5 Reasons Why We’re the Best at Capturing South Asian Weddings

Have you ever been a part of a south Asian wedding? They are one of the grandest of weddings in the world. Well, by South Asian we are referring to countries India, Pakistan and Srilanka. And right now we are specifically talking about India as it makes up for most of the South Asian population in America.

Indian weddings take place over a lavish affair of 2-3 days. It comprises a lot of vibrancy from the decor to the rituals and attires. It’s all about glamor, lavish decor, elaborate rituals, and lots of enjoyment! If you are preparing for your own Indian wedding, this might be a good read!

The wedding begins with rituals like Sagai (engagement), Haldi ceremony (where a holy turmeric paste is applied on the bride and groom’s body for good luck and good looks!) and Sangeet (where the friends and relatives of the bride and groom engage into an elaborate song and dance session) and proceeds to the main event of the wedding ceremony.

The lavish and larger than life celebrations of an Indian wedding deserve to be captured flawlessly and with utmost care. We at byDesign Films understand the requirements and challenges of an Indian wedding. For your understanding, we would like to give you 5 reasons to hire us for your upcoming South Asian wedding.

We capture the vibrancy perfectly

There is no doubt about the vibrancy and vividness of an Indian wedding. We understand how much attention is given to every corner of the wedding venue or that gorgeous Kundan-work jewelry on the bride or the gorgeous colorful attires worn by everyone. An Indian wedding is anything but neutral! People love experimenting with new colors, from light to the darkest and the make-up is on point. Photographs do not do justice to all the liveliness and it can only be captured in its true essence by our professional videographers.

Your details deserve videography

From the floral wall that your parents have carefully selected for behind the podium and the brilliant flower decor everywhere, to the delicate jewelry on you and the intricate work on your bridal lehenga, your wedding will be made up of billions and trillions of detailing. While the photos can capture those details brilliantly, they still can’t beat the exceptional brilliance of videography.

We capture the rituals from start to end

South Asian weddings, especially Indian weddings comprise various rituals that take place over a couple of days. Such rituals deserve to be saved as videos due to their elaborateness. Hiring a videographer would ensure those rituals are not just saved as moments but as a series of celebrated moments! You wouldn’t want want to miss an important part of a ritual that is left out in between photo-shots.

We capture everything. Really, everything!

On your wedding day, you will be totally engrossed at the moment and the last thing you will be worried about is whether or not the whole event is being properly being captured. Well, and that’s how we want you to be! As you would be too busy with the rituals, interacting with so many people all the once and managing to carry your gorgeous look for the whole day, it’s obvious to miss a lot! You wouldn’t know what everyone wore or ate or how they participated in the rituals. And that is where the expert videography by byDesign Films steps in! We’ll capture every little moment of your wedding from the moment it begins till the time of your ‘Bidai’ to ensure you can relive them all your life!

Why not?

A perfect combination of all the above-mentioned reasons, why not? Your wedding is the happiest day of your life. It is the biggest celebration of your life. It deserves, rather demands to be saved in the best possible form. And what’s even better than wedding photography? The answer is wedding videography.

The colorful and detailed beauty, richness, and grandeur of an Indian wedding is something else. It’s magical. It’ll be one of the most magnificent events you will attend in your lives, in case you still haven’t. And if you are the one that’s going to be the bride, then you know what you are in for! The grandeur of this once-in-a-lifetime occasion is unparalleled. And we at byDesign Films excel at making it a rocking affair and a super happy-ever-after!