedding and your wedding venue offers you non-traditional wedding dates, there is nothing wrong with taking one of them!

Decorating the Car

Whether on the big screen or in real life, we have seen endless times that when the newly wedded couple gets into a car the car is adorned with big letters saying ‘just married’. And as they drive off into the sunset, balloons, streamers, and aluminum cans drag on the road behind them. Well, if you don’t want something common like this and want to try something different and unique, always feel free to scrap it. You can try to call an Uber or always rent a horse-drawn carriage to have a fairytale-like experience or you can always call a vintage Rolls Royce (for a grand and memorable experience), allowing someone else to take the reins so that you and your darling can sit back in the back seat and enjoy the ride while having some romantic time alone!


Traditionally the newlywed couple used to go for a 10-day honeymoon. But our modern-day couples are choosing to pass on the extravagant long trip as these days it’s kind of overwhelming. Instead of a long honeymoon, couples are choosing to take two or more small trips while managing their official work too! Just a pro tip here, try to plan your trips around the weekends and holidays so that you can make the most of your time off with each other!

As we already mentioned above, there is no specific right way to have a wedding ceremony or a wedding reception. The world is ever-changing and ever-evolving and so are these wedding etiquette rules. So, stick to the old traditions, if you want to add some twist to your wedding day you are always welcome and encouraged to do it! It’s your day and it should resonate with you, your personality, and your unique and romantic love story! Happy wedding!