Your Guide to Planning a Parisian Themed Wedding

This wedding inspiration features some interesting ideas to help you plan a Persian-themed wedding! Check the blog to know more!

The initial stage of lavish and memorable wedding planning starts with a couple selecting the date and the wedding venue for their celebration, but even before that, they need to settle on a theme for their wedding day. Closing over a wedding theme early in the process of wedding planning will not only help you to shape and craft the look and overall feel of your wedding day including the color themes, tablescape, and decor ideas along with the attire and wedding dresses, but will also help you create an unforgettable celebration. The reason we are emphasizing so much on selecting a wedding theme is that there is no wedding like a perfectly planned theme wedding. A well-planned themed wedding might have elephants and everything you have ever dreamed of (you will know if you are inspired by Katy Perry and Russell Brand’s wedding day).

Well, talking about theme weddings, these days, our millennial engaged couples are enchanted by the charm of Parisian-themed weddings. There is something utterly incredible and romantic about a Parisian-themed wedding. Filled with quiet streets, charming chateaus, and exclusive restaurants, indeed Paris is the perfect place for all those couples who are planning to host a small and intimate destination wedding. But, if you are a bride who has always dreamed of an extravagant Parisian-themed wedding in the city of love, then also your wedding desires will be taken care of efficiently. The exquisite and lavish hotels and expansive terraces in every corner of the city turn out that Paris is pretty good at accommodating your dream of having a lavish wedding too!

Even if you are not actually tying your knot in France, we can assure you that the below-mentioned Parisian-themed wedding ideas and inspirations will definitely transport you and all your wedding guests to the incredible City of Love! No matter what kind of vibe you want to bring into your Parisian-themed wedding day, you can have it all! Just like the way, Breaking Bad’s charming actor Aaron Paul married the love of his life Lauren Parsekian in a Parisian carnival-themed reception highlighting the major Great Gatsby vibes!

A Parisian-Themed Wedding

There is no surprise, or we say doubt that there are unique and specific ways that Parisians do everything, all the way from self-care to wearing a scarf! And their weddings are no exception. A perfect and graceful Parisian-themed wedding radiates a charming and careful balance between artfully simple and ornate accents. An ideal Parisian-themed wedding features all the crucial aspects of their fashion and beauty, like simplicity and effortless elegance. So, if you are planning to have a Parisian-themed wedding for your special day, don’t forget to include all the romantic motifs like the traditional symbols such as hearts, cupids, lovebirds, and romantic words and phrases!

Parisian-Themed Wedding Decor Inspiration

To bring in the true essence and spirit of Paris to your wedding decor, try incorporating renaissance accents, urns, candelabras, and romantic garden touches, as all these elements speak for themselves. Don’t forget to bring in lush, dripping florals with beautiful roses and romantic blush tones to capture the actual classic feel of a Parisian Jardin or garden wedding. Trust us, the more ornate pieces in your wedding decor the perfect will be the ambiance of your wedding day. As ornate pieces gracefully capture the rich history of the Parisian upper class.

Parisian-Themed Wedding Venue Idea

Worried about finding a perfect wedding venue that radiates the true charm and grandeur of a Parisian-themed wedding in the States, well, don’t need to stress away as you are not required to travel all the way to France to have a flawless wedding venue. There are tons of wedding venue options available in the States when it comes to staging your perfect and memorable Parisian-themed wedding. Explore your city and find the best chateaus and resplendent gardens, and trust us, you will be sure to swoon. These kinds of wedding venues in and around your city will be absolutely perfect for a wedding à la française!

Parisian-Themed Wedding Bride Attire

Delicate and exquisite lace details are a must if you are planning to have a Parisian-themed wedding for your wedding day! French-style wedding dresses are all about long and lean silhouettes. If you are looking to truly evoke the romance and graceful sophistication of a Parisian bride, always go for a tailored sheath wedding dress or an elegant mermaid wedding dress for your wedding day bridal look!

You can also pick a wedding gown with intricate back details, such as a scalloped cutout that is also quintessentially French! If you are planning to wear a strapless wedding gown so that you can flaunt your well-toned body and those chic collar bones but also want that French grace, try pairing your look with a lace bolero to radiate that elegant charm. Trust us, all eyes will be stuck on you the moment you will float down the aisle towards the love of your life!

Parisian-Inspired Bridal Accessories

Remember, when famed designer Coco Chanel advised that a woman must put on all her planned jewelry for her wedding day, and before leaving the house she should take one time off! In short, a classic and chic Parisian bridal look is all about a less-is-more approach. From bridal jewelry to accessories, a classic Parisian bride always keeps her bridal look simple yet elegant and enchanting!

Brides who are planning to be a sheer example for a Parisian wedding should opt for a bridal look that would be best off with one eye-catching accessory, or a fascinator. For a classic Parisian bridal look, you can never go wrong with romantic long wedding veils. You can also consider a birdcage veil for a très chic wedding-style touch. Or you can also ditch the veil look and lead your look with a dazzling bejeweled headpiece!

There is another bridal accessory for your Parisian wedding bridal look. Want to know what? A parasol. Nothing is more reminiscent of a charming Parisian garden soirée than a delicate and exquisite lace parasol to protect you from the sun on your wedding day!

Parisian-Themed Groom Wedding Dress

Unlike brides, there is nothing specific that a groom needs to wear for a Parisian-themed wedding. The groom should always be ready to turn up his magical charm with dynamic and debonair wedding attire. A groom can stunningly rock his groom look in a tuxedo elegantly paired with a crisp white undershirt. Just a piece of advice here, the groom and groomsmen, must ditch the usual formal tie and should go for a charming black bow tie, framed by a crisp, ironed collar!

Trust us, this look will be timeless and at home dancing in the ballroom of an opulent and luxurious French château or dining al fresco in the outdoors. Going for this stunning look, we can assure you that your groom will cut a charming figure against the background of a sensual Parisian theme!

Parisian-Themed Wedding Floral Inspiration

A classic and traditional Parisian wedding is all about lots and lots of florals! Huge floral bouquets and frothy garden centerpieces will never fail to deliver the soft setting of a true Parisian romance to your wedding day! Some of the best flowers that you can consider adding to your wedding day floral decorations are peonies, lily of the valley, dahlia, David Austin rose, garden rose, hydrangea, snapdragons, calla lily, baby’s breath, lavender, carnation flowers, and for fillers, moss and ivy make a great choice.

Talking about the decor or the centerpieces, it should be unstructured, bountiful, and flowy! Make sure you are maintaining a good distance from heavy shape floral pieces, including the flower ball arrangements. All you have to do is make sure that the flower that you are choosing for your wedding day floral decor should always look as though they were just picked by the armful from the ground and artfully placed in the center of every table.

Parisian-Themed Dress Ideas for Bridesmaids

The handsome groom squad will be wearing their finest for your Parisian-themed wedding. But, we just want to recommend that bridesmaids should mirror their wedding day look with a few chic touches. The bridesmaids can go for dresses that are long and formally cut. A delicate and soft blush palette to resonate with your wedding day color theme will be an ideal option. A cool contrast of dove gray or gentle mauve would also make for a refined yet light palette for your Parisian-themed wedding.

Parisian-Themed Wedding Cake & Dessert Ideas

There is no doubt that a wedding cake is a traditional and most liked element of a wedding day. And a Parisian-themed wedding is finely used by an accompanying dessert bar. It is widely known that the French are famous for their bite-sized pastries, tarts, and delectable desserts. Who can ever forget the delicious airy meringue macaroon cookies that always make for a delicious wedding treat? Well, if you are looking for some ideas to have a delectable Parisian-themed wedding dessert display on your wedding day, here they are-

Ditch all the overly structured fondant on your wedding cake in favor of some delicious French Buttercream adorned with some florals like David Austin roses, or you can also consider bringing in some fillers to bring out an alluring rustic French character! For your cocktail hour dessert, you can include an assortment of bite-sized desserts on various levels, trays, and displays. If by any chance, you are tight on your wedding planning budget you can always work the magic around donuts! All you have to do is double up by boxing up two macarons as favors at each place setting!

Never Skimp on Food, Wine, & Le Gâteau

It is no secret that French people take their food and wine incredibly seriously. For them, wine and food are not just the aspects of their survival or enjoyment, but they are the pillars of their rich French culture. So, if you have set your mind over a traditional Parisian-themed wedding, then you have to increase the food items on your menu and along with the wine and champagne bottles! We can assure you that your wedding guests will surely love your Parisian-themed wedding and will never stop talking about it for years to come. Because a Parisian wedding is all about the best of the best food and wine, no matter whether you are planning to go all grand or want to keep it simple and intimate. The cocktail hour at a Parisian-themed wedding can last for multiple hours, and champagne is always in abundance! It’s great, right!

Make Your Parisian-Themed Wedding a Whole Weekend Celebration

Traditionally, an actual Parisian wedding is a multiple-day affair, unlike weddings in the States. So, if you have set your mind for a classic and traditional Parisian-themed wedding, make sure you are hosting it over a weekend so that everyone can have the best time of their lives and enjoy every moment to the fullest. Plan your traditional wedding ceremony, and wedding reception one day, and after-wedding party and morning brunch the next day! We can assure you that your wedding guests will never forget your weekend wedding celebration!

Try DIY Ideas for Your Parisian-Themed Wedding

Well, it is true that Parisian weddings tend to be very DIY in comparison to those of American weddings. For an elegant and classy Parisian-themed wedding, try bringing all your DIY wedding ideas to life. You can start fitting your DIY ideas into your wedding decor, and wedding favors, and let everything unfold itself.

Summing up! 

Affectionately known as the City of Love, there is no doubt that the unique and alluring style of this mecca of romance is a common inspiration for all the couples who are planning to have a Parisian-themed wedding in America! We can promise you that once you read our latest blog on- Guide to Parisian-Themed Wedding, you will be absolutely ready to suffice the most special day of your life with plenty of I’amour!