The Best Bridal Hairstyles for an Outdoor Wedding

Outdoor wedding hairstyles that you'll love! - Click to explore the most gorgeous hairstyles that are perfect for outdoor weddings!

Outdoor wedding hairstyles that you'll love! - Click to explore the most gorgeous hairstyles that are perfect for outdoor weddings!

Everybody loves weddings! And if you ask us, we and our team of professional wedding photographers and videographers are just crazy in love with weddings (no matter which season couples are getting hitched!). There is some incredible and calming joy and excitement in watching two people who are head over heels in love with each other come together to profess their love and commit to one another for life! This exact visual is really just enough to bring a wide smile to anyone’s face!

Amongst all the wedding styles, outdoor weddings have always been the most desired wedding style opted by couples throughout the years! Even we believe that there is nothing more beautiful than seeing two love birds sharing their “I do” moment surrounded by mother nature while the golden shimmer of the sun shines brightly upon them! There is no denying that outdoor weddings at romantic locations like rustic bars, the beach, or plantations are surely on the rise!

So, if you are a bride who is planning her big day at some romantic and luxurious outdoor wedding venue, we have something for you! We have rounded up some really incredible bridal hairstyles for outdoor weddings which are sure to give you some inspiration for how to style your locks for the most special day of your life!

  1. Tousled Flower Crown

The very thing that you need to decide when it comes to your wedding day hairstyle for an outdoor wedding is whether you want your hair up, or keep it down and flowing, or just want half and a half! If you don’t want your hair to be framing up your face while the romantic breeze creases your face, a tousled flower crown will be an ideal choice for a hair-up wedding day bridal hairstyle! In the tousled floral crown hairstyle, the crown will pull your hair up off your neck and back off your face, but will still look romantic and whimsical! With this kind of bridal hairstyle for your outdoor wedding, you will be able to flaunt the sensuous and sexy back design of your expensive designer wedding gown, and also your facial features will shine out bright as all the hair is tied in the back! All you have to do is ask your hairstylist to add a few springs of flowers from your bridal bouquet to perfectly resonate with your wedding ensemble and add a charm and also the fragrant touch to your overall outdoor bridal look! With this bridal hairstyle, we can assure you that your bridal portraits captured by our professional wedding photographers will turn out classic and marvelous!

  1. Half-Up Fishtail Braid Hairstyle

A half-up hairstyle is nothing but an elegant bridal hairstyle choice to show off your locks while also pulling your hair back from your face! The fishtail braid is definitely an intricate touch to your overall bridal hairstyle look and will look gorgeous in all your wedding photos and wedding videos documented by our professional and talented wedding photographers and videographers! Adding a fishtail braid to your half-up hairdo holds a great staying power and will also easily hold back the layers or bands if needed to be! With this bridal hairstyle, you will also be able to put your bridal veil or a flower crown right above the braid for great versatility and a stunning look of your big and special day!

  1. Low Loose Twist Bridal Hairstyle 

Low loose twist bridal hairstyle is incredibly sexy as the loose curls gracefully frame the face of a bride and her facial features automatically get highlighted! Brides who are planning to go for this kind of bridal hairstyle for their outdoor wedding celebration, trust us you will look nothing short of sexy and beautiful all at once! This sexy twist on a classic up-do paired with a low twist with a few errant strands that gorgeously frames a bride’s face, neck, and shoulders in the best possible way! This kind of bridal hair up-do will not only keep a bride cool at her outdoor wedding ceremony and further wedding celebrations but will also give her hair great height and volume for picture-perfect bridal portraits for the best and special day of her life! We can assure you that with this kind of bridal hairdo, your wedding day bridal portraits will look absolutely amazing and incredible!

  1. Bridal Hairstyle with a Classic & Vintage Knot

If you are a bride-to-be and think vintage is more of your style, then we have something for you! We can assure you that a simple low knot could be the right choice for you as it will make you look more elegant and timeless. The pinned-back look combines classic glamor with the effortless look for a memorable seaside wedding. Wearing this hairstyle for your beachside wedding will definitely make you look stunning and will also leave your partner breathtaking! In fact, you will also look mind-blowing in all your wedding videos and photographs! Our creative and talented wedding photographers and videographers will love capturing your bridal look in the best of frames!

  1. Flowing Locks

Flowing locks are always in fashion! No matter where or in what season you are getting hitched, this bridal hairstyle will definitely elevate your bridal look and make you look than gorgeous and mind-blowing! These days our millennial brides are preferring to wear their hair down for the biggest day celebration of their life, and trust us the results are just spectacular! You can also opt for loose, natural-looking waves with an earth-tone leafy crown to flawlessly complement your wedding in a romantic botanical setting! This kind of bridal hairstyle will undoubtedly make you the trending bride on the internet, especially on Instagram! This bridal hairstyle is distinctly bohemian and is an ideal hairstyle option for all the boho brides out there! But, to add a bit of twist, you can straighten out your locks, or even glam them up with some ringlet curls to better suit your style, wedding dress, or even the wedding venue if needed!

  1. Wrap Around Crown Braid

We all know that braids are both beautiful and whimsical. And going for this kind of hairstyle will undoubtedly make you look mesmerizing if you are planning a farm or an oceanside romantic wedding! A wrap-around crown braid offers a stunning combination of a fishtail braid with a more classic design that wraps around and pins to your crown! To add a little charm and grace to your bridal hairstyle, try adding some seasonal flowers, greenery, or rhinestone bobby pins to elevate your bridal look! You can also consider coordinating this hairstyle with your wedding party to have a coordinated look on your wedding day! Flaunt the same in your wedding party photographs snapshotted by experienced wedding photographers!

  1. Classic and Timeless Braided Bun

A braided bun is always classic. In short, it is timeless like some other wedding essentials! If you are going for this kind of bridal hairstyle for your wedding day, trust us, you will look eye-catching! One of the major reasons why brides go for a classic and timeless braided bun for their wedding day look is that, under this hairstyle, the one section of the hair will be held back with a braid that incorporates into a gently curled bun for ultimate sexiness! All the brides out there who have shorter front layers that need to be held back securely, then there is no better bridal hairstyle than this one! If you are planning to get married at a location particularly warm, then this bridal hairstyle will give you all-day staying power! If by any chance you are a bride with a trending short hairstyle, then you can talk to your stylist about temporary clip-in extensions. All they have to do is match these extensions with your hair color palette as doing this will give you extra volume or length to create the look of your dreams for just one night!

  1. The Ultimate Loose Side Chignon Bridal Hairstyle

The low and loose side bun surely has a distinctly 1920’s feel complete with all the glamor of the era! A bride who is looking to bring the classic and timeless vintage look to their bridal look should go for this bridal hairstyle! Not only will they make a remarkable statement on their wedding day but will also look mesmerizing and enchanting at the same time! This classic bridal hairstyle looks nothing but stunning and beautiful with a side-swept bang, and can easily incorporate some bling like a headband, tiara, or intricate veil and in no time will elevate the overall look of a bride! If you have made up your mind to go for this kind of hairstyle, then ask your hairstylist to add some accents from your wedding day bridal bouquet to match the vibe with the outdoor setting of your wedding celebration!

  1. Sexy Pinned Back Bridal Hairstyle

This is one of the best hairstyles for all the brides who are having short hair! It’s nothing less than a blessing to have shorter hair and still be able to get the desired hairdo on the wedding day! If you have shorter hair, you can still get this stunning hair up-do with an endless bohemian vibe and standout amongst the celebration! You just need to ask your hairstylist for loose and wavy curls, and then have them all pin back at the nape of your sensuous neck in a fun chignon or twist! This stylish hairdo will not only create a lot of volume up-front but will also help you flaunt your chic curls perfectly! In fact, you will also be able to show off the sexy and sensuous back of your designer backless wedding dress!

  1. Enchanting Bohemian Braided Up-Do For Boho Brides

All the boho brides out there who are blessed with long hair must try this bridal hairstyle for your big day without having any second thoughts! This loose, crisscrossing braid will not only give you a simple boho bridal feel but will definitely elevate your bohemian bridal look! Just ask your hairstylist to leave some strands to curl and then let them seamlessly fall loosely around your face and neck. Add a romantic touch to this secure style with some really serious staying power! Not only will you look incredibly romantic with this hairstyle but your mind-blowing facial features will also get highlighted and will look stunning in all your wedding photos and videos!

  1. Romantic Curled Braided Crown

One of the best bridal hairstyles for brides who are planning a romantic beachside wedding for their big day! Just add a little bombshell factor to your beautiful braided crown only by incorporating a medium-barrel curling iron in order to create big, bouncy curls that gorgeously cascade down your back! In fact, you can also consider adding some lovely crystal accents into your braided hairstyle that can flawlessly complement your wedding gown too! But, if in case you have short hair, and want this bridal hairstyle for your wedding day bridal look, you can consider adding clip-in hair extensions to get the length and volume just right, but trust us, in the end, the result is so worth it that you will not stop admiring your hair even for a second on your wedding day! And compliments will be showering on you!

  1. The Sensuous and Messy Braid

Well, we are pretty much sure that words like “messy” and wedding” shouldn’t go together! But we can’t deny the fact that messy is in trend these days! Yes, we are talking about messy bridal hairstyles! Just one look at this easy-breezy messy braid on a Pinterest board for your outdoor wedding ceremony will surely get you desiring your bridal day hairstyle! A perfect bridal hairstyle for all the brides who have short hair or layers that they don’t like to stay put! The sensuous messy braid isn’t meant to be perfect but is only meant to look stunning and sexy on a bride! All you need to do is ask your hairstylist to curl your strands first, and then finely and gently work them into a side braid! Don’t forget to add on some flowers or cute baby’s breath if you like that vibe for your outdoor wedding ceremony! If you are choosing this hairstyle for your wedding day, all you have to do is just make sure that one of your bridesmaids has a few bobby pins on hand in case you need them for touch-ups throughout the day!

  1. Gorgeous One Side Pinned Back Bridal Hairstyle

If you are a bride, who just loves the idea of wearing your hair down for your big and special day, but also wants something to open up your face, why not consider pinning just one side of your hair back with an elegant and decorative pin or clip! You can consider adding a touch of “something blue” with your hairpin or clip to keep that loving tradition alive on your wedding day! For this kind of hairstyle, all you have to do is part your hair to one side and secure the side with less hair just by sweeping your hair up and back away from your temple, to have this stunning bridal hairstyle for a flawless bridal look! You can also consider adding some transformations to this hairstyle simply by pinning back the opposite side for a more dramatic and classic look! Trust us, this kind of hairstyle is an excellent way to flaunt your stunning and precious earrings, or just let a little air get to the nape of your neck to keep you cool outdoors!

No matter how you choose to wear your hair for your outdoor wedding ceremony, we are pretty sure that you’re gonna rock the look and we promise our wedding photographers and videographers will capture stunning and fabulous bridal portraits of you in the most cinematic and creative frames!

Disco Details for a Glam Wedding Day

Add dollops of glamorous vibes to your wedding with these disco-details ideas for your wedding day! Click to get inspired!

Add dollops of glamorous vibes to your wedding with these disco-details ideas for your wedding day! Click to get inspired!


There is no second thought when hearing that we have come a long way since the sparkling decade of the 70s, but there is no denying that those golden details are still trending, especially in the world of weddings! Want to know what to incorporate into your big day to add a little Saturday night fever? Well, let us introduce you to those glittering details! Whether you just want a touch of retro glamour here and there, or the whole crowd dancing to the YMCA, these disco ideas reign supreme when it comes to a fabulous and glam wedding day celebration! Disco theme weddings and glamorous vibes always go hand in hand!

Wedding day decorations inspired by disco details never truly died, right? It just keeps reinventing itself in so many different and unique ways! And that is why our modern and millennial brides are looking for something out-of-the-ordinary when it comes to their wedding day celebration, and a disco-themed wedding is something that is actually catching up with our soon-to-be-brides attention and love! Well, not only for brides. A glamorous disco detail-inspired wedding is always a treat for our professional wedding photographers and videographers to shoot!

So, let’s be real! Your wedding day is going to be disco-themed! So that means apart from all the glam and glitter, there also will be disco playing at your wedding right? Is it really a disco-themed wedding if there is no disco? (okay yes, it is, but hard to imagine for sure!). So why don’t you allow all your wedding guests to embrace the boogie fever and inject a little disco detail and classic inspiration into your wedding scene? Cool and incredible, right? Just the way you have always envisioned your wedding day, nothing but just exceptional and memorable!

A disco-themed wedding is surely a new trend inspired by the 70’s era of endless and sensuous glamour! So, if you are looking ahead to adding disco details to make your wedding a glam and unforgettable celebration, you can just not ignore the disco balls! It is absolutely true that disco balls are not exactly a new concept! From Studio 5 to Saturday Night Fever, the glittering and fancy disco balls have been used as an iconic centerpiece to parties, especially weddings! The use of disco balls to bring in the real and true vibe of glamour disco setting has not just started since the age of disco, but actually since the 1920s! The popularity of disco balls has not waned over the decades, so much, in fact, that these days all the newly engaged couples are looking ahead to bring in disco balls into their wedding day decor in the most creative ways, just because they want some out-of-the-ordinary to make their wedding celebration a cut-above-the-rest kind of celebration!

Well, gone are the days when the disco balls were only limited to be the center of the dance floor! Well, we must be thankful for their reflective, light-up-any-space magic, that they can be used anywhere when it comes to wedding decoration! These days disco balls are being used in everything! From large-scale installations (say hello to the photo booth backdrop) to stunning aisle markers, so that when you walk down the aisle the whole pathway gets lit and you can actually make the saying “The light of my life” true for your sweetheart, and much more! And let us all be real for a while: disco balls have the power to take any wedding celebration up a notch so all you just wanna do is jump on this decor trend for your own big and special day as soon as possible! Trust us, it will not only leave your wedding guests in great amazement but will elevate your professional wedding photography game with mind-blowing decor ideas!

No matter if you are not sure whether you wanna go full-on disco ball crazy for your big and special day, you can always consider them into your wedding day details without completely making it all about disco ball and glitters! You can always consider going for smaller touches, like mini disco ball escort cards for your wedding guests (trust us, we have seen them, and they look absolutely adorable!), or can even consider printing them on a graphic wedding invitation to give all your wedding guests a hint at how fun your glam wedding filled with disco details will be!

For all the brides who are looking for unique and extraordinary disco details for their glam wedding, we have got you covered! In this blog, we will be talking about some of our favorite ways to mix disco balls into your wedding decor! And, lastly, to bring in the 70’s era of Disco to your wedding day, you don’t need to bring in the bell-bottom fashion (although you can, the choice is all yours!).

A Classic Disco-Theme Wedding

If you and your sweetheart want an all-out dance party for your wedding day celebration, consider making disco your wedding theme! All that glam and glitter will surely elevate your wedding day experience and will leave a lasting impression on the hearts and minds of your wedding guests! We can promise you that a disco theme wedding will undoubtedly lend itself to a fun, high-energy wedding celebration! To be honest, to us, this sounds like a recipe for a night to remember for years to come! Not only you and your darling, in fact, but your wedding guests will also enjoy to the core getting transported back to the 70’s era of disco!

Print Disco Theme Wedding Invitations

So, now that you have planned to host a disco-themed wedding for your big day, how about sending out wedding invites to all your wedding guests with a bit of disco touch? Does it not sound cool and incredible at the same time? Well, you can have a wedding day invitation that has a kitschy, retro vibe highlighted in a modern and chic way! You can consider bringing disco balls into the design of your wedding day invitation cards without being overtly sparkly and glitter! Trust us, this is indeed a fun and exciting way to give a hint to your wedding vibe without being too literal!

Personalized Paper Good Giving Out Disco Vibes

It would definitely be a great idea for you to add disco ball embellishment to day-of paper goods like drink stripes, signage, and matchbox favors! This will not only elevate your wedding day decor game but will also make your wedding guests swoon over each and every detail of your wedding day! You are looking out for other creative ideas, you can search the Pinterest boards and Instagrams reels, as they are full of DIY wedding decor elements! You can also consider creating a custom disco ball icon with the addition of a smiley face!

Plan A Disco-Themed Photo Shoot

There is no denying the fact that your wedding photos will be one of the most important parts of your wedding day! For a couple, their wedding photos are nothing less than a treasure that they will love and cherish for the rest of their lives! Now that you have a disco-themed wedding on your mind, why not pose for some wedding day couple portraits that stray from the standard? Get creative with your wedding photos, like play around with a disco ball ( or just simply throw it around like a beachball) with your darling during your formal portrait session to loosen up and get some fun-filled candids! You can also have a game of catch with the disco ball with your bridesmaids being on one side and handsome groomsmen on the other! This will indeed give plenty of photography opportunities to our professional and talented wedding photographers to capture the fun and incredible wedding photos in the best of frames!

Frame Your Wedding Altar With Disco Balls Glitter

Well, disco balls seem to be more of an obvious choice of decoration element at a wedding reception, but trust us, they can be added into your wedding ceremony decor to bring in the alluring and spectacular disco vibe to your “I do” moment! It’s your wedding day and you are the creative director of your wedding day decoration! You can do wonders to your wedding altar and create magic with disco balls! You can use disco balls and scatter them around your wedding altar to highlight the touch of whimsy and peek at the party to come! This will not only elevate your wedding altar decor game but will also give new and unique ideas to all the soon-to-be brides!

Disco Ball Inspired Wedding Altar Decoration Ideas

A disco-themed wedding is incomplete without a classic disco ball front-and-center adoration! Well, now you can also do that! You can adorn your wedding ceremony altar with pampas grass  with a fun tinsel backdrop to set the overall scene for sure-to-be fun and memorable “I do” moments! This will undoubtedly bring in the hip and chic vibe to your overall wedding day setup!

Line The Aisle With Disco Balls

As we already mentioned above, disco balls are indeed great decor elements for wedding receptions, but why not do something unique and out-of-the-box by bringing them into your wedding ceremony decor? You can combine disco balls of various sizes and then combine them together as aisle markers to bring in the twist of decor to the simple and usual aisle decor! You can mix some of your favorite or seasonal blooms with these disco balls and create an exceptional experience for your walk down the aisle moment!

Make Special Disco-Themed Inspired Napkins

Before we go ahead and give your endless ideas and inspirations about how to incorporate disco balls at your wedding reception, let us take a moment to remember that a disco ball illo can be easily printed on basically anything, including a clever cocktail napkin for cocktail hour! You can get disco balls printed on the napkins and woo all your wedding guests during the cocktail hour!

Go for Two-in-One Escort Cards

Combine your escort cards with cute and adorable mini disco balls! Trust us, together they will make a perfect way to greet your wedding guests and guide them to their seats at your wedding reception dinner! Not only will they set the overall mood and ambiance of your wedding day celebration but they will also befittingly double as party favors! Escort cards and mini disco balls are indeed a perfect combination for your disco-themed wedding!

Elevate Your Tablescape Game With Small Disco Balls

If you believe that you are a fashionista bride and your motto is “go big or go home ” think of the idea of mixing disco balls into your tablescape at your wedding reception! Disco balls when placed on the table set will undoubtedly make a big and remarkable statement! Consider pairing the whole wedding reception tablescape with mirrored chargers, lots of pastels, and an explosion of flowers punctuated by scattered disco balls! Trust us, it will display that will leave all your wedding guests enchanted for the rest of the night!

Create A Photo Backdrop

Using disco balls as a photo backdrop is not only a great way to flaunt the disco vibes in all your wedding photographs but it is fun too! If you ask, one or two disco balls in the background do not make a great impact on a great installation of endless disco balls in the backdrop! Too many disco balls of different sizes in the backdrop will make a statement and a classic setting for all your wedding photos! You can go for other disco elements in your photo backdrop as well and we assure you that all your wedding guests will love posing for the camera all night with such an alluring and fantastic backdrop!

Think of Creating A Light Show to Woo Your Guests

There are endless ideas and ways when it comes to lighting your wedding reception space! But, when you are in full mood to go all disco balls, just don’t forget what disco balls are all about! All we want to say is that take the best advantage of their light-reflecting quality and make a show of the shimmery effect that gracefully comes from pairing disco balls with spotlights or the traditional fairy lights! This kind of light setting will not elevate your entire wedding venue but will also leave everyone in great amazement!

End The Special Night With A Pinata! 

There are endless ways to surprise your wedding guests, but nothing can ever be compared to the surprise and amazement your wedding guests will experience when you will end the most special and memorable night of your life with a pinata! A pinata during or after your wedding reception is indeed a fun and extremely unexpected surprise that will just keep the party vibes going. Talking about a pinata, nothing says party quite like a shimmery disco ball, so why not combine the two together and make a greater impact on your wedding guests? You can consider filling up the pinata with fun grown-up treats, like koozies and glowsticks, and, ok, maybe some candy because adults love candy too!

Summing everything up! If you love parties and enjoy glam, and you want all your wedding guests to enjoy party fun on your wedding day too, all you have to do is all disco balls to your celebration and voila, everything is what you have always wanted and desired!

Staycation Ideas if You’re Not Ready to Travel

Here are some trendy and amazing staycation ideas if you don’t feel like traveling right after your wedding!

Here are some trendy and amazing staycation ideas if you don’t feel like traveling right after your wedding!


Hats off to all 2020 and 2021 wedding couples! You guys are surely navigating these crazy times and uncharted waters with such grace! Postponing your wedding day, shifting up your idea of a grand and lavish wedding to a more intimate celebration with just some of your near and dear ones, and lastly discovering how to plan a wedding right in the middle of a quarantine… Well, trust us, you guys are completely rocking it! To date, we have shared a lot of tips on weddings during COVID-19, and topics related to that, but today we will be talking about the various trendy and amazing staycation ideas if you don’t feel like traveling right after your wedding!

Read our latest blog on the fun and romantic staycation ideas for all the couples who don’t feel safe to travel during this pandemic situation. All you have to do is hold your partner’s hand and enter the staycation and read on to discover some of the great and romantic staycation ideas while being at home!

Plan a theme night

You have made your mind, and the bags are packed, for Italy! But with everything going around, there are chances that you might not feel like traveling. Well, you can always bring Italy to your home! Rather than buying pasta from a local joint in Paris, make it at home with your sweetheart with your own ingredients, don’t forget to put love (as Paris is the city of love). Why not turn on some enchanting romantic music that reminds you of romantic Rome. You can also consider decorating your patio with vibrant and aromatic flowers and candles, and order in some of your favorite local Italian fare, and make a whole theme night out of it! And want to go the extra mile with your theme night? Well, dress the part, too! And finish the evening ‘laying in the sand’ in your bathing suit, practicing some moves for your cabaret dance, and even smooching while listening to French ballads! African, French, Caribbean- wherever you planned to journey, get creative and bring the world to you, in fact to your house! Even better, travel the world with a Theme Week!

Sightsee from home

Well, if you have always wanted to go backpacking to Europe and have been postponing your travel plans since last year, then don’t worry. There are still various ways for you to explore the wonder of this continent and all its various cultures without even leaving your bed! With everything going virtual, many legendary museums and cities these days are offering virtual tours, a perfect and fun staycation idea! Were you supposed to take your spouse to Paris after your honeymoon but due to this global pandemic, your plan is on halt? Well, not now! You can check out the Musee d’Orsay of Eiffel Tower online. In fact, you will also be able to discover different sights that were not originally on your itinerary list! Wherever you plan to go, try to spend time researching what’s available digitally, so you don’t lose your wanderlust. When it’s safe to plan again, you’ll be armed with (even more) information. Bring your travel destination to your home and explore the world with just one click!

Cuddle up in front of a fire

Tell us one thing! Is there anything in the world more romantic and peaceful than curling up on the couch with the love of your life and cuddling under a warm and cozy blanket while watching firelight flicker and dance? Or spooning with your partner and watching a romantic movie on Netflix and embracing the ambiance? Well, we are pretty much sure, nothing is more romantic than this.

If you are planning your staycation for summer when you might not want to build a fire indoors, you can always have your romantic cuddle night outdoors if you have a firepit. Trust us, with such a setting in the outdoors, you will forget what Paris or Spain feels like!

Cook a meal together

The love that bonds and blooms over food is never-ending! Preparing meals together is one of the easiest and most romantic ways to spice up your staycation if you don’t want to travel!

The time is here. While on your staycation, break out that wedding china and enjoy a dinner you both have cooked together with your special ingredients, like love, passion, and tenderness! Just a piece of advice, try out some new recipe as it will be more fun when you both will be involved in it. Play some romantic songs in the background and enjoy cooking together! There are times when just walking the aisles of a grocery store brings inspiration and kinda feels like a date though.

Work on some home-improvement projects together

A fresh coat of paint will bring a new perspective to your home-based staycation’. This is what we also feel. It is always a great idea to use your staycation in refurbishing your new home, or we say the house of your dreams. Spring cleaning might not be what you have envisioned for your honeymoon, but handling work around the house together is indeed an incredible bonding. Don’t take the heavy work that requires some professional assistance. Ease into easy house remodeling projects together like painting a room with your favorite color, and marvel at how quickly progress can be achieved while stealing some kisses in between. You can also consider renovating the unused parts of your house, like a garage or the attic, or media room makeover to upgrade your Netflix date and chill sessions! Don’t forget to make your staycation relaxed and aromatic by bringing in the fresh air and new flavors in your house by potting plants, herbs, and spices!

Plan a romantic spa day or night at home

This idea is best for all those couples who are eagerly wanting to detox themselves and cool their mind off the chaos of wedding planning, or want to give themselves some good and relaxed time after they have been treated to all of the food and wine they can handle! A spa day or night at home is not only the best way to unwind the stress but is also an exquisite way to spice up the romance. Well, these days, a relaxing spa after the wedding jitters is almost on most of the newly wedded couples’ to-do list of activities. During your staycation, a spa session at your home will definitely make you and your partner feel special and romantic! You can simply start your day or end your day with a bath bomb and glass of champagne for two (remember, when Chandler and Monica have their romance in the bathtub with wine). You can always try your skills at being a masseuse with neck and shoulder massages and scalp and hair massages (check out some reference links on YouTube, before performing it on your partner, pun!). To make your staycation massage session more interesting, you can assign a different body part to the numbers on a dice, and then roll the dice to see who massages what part for the first five to ten minutes! You can also consider making your own cucumber lemon water to sip on while wearing face masks to give each other mani-pedi. Trust us, while staycationing, you and your sweetheart will get all the luxury at a fraction of the cost!

Don’t forget to snap all the photos!

Don’t forget to snapshot your staycation in the best of frames just like you would do if you were traveling to a far-off exotic place with your darling! Trust us, these are very special and precious memories, just like any other vacation (because once everything will be back on track, we can assure you that you will be going to miss this time, so capture it!). If you are a person who loves keeping a journal, then you can use your journal to write down the fun things that you did, ate, or saw! Just think of it as an at-home travel journal. Trust us, it will turn into the sweetest keepsake from your staycation. While staycation at home, you can even ask our affordable and professional wedding photographers to snapshot some really cute and adorable staycation photos of you both. Because once everything will be sorted, these photos will always allow you to cherish the perks of staying at or close to home with your partner!

Utilize the time to reminisce over photos from past celebrations & travels

There is no better time to get out your wedding photos or old family albums or even selecting the best photos for your wedding album than enjoying quality time during your staycation with your partner. Sharing and creating memories with your spouse is always a great way to spark conversation and learn even more about your better half!

And going down memory lane and looking at your old travel photos will always provide you with some new inspirations for your upcoming travel. You might even want to set aside a little of your staycation time in brainstorming the ideas for the next time you both are going to travel.

Plan for some at-home wine tasting

Well, it is absolutely true that a big part of many memorable weddings is the party. Full of delicious food and never-ending wine, and this is the time when you and all your loved ones can come together at your place and celebrate the start of your beautiful happily ever after story! These days, at-home wine tasting is so in the trend that every millennial couple is doing it. So, all you have to do is head to your local market and pick up a selection of different wines, and complement it with some cheese, fruits, snacks, and other yummy treats. Trust us, going on wine shopping will make you feel like you are on a wine tour in Florence or Napa Valley, yet in the comfort of your home!

Set up a backyard beach for your staycation

There are many couples who have always dreamed of just lying on the beach, taking the best of sunbathing on the beach for a couple of weeks post-wedding. If that is not on the card for you right now, you don’t need to get disappointed! You can always create ‘your own beach’ right in your backyard. You can just order an inflatable pool, and bring in some fun tiki accessories like a palm tree and a cute umbrella, and voilà you are all set to go! Now all you have to do is slip in those swimsuits that you order and soak the sun with your favorite person. We personally love this activity as it is not only a blast to put the whole atmosphere together, but it is super-duper unwinding to just lay out in the sunshine together while sipping your martini or any favorite cocktail!

Unplug & have a real conversation or read a book together

Take a break from social media and your phone and just connect with each other like in the 90s. Make the best of your staycation by talking about all the things you have always wanted to talk about. If you both are nerds, then choose a book to read aloud to each other, or you can simply just choose to read one chapter at a time! Well, there is no such rule that it has to be particularly lofty or literary. You can simply select a book that was special to either or both of you as a child, like the Harry Potter series. Well, if you ask us, we think that The Chronicles of Narnia particularly lend themselves to being read aloud in this way!

Take as many naps, together!

Just leave the world and everything behind, and snuggle up under a blanket together like a couple of bunnies and just relish the simple pleasure of napping together. Trust us, it is very soothing and pleasant. It is true that while traveling, couples are highly focused on getting the most out of their time at the destination that they can visit. While you both are staycationing at home, you have already seen everything and there is nothing to see or explore more in your home, so there is no fear of missing out on anything!

Our 5 Favorite Current Bridesmaid Gifts

Here are our 5 top favorite bridesmaids gift ideas % on your wedding to let them know how much you mean to them!

Your partner has proposed and it has begun. You are engaged and currently scrambling to get everything in order for your big day. It can be a nervous yet exciting time for you. There is so much to do and the time always seems so little time. Of course, it can get hectic but with planning ahead and by taking one task at a time, you can easily cruise through this exciting phase of your wedding. The key is to research as much as you can. The more you are prepared, the easier would be your wedding day. There are a lot of aspects to a wedding that have to be taken care of – band, wedding cake, the wedding favors, bachelor or bachelorette party, booking the venue, professional wedding photographers, videographer, and other vendors, etc. We understand that you might have your hands full and thus, you may forget certain things. One thing that many brides forget is to get gifts for their bridesmaids. Sometimes, we easily end up taking granted people to whom we are closest and who work so hard for us. They will be your shoulder to lean on throughout your journey during the preparation phase. Thus, getting them some amazing gifts is the least you can do. And everyone appreciates a nice gift with a little thought behind it.

We know that you’re probably already struggling to get everything together and make your wedding day as perfect as it can be. From nailing down the right wedding invite to getting your dream venue booked, things might get hectic. Thus, we’ve come up with this article to help you pick out the perfect gift for your bridesmaids. You can get inspired by our suggestions, or you can follow the tips and pick out a really memorable gift for your loving bridesmaids. Without further ado, let’s dig in.

All about bridesmaids

As you all know already, there is a clear difference between bridesmaids and the maid of honor. There can only be one maid of honor, while there is no limit to the number of bridesmaids you can have. Moreover, a maid of honor is like a head bridesmaid who delegates work to all the other bridesmaids and coordinates with them. We’ll get to what they do in a bit but first be informed that you should also pick out a gift for your maid of honor along with the bridesmaids.

Bridesmaids along with the maid of honor will help you out at every step leading up to your wedding day. They will help you with the invitations and booking the venue, band, food caterer, etc. The most important ritual that you can have with your maid of honor and bridesmaids in wedding dress shopping. When looking for the perfect wedding gown, you will need second, third, and even fourth opinions. A whole day dedicated to wedding day shopping along with your closest friends can really be a memorable time for you. Even on the wedding day, your bridesmaids and maid of honor will help you with anything that comes up. They will also interact and take care of the guests. All in all, bridesmaids and even groomsmen for that matter end up becoming the backbone of a wedding day. It’s not humanly possible for an individual to successfully take care of all things and prepare for a wedding all by themselves. For a wedding that is planned and executed successfully, you will need all hands on deck. Apart from all the work, bridesmaids and your maid of honor will be a kind of emotional and psychological support for you. The days leading up to the wedding and even the wedding day can be quite stressful. You will need your loved ones by your side to keep your spirit up and prevent you from losing your cool. Your bridesmaids and maid of honor can do just that. Now that you’ve understood the value that bridesmaids hold, it is obvious why you should be picking out some gifts for them.

Why should you get a gift for them?

It must be obvious by now how important bridesmaids are for a bride. Thus, rewarding them with memorable gifts at the end of your wedding ceremony only makes sense. It will not only strengthen your bond with your bridesmaids but also let them know that their hard work did not go unnoticed and unappreciated. Apart from it acting as a way to let them know how important they are, gift-giving is also a sort of ritual that many people expect at the end of a wedding. So, you should definitely not skip it as your bridesmaids might be expecting it. After all, people love to be appreciated and validated. It’s not about the gift but the thought behind it and the context of it.

Our 5 favorite current bridesmaid gifts

If you’re unsure what to pick for your bridesmaids, you do not have to worry. Here is a list of our 5 favorite current bridesmaid gifts that your bridesmaids will love. There are some unique gifts for your bridesmaids on this list, take a look!

Personalized jewelry:

A personalized necklace or a unique matching bracelet might be just the right gift for your bridesmaids. You can pick out an aesthetic necklace that is trendy and hip. You can get it personalized by getting something written on it in the script. That’s where your creativity comes in. Try to make the handwritten message as personal and memorable as you can. Go back to the day you met your bridesmaid, to your best moments with them. Think about something you had said to them or what they had said to you. Try to come up with a message or a phrase that is close to your relationship and means something to both of you. After all, it’s the thought behind the gift that counts. There are personalized actual handwriting necklaces that replicate your handwriting. Thus, they can truly be a memorable pick as a gift to your bridesmaids. Your aim should be to make sure that this gift is remembered by your bridesmaids for the rest of their lives.

The engraved flask/glass:

When it comes to royalty, can you imagine something more royal, and regal, yet so wild at the same time than an engraved golden flask, or a personalized tumbler or glassware. It’s a gift that resonates on two different ends of the spectrums. It will look aesthetic and regal, like something that a princess might have. If your bridesmaid is fond of her drinks, then it’s a win-win! They will definitely love such an amazing flask or a delicately engraved champagne glass and will think of you, and your wedding day every time they drink from it. They can even use it as a piece of decoration or memorabilia. It can become something that sits on the shelf with a really cool backstory. You can use your creative juices when it comes to the message that is engraved. You can engrave their name or sentence that means something to both of you. Or you can poke some fun at them and go the comedic way. “My bridesmaid is a raging alcoholic” and “Don’t look at me, I’m just drinking milk” are some suggestions from which you can take inspiration. In the end, it’s up to you. However, all you need to do is make sure that whatever message you engrave on the drinkware is iconic or memorable in some way.

Comfy hip robes:

When it comes to gifts, clothing is overlooked, and in our opinion, the right pieces of clothing are quite underrated as gifts. If there’s one thing that everyone loves, it’s good attire. There are some really comfortable and trendy robes out there that you can give to your bridesmaids. Robes are something that gives off a luxurious vibe, and they’re often overlooked when it comes to bridesmaid gifts. Most people do not realize how comfortable they are and how badly the receiver might need them. Thus, not many end up buying robes. Do your bridesmaids a favor and buy them some cool and comfortable robes, so they can relax in comfort and style. Apart from that, if you decide to give out the gifts before your wedding day, they can wear them to your bachelorette party, depending upon the type of party it is. Not only is it a cute gift that will end up becoming memorable for both of you, but it is also a practical one. It’s something that your bridesmaids can use every day. And believe us, with the comfort that a good robe can provide, they’ll thank you for it every time they wear it.

Custom book collection:

If you’re in academia or love books, chances are that your bridesmaids and maid of honor are fond of books too. After all, like attracts like. A quick Google search will tell you that books are the most popular gifts out there. They can also be a very boring gift given to the wrong person who doesn’t realize the importance of reading and the beauty of fiction. So, what can you do to make a gift that contains books special? The answer is to make it customized. As your bridesmaids are often your closest friends, you will probably know a lot about their likes and dislikes. Thus, you can pick out the books that they love and the ones they are looking forward to reading. You can make a custom book set with them and gift it to your bridesmaids. Brownie points if you manage to get any book signed by the author.

The wild combination:

This is where things get unique and wild. Who says that you have to stick to just one item when picking out a gift? You can always make a deadly gift combo containing memorable, practical, and cool gifts. Pick out a cosmetic set and combine it with a book set. Get them a Yoga mat along with Yoga pants. The combinations are endless. You can pair the most unexpected items this way. They will not expect it and be legitimately surprised. How about a jewelry box and a silk sleep mask? This is another gift idea that requires your creativity and imagination. Go wild and surprise your bridesmaids with the best gift combination ever.

Tips to help you pick out a good gift for your bridesmaids

Of course, you don’t have to give your bridesmaids the exact things that are mentioned on the list above. You can take inspiration from them, and add your own twist. It’s also perfectly fine if you want to gift your bridesmaids something else entirely. In this section, we’ll provide you with some general tips that you need to keep in mind while picking out a gift for your bridesmaids.

Keep the budget the same:

You wouldn’t want to start any heat, so try to keep the cost of all gifts the same. You wouldn’t want to gift one bridesmaid a piece of expensive jewelry, while you gift another a simple mug. The disparity between the prices should be minimum as it can hurt the feelings of some of your bridesmaids. Of course, you can choose a relatively more special gift for your maid of honor, but don’t overdo it.

Make it personal:

Try to make the gift as personal as it can be. It’s the thought that matters, not the actual materialistic product. Gifts become special because of the person gifting them to you and the context around the gift. Without the love you put into it, it’s just another gift that doesn’t mean anything. So, try and make your gift mean something.

Take their tastes into consideration: As a bride’s bridesmaids are usually her close friends, she is probably aware of their tastes. Therefore, it is important that you as a bride take their tastes into consideration. You wouldn’t want to give a bridesmaid of yours a book if she is not into reading at all. Such gifts lose all meaning even if they’re customized or personal.

With all the information above, you will definitely end up picking the most amazing gift for your bridesmaids. Stick to the budget, make it personalized, and make it unique. We’re sure that your bridesmaids and maid of honor will appreciate the thought.