Ultimate Wedding Photography Shot List

Check out the ultimate wedding photography shot list for your wedding day in this resourceful wedding inspiration!

Check out the ultimate wedding photography shot list for your wedding day in this resourceful wedding inspiration!


You have put an incredible amount of energy and time into your wedding planning by collecting so many inspirations from around the internet. And hence we understand the importance of wedding photos as part of wedding planning priorities. Your wedding portraits will be a testament to the unforgettable wedding day you had, and therefore the photos should be worth all the time and energy spent. So coming up with a must-have wedding photo list and sharing it with your wedding photographer before your wedding day can put you at ease.


You will always cherish the memories you create on your wedding day, and your wedding portraits will be the very thing you will look back on in the coming days to reminisce on a beautiful day that you planned yourself. Since all your wedding planning inspirations and resources, starting from you getting ready with your team of bridesmaids all the way through the grand wedding exit, will create uncountable photo opportunities, some of which you can orchestrate and others will be pure candids capturing the rawest of emotions. We have put together a wedding photo list that has all the must-have moments on your wedding day for your wedding photographer to capture.


Here is our favorite must-have wedding photography shot list:


Shot of the wedding invitation

While listing down your favorite wedding photography list, ask your wedding photographer to capture your wedding paper suite alongside meaningful big day elements like your wedding rings, bridal bouquet, the groom’s boutonniere, other wedding stationeries, and precious family heirlooms. If you hire a videographer for your wedding, ask him or her to fill out the negative spaces surrounding these elements with ribbons and decorations that will fit the wedding color palette. These photographs and videos can ultimately be featured in your reception entryway and backdrops, respectively, later in the night. These amazing wedding shots can also be the ultimate wedding album opener!


The wedding ring shot

You spent so much time handpicking your wedding day accessories and jewelry, so be sure to capture that! Tick off your ultimate wedding photography checklist by making sure that your engagement ring and wedding bands are beautifully captured in detailed portraits alongside other bridal and groom jewelry and accessories. Whether you are wearing something old, new, borrowed, or blue, or simply want your choice of trendy and bright engagement ring‘s diamond to steal the show, make sure you talk to your wedding photographer so that you can return to this particular shot over and over again when flipping through your wedding photos. Since most of the brides do not wear their engagement ring very often after the wedding day, this beautifully detailed shot will forever be their favorite reference for the shining engagement ring!


The bride getting ready portraits with the bridesmaids

Your time in the bridal suite as a bride will be packed with poignant moments which should be captured no matter what! Is there any bride in the world who wouldn’t love her getting-ready portraits on the wedding day? Probably no list of photographs for weddings is complete without the bride and her bridesmaids getting ready for the big day, wrapped in satin gowns and clinking martini glasses! From gifting lovely gifts to your bridesmaids to making precious memories with them that will go down the wedding album as beautiful keepsakes from this day, never forget to ask your wedding videographer or photographer to document the big reveal of all the crazy wedding dress shopping sprees!


Bridal portraits

This is your day to shine in the spotlight and show off that pretty wedding dress that you have scored for the biggest day of your life! Every woman goes through a complete transformation from being a woman to a bride when she slips into her wedding dress, and this is the moment that you as a bride should never shy away from the camera. Ask your wedding videographer or photographer to set some time aside to capture your bridal portraits and take you on a spin through all the wedding photography to-do list poses that you have imagined for yourself all these years.


Detailed shots

From showing off your pretty braid to the trendy wedding shoes to how you have managed to customize your bridal accessories in the choice of pastel color combinations for your ever-glowing fairytale wedding, each and every element of your choice deserves to be captured in detailed shots. Your wedding photos list should have this ‘photo evidence’ in a vivid way so that every time you look into them in the future they take you back to this glorious day. If you are rocking a bridal veil and have spent many hours while choosing the prettiest of bridal veil, then be sure to have your photographer snap some pics of this dreamy piece of cloth from every single angle.


With the wedding party

Whether you are hosting a Parisian-themed wedding or a simple brunch wedding, your gang of best friends on both sides will surely be dressing up for it! Ask your wedding photographer to capture the natural and candid moments between you and your bridesmaids, the groom and his groomsmen, and all of you together in pretty group photographs, so that these unforgettable wedding moments filled with infectious smiles are captured forever. Make sure to get some laughing ones as these wedding photography shots before the ceremony will be cherished with your closest friends for years to come and hence they better be good!


The wedding flowers and heirlooms

You probably spent hours and hours deciding on your wedding flowers. Your wedding flowers include your bridal bouquet, the bridesmaids’ bouquets, the groom and his groomsmen’s boutonnieres, the reception table floral centerpieces, the wedding entry and exit gate flowers, the flowers used for dressing up the aisle, the edible flowers for dressing up the cocktail reception drinks, and the intricate floral designs to dress up the wedding arch. One of the most essential wedding photography tips for brides is to pose with the gorgeous bridal bouquet that they have so carefully chosen to complete the bridal look! The wedding bouquet shots are an absolute must! Your trendiest wedding bouquets and groom’s boutonniere can be organized in beautiful arrangements when they are in their freshest state for capturing. Similarly, little objects and details like if you have incorporated family heirlooms in your wedding, then be sure to include them in your wedding photography checklist, as these details are culturally and emotionally meaningful to the union.


The groom shots

Just like your bridal portraits, include beautiful groom shots in your typical wedding photos list. Since it is the day of the groom as well, make sure that it’s his turn to play model, and do not forget to tell the groom how he looks before he hops in front of the camera! Also, you have a very little amount of time before all the groomsmen loosen their tight ties and get rid of their boutonnieres, and hence make sure to capture them in candid and natural groomsmen photographs that will be pasted as happy memories in your wedding album.


The first look

Probably one of the best wedding moments to watch over and over again, your first look will create pictures that will last you forever! One of the top must-have wedding photos according to every wedding photographer, make sure to document every moment of your first look if you decide to have one, as these moments are all about celebrating the couple for what they are. Just about when their lives are going to change forever for good, couples can hug one another, laugh, kiss, cry, jump up and down, and soak in the realization that they are about to be ‘one’ from today. However, some couples would rather wait for the moments at the altar and have their first look there. But make sure to include these moments in the shot list for wedding photographers.


The emotional first looks of the dad and the groom

Just like the first look between the couple is an extremely emotional moment that deserves to be on the wedding photo ideas list! There are other important first look photographs like the first look between the groom and his dad that will create memorable father-daughter portraits. This is a good alternative for couples who want their first look to take place on the aisle. Speaking of the first look on the aisle, the groom’s reaction to seeing his bride walking down the aisle still continues to be one of our favorite must-have wedding shots. These moments can be really beautiful and should top the curated wedding photo list of shots!


The candid moments of the ceremony

A wedding ceremony is filled with tear-jerking emotional moments from belly laugh to happy tears, and each and every one of these candid moments should go into the wedding photo list. Wedding candid portraits are our favorite! All the unfiltered emotions that take place during poignant wedding ceremonies are often the most challenging and rewarding aspects of wedding photography. The ceremony reaction shots of parents as you exchange your wedding vows are our favorite list of wedding detail shots. These real moments are the most artistic, but they are wildly out of the photographer’s control in terms of timing, location, and lighting. Hence, getting some beautiful and candid wedding portraits without disturbing the sanctity of the ceremony will be the ultimate exemplary showmanship of your wedding photography team.


The important ceremony moments

You always remember the first kiss! Whether it was on your prom night or it was under the sky on the visit to your favorite aunt on a summer day, this is the day you remember for the rest of your life whether you want it or not. So, commemorating the first kiss at your wedding ceremony is undoubtedly one of the most important traditional wedding photography shots that will have our lovestruck hearts forever. Several other precious moments like the ring exchange portraits and the candid laughs of both the bride and the groom as well as everyone attending the ceremony can make amazing candid wedding portraits for their wedding album. The wedding exit after walking down the aisle with your partner by your side as newlyweds is also one of the most important moments for your wedding photo list. To make it more memorable, you can kiss your partner at the end of the aisle to create the most dreamy couple portrait for your album. This can not only make your wedding guests reach out for their handkerchiefs but also enable your wedding photographer to capture some candid couple portraits that will be so worth it!


The wide ceremony site shot

Ask your wedding photographer to take a landscape shot of the entire wedding ceremony. The wide-angle ceremony shot should be there on your wedding photo ideas list as this is an image you will never get to see for yourself on your wedding day since you will be the most core part of the ceremony and cannot see the full scene unfolding. The panorama style shot of your wedding ceremony can also portray your wedding style and overall theme in an enhanced way. It’s a fun and unique perspective to see your wedding from a different angle as it has all your loved ones in it.


The couple portraits

You probably cannot wait to find out ‘how to create a wedding shot list’ with more photos of you and your BAE in it! After you exchange your wedding vows and say “I do,” sneak out to the surrounding areas or to some landmarks of your wedding city to take photos of just the two of you as newlyweds for the first time. It’s a nice chance to spend some quality time with your partner and bask in the newfound ‘just married’ glow. Probably the most popular must-have wedding photos of all time, this is the chance for your wedding photographer to capture your connection up close and personal while exploring different locations and witnessing the vivid personalities of both of you come out in front of the lens. To click some amazing candid wedding photos, you have to let loose in front of your wedding photographers and let them click some spontaneous and unplanned candid shots as you allow yourself to relax and revel in those precious moments.


The wedding party photos

Arrange everyone in one big group and click amazing wedding party photos as everyone has fun and is ready to kick their party shoes off! Updating your family album with precious family portraits of your wedding featuring all your immediate family and your grandparents with you and your spouse is a great way to take and preserve generational shots that will be passed down the family. Your wedding photography shot list is also incomplete without your group of best friends cheering and having fun while displaying their coordinated tuxedos and dresses. Your gang of bridesmaids and groomsmen will demonstrate the love you have for them.


The wedding reception and cocktail hour details

Ask your professional wedding photographers to complete your wedding photography checklist by capturing your guests in action while they are sipping their signature cocktail drinks and mingling around. It is likely that you have spent a lot of time picking linens and centerpieces for your reception and making sure that your photographer captures the glamorous big day wedding ideas that you so carefully implemented by clicking the immaculately designed tablescapes from different angles. The details of place settings and the wedding cake portraits are also important before they are put into action.


The first dance and last kiss

Some of the wedding milestones like the first dance and wedding cake-cutting ceremony offer once-in-a-lifetime photo opportunities that should be captured by your wedding photographer. Your first dance portraits as you twirl around the dance floor can capture all the fun you are having. Adorable cutting and eating of the wedding cake portraits are definitely cute and should be included in your list. Also, your wedding photographer should never forget to capture your loved ones letting loose on the dance floor! Last but not the least, snag one more smooch on your way out as a perfect ending to your big day. The last kiss portrait on your wedding day can be a beautiful and emotional end to an unforgettable day.

Step one to checking off your must-have wedding photo list is to hire a wedding photographer you are most excited about and put your trust in the professional expertise that they have to offer. Choosing a great wedding videographer or photographer is already half the battle won, since their years of experience have qualified and prepared them for all the precious and beautiful wedding moments that they are supposed to capture. When you hire a professional wedding photographer, you hire someone who knows what they are doing and are eager to put out their best work for you. So relax and enjoy your wedding while your wedding photographer captures each and every moment of your big day according to your wedding photo list!

Top Hotels for a Honeymoon Stay

Check out our blog featuring some of the most amazing honeymoon hotels from around the world for an unforgettable honeymoon!

Check out our blog featuring some of the most amazing honeymoon hotels from around the world for an unforgettable honeymoon!

The most important event of your life is finally over, and it was nothing short of a dream! The flowers were fragrant, the weather just right and there was that giddy feel-good feeling in the pit of your stomach throughout the day, which is purely a reliable indicator that the day went pretty great! You swayed to your favorite tune, poured your heart out in the vows, and rode off into the sunset with your lover after a gorgeous sparkler exit. Or maybe you got married to your partner on a totally regular Wednesday morning in a courthouse wedding venue and followed it up with brunch at your favorite joint and just made a regular Wednesday the best day of your life! No matter what, weddings are special and are one of the highlight reel moments of your life. However, the fun isn’t over yet!

After the wedding is over, it is time for the party to get started! A honeymoon is a perfect time to travel as a married couple for the first time and relax, enjoy each other’s company. You can finally share the thrill of exploring a brand-new place, and sinking into the little luxuries of slow living! It is normal for couples to choose the best of places for their travel destination and seek out the best of hotels. It is after a trip that will never be forgotten, and the memories from your honeymoon will bring a smile to your face long after the tan lines have faded. If you are planning your wedding and also planning your honeymoon adventure, we have just the right kind of list for you! We have the most luxurious and top-rated hotels to add magic to your honeymoon stay! Rated on different criteria like far-flung solitude, breathtaking views, and royal treatment, these are the hotels that are the best of the best on the whole blue planet and are the crème de la crème of them all!

Ponta dos Ganchos

Santa Catarina, Brazil

Located on a private peninsula, Ponta dos Ganchos is enclosed by the striking waters of southern Brazil’s Emerald Coast and is the perfect spot for you if it’s the peace and relaxation you’re after. A romantic hideaway found in 25 ocean-facing bungalows, this gem of a place is tucked away inside a rainforest and is luxurious and serene. Featuring infinity plunge pools, deep-soaking hot tubs, private saunas, and set against a dramatic, isolated backdrop of flourishing rainforest edged by a gorgeous sandy bay, the hotel welcomes guests in with easy luxury and relaxing energy. The gorgeous accommodations with soothing neutrals and the jaw-dropping view outside all come together to create an unforgettable experience!

Shangri-La Hotel


Is there anything like being in the most romantic city in the world and staying in the most iconic honeymoon hotels? Shangri-La is known to be one of the most romantic hotels out there and wrapped up in the gorgeous romantic vibe of Paris, the experience is amplified tenfold! A 19th-century architectural gem listed in the French “Monuments Historiques” registry since 2009 and officially awarded the “Palace” status in 2014, this was the former home of Prince Roland Bonaparte and is the epitome of Parisian elegance. It is accessibly located just minutes from the Champs-Elysées and seamlessly blends European grandeur with traditional Asian charm. Featuring lush landscaped gardens, two Michelin-starred restaurants, and luxurious antique-filled rooms, and gorgeous views of the Eiffel Tower just out there casually for you to take in from your balcony like it is no big deal, the Shangri-La hotel in Paris is the hotel to be in if you are visiting Paris for your honeymoon!

Song Saa Private Island


Song Saa Private Island is a honeymoon paradise nuzzled in the undiscovered charm of Cambodia’s Koh Rong Archipelago. The two pristine islands lie side by side and are locally known as Song Saa, which is Khmer for ‘The Sweethearts, which is quite apt for honeymooners! With unparalleled, world-class cuisine, striking sunset views, and a collection of spa and wellness treatments, Song Saa offers comprehensive indulgence for mind, body, and soul. Soaked in harmony, sustainability, and luxury, Song Saa comes with energy-efficient thatched roofing, reclaimed timber from disused fishing boats, furniture made from driftwood gathered in the local beaches, and more! From tropical reefs to white private sandy beaches, peaceful yoga to adventurous water sports activities, whatever is your vibe, this is a hotel that will provide it all. With 9 overwater villas in addition to 18 Garden and Beach Villas, this resort provides unending luxury mixed with serenity and calming romance!

The Brando

French Polynesia

The Brando is a stunning luxury resort on French Polynesia’s breathtakingly gorgeous private island of Tetiaroa which is composed of a dozen small islands encompassing a gleaming lagoon just 30 miles northeast of Tahiti. The Brando is not only exceptionally luxurious and beautiful, but it also offers a pristine nature as it is only accessible by a 20-minute private plane flight from Tahiti! The resort’s 35 villas are spread over on romantic white-sand beaches and the place is no stranger to sea turtles, manta rays, and vibrant exotic birds! The resort was designed to reflect the Polynesian culture and gives its visitors a close brush with the aesthetics of the land. Featuring thatched-roof villas with chic Polynesian styling feature living rooms, accompanied by decks with outdoor tubs, private pools, and lagoon views, The Brando is surely a pleasure to be in, and is a perfect honeymoon destination! It also comes with a luxurious spa, wellness center along with East-meets-west fusion and classic French cuisine, which will make your stay more magical for sure!

Jade Mountain

St. Lucia

An iconic honeymoon destination, Jade Mountain is St. Lucia’s only resort property with the phenomenal view of both the Piti and Gros Piton mountains drifting upon the Caribbean Sea. The spot where the property is located is enough reason for you to pack your bags right now! Aesthetically unsurpassed and rising regally above the private estate of Anse Chastanet with 600 lush tropical acres adjoining two soft, sand Caribbean beaches with pristine coral reefs, Jade Mountain comes with impressive design elements too! Featuring individual bridges leading to outstanding infinity pool suites, and exciting and rugged stoned-faced columns reaching towards the sky, everything makes Jade Mountain one of the Caribbean’s most enchanting resort experiences with the prettiest of views. Jade Mountain’s 29 suites, also called “sanctuaries”, features stage-like settings with the fourth wall missing, making it the perfect spot for embracing the vision of St Lucia’s Twin Peaks, the Pitons World Heritage Site, and the endless Caribbean Sea.

Royal Mansour


The Royal Mansour was commissioned by King Mohammed VI and is an oasis of 53 luxurious private residences full of riads, quiet courtyards, and stunning intimate restaurants just five minutes from the Jemaa el-Fnaa. The gorgeous riads are enough to take one’s breath away, as they are draped with suede and silk carpets, and adorned with velvet brocade sofas and gleaming Baccarat crystal, making the guests feel like they have stepped into a palace! Apart from riads, the Royal Mansour comes with impressive private spa suites, complete with hammam, plunge pool, and terrace. The Royal Mansour clearly defies hotel excellence by definition, and offers the guests the unique concept of a medina within a medina, taking them on a sensory journey with each step into the secret and sumptuous history of the gorgeous hotel! This is a hotel that will add all the luxury to your honeymoon experience!

Conrad Bora Bora Nui

Bora Bora

While it is difficult to find a hotel or a resort in the stunning Bora Bora which is not perfect for a couple of honeymooners, this will be a whole new level of impressive. The Conrad Bora Bora Nui is a delightful and deluxe resort where recreation and exceptional views welcome one who visits. Tucked away on a private island, Motu To’opua, the hotel strives to provide the guests with an experience of the extensive private stretch of soft sand beaches and the stunning backdrop of Mount Otemanu and the captivating lagoon. It has two-story overwater bungalows, allowing extra space and appended privacy. It also comes with a hilltop spa, romantic white-sand beaches, an infinity pool, and an idyllic sunset lounge with a glass floor offering a peek at the coral reefs below.

Four Seasons Resort Serengeti


Plunge into the thrilling experience of the Serengeti drives and return to the safe haven wrapped in luxury at Four Seasons Resort Serengeti. Deep within Africa’s finest game reserve lies the sanctuary of Four Seasons comfort and the enchanting opportunity to get up close and friendly with lions, leopards, and elephants, yet still feeling taken care of! The magnificent Serengeti property allows a vast menu of offerings, from floating sunset dinners on top of the desert-facing pool to Burudika spa treatments utilizing local plants and healing minerals. It comes with 77 luxurious rooms which are built to blend into the environment with their thatched-grass roofs and the earthy neutral color palettes. As the private infinity-edge pools face the watering holes directly, you might get a chance to say hello to the wild ones, while taking a dip!

Wildflower Hall, An Oberoi Resort

Shimla, India

Nuzzled in the mountains and surrounded by the most pristine environment, this Oberoi property makes it to the list just for the views alone. Wrapped up with mesmerizing views of the snow-capped mountains, whistling pine trees, and crisp weather, Wildflower Hall in Shimla, India is a treat to the senses. But it is not all views and has a whole lot to offer! Situated 8,250 feet above sea level, the hotel is surrounded by cedar forests and wildflower fields and each of its rooms is furnished with elegant colonial furniture, lush hand-woven Indian carpets, and exquisite pieces of art! Alluring with its tranquil nature and stunning views, the hotel also offers activities for couples, be it scenic guided nature hikes, picnics in the mountaintop, and enchanting private dining inside a forest gazebo. If you are the couple who loves the mountains, the coziness, and sleepy little towns, this is it for you!

Grace Santorini


Grace Santorini is an elite boutique hotel in Santorini, which rests 363 meters above Santorini’s world-famous caldera, allowing breathtaking scenes and pristine relaxations. Bright blue skies, endless water lines, and stunning architecture, Grace Santorini is minimalistic in its approach yet maximalist in its services! This no-fuss hotel swaps the embellishment for vast stretches of stunning white beaches and sea views that extend to infinity. The 21 innovatively renovated rooms and suites showcase a modern style, blending cutting-edge bespoke design elements with quaint traditional handcrafted pieces. The luxurious bathrooms come with marble carved basins and spacious rain showers with mosaic walls. The rooms come with outdoor plunge pools, while the 400 square meters villa allows a private heated pool and spa. The hotel’s pool is truly magnificent and one of the most Instagram-friendly swimming pools in the world. Located just 2 km from Fira, this award-winning exclusive boutique hotel offers luxurious accommodation you will never forget with panoramic sea views. Grace Hotel Santorini can arrange for boat trips to nearby islands and private daily cruises for honeymoon couples. Situated in Imerovigli village, the hotel is easily accessible just 8 km away from Santorini Airport and 10 km away from Athinios Port.

Honeymoon packs with it an excitement of its own, but that is not all the feeling it brings. It is full of the thrill of newness, the excitement of the new journey, and the brimming love you feel towards your significant other. Sure you will be traveling many times later in your marriage, but this time it is special in a different way. The stories from your honeymoon, the country you chose, the hotel you stayed in, the clothes you wore, the pictures you took, the sun-soaked days of exploring, and the magic-filled evenings going out for dinners with your new spouse will always bring a smile to your face decades from now. So choose your honeymoon details wisely and intentionally. We have touched on every top hotel out there, no matter whether you are planning a wedding, or a Caribbean island escapade, or an African safari! Hope you got some valuable insights from this!