Why is Investing in a Wedding Video Worth it?

Newly married couple kissing during wedding photoshoot

Newly married couple kissing during wedding photoshoot

A wedding day is potentially the most anticipated day of one’s life. It is a social declaration in front of everyone you hold close in your life, that you and your spouse are each other’s ride or dies, for as long as ‘forever’ lasts. It is a day you will want to live and relive for years to come! You will talk about this day whenever you make friends and are sitting together cozily, swapping stories. You will talk about this day when your grandkids are wrapped around your armchair, begging for the story to be retold for the umpteenth time. You will want to hold to those moments forever in your heart as your wrinkles grow deeper and the memories grow fainter.


And sometimes the photo squares in the album are not quite doing it, as they can only capture so much. However, a cinematic representation of the day went by can really transport you to the day, making it a memoir for you to revisit for decades to come. It can act as a time capsule, encapsulating your memories, your high points, and the cracking emotions in a perfect movie. It might cost you a little more to get a panoramic video made, but can you really put a price tag on memories? Let us go through some reasons why wedding videos are definitely a good investment:


•  Play-by-play of the day: As witnessed by many married couples, the wedding day goes by very fast. Most people say their wedding day is a giant blur of activities and they don’t remember what went on exactly. Having a dedicated video acting as a reference point and a play-by-play of how the day went is just about perfect. It reminds you of the trivial details of the day which will make you smile in years to come. Investing in a wedding videographer lets you relive your special day, even when your memory fails you.

•  People make a wedding: The guests of the wedding day are essentially the people who make the wedding a special event that it is. Seeing the friendly faces of your well-wishers will warm your heart and remind you how important these souls are in your life. As it is the close circle of people who make a wedding more special, having them forever captured in your wedding video will make you cherish them more.

•  The promise encrypted: While the wedding might have a lot of moments to cherish, the most monumental one has to be the ceremony. As the vows are shared between the couple and the promise of forever is exchanged, the video will capture the slighted detail of the ceremony in exquisite details.

•  Feel the feels: You are probably going to be moving through a wave of emotions on your wedding day, and what better way to capture that than to have it in a wedding video for years to come? Feel the jitters, the excitement, the love in your heart, and the thrill of the future ahead forever. You can add in your special touch to make your wedding video more representative of you. Many videographers have collections that you can choose from and personalize your wedding film accordingly


A wedding video is a ride back to the day it all happened, and it will forever be yours to revisit when you are feeling low, or reminiscent. There are so many talented wedding videographers out there who will weave your day in a perfect movie, give words so your feelings are articulated perfectly, and bring your day alive in vivid colors and elevated shots, as you and your partner star in your unique love story!

For the Indulgent Bride : Prep Yourself Luxuriously!

Bride getting ready for her wedding day

Bride getting ready for her wedding day

Hey gorgeous, a little birdie told us that you are all set to tie the knot! And we’re sure, with a constant glow on your face, everyone can sense your excitement. And now as you look forward to the happiest day of your life, we understand the butterflies and anxiety that come along with the excitement. It’s your best day and you want to look your most dazzling self.


The transformation and transition mostly do not happen overnight, they require weeks and months of dedication. There are certain things which can easily be done by yourself while there are those which require some indulging! Let’s take you through some of the basic as well as luxurious ways of self-care that comprise your wedding beauty timeline, which you can indulge in to achieve that flawless look for your big day.


Go Easy on the Stress

When to start – Day 1

First and foremost, the basics – try to keep the stress away. We know that a celebration this big brings with it so many things to sort, to think about and to take care of. We are sure you know that the effects of stress can become easily visible on your face like early wrinkles, dullness and much more. Apart from that, it can also cause various inflammatory conditions like eczema and keratosis. No point taking stress when you have such a great thing to look forward to.


Skin Care

When to start – 8 months prior

You can start with a skin-care regimen right from Day 1 of knowing about your wedding, but a minimum of eight months is a must. Schedule an appointment with your dermatologist and get talking about the skin-care regimen that should be followed to achieve that flawless dream look for your big day. For instance, in case you wish to get started on the miraculous retinoid, you would need at least four months (minimum!) to go through the process. You could even indulge in some derm-administered light peels or full-body microdermabrasion to have a jaw-droppingly smooth skin shown off slyly by your wedding dress.


Salicylic Acid Peel

When to start – 2 weeks prior

You read that right, this 30 percent beta hydroxy acid peel, when applied to your skin, clears your complexion, freeing it from all sorts of blackheads and whiteheads hidden under the skin. Since irritation or dryness might occur, it’s best to keep a gap of a minimum of two weeks between this procedure and your wedding day.


Hair Care

When to start – 8 months prior

Consider the basics like conditioning every time you shampoo, a thumb rule. If you wish to go for hair color, hair extensions or a keratin treatment, do it early on! It’ll give you ample time to analyze the effects of it. If you are in a mood for indulgence right before your wedding, go for a Frizz Tamer which is formaldehyde-free treatment to remove unwanted frizziness. The effect of it usually lasts until six months.


Refine your make-up

There are some things that you can totally count on, like Giorgio Armani’s Luminous Silk Foundation and Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipsticks, as they would never ever disappoint you. With various luxury brands, acing the cosmetic scene, give yourself ample time to try different brands to finalize the one that suits you for your big day.



When to start – 3 months prior

Need to work on your eyebrows every time you go out? And getting even more worried as you are all set to shine on your special day? Then microblading is the right thing for you. In this treatment, your brow is enhanced and shaped with the help of a pen-blade, creating pigments under your skin. It should be started while you have two-to-three months’ time before your wedding. The effect lasts for about 18 to 30 months and the treatment is followed by touch-ups every six months or every year, depending on your skin type and preferred look.


For that flawless smile

When to start – 6 months prior

On your wedding day, we know you will be smiling all through and your smiling pictures and videos will be cherished forever. Well, there is so much you could do for achieving that flawless smile on your wedding day. For starters, you could visit a dentist for regular cleaning and x-rays. For your big day, you could even go for Veneers, which are placed over your teeth ensuring a million-dollar smile. The procedure should be done four weeks before your wedding day.


Kybella for a slimmer jawline

When to start – 1 month prior

If you want a slimmer jawline, you can go in for Kybella, a nonsurgical injectable technique that aims at reducing the fat beneath the chin. It requires around two to four monthly appointments and should be done at least one month prior to the wedding as it causes some amount of swelling which might take some time to subside.


Non-surgical temporary Nose-Job

When to start – 3 months prior

Yeah, we know we have just made the day for some of you! Introducing the Hyaluronic acid fillers like Voluma and Bellafill, which are god-sent for nasal imbalances. The result – a 15-minute non-surgical nose job, giving you a dream nose for your big day.


Go Sweat Free

When to start – 3 weeks prior

Not just your wedding but we have got you covered for your honeymoon as well! If you are worried about sweating on your wedding day or as you plan to travel around the globe on your honeymoon, give MiraDry a thought! This single session (non-surgical treatment) of one hour can permanently reduce underarm sweat and frees you of your unpleasant odor.



When to start – 12 months prior

PicoWay laser wipes out tattoo pigments in four to eight sessions in one to two months, depending on your tattoo.


Décolletage Rejuvenation

When to start – 2 months prior

Worried about getting that perfect fit and look of your chest in your wedding gown? Go for a chest makeover with the Décolletage rejuvenation, in which fine lines and wrinkles on the chest are removed with the help of Botox and fractionated lasers. Psst, it can even do some magical makeover for your cleavage by sharpening it a bit!



When to start – 6 months prior

This is a rather minimally invasive treatment to reduce excess fat from areas like abdomen, hips, armpits, and thighs. This should ideally be done before your first dress fitting to get a proper idea.



When to start – 3 months prior

This treatment is to burn excess fat by hooking it up with a device that emits bursts of heat, targeting those fatty areas. The result is permanent and the fat is excreted by the body over a time of three months. One procedure takes an average of 25 minutes and can target multiple areas at once.



When to start – 6 months prior

This procedure consists of a one-time session of 45 minutes of cellulite smoothing. The effects last for around two years although you might initially experience some pain for a few days.


TempSure Envi

When to start – 2 months prior

Aimed at giving an instant lift to the neck or any other part which requires a lift. You would be required to take four sessions with a gap of three weeks each, with every session being of 20 minutes.


A Tailored Perfume for Your Big Day

When to start – 3 months prior

The ultimate indulgence – a fragrance in a gorgeous crystal carafe, an engraved flacon, six refill flacons, and two travel sprays – all in YOUR signature style. Luxury perfumer Kilian Hennessy’s effort of three months for making a fragrance that’s all you is indeed the ultimate indulgence! The process requires you to be presented with three samples for you to finalize ‘your scent’.


With so many options to give you that perfect body, look, and confidence for the happiest day of your life, we hope you keep in mind the basics of giving proper attention to yourself. And do not forget to stay away from booze and sugar for amazing results, but we guess you already knew that. Our wedding videography experts at byDesign Films truly believe in the ‘If you feel good, you look good’ philosophy, and your wedding day totally deserves to see your sass. For more wedding inspiration, check out the rest of our blog collection.

Advantages of Having Three Photographers On Your Wedding

The gold foil in your wedding invites will soon fade, the flowers will fall away and wither, and the fragrance in your dress will waft away to nothing. What will remain is the spouse you have chosen to share your life with and the memories. And what better way to explore those memories than to flip through some photographs or to watch your wedding film?

Opting for a good photographer and videographer is the best investment you can make in your wedding. When all is said and done, its the camera which holds the memories of the day forever. While having one good photographer to capture the day is great, having three photographers is thrice as good, and we come with reasons to back that statement too!

Capture Everything

You don’t have to worry about losing those precious moments of your special day. Having three photographers to back you up will ensure that every moment is captured and none of the moments have slipped away uncaptured. This means you can basically relive the entire day to its last finest details and not just the highlights of the day. More lenses, more to document, right?

Follow the Couple Separately

While one photographer is capturing the bride while she is getting ready, another one can be with the groom and document his side of the story. The third photographer can capture the guest pouring in or the ceremony. Having different photographers gives the wedding a 360-degree coverage, letting the photographers capture multiple locations at the same time. This means important details like the groom’s reaction to the bride walking down the aisle, your little nephew dancing away alone, and the couple’s mothers’ exchanging a secret joke, everything is caught in the camera.

Explore Different Angles

A single subject can look different from three different angles. While having three photographers at hand is incredibly handy, in terms of a wider range of coverage, photographers can also explore different angles of the same subject, giving it a more cinematic coverage. While one photographer can cover more traditional angles, there will still be room for the other photographers to explore a wider range of angles.

Mix Different Styles

No two artists are the same and the same can be said for their art. Having three different professional photographers means you get a healthy mix of different styles of photography backed with different lenses and filters. Not only it brings a sense of depth in the final photo or video album, but it also lets you have a variety of coverage, ensuring your final album is not one dimensional.

More Footage, More Creative Freedom: This holds true especially for wedding videography, as you never know what turns out to be important amidst all the footage which was captured. Having more footage captured surely can be more taxing to work through, but also gives the wedding videographer more creative freedom and expression to create a wedding film which they are proud of. There is no restriction as per what footage to pick and what not to- as they would potentially have more than enough.

Having multiple lenses at your disposal, especially when it comes to important days in your life like your wedding day, is the best thing you can ask for. It means more coverage, more angles, more creativity, and hence, a truly cinematic representation of your wedding. What more can you ask for? Convinced? We rest our case!