Our Favorite Luxe Lighting Ideas For Your Wedding

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Indeed, we are all about the wedding detailswedding cakes, flowers, monogrammed wedding invites, luxurious wedding venues, and everything in between. But we have to admit this understated fact: Lighting is the single most important wedding decor element at any wedding. It is not only an important wedding day detail for decor purposes but it also affects the wedding day photography sessions.

At first, whenever it comes to wedding day lighting ideas, the focus is more on function than fun. Just hear us out: the bulbs and candles you select (whether they are simple votives or over-the-top chandeliers) are they willing to ultimately light your dream wedding venue, will the light setting that you have chosen will make your wedding photographs just right, and lastly, will the ambiance keep the party going, even after the sun has said goodbye to everyone? So, before you jump over any kind of lighting plan for your wedding day lighting decor, take a moment to think about your priorities and choose a lighting idea that is not only amazing, and unique but also luxurious and leaves everyone on your guest list jaw-dropped!

A perfect and, of course, luxurious lighting idea will not only increase the overall vibe of the ambiance but will also elevate the whole mood of your celebration, and not to forget your wedding guests! So, just for you, we have curated a list of some amazing and our favorite luxe lighting ideas for your memorable and extravagant wedding. Check them out!


Chandeliers are indeed very classic and elegant, especially when they are used for decorations to light up a wedding. They have always been a luxurious and old favorite for a wedding venue, but they graciously offer wonderful effects. Having chandelier decoration on your wedding day will take all your wedding guests back to a variety of historical periods, or bring a modern and luxurious feel to everything. The 1920s feel offered by chandeliers is always whimsical as they give endless photography and videography to professional wedding photographers and videographers. Nothing can beat the mesmerizing and magical glamor quite like offered by chandleries to the wedding venue. And to have the luxe lighting setting created by chandeliers, you don’t have to always go for those grand, and opulent crystal types of chandeliers to look fabulous and luxurious. If you want you can consider having small vintage-inspired chandeliers beautifully wrapped in fairy lights to bring in the cozy, romantic, and luxurious effect to the overall setting of your wedding day celebration. The ambiance illuminated by chandeliers offers great professional photography opportunities and also incredible wedding videography opportunities.

Fairy Light Curtains

It is very simple and also very beautiful to create a whimsical look of lovely and magical fairy lights draped everywhere to create luxe lighting ideas for your romantic wedding day celebration. This lovely and luxurious look doubles up at covering any not-so-fancy parts of your wedding venue or anywhere you don’t want your wedding guests to go. Fairy Light curtains also work as great photography and wedding videography backdrops. Brides can consider having this kind of light setup in their bridal suite to have incredible and whimsical bridal portraits captured by our experienced wedding photographers and videographers. The draperies and fairy lights when combined indeed offer a magical touch to the overall setting making the whole ambiance extremely romantic and inviting.

Lighting Decor With Aromatic Candles

Do you know that when it comes to luxe wedding lighting decor ideas, candles can do thousands of things that are nothing but just whimsical and magical? If you are planning to have a romantic and classic vintage-themed wedding, candles will surely set the tone for your classic and mesmerizing vintage-themed wedding. In fact, with unique and creative candle decor ideas, you can take it to the complete another end of the scale and have the sleekest, chic, and most modern wedding day candle decor inspirations that will leave all your wedding guests in great amazement. Various wedding candle vendors out in the market can easily tailor your candles to your exact colors and scents to resonate with your wedding theme and lend a perfectly and beautifully lit ambiance for your wedding guests to savor the night and also to your professional wedding videographers to capture the soft and romantic glow in the best of frames.

Lovely Lanterns For Romantic Vibe

Well, there is absolutely no denying the fact that lanterns indeed are wonderfully versatile and hold the potential to create a world of different effects, giving the best of luxurious vibes to any kind of wedding celebration. From rustic-themed weddings to contemporary weddings, we can assure you that lanterns are always a perfect choice of lighting decor. These days, as our millennial generation is always looking out for unique, creative, and luxurious wedding ideas, lanterns indeed offer some really incredible luxe wedding lighting decor ideas. You can even consider booking those wedding venues that feature lovely lanterns in the ceiling so that for your wedding day decor, you won’t have to worry much about the lighting decor, as your wedding venue will already have taken care of it in advance. Those kinds of wedding venues with lantern ceilings are pure magic and bliss to host your extravagant wedding celebration. This kind of incredibly lit ambiance will offer incredible professional photography options to talented wedding photographers and also to wedding videographers to create a stunning wedding portfolio.

Custom Neon Sign

With every new trend coming, staying, and fading away with time, especially in the world of weddings, there is one trend that is always making a huge comeback every now and then sure does not seem to be losing traction anytime soon, and that is the neon sign trends (wedding lighting decor ideas). This eye-catching and luxe wedding decor idea is indeed great if you are looking to really personalize your wedding venue in no time. You can use the neon sign to showcase your last name or even your name initials, or some cheeky phrase on display behind your head table for an instant and unique photo backdrop. These kinds of chic and quirky lighting settings are a great trend these days. As they offer something very unique and creative to capture.

Tented Light Strands

Well, these days the weather seems too pleasant in most of the states, so, if you are thinking of hosting a tented wedding reception and looking for luxe and unique lighting ideas, then we have something for you that you will surely love and it is something really chic for our professional wedding photographers and videographers to capture. To bring in the ultimate and stunning wow factor, just accent a clear-top wedding tent with dozens of draped LED string lights. Trust us, this kind of wedding day lighting decor will surely make you and all your wedding guests feel like you are celebrating under a gleaming and shining sky full of lovely stars! If you want you can be a little more experimental with this kind of wedding day lighting setting. This incredible wedding lighting idea will also look fantastic and extremely gorgeous with a standard marquee tent or sailcloth tent. An outdoor wedding reception with such kind of wedding decor and wedding lighting will surely leave all your wedding guests swooning over the luxe lighting decor and our wedding photographers and videographers delightful!

Edison Bulbs Are New Wedding Lighting Decor Addition These Days

Of course, Edison light bulbs are sleek and also a great classic and sophisticated hanging light option if you and your partner are head over heels in love with the chic and contemporary lighting decor ideas. Whether you are planning an indoor wedding reception celebration or even consider the great and panoramic outdoors for your memorable and grand wedding reception celebration, you can use Edison bulbs for your wedding day lighting decor. Consider suspending them vertically from your wedding venue ceiling on long and fancy cables to create an industrial-inspired backdrop on your wedding day. Not only an industrial-inspired ambiance, but Edison bulbs will also be able to create a rustic and vintage-themed ambiance when adorned beautifully to elevate the setting of the event space.

Pillar Candle Ceremony Altar Lighting Decor 

Apart from adoring your wedding venue or reception location with luxe lighting ideas, you can also consider making your wedding ceremony seem a little extra-intimate just by encircling your lovely and elegant wedding altar with clusters of pillar candles and of course lush greenery accents. Well, there is absolutely no denying that lush greenery and candles always make a marvelous and luxurious combination when combined together, especially for wedding day decor. We can assure you that even here also, the candles will give the space a warm and magical white glow that will make all your wedding guests feel welcome and homey. And this sparkling white glow will also offer endless photography and videography opportunities to our professional and experienced wedding photographers and videographers.

Fireworks are Indeed Something Very Extravagant

To have this kind of extravagant lighting decor at your wedding, the first thing you need to do is have a venue that allows this. Well, there are certain venues that offer some kind of unique and marvelous lighting effects that will leave you and all your wedding guests breathless. In fact, you can also consider hiring some specialists if you want to plan a romantic and incredible surprise for your darling and make your wedding day a memorable celebration, then fireworks will surely add extra drama and character to your wedding day lighting decor idea.

Glowing Furniture Is a New Lightning Decor Inspiration

So, now you have planned your extravagant and grand wedding celebration and everything is in order, so why not surprise all your wedding guests simply just by waiting until the sun has set to turn on the super cool lighting furniture that you have brought to your wedding day decor. These days the modern shape of the furniture combined with LED lights is surely a delight for your wedding guests.

Glowing Trees Are A New Addition To Wedding Day Lighting Decor Ideas

If you are planning to have an outdoor wedding celebration, where your reception area is surrounded by lavish green trees, there you can consider some different and unique lighting decor ideas to lift up the entire outdoor setting and create a lighting fairyland. You can make a truly astonishing but subtle light canopy simply throughout the branches and make a fantastic lightning setup that will not only leave all your wedding guests bewitched but also make our wedding photographers and videographers extremely happy. By strategically and creatively placing the bulbs behind the leaves, you will be able to achieve a softer, green-tinged glow from them, rather than those bright and sharp lights. The soft glow of lights will surely add a dramatic tone to all your professional portraits captured by our team of professional wedding photographers and videographers.

Uplighting Lights Are So In Trend

Have you heard of the lighting term “uplighting”? Well, if not, then trust us, it is another cool, amazing, and luxurious lighting idea that you can consider for your upcoming grand wedding lighting decor. “Uplighting” is a lighting effect created just by placing a few light fixtures on the floor or on the ground and directing them at the ceiling of the venue in order to create a particular ambiance or a setting. In order to get a stunning watercolor look to elevate your wedding day lighting setting, then you can consider bringing in group bunches of blue, purple, and pink lights together, so when they overlap and blend, and offer some really out-of-the-ordinary and modern lighting setting.

So, concluding everything, all we want to say is that you are only limited by your imagination and how many wedding photos you are willing to add to your perfect lighting vision board on Pinterest or on Instagram. With most of the above-mentioned luxe wedding day lighting ideas, we can assure you that your wedding day decor will surely be a treat to witness and also to capture in mesmerizing frames!

Unforgettable Spring Desserts Perfect for your Wedding

From the season’s choicest berries to the tropical flavors, here are some spring desserts ideas for your wedding!

From the season’s choicest berries to the tropical flavors, here are some spring desserts ideas for your wedding!


Spring, is the season of change, blossoming, and new growth. With the fragrance of the new flowers in the garden, you will surely find the tell-tale aroma of another wonder of nature- love! Spring weddings are a crowd favorite and there are no surprises as to why! One look out of your window into the garden will give you all the answers. However, like every wedding, a spring wedding comes with a long list of agendas!

Planning a wedding, spring or not, can be quite an undertaking! The beauty of the season offers tons of options, and that doesn’t help your dilemma! You want your wedding day to be perfect. To stitch your dream wedding together, it’s best to prepare months in advance. After all, there are so many colors to choose from, so many themes and decor ideas to take a call on, trends to keep up with and so many flowers to take your pick from! Understandably, a person would want to ensure that they pick the best options so that they end up creating amazing memories with their significant other on the big day. You surely wouldn’t want to make things go disarray then. Thus, it’s better and even recommended to start preparing well in advance. After all, there are a lot of tasks that you have to take care of. One of the most important aspects of any wedding is the wedding menu that you will be using in it.

Food is something that can make or break a wedding. That’s because most of the guests look forward to the buffet after the ceremony. Therefore, it’s recommended that you pick the dishes carefully. While the options available to you might be overwhelming and abundant, it is important to get choosy and consider the taste of every dish. Many people as well as wedding planners don’t pay attention to the desserts, except for the wedding cake. The wedding cake tends to overshadow all the other desserts on the menu. If you end up picking desserts that stand out and surpass the wedding cake, your guests will end up remembering your wedding for a long time.

Before we get into spring desserts for weddings, let us take you through what a spring wedding is. Moreover, it’s important for you to know the perks of a spring wedding and why a lot of people prefer it over summer and winter weddings.

Perks of a Spring Wedding

Right after the winter blues comes the happy season of spring. And it’s the perfect time to have a wedding or any social event for that matter. It’s considered one of the most romantic seasons out of all. Moreover, the weather is neither too cold nor too hot. One major reason why many people like to have their weddings in spring is that it’s considered the most romantic season of all with the perfect weather and abundant flowers! There are a lot of beautiful blooms during this season, and they can be used to decorate your wedding to the fullest. With a variety of flowers, you can pump up the aesthetics to the roof. And you’ll probably end up getting a lot of beautiful bouquets as gifts too.

Early spring is also the perfect season for some truly memorable outdoor weddings as the outdoor venues will be blooming with the season’s freshest blooms, setting the stage for the most amazing day of your life. Whether you are going in for a tropical spring wedding or an English tea-party-inspired affair, you will be spoilt for choices, without having to fight for the spot as you will have to do for summer weddings or autumn weddings!

On top of everything, your guests will probably be in a better mood throughout your wedding. This is due to the pleasant weather and the fact that winter must’ve just gotten over. Most of us spend our winters tucked in our blankets and spending time at home. It is only during the spring that people who live in extremely cold areas start to go outside. Thus, they are in higher spirits than usual. That’s why you’re more likely to have a lively wedding during early spring. Another perk of a spring wedding is that your guests will be able to enjoy their food a bit better. As the weather won’t be too extreme on either side, they’ll be able to eat in a relaxed atmosphere. Moreover, they can try cold dishes as well as hot ones as the weather will be quite moderate. And you’ll be able to increase the range of items in the buffet. That brings us to the spring desserts that you might want to include in your wedding buffet. These desserts can make your wedding unforgettable and they’ll be perfect to have after a scrumptious dinner.

Unforgettable Spring Desserts to Consider!

Spring desserts are special and there is a ton of liberty that one can take in terms of flavors. From the season’s choicest berries to the tropical flavors, from light-as-air textures to tart bites, the options are endless! Here is a list of some spring desserts that can make your wedding stand out pretty well.

Blooming Embroidered Cupcakes

Cupcakes can be the cutest and tastiest desserts if done right. What’s even better are those embroidered cupcakes that not only serve as tasty desserts but also as an aesthetic component for your wedding. Ask your venue manager if they can arrange some embroidered cupcakes. If they can’t, it’s a good idea to get them pre-ordered from a decent bakery. The process of making embroidered cupcakes is not that complicated to be fair. All you need to do is ice them with a spatula and then use the tip of something to make flowery designs. If done right, they’ll look so pretty that your guests will stare at them for a solid 10 minutes before eating them.

Designer Fondant Egg Cookies

If you’re not into culinary, then perhaps you won’t know what fondant is. It’s a type of icing that is used to sculpt cakes and a variety of other desserts. It is made from sugar, gelatin, water, vegetable fat, and glycerol. It’s one of the preferred icings among culinary artists. Fondant egg cookies exude an artistic vibe if you paint them well. To paint them, all you need to do is mix the icing with lemon extract. Make sure that you have icings of different colors and you mix them all with lemon extract. After that, you can use those mixtures as watercolors. Once that is done, the sky and your creative potential are the limits to how amazing those cookies end up looking. There are also edible ink pens available in the market that are designed for the very purpose of decorating food items. You can use these pens for details. If you don’t believe us, you can jump on the internet and take a look at how beautiful these cookies can look. You’ll be mesmerized by what people have done with fondant egg cookies in terms of design.

Berry Ice Cream

It’s the evergreen dessert that everyone loves and adores. A buffet is never complete without some ice cream to go with it. One tip that you should heed when it comes to ice cream is to have multiple flavors available at the venue. Not all people like the same flavors. To play it safe, make sure that you have the trinity available – chocolate, strawberry, vanilla. On top of those, you can include some other flavors too. That’s where you can get creative. For instance, you can include the mint flavor to stand out. Perhaps have some black current available. While the options may be endless, in the end, it’s up to you which flavors of ice cream to include. But what’s important is to have multiple flavors of ice cream available at the buffet.

Floral Cones

Floral cones are perhaps the most artistic piece of dessert that you’ll find on this list. These are waffle cones with a little bit of cupcake inside them. These are then decorated with buttercream shapes and freeform candy. You can use these to make the cones seem like conical vases with flowers coming out of them. We’re pretty sure that a lot of guests will end up thinking that they’re a part of the decorations and not something edible. Moreover, if done right, you can match them with the visual aesthetics of your wedding and the venue. That will take the aesthetics of the wedding to a whole new level.

Designer Donuts

Donuts are another item that holds immense decorative potential. They come in a lot of flavors and you can customize them to your will. Make use of buttercream, jellybeans, M&Ms, chocolate cream, and whatnot to have a wide variety of tastes available in desserts. From strawberry to glazed sugar, your donuts will have every flavor. And that’ll make your guests happy as everyone has a different taste when it comes to things like bagels and donuts.


If you’re looking to add a touch of class to your buffet table, then it won’t be a bad idea to go all-out French with your guests. Give your guests a glimpse of the French cuisine by including croissants in the desserts. Croissants taste amazing to most people as they are quite buttery and flaky. It’s a dessert that not even diabetic people pass upon. One interesting fact about this dish is that it originated in Austria, even though it is associated with France. Thus, it’ll add a whole European vibe to your wedding.

Rosy Rosette Cookies

Rosy Rosette Cookies can be another visually-pleasing dessert item at your wedding. They are very easy to make and they look amazing. All you need to do to prepare them is buy some pre-made cookies. After that, use buttercream of various colors to decorate those cookies according to the color palette of your wedding. We recommend that you have some pink ones on display as they look amazing. Apart from that, they even have a decent taste. So, in the end, it’s a win-win situation.

Spring Floral Cake

In most spring desserts, the idea is to include designs and aesthetics that are flowery. Keeping true to that line of artistic vision, the spring floral cake made with a lot of buttercream is perhaps the best pick for most early spring weddings. It’s a time when there are a lot of flower blooms. So why not have that reflected in your desserts? A spring floral cake is made by icing one’s cake with buttercream. Once that is done, you can use an edible ink pen or even a toothpick to carve out designs.

Ice Cream Cakes

When it comes to desserts, what better option is there than to mix the two of the most popular desserts in the world – ice cream and cake. Ice cream cakes are extremely tasty and just heavenly. They’re loved by children and adults alike. Moreover, the available flavors are abundant. So, there are a lot of options for you to choose from. What’s more, is that you can even replace your wedding cake with an ice cream cake. Ice cream cakes are slowly phasing out traditional cakes.


If you’re looking for something sweet and little, then opting for some multi-flavored eclairs might be a good idea. For instance, you can go for white chocolate raspberry eclairs. There are a lot of flavors and combinations that you can go for. The sky’s the limit. And your guests will love the idea of having a snack-like dessert being available at the buffet. One upside of having such desserts is that your guests can keep coming back to the dessert stand in-between meals.

Strawberry Shortcakes 

There is something about tart berries in the fresh and refreshing springtime that feels like a match made in heaven. Strawberry shortcakes scream springtime like nothing else. Strawberry shortcakes are individual variations of strawberry shortcakes with basil for a herbaceous flavor, and they pair perfectly with vanilla ice cream or whipped cream for a sweet finish!

Carrot Cake

There’s no way a list of spring wedding meal ideas could be complete without a mention of carrot cake. This classic and delectable spring treat can be transformed into a distinctive and exquisite wedding day dessert in a variety of ways. You may serve carrot cake as a wedding cake, cupcakes, cake pops, or even serve it to all your wedding guests in shot glasses for an elegant and distinctive tiny spring wedding dessert.

Monogram Cream Tart Cake

Monograms are popular for a variety of wedding day decorations decor, but nothing beats a monogram cake! Layers of sponge cake and buttercream frosting are topped with edible flowers and sugar pearls in this trendy take. It’s a wonderful centerpiece for wedding parties, and it’s a fun way to commemorate your newly shared surname!

Enchanting Rose Garden Cupcakes

The gorgeous garden cupcakes would be ideal for a backyard wedding, don’t you think? If you want to truly give an ode to the season on your wedding day, go for this gorgeous rose cupcake which comes as tiny plants. Place them on a cake stand or a dessert table with some nice paper doilies underneath. This will go perfectly with the spirit of the season and everything that it represents! These will also work beautifully with a spring garden wedding!

Coconut Lime Tart

Coconut lime tart’s tropical coconut and lime flavor will make all of your wedding guests feel as though winter is truly behind them. The combination of coconut and lime creates a particular zingy sweetness, but you can be creative and use other citrus tastes, such as lemon, without losing any of the magic in this spring wedding dessert.

S’More Kits

S’mores are a simple and crowd-pleasing dessert that can be served at any time of year. Whether it is the alluring springtime with the promise of summer in the air or the nippy autumn, you can’t go wrong with smores, as it brings all the cozy vibes with it. Place a marshmallow and chocolate bar sandwiched between two graham crackers in a cellophane bag for a treat your guests will appreciate.

When it comes to desserts, you shouldn’t get lax. Make sure that you try to get the best possible spring dessert items for your wedding. They should not only be tasty but also visually pleasing. You might want to balance it out by having some unorthodox dessert items along with some traditional ones like ice creams. In the end, it’s about what makes your guests happy. And in spring, there will be a lot of dessert options to choose from. Another thing that you should remember is that you can always venture out of the continent when considering what dessert items to include at your wedding. Whether you are going for a low-key backyard spring wedding or an extravagant celebration of the season and your love, these ideas will have you covered regardless! There are some hidden gems of desserts out there in the world that you haven’t had a taste of yet. Try and include those if you want to truly mesmerize your guests.

Unique Details for the Music-Lover

Looking for music-themed wedding detail inspo? From invites to favors, check out these amazing ideas to lend a musical touch to your wedding!

Looking for music-themed wedding detail inspo? From invites to favors, check out these amazing ideas to lend a musical touch to your wedding!

Music can change the world because it can change people!” Music holds the power to transform our mood just in the blink of an eye! Music can make you happy and can also make you relax after a tiring day at work! Listening to some soulful music allows people to get lost in their own world of imagination and thoughts! Some people are so passionate, or we say addicted to music, that they just cannot live without it! There is something so different and unique about music that it directly connects with the souls! If you are a music lover you will truly understand that you will be able to run with music, dance with music, hum with music, and lastly express your love to the love of your life with some great romantic music! As a music lover, you can benefit a lot from music! If you know how to play any kind of musical instrument, trust us, we’re sure you love music even more! So, if you are a bride who has a great inclination towards music and believes in the saying “life is a song and love is the music” then this blog is especially for you!

Music, romance, and weddings have always gone hand in hand! We think that it came from the rom-com movies or series of all the time! You know, when Alison met John at the bar and the most romantic song played in the background and voilà the magic happened! That was the very exact moment when they fell in love at first sight and then lived happily ever after! See, we told you that the music had the power to make two people fall deeply and madly in love with each other and end up being together for the rest of their lives! If you also share the love for music with your better half, all you have to do is just hit the right note with a music-themed wedding for your big and special day! As a team of professional wedding photographers and videographers, we think that it is such a unique theme to play off on your wedding day, sure to bring out emotions! And trust us there are endless ways to incorporate some of your favorite musical touches into your wedding day to woo all your wedding guests without any hitch!

No matter whether you are a rock and roll bride? Or an old soul music lover? Or a hardcore country music fan? We hear you and your deep love for music! And that is why we have curated this special blog for all those couples who are looking out for unique details to incorporate music into their wedding day in the best way possible! Snagging a great musical band is not the only way to infiltrate your wedding day with some amazing music! There are endless great and unique ways to weave in your favorite song, lyrics, artist, or genre into the fabric of your wedding day! We are pretty much sure that there is a song for every date and occasion! From the most romantic and beautiful lyrics in your wedding song to an old and all-time favorite from your first date, we know that there are some memorable songs out there in your list that may just pull on your heartstrings! It’s not only us, but our creative wedding photographers and videographers also love the idea of adding musical notes as a part of a wedding decor through various crafty displays and endless DIY ideas! The details look gorgeous in photos! Music-lovers, this is absolutely a great idea to bring in all your favorite lyrics and songs to your wedding day and make your wedding celebration an out-of-the-ordinary experience for everyone! After all, many of the most unforgettable and iconic wedding moments are set to music! From processional songs that well up your parents’ eyes during your walk down the aisle moment to the peppy reception tunes that keep all your wedding guests dancing and tapping their feet all night long, music is indeed the sole core of a wedding celebration! There are endless ways and ideas to plan a music-themed wedding! Your choice of music can be visually showcased through so many different wedding elements including the wedding invitations, centerpieces for your table settings, seating charts, wedding vows, and much more, while still playing into overarching rustic, modern, classic wedding celebration styles! It’s your wedding day and everything is possible if you want! From guest books to reception table arrangements, to wedding cakes, we can assure you that we will help you with some of the most incredible and great ideas to rock the wedding day with your favorite music and lyrics! No matter where you are planning to host your musical wedding, we can assure you that your wedding day will be remembered and cherished for decades to come by your wedding guests with all the music notes and fun you are planning to add to your wedding day!

So, let’s get lost in the world of music and check out some really cool and unique details for the music lovers who just want their wedding day to be a melodious song that everyone can hum for the rest of their lives!

Hand-Written Lyrics

We know that there are favorite lyrics that always make a person tear up, or actually evoke love and their feeling in the best possible way! So, if you also have a favorite lyric in your mind that invokes the true meaning of your relationship, all you have to do is put them where all your wedding guests can witness it the moment they enter your wedding venue! Like, it should be the first thing that must catch your attendee’s attention within a blink of an eye! You can consider adding some DIY signs like writing the lyrics of your all-time favorite song on a huge piece of paper and get it glass-framed and hang it on the wall that witnesses the maximum amount of attention! This will definitely be a special feature of your wedding day as it will gracefully tie your musical theme wedding while telling the romantic love story of your and your sweetheart’s! If you want, you can fit this kind of song-lyrics frame anywhere! From your table card display to your dessert bar, they are indeed very flexible to incorporate into your wedding decor!

Album-Style Wedding Invitations

Thinking of unique ideas and ways to blow away your guests with some seriously stunning music wedding details even before they set foot at your wedding venue, try something out-of-the-box! Here is an idea, try sending out your “save the date” cards in the form of vintage vinyl record invites! You can keep the actual authentic label on one side of the record, while using the other side of the record to put all your wedding day information! Trust us, this kind of music-inspired wedding invitation will be a truly customized and delightful experience for all your wedding guests!

The Wedding Gift

We are definitely smitten and head over heels in love with the idea of you gifting the beautiful lyrics of your wedding song to your darling! You can create a DIY wedding gift for your sweetheart by using the sheet music of a wedding song. You can use it as a decor piece to hang proudly in your new home as a sweet and romantic reminder of one of the most amazing and incredible days in your relationship! If by any chance you think that this kind of gift is more for you than your partner, then no worries, give it to yourself as a wedding day gift and feel every word of the lyrics! Ideally, we think that it makes a beautifully romantic gift on the day of your wedding! Well, it is true that it is technically not a way to bring the music to your wedding day, but trust us, we could not resist the suggestion! But you can do one thing if you want to introduce it to your wedding day, you can gift it to your spouse before the wedding day, and by that way, you will be able to display the frame and make it a part of your wedding day decor.

Musical-Style Guest Book

How about the idea of walking away from your wedding day with a beautiful guest book that you can actually put on the display in your newlywed love nest? Great idea, right! You can ask your wedding guests to use a thumbprint and sign the oversized piece of sheet music that you especially got designed to match with your music-theme music so that you can later frame and display it in the form of instant art!

A Duet Wedding Cake

Ask your baker to design a note-filled wedding cake that must blend gracefully and harmoniously with your music-inspired wedding! When it comes to music-themed cake toppers, there are endless options available in the market for you to choose from! So, if you and your honey are singers, guitarists, drummers, or any other kind of combination, trust us, you can completely rock a rock-star wedding cake topper! These kinds of creative wedding cake ideas will look incredible in your wedding photos and videos!

Song Request Response Cards

Looking out for some really unique and creative ideas for your wedding day response cards? Well, here they are! You can put a creative spin on them and create some DIY response cards so that your wedding guests can put the list of the songs of their choice that will make them get up and groove! Think of the moment, when your wedding guests will be waiting for their favorite song to get played and the moment it’s played, we can assure you that they will be on the dance floor!

Sweet Musical-Shaped Treats

Adding some music-themed cookies and biscuits to your wedding day dessert table is definitely a great way to show your love for music and allow all your wedding guests to witness it! If you need some ideas or inspiration, Pinterest boards and Instagram are full of it! You can also try asking your bakery to make some cute little ukulele-shaped biscuits for your wedding day sweet treats! They will not only be delicious but also will perfectly match up with your music-themed wedding and will guarantee to make your wedding guests smile when the dessert rolls around!

Musical-Themed Wedding Table Numbers

Well, above, we have mentioned a few different variations of including sheet music into your wedding day decor! You can also use them to create table numbers to guide your wedding guests! Using sheet music to create table numbers is definitely a big yes. It is super-duper easy to create, budget-friendly, and will bring the rustic vibe to the overall setting of your wedding day decor!

Music for Meal

Well, it is absolutely true that none of your wedding guests are going to notice if you don’t have napkins rings at your reception dinner place setting (except the nosy ones, hahaha!), but we can assure you that your wedding guests will be totally tickled and blown away to see the thoughtfully done musical note napkin rings! It is indeed one of the great and creative ways to introduce music to your wedding day decor! You can use the kraft paper as it will give the napkin rings a rustic feel. If you are planning a summer or winter wedding in a barn, it will be a perfect fit to elevate your tablescape setting and will bring in the real essence of a barn wedding!

Decorative Antiques

Have you thought of filling a gramophone with fresh wedding flowers from your florist? Well, if not, then you must try this unique idea, and we can assure you that you and all your wedding guests will be in love with this incredible idea! If you and your darling are die-hard fans of the history of music, a classic and vintage gramophone is undoubtedly the best way to nod to music’s past in your wedding celebration! Plus, there are hardly a very few people who don’t love a great antique find! Right? So, go with this idea for your wedding day and leave your wedding guests in great amazement!

Soulful Unique Chimes

How about fancy and DIY lace tambourines? Swoon-worthy and pretty, right? If you are a super crafty and creative bride, you can consider these easy and extremely distinct and beautiful wedding favors for your wedding guests. Trust us, these kinds of items will be a perfect addition to your musical-themed wedding! Just put them on guests’ chairs along with your program and watch out for their reactions! In lieu of clapping, they can actually chime in with these at the conclusion of your wedding ceremony. Or they can use them as a signal whenever they all want you to kiss (how cute and impressive!).

Paper Hearts as Confetti

And finally, for a memorable and dramatic exit, how about heart-shaped confetti made of sheet music? Different and amazing idea, right? Heart-shaped confetti made with sheet music is indeed a great alternative for sparklers! Apart from offering great photo opportunities, it is really a very extraordinary and poetic way for you and your sweetheart to make a memorable wedding exit and start your happily ever after! After all, your wedding guests will be actually tossing lyrics of love all your way!

No matter what your wedding style or genre is, a music-themed wedding is and will always be a guaranteed hit amongst your wedding guests and will surely set a new trend for all the soon-to-be-married couples in your circle! Music always ignites a kind of passionate energy and will do the same throughout your wedding day that will strongly resonate with your wedding guests’ mood in every possible way! Choose some of the great and unique ideas mentioned above to find an ideal fit for your music-themed wedding! Trust us, they are guaranteed to go platinum!

Why We’re Loving All-White Wedding Cakes

We are loving the all-white wedding cakes that are not only trending but have always been classic and timeless! Here are our reasons why!

We are loving the all-white wedding cakes that are not only trending but have always been classic and timeless! Here are our reasons why!


Oh! We caught you daydreaming about your wedding again!

Planning your wedding day and painting it with picturesque moments can have your heart racing and also make you blush a little! Of course, you want each minute detail of your wedding to look picture perfect from all angles. You’ve probably imagined every minute of your wedding timeline in your head a thousand times- from the way you are going to smile at the camera while kissing your sweetheart to the time when you toss that big bridal bouquet to your gang of bridesmaids! We don’t blame you. Wedding planning is indeed one of the most joyous and delightful experiences that only the luckiest couples in the world get to experience. Indeed, staying connected while planning your wedding with the people you love and decking up the celebration with Instagrammable wedding details is naturally one of the most beautiful feelings ever.

One of the most important elements of your wedding celebration timeline is planning your wedding cake design. Your wedding cake is not just a cake, but it signifies something way more. From the time the Romans and the Greeks morphed the idea of traditional wedding cakes into their nuptial celebrations, these delectable delicacies became a wedding staple across the world. And what can be more chic and sophisticated than a classic white wedding cake that is immaculately designed to meet all your aesthetic requirements and choice of wedding style?

Wedding dessert trends come and go, but nothing can take the place of having an all-white statement wedding cake that adds to the aesthetics of your wedding décor and savor the taste buds with delicious flavors. Since all-white weddings will never go out of style, classic white wedding cakes are timeless and versatile and suit every wedding style and theme. We have come up with a list of elegant white wedding cakes that feature a plethora of designs- from dressing up with sugar flowers and delicate lace piping, to keeping it minimal with fondant details and edible flowers. Read on to find more.

Some of our favorite all-white wedding cakes of all time!


Pearl white wedding cake

The unique and whimsical twist to all-white wedding cakes with edible pearl studs and sugar petals is gorgeous for a wedding with celestial details. The elegant texture of the wedding cake with chic pearl detailing dotted all over the surface is topped with edible pearls and peonies, which are affixed to the frosted surface of the cake for a lovely wispy and airy look. All-white wedding cakes with pearls also make for fantastic details for a vintage or an art deco wedding. Whimsical pearl studs and sugar flowers on simple white wedding cakes can add a very romantic spin, which is perfect for making an elegant statement.

Intricate lace and piping detailing

If you are a fan of glamorous wedding ideas, then the wedding cake ideas with elaborate piping and lace detailing can be amazing for you. An all-white wedding cake with intricate piping details which are made with frosting is definitely a showstopper! All kinds of plain white wedding cakes can be turned into a glamorous wedding dessert with elegant and chic textures and detailing. A single intricate design can be infused into the entire wedding cake or several types of designs can be imbued into a multi-tiered wedding cake, where each tier will reveal a unique pattern or texture.

Bold green leaf design

If you want to add a splash of colors to the wedding whites, but don’t want to settle for an average white cake with flowers on top, then add a bold leaf pattern and transform your regular wedding cake into a statement-making wedding dessert idea! You can add a bold palm leaf or flower for a truly striking design, and use the gorgeous white wedding cake as your reception background. A gorgeously giant leaf plus edible pearls can be the ultimate modern twist to a simple white wedding cake. You can also add a single undulating green vine to the front of the confection as a beautiful idea with no fuss.

Miniature floral textures for all white wedding cakes

Want to go all-in while planning your wedding cake design? Incorporate the favorite pastel colors for a fairytale wedding, or cut miniature florals out of fondant and layer them vertically across three tiers for a quick and neutral way to dress up white wedding cakes with flowers. While talking about floral textures on all white wedding cakes, it can be anything from white wedding cakes with sugar poppy accents for a fresh pop of summer or a white wedding cake decorated with a rose-studded greenery garland for a fresh and rustic vibe.

Minimalist white wedding cakes

Planning a garden party for your wedding reception without looking overwhelming? Make a statement with simple wedding cake designs that are minimal and chic. Adding simple and chic blooms and designs to a plain white buttercream wedding cake can be the ultimate wedding cake for a minimalist couple. A minimalist purely white wedding cake can be spruced up with just a little green bunch, a couple of colorful berries, or twigs straight from the woods. For instance, a simple plain white wedding cake topped with a tiny green tree branch, or with a single blackberry (or strawberry), or tiny florals embossed into the cake can be gorgeous ideas for a minimalist wedding.

Floral white wedding cakes

Always swooned over white wedding cakes with fresh flowers? Match the idea of your wedding cake with your petite bridal bouquet design by making room for floral details at your wedding. All white wedding cake doesn’t mean that there is no room for flower details! Classic white wedding cakes with white floral details will never go out of style as they are seen to be the most versatile that suits every type of wedding. The flowers on such wedding cakes can be icing sugar patterns or real edible flowers. The real edible blooms can be put on top of the different tiers of the wedding cake or placed in between. The sugar blooms can be both large and small. The small frosted blooms can be delicately placed throughout the wedding cake and an oversized sugar-white flower can be placed on top of the cake and petals can be attached to the lower tiers to imitate them falling. Pairing lightly textured buttercream with cascading blooms in your favorite wedding colors can create an effortlessly whimsical garden look.

Whimsical textures and adorning embellishments

Detailed, amazing white wedding cakes sets them apart in a sea of confections and desserts. A two-tiered white wedding cake with delicate sugar flowers can be an elegant option for hosting a fairytale-themed wedding in a garden setting. Similarly, delicate nautical-inspired embellishments like seashells and wave details in a white and creamy color palette can be picture perfect for a beachside wedding. For a cozy and rustic chic wedding, getting a three-tiered white wedding cake with soft and deckle-edged wedding-day details can make a show-stopping statement.

Rustic chic wedding cake ideas 

Single-tiered white wedding cake ideas can have an effortless rustic chic edge for a countryside wedding. You can consider letting a buttercream cake speak volumes for itself as it stands on a rough and uneven frosting to match up with the rustic aesthetic of your wedding. To add a little delightful detailing, you can add coconut shavings to the top for a bit of a texture and bring extra sweetness to the wedding dessert table. When you don’t want to go overboard but still want a pretty white confection to cut during the reception, get a miniature petite coconut cream wedding cake, and top it off with a fun cake topper or florals to complete the look.

Patterned all white wedding cakes

Who says that you can’t have a little fun while hosting an all-white wedding? If getting a white wedding cake with flowers is beyond you, make a statement with an all-white wedding cake with one extra-tall tier in the middle and plenty of unique texture to make it anything but boring. Patterns can be a great idea to rock a nice white wedding cake, and especially when each of the tiers reveals different patterns and textures. You can go for geometric patterns for a modern celebration or macramé details for a Bohemian wedding, or even detailed sugar feathers from top to bottom for a more whimsical look.

Dotted details 

Embrace your love for polka dots or pearl accessories without going overboard with a white wedding cake adorned with carefully dotted piping with a few blooms for an elegant look. A striped white wedding cake topped with delicate studs can be the most perfect detail that can transform your wedding. You can pair it with a few florals and a hint of greenery to make a sweet statement.

Huge and bold statement 

If you want to make a statement with your white wedding cake photos, do not shy away from a tall and supersized all-white wedding cake that looks like a bold statement! You can go for a semi-naked frosted icing option for a minimalist statement, or a complete six-foot-tall wonder adorned with woodland details for a bold one. The versatility of supersized all-white wedding cakes makes them amazing. They can be imbued with striking seasonal details like adorning lavender sprigs for a spring wedding and embellishments like gold-dusted pears and figs to infuse the colors of fall wedding palettes.

Gold detailing 

We love how white-tiered cakes are embossed with fondant golden florals that refer to the golden wedding blooms surrounding the confection. For a completely white and gold-themed wedding, go for a multi-tiered all-white wedding cake adorned with gold leaf flecks that can add the sweetest hint of shimmer to the confection. An elegant fondant-covered gold detailed white wedding cake that has layers alternated between molasses-spice and white butter cake can add a pop of gold shimmer to the wedding whites.

A statement topper

Wedding cakes with statement toppers can bring the ultimate drama to your wedding details! A bold and statement cake topper can be a stunning choice to top off every kind of all-white wedding cake – whether it is a single-tiered white cake with naked details or a four-tiered giant without any other adornments. If you want to personalize or add color to your all-white wedding cake, you can add rich blooms of your choice to add contrast to your cake’s stark white icing. Topping off your statement wedding cake with sugar blooms that match the rest of your wedding flower details or overall wedding aesthetics can put a unique spin on the wedding confection.

Bohemian statement

There are so many ways to make a white wedding cake feel bohemian! A classic all-white wedding cake can have boho-inspired textures and flowers such as tan roses and withered flowers as adornments. Opting for a square wedding cake instead of a traditional round shape in all-white color and covering it in boho-inspired lace patterns can be a statement-making modern, bohemian option. Rustic chic wedding cake inspirations like infusing a rose-studded greenery garland or ornamental grasses can be great for a gorgeous bohemian wedding!

There is something so stunning about the simplicity and gorgeousness of an all-white wedding cake. From richly decorated fondant white and gold wedding cakes matching with our favorite over-the-top wedding ideas to a simple and single-tier round wedding cake adorning a minimalist wedding, we love how one can never go wrong with white wedding cake designs. The perfectly crafted all-white cake masterpieces mentioned above can inspire your wedding with their brilliantly embellished confectionery details. Whatever event type you’re planning, know that a white wedding cake is often the best blank slate and can be dressed up or down depending on your desired aesthetic. As a nod to age-old wedding traditions, we love how our Instagram and Pinterest feeds feature all-white wedding cakes pictures from real weddings now and then. It is lovely to see entirely white wedding cakes with customized details that reflect different aesthetics, from modern and trending designs to cool geometric and unique patterns.

Pastel Color Combinations For Your Fairytale Wedding

Presenting our gorgeous pastel color palette ideas for a fairytale wedding inspiration!

Presenting our gorgeous pastel color palette ideas for a fairytale wedding inspiration!

Brainstorming romantic wedding ideas start with deciding on your favorite wedding color combo that will speak right through you and showcase your unique personality to everybody visiting your big day. The first step to designing your wedding, setting a consistent wedding color scheme will ensure a cohesive look to the entire wedding day and your wedding photos and convey your love story aesthetically to your wedding guests. Think about pastel color schemes. Isn’t it the most romantic thing that your dream fairytale wedding should definitely have? If hosting a fairytale wedding has always been your thing, we are sure that your Pinterest boards are filled with aesthetically pretty pastel color combos for weddings and romantic details.

Hosting a pastel-themed wedding is a great way to enjoy spring and summer nuptials. There are a lot of wonderful options to choose from which are easy to duplicate, DIY, or buy when it comes to filling your wedding reception styling with romantic and whimsical details. There is no shortage of stunning pastel reception styling ideas when you are planning a romantic fairytale-like wedding. From brides getting dressed up in fairytale glam wedding dress fit for a queen with romantic bridesmaid dresses featuring light lilac and blush tones surrounding her to ultimate romantic reception styling ideas starring artistic gold brushstroke linens and wedding stationery highlighting pink hues, along with pale blue, rose gold, and crisp white, there are so many exquisite ways to blend pastel color palettes and romantic fairytale-like wedding details like a genius.

Our favorite pastel color combinations for whimsical weddings:

Peach, sage green, soft apricot, and cream

All thanks to the various shades available, shades of pink are surprisingly versatile for flexible wedding color combinations. If you want to opt for a bold color palette for your multiple party themes, embrace this combination while planning your wedding decor and make your setting pop in wedding photographs. While the linens can have a neutral color palette like soft apricot and cream, anchor them with lively pops of peach and consider designing menu cards and wedding escort cards in sage green to give it whimsy and dreamy look. You can imagine your guests sipping champagne or rosé under a canopy of fairy lights and the bold pastel color palette still sparkling its magic even during evening receptions.

Lavender, pastel pink, and ivory

Maybe one of the most staple color combinations in wedding themes for summer, lavenders and pastel pinks should be your go-to for a dreamy fairytale-like wedding setting. Just like you cannot spell the word ‘M’ with your lips wide open, you cannot dream of hosting a trendy wedding with spring or summer details without the enchanting color combinations of lavender and pink. Especially when mixed with ivory, lavender becomes an extra peaceful color that can be used all year long. Desiring a garden-themed wedding, you can bring your wedding planning to life by setting up your dreamy reception tables with gauzy lilac table runners and unifying with the lavender-hued floral arrangements. These enchanting wedding colors for summer nuptials encourage guests to feel relaxed and comfortable, especially during daytime wedding ceremonies and receptions, because the light purple, pink, and ivory come to life in the sunlight.

Burgundy, bright red, gold dipped, and green

Although shades of bright red and burgundy are often associated with fall weddings, these bold wedding color ideas when matched with wine-inspired vineyard weddings in winter look straight out of a fairy tale. If you are planning a winter wedding with cozy details and dreamy wedding colors, do not overlook the magic of burgundy shade with sprinkles of gold and green for a romantic and sophisticated wedding style. Especially loved for weddings with a blend of modern and old-world charm, this bold wedding color combination can be infused with gold-dipped blooms and warm green-hued details. Including sage green touches throughout from confetti for grand wedding exit ideas to custom-made napkins for reception tables, with striking details of gold can be the ultimate wedding color scheme for a storybook wedding in wintertime.

Dusty rose shades, mauve, and metallic

The dusty shades of purple and pink give rise to mauve and dusty rose color. It looks amazing when paired with a wedding’s magenta, marigold, and taffy pink along with metallic shades like copper, gold, and silver. Nothing screams romantic as much as the pastel blush and the softest shade of dusty rose do, and nothing can beat the combination of metallic shade with these dreamy hues for a touch of modern glam. Adding a third metallic color to the duo which pairs well with neutral earthy textures can exude a charming vibe. For adding depth to these romantic wedding color themes, you can put hints of berry and magenta in your floral arrangements or while matching the details of your luxurious wedding favor ideas or even as a small detail like the ribbon of your bridal bouquet.

Mint and rose gold

Can something be as luxurious and sophisticated as the shade of rose gold color? If you are browsing through wedding themes for summer, this fresh and elegant color combo of mint and rose gold will set your wedding stage on fire with its exuberance. This super popular wedding color palette has been taking up popular social media wedding planning spaces especially among spring and summer brides. From vibrant and colorful backyard garden wedding celebrations to bustling metropolitan wedding affairs, the sophisticated color palette ideas revolving around mint and rose gold add a sense of storybook charm to every wedding.

Dusty blue, white and, green

The very calming and peaceful wedding color scheme ideas revolving around the light shades of white and green paired with dusty blue are not a secret among summer wedding lovers. From bridesmaid dresses in soft hues of blue and green to a wedding ceremony and reception styled with transformational details in these hues, the color combination proves to be enchantingly elegant and sweepingly romantic. Pastel backgrounds for wedding ceremonies and receptions have always been considered a bridal favorite as the tones of dusk are set with the gentleness of a light breeze that is simply gorgeous any time of the year. With the versatile and inspiring brilliant array of pastel green and white when combined with the dreamy shade of dusty blue, the ethereal charm can be infused into your wedding style with every detail and design from the trendy napkins and charger plates to the very backdrop of the reception.

Bold pastel rainbow

Bold and warm color scheme ideas will never go out of trend for winter and autumn weddings, and spring and summer weddings will always have pastel color scheme ideas to match with the entire atmosphere. But how about bringing all the colors of the rainbow into your big day to inspire your fairy tale wedding? It is easy to see why so many couples are going for the latest rainbow color palette wedding trend, where the gorgeous collection of brightly colored hues belonging to both pastel and warm shades are adding a sense of sophisticated elegance while evoking a fun party atmosphere. Especially popular among South Asian weddings, rainbow wedding color palettes offer you a plethora of color combinations to choose from. The rainbow wedding palette enables you to design the trendiest wedding cakes and order vibrantly pastel wedding dresses for your team of bridesmaids.

Our ideas for infusing pastel color combinations in weddings:

Wedding party attire

Dressing up your wedding party in pretty pastels is a great way to introduce pastel wedding themes in your wedding celebration. Blush-toned bridesmaid dresses are one of the most popular pastel wedding ideas. Your gang of bridesmaids can drape romantic full-length skirt dresses in soft pastel colors like powder blue or dusty pink gowns with sweetheart necklines. Similarly, pastel groomsmen outfit ideas can range in a gradient of pastel blues, greens, or pinks, so everyone loves what they are wearing and the entire wedding party together looks photo-ready.

Choice of wedding venue

Your wedding theme ideas start with the kind of wedding venue you select for yourself. A romantic and dreamlike feel of a castle wedding venue can be your ultimate start for a pastel color scheme. Some of the dreamiest wedding venues in the US are located in exquisite locations and present a rich history of unmatched heritage, which are bestowed through the elegance of the event space that is highlighted with soft touches and tones. From the exposed quarried walls painted in soft beige and pink colors to the pastel green landscapes surrounding it, your unique pastel wedding theme idea will start with your choice of wedding event space.

Wedding florals

Starting from royal wedding inspirations involving navy blue and gold floral arrangements to whimsical flower crowns for a sophisticated boho bride, your choice of wedding flowers can be a great point to introduce your choice of fairytale wedding theme with pastel color choices. From using silk flower bouquets as centerpieces and blooming archways for springtime weddings to decorating the aisle with rose petal runners and fairy light mason jars wrapped with strings of pearls, the trendiest wedding floral updates can add a touch of pastel to your wedding.

Wedding food, drinks, and dessert choices

Marbled wedding cakes continue to be a major trend among romantic brides. From pale pink roses and lilies gracefully cascading down delicate and dainty cupcake assortments to pastel-colored cocktail ideas like 51 Shades from the house of The Perfect Pour Cocktail Co. featuring gin, honey-lavender syrup, and a splash of prosecco, your wedding menu can be a great place to include your pastel wedding color palette. Perfect for a garden wedding or even a bridal brunch, pastel-themed wedding food, drinks, and desserts evoke modern romance and some choice of vintage cutlery can add a touch of whimsy.

Wedding invitations

There are different flavors of fairytale weddings and your choice of wedding invitations can set the tone of your wedding day while giving guests a taste of what they can expect. Vintage storybook wedding details can have a real-life fairytale book to inspire your invitations and a rustic fairytale wedding can exude glowing fairy lights, magical trees, and woodland creatures that can paint your exclusively storybook wedding. Skipping the plain white envelopes and going for wedding invites in the mix and matching colors that still work within your palette can be your first nod to getting creative with your aesthetic wedding color palette.

Wedding décor

The intimate wedding details make for the overall design and it can be your starting point of infusing aspects for a fairytale ambiance. From streamers, ribbons, and linens to colorful reception chair decor and centerpieces, each and every element of your wedding décor can speak volumes for your pastel wedding. Whether it is getting married under a private whimsical pergola with a gossamer of woven fairy lights, or hosting a reception in a setting featuring shades of blue and gold accents, or a watercolor place card, or pale yellow hellebores posing as a minimalist bridal bouquet inspiration, ideas for pastel wedding décor can create the “Wow” factor that every bride deserves!

Inherently romantic and elegant, pastel shades wedding color palettes continue to be popular among couples from all walks of life. With the whimsical and secret garden vibe that muted pastels bring along with the striking gold and copper details that enhance the sophistication, it is easy to see why pretty pastel pink and blue hues and dreamy taupes continue to rule the hearts of romantics. However, designing your fairytale wedding with romantic pastel details can be brought to the table in so many versatile ways. From creating an enchanting head-to-toe look by wearing a dreamy tulle ball gown with a sweetheart neckline or a Disney- themed wedding dress paired with a vintage-themed headpiece made out of wildflowers for a garden-inspired wedding to continuing the whimsical atmosphere to the reception by including antique whitewashed farm wood tables lined with powder blue and gold table runners, romantic and enchanting fairytale wedding ideas paired with pretty pastels can give the exact final touch you were looking for your idyllic soirée.