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While the new and shiny things always claim our hearts, there is something about the old royalties and the grand histories which will never be forgotten. They will forever live on and stories will be told in whispers of the anecdotes in black and white movies, yellowed brittle paper of classic Jane Austen novels and tales passed down by generations, adorned and altered at the whims of the matriarchs before they reach our ears. No matter how much we love our smartphones and feminist and respectful lovers, there is something about lazy garden tea parties, grand seasonal debutant balls, and scandalous courting in not-so-demure glances and long swirly love letters which will be something that nothing can hold a candle to! If you are a classic romantic soul who loves her after afternoon tea, her well-thumped copy of Pride and Prejudice, and have recently binged on Bridgerton, you, fine lady, are in for a treat and surprise, so hold your smelling salts closely!

Regency-core 101


This is essentially what the whole Regency-era aesthetic is named as. If you are familiar with Bridgerton, Pride and Prejudice, or Sense and Sensibility, you might already know this aesthetic by look. But where did it all start? This look is influenced by the regency period in the United Kingdom, which lasted roughly from 1795 to 1837. The title “regent” comes from King George IV, the prince-regent who took over when his father, King George III was pronounced unable to reign. This time period was marked by a cultural mini-renaissance, particularly among the elite classes. This translated into extravagant parties, gossip newspaper columns, brave and luxurious triumphs in art, literature, and design, and cultural sophistication. It was a very colorful and exciting time, the Regency period altered Britain’s whole social structure.

Dreamy recency-core weddings serving Victorian dresses with square necklines, delicate details in the sweet table, and perfectly grand venues are here to announce that the past is here and have the brides in quite a fix lately, but that is not all! The regency inspiration has stepped into various different elements of the wedding day, piecing together a wedding day which is a delectable throwback, but still current and incredibly stylish! If you are in love with the regency era but are hosting a spring wedding, it all comes together so beautifully, it feels like fate! It just so happens that spring automatically leads to a whimsical garden wedding and the regency theme fits quite at home in just a scene. While everything from the season to the era has worked out just perfectly in your favor, here are some of the elegant inspirations which are here to pull your dream wedding together. Whether it is royal-core or regency vibe that you like, whether it is a subtle Victorian era or more Marie Antoinette level maximalism, 2022 is embracing it all!

For a regency-core spring wedding!


Regency venue

When it comes to a themed wedding, the venue is crucial, as it paints the right picture for you to host your dream wedding in. Choose a Regency-era wedding site as the backdrop to your big day if you want to feel like you’ve strolled onto the set of a regency love story – and even better if it was used as one of the filming locations! Bridgerton was filmed in Bath for the most part, but some stunning thematic settings will transport guests back in time. Think along the lines of ornate gold details, artistic ceilings, romantic fountains, and mesmerizing archways, and an entry that will wow your guest before they even arrive at the location. A lush garden, a palatial estate, a sprawling ballroom, and a flowering courtyard, along with details like gold or brass decorations, vintage paintings, bold staircases, swinging chandeliers, or even vintage mirrors or sculptures will make your venue feel on-theme.

The gown to wow

The empire line gown is the quintessential gown for this era when it comes to creating a regency style for weddings. The empire dress is the ideal choice for a Regency wedding, with its delicate unstructured soft shapes and exuding feminine grace. For a genuine aesthetic, consider gorgeous fabrics like lace, chiffon, and taffeta, as well as a style with capped sleeves and a fitted bodice. Go for trendy regency details like square neck, puffed sleeves, or off-the-shoulder details. Your look will be enhanced by vintage lace boots peeking out from beneath the skirt. Choose vintage jewelry such as pearls and delicate silver pieces to accessorize the gown, but keep it basic. The regency bridal appearance is completed with lace or silk gloves and a capelet in lace for summer or fake fur for winter. A half-up bun with a few loose locks flowing down would be the hairdo for a regency bride. To achieve the iconic looks from the movie, keep your make-up natural and gentle.

Keep it vintage

Keep the color palette delicate and charming for a Regency wedding, such as dreamy lilacs, gentle blues, and dainty pinks. Use seasonal flowers, ribbons, and lace to dress up your setting. Crisp white linen tablecloths used for the tables, which are adorned with antique-style silver tealight holders and hurricane lanterns, as well as greenery and large blossoms as a centerpiece. Serve your guests an afternoon tea-themed wedding breakfast in the style of a traditional Regency wedding. To give your reception an authentic regency wedding look, utilize English bone china, silver silverware, and crystal glasses as dinnerware. For an authentic Regency-style wedding, only a classic horse and carriage will suffice as transportation. When your guests see you arrive at your venue, it will make a huge statement and take their breath away. It will undoubtedly be a memorable day!

You’ve been invited

Starting with your invitations is perhaps one of the most accessible methods to organize a regency-core wedding. When guests get their invitations, the design and color palette gives them a taste of what to expect on the big day. Your wedding invitations are the perfect spot to introduce your theme, and if you’re planning a regency-core wedding, you’ll want to include aesthetic aspects throughout every detail you can, from your stationery to your meal and favors. Look for swooping handwriting, pastel colors, and metallic touches on your invitations. When in doubt, go for simple and exquisite decorations that will make your guests feel like they’ve been summoned to the most important event of the century.

Romantic notes

A handwritten message has a magical quality to it, and no one knows this better than a regency bride! So embrace letter writing, a long-forgotten art form. We adore the notion of leaving each of your guests a handwritten letter in their place setting. If you calligraph their names elegantly on an envelope and stand it up at their place, it can truly substitute a place card. Sure, it’ll be a lot of labor, but your guests will be grateful. You didn’t have to write a long note, but maybe a few lines on how happy you are that they were able to attend your wedding or a favorite memory you shared with them? It’s a thoughtful touch that will make your visitors feel appreciated.

Gloved hands

Although many brides have abandoned gloves, they are such an elegant and sophisticated appearance that we hope Bridgerton can help bring them back. A pair of sophisticated gloves are the perfect final touch once you’ve gathered all of your wedding day accessories. They’re the ultimate opulent purchase because they’re soft and plush. Also, wearing a pair of exquisite gloves with your wedding gown adds to the regency concept and makes you appear to be from that era!

Statement veils

Long statement veils were fashionable at the period. In the wedding scene to Simon in Bridgerton, Daphne wore a cathedral-length veil, which was one of the most popular lengths at the time. This will not only be historically accurate, but it will also give your stride a dramatic and delicate feminine beauty. Give your veil the attention it deserves by having it custom embroidered so that your entire ensemble feels personal and well-thought-out. A favorite literary phrase, your initials and wedding date, or something unique and personal might all be sewn in.

Bridesmaid dresses in all the colors

Just because this was a time that belonged far in the past doesn’t mean you have to shy away from colors. In fact, get friendly with all the colors in the crayon box! Embrace those beautiful hues in your bridesmaid dresses and let your bridesmaids make the statement. You can choose warm tones of mustard, vibrant coral, or exquisite mint green, or look delicate and lovely in lilacs, pinks, and pastel blues. For a modern and cohesive take on the colorful bridesmaid dress theme, mix and match various shades of jewel or pastel tones. If you want to embrace the maximalism of the era, go for floaty tulles and voluminous petticoats to add fluff to the dress. You can also go for cascading silhouettes and add drama to the wedding ceremony for letting your bridesmaids claim the attention!

Afternoon tea galore

Afternoon tea is a great option for laid-back weddings where a sit-down meal isn’t feasible. Fortunately, it’s also very fashionable for a regency wedding. Set a table with cucumber sandwiches, small quiches, scones, and patisserie on vintage porcelain plates, cups, and saucers. Fill teapots with gin and vodka cocktails with a tea theme, such as a rose and hibiscus tea martini or an Earl Grey gimlet. Afternoon tea is ideal for an early afternoon ceremony since guests can interact and eat at about 4 p.m., after which there is no need to offer food again until the evening. If you are hosting your afternoon tea in a wisteria-clad courtyard or the outdoor rose garden, if your wedding venue allows, the theme will just fall perfectly in place!

Rococo era cake

The Rococo period began a few years before the Regency period, but the lavish and luxurious style swiftly spread to England. We prefer rococo styling for a modern wedding cake because of the iconic gold, white, and pastel colors, and carved molding. On a multi-tiered pastel cake, think of extravagant gold sugarcraft decorations like fruits, flowers, musical instruments, angels, shells, and fleur de lis. It’s a classic aesthetic that’s resurfaced in popularity. You can also go for a more subdued look with textured white icing, sugar roses, and gold molding accents. Whatever details you choose, the cake should be large and striking, with at least four tiers and a wedding cake display table to match.

Champagne tower

Is there anything more opulent and decadent than a champagne tower? We doubt it! There is something about a champagne tower that instantly spells luxury which feels at home in palace halls and endless flower gardens. A champagne tower is celebratory in a classy yet prominent way and truly encompasses the regency vibe aptly. A Champagne tower looks amazing in photos and is a great time to share with your sweetheart as you pour the bubbles in together. Also, they will leave your wedding guests wowed, that’s for sure! To make your champagne tower more historically accurate, go for vintage stained wine glasses or delicate vintage crystal glasses, and your bar area will look like it belongs to a movie!

A horse and carriage entry or exit

It’s no surprise that a regency wedding should have a grand exit, and what can be more fitting than a horse and carriage exit! We love the royal vibe that a horse-ridden carriage brings to the table, and how a couple instantly feels like they belong to royalty when they arrive or exit with such grandeur. Your wedding is a dream come true moment and a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. It’s a reason to rejoice, and this particular day can be anything you want it to be. Allow your imagination to soar and so what a king or a princess will do, just for a day!

Literary quotes

Using literary quotes throughout your wedding is a terrific way to personalize it, whether you select a favorite line from the series or another favorite romance novel. We love incorporating them into your wedding décor because they function so well in vows and speeches. Quotes from books like Pride and Prejudice, written in calligraphy on cloth or paper by your stationer, create lovely aisle runners. It can be looped around the bouquet on the day of the wedding and dripped down the bride’s arm as she walks down the aisle. If you and your partner are both bookworms, why not name your tables after your favorite books? You can then incorporate literary excerpts from them on your invites, menus, and orders of service, or as decorations throughout the venue. Alternatively, you can also read out your favourite poem for each other during your ceremony.

Wax seals

There is something painfully romantic about a handwritten letter, perfumed and sealed with a seal. It is quickly coming back and is seen more often! You may incorporate wax seals into your wedding in a variety of ways, whether you decide on handwritten letters or your wedding invitation, whether it’s a wedding favor or just for the aesthetics. It’s ideal for sealing invitations, adding decoration to place cards, and gluing dried flower and leaf stems to stationery. You can have a custom stamp made with your initials and wedding date, or you can opt with a generic mark that fits your style.

We adore everything about the Regency period’s elegance and indulgence, which has begun to inspire weddings, from magnificent costumes to exquisite decadent maximalism and the ambiance of tantalizing high society gossip. There are so many options to have the regency wedding you desire, from bridesmaid dresses inspired by the love of colors to vintage-style afternoon tea party, draping wisteria, bespoke wax seals, Georgian wedding venues, and sophisticated empire waist dresses. We hope this blog did justice to your vision and provided you with all that you might need.

Luxe Ways to Dress the Ceremony Aisle

A ceremony aisle decorated beautifully with multicolored flowers

A ceremony aisle decorated beautifully with multicolored flowers

The perfect tune comes into play and that is your cue to walk through the door and make your way through the aisle. There is a hushed silence in the ceremony area, punctuated by gasps of awe and appreciation, and you can see your loved ones’ faces light up as they see you in that perfect ensemble! For a second there, the earth spins a little slower and angels sing and you feel like you are the relatable main character in every romantic movie. Making a grand entrance is something that every bride wants for their wedding day, and there is nothing quite like swaying down that aisle, looking like a dream, making your way to the one whom your heart is promised, waiting at the end of the path. While the perfect dress, with the long enchanting trail, the gorgeous bridal bouquet, and the carefully curated accessories all help in bringing the picture to life, the way the ceremony aisle is dressed up plays an imperative role in this too! Keep in mind that your ceremony aisle is a path you will be walking through twice on your wedding day, the second being when you take your leave as newlyweds. Needless to say, this is probably where most of your ceremony pictures and videos will be shot, so paying close attention to the backdrop to your dream wedding ceremony and making it luxe and beautiful is extremely important so that you look back on your special day with nothing but fond memories!

Light it up:

Having candles light up the path can not only be romantic and add to the mood but can also give the bride an iridescent glow as she walks up the aisle to her forever love. Clear vases and candle holders carrying white pillar candles can add to the classically romantic vibes. This glass-meets-light element can work perfectly well for an indoor wedding or a wedding ceremony which is to happen in the dusk hours. You can mix up the candles with minimal additions of greenery and this will not only make for great photos but will be the first thing that your guests notice as they walk into the ceremony site.

Pampas grass:

Pampas is having its moment everywhere, from the bridal bouquet to aisle decor, and the effect is ethereal yet earthy. If you and your sweetheart are planning a boho-themed wedding, this might be a go-to way for your aisle decoration. This beautiful dried grass is currently representative of bohemian aesthetics in the decor department, and with its muted tones and airy feathery leaves, it is easy to blend it into any color theme that can instantly add personality to a setting. Placing bunches of pampas grass all along the ceremony aisle and at the altar can make your boho-inspired wedding a roaring success!

Overhead flower:

While flowers marking the way to the altar is the most expected way of decorating a wedding ceremony set-up, there is no denying that nothing truly works as well as flowers do. However. you can try to give the floral decor a complete 360 degrees revamp by incorporating levitating flowers, flower chandeliers, or overhead floral decorations instead. Enchanting, over-the-top, and perfectly romantic, overhead florals can add an air of unexpected to your “I do” moment!

Pastel florals:

Can you go wrong with pastel flower arrangements at a wedding? We think not! There is something about the fresh and dewy flowers in pastel hues of pinks, peaches, yellows, and blues that makes a heart sing! This is especially fitting if your wedding is arranged for those warmer months of the year, or is based around a soft and romantic theme. Large assemblages of romantic flowers like peonies, delphiniums, roses, and hydrangeas will add a special touch of magic to your special day.

Wood walkway:

There is something beautiful and practical about a wooden walkway, as it instantly eliminates the tripping incidents or walking challenges that can be brought about by an unlandscaped walkway, like a sandy beach or a fabric-lined walkway. While it is practical for walkability purposes, it is also mildly customizable, as you can have a monogram or wedding date marked for a personal touch. A customized wooden walkway is also perfect for a waterside venue, whether it is for a floating ramp effect or a bridge built across a pool. The possibilities are truly endless with this one!

Lush tropical palms:

What is a tropical or a beach wedding without the palms? Not very convincing. Tall and swaying potted palm plants which bring the seaside to the venue or monstera leaf and protea arrangements for a minimal yet tropical look make a venue perfect for a tropical beach wedding. The lush greens will stand out perfectly against a more neutral walkway or light-colored chairs for the guests. PS: Less is always more for a more breezy and beachy feeling.

Rustic fencing:

Make your rustic dreams come alive with a wedding aisle featuring white picket fences on both sides of the aisle. An ideal and charming idea that is perfectly romantic yet unpredictable, cute fencing paving the way to your sweetheart can be just ideal. Just ensure that the fencing is not too tall, and you are good to go! Since the fencing is completely customizable, you can accent the fence with cutesy floral bouquets, candles, drapes, or twine-hung mason jars to match your wedding theme perfectly.

Bloom from the ground up:

Is there a way to make blooming flowers more natural and romantic? Sure there is! This perfect natural-meets-romantic idea of having the flower installed in the ground along the aisle makes it look like the flowers are booming to form the perfect pathway for our bride to walk in, and isn’t that just magical? This is perfect for a garden wedding or a romantic old-school outdoor wedding.

Glimmering chandeliers:

What says “grand” louder than chandeliers that shine like the night sky? Beautiful extravagant chandeliers swaying over your head as you make a grand entrance sound too good to be true, but are worth the effort, just for the look at your guests’ faces! We assure you, with chandeliers over your path to the altar, you will feel like a true princess making her way to her prince charming!

Garlands of green:

Want to do something clean, natural, and minimal? Make a path on your wedding aisle with garlands of greenery, whether it is by using eucalyptus or olive leaves or something else, creating a refreshing palette for your guests, making a bold visual with minimal work! If you want to go the route of something more enchanting and forest-inspired, using vines and creepers can be magical and let you think of an enchanted forest! Let the vines entangle up the chairs and grow a little wild to add to the effect!

White wedding blooms:

A true classic and endlessly timeless, white wedding flowers used in aisle decoration is something that we love and will never get tired of. You can’t ever go wrong with using white flowers in wedding decoration, and it works beautifully to create a pure and surreal environment. You can incorporate white drapes to create an angelic effect or go minimal yet impactful with pavement-style aisle blooms in white.

A doorway to “I do”:

Let your guests walk through a beautiful French doorway as they enter the ceremony area, and it is sure to leave them speechless, and make the ceremony that much grander. While a vintage-looking doorway adorned by romantic vines and fresh blooms is a romantic go-to, you can use the same concept by going for cleaner and edgier choices for a different impact. Also, flags, arches, and other markings which insinuate the start of the path serve a similar purpose.

Vintage rugs and layers:

If boho is the theme of the day, vintage rugs rolled across the path, or scattered in a mismatched and layered way might deliver tremendously in impact. Not only that it provides the ceremony space an effortlessly cool undertone, while still apt enough to fit the theme. Teamed with pillar candles, cacti, and pampas, the rugs can also be a perfect fit for a desert wedding. It is safe to say that carpets and area rugs can be used to express several different vibes and can work wonders for a more relaxed and eclectic kind of wedding.

Drape it up:

Usage of fabric is just another excuse to incorporate some lovely color into your wedding day, and always comes out looking beautiful. Drapes are never out of style and can create a luxurious and elegant effect on a wedding aisle. You can use drapes in one of your wedding colors to tie the theme together beautifully in a bow and can go for simple luxe drapes defining the way or mix it up with flowers and candles for a more extravagant look.

Stick to succulents:

For the succulent-loving crew, a wedding aisle lined with different arrangements of succulents can be nothing but a dream. Perfect for a natural, greenery-themed wedding, succulent can add a lot of character to your backdrop. It provides a statement while still being minimal, and can add a serene and earthy vibe to a setting. Team up the succulent with a range of textured pots, and bursts of wildflowers for a cohesive look, as it will add depth and dimension to your decorations.

Make it look sharp with cacti:

Cactus are trending at the moment and are having their moment everywhere, from home decor to weddings! If you are hosting a wedding in the Southwest, having cacti as a part of your wedding theme will instantly elevate your special day. You can go all in and commit to the trend by having cacti lined up all through the walkway, or you can have two cacti plants marking the start of the path. Either way, it will add instant spunk and character to the wedding ceremony.

Barn-style walkway:

There will be barn-style decor, till the time there are rustic weddings, and that seems like a forever kind of thing! There is something timeless and beautiful about a wedding aisle decorated in the timeless rustic barn-house style. Whether it is the greenery-lined aisle or it is the lantern accents, the mason jar bouquets, or the white pillar candles, something about this style remains timeless, elegant, and never gets old, and we will surely be writing about this ten years into the future.

Let there be art:

While decor with flowers and candles is beautiful, there is nothing quite like a spark of unexpected in your wedding ceremony. Having the walkway decorated like a beautiful piece of art is something that seems just magical and apt for the big day that it is! This especially works beautifully in historic ceremony sites with a whole lot of story to its name or a ceremony chapel, as the art becomes a part of the setting! If you are a couple with an appreciation for arts in their soul, this can be a fun thing to try out!

Boulevard of trees:

A tree-lined entrance is breathtaking, doesn’t matter whether it is indoors or outdoors. You can have tall sweeping trees as a part of your entrance, if you are hosting a forest wedding, and have a whole magical enchanting woodland paradise look to your ceremony. If having real trees lining your way is not a possibility, consider adding fake trees as a big statement to your wedding ceremony. Romantic cherry blossoms or trees with dry twigs lines with fairy lights, the options are endless and make an enormous impact on your special day.

A path with a twist:

We love how couples are coming up with wedding aisles that are a little different from the norm, and having a winding road leading up to the altar is enchanting, beautiful, and makes huge statements. Whether it is a path that winds around the seating arrangements or is carved out of nature, a path that is not a short straight walk but rather a stroll of a kind is truly memorable.

The wedding aisle is essentially a gateway to your happily ever after, and even though all eyes will be on you on your special day, it doesn’t mean you should forgo wedding aisle decorations. The aisle is potentially the first thing your guests will see, even before they see you, and it will set the tone for the wedding. Your aisle decoration is an important extension of your overall wedding decor and will see when they arrive at your wedding, so let your aisle match your theme and color palette. While the most common ways might include romantic fresh flower arrangements, fresh potted plants, glowing candles, or tea lights, there are plenty of ideas that are out there for you to explore and commit to. There are a variety of options that will enable you to create a memorable walkway, regardless of your varying styles and themes. Whether you have a boho wedding planned or a beachside ceremony is in the cards, the options are truly endless when it comes to aisle decoration. We hope this read inspired you to explore both the classic and the unique ideas of aisle decoration, enabling you to bring your dream wedding aisle ideas to life.