Wedding Trends To Watch For In 2019

We’re barreling through 2019, and we know that you couples with a 2019 wedding date are already looking ahead to what will be on trend. When you film weddings, you pick up on subtle changes over time, hinting at trend changes that are on the horizon. These are a few of the things we noticed popping up in 2018 that will definitely explode onto the scene in 2019!

Photo: Jana Williams

Custom Cocktails

Couples are adding personality to every aspect of their wedding. One of our favorite ways is through custom cocktails! Share your two favorite drinks with your guests and put a fun spin on their traditional names to really make them stand out.

Photo: Rebecca Yale Photography

Micro Weddings

Formerly known as elopements or “intimate weddings,” micro weddings are quickly gaining popularity amongst brides and grooms. “In simple terms, a micro wedding is an abbreviated celebration of marriage that has only a handful of invited guests (commonly 20 or less), is shorter in duration and is more simple in format, relaxed in atmosphere and less stress to organize than a traditional wedding.” (Huffington Post)

Rich Color Palettes

Yes, “millennial pink” certainly had its moment and then some. But in 2019 couples will be looking more towards rich color palettes of maroon and navy – and incorporating bright accents and make their details pop!

Custom Wedding Films

When it comes to memorializing your wedding day, it’s okay to want more than a standard wedding film! We have more and more couples requesting custom details such as aerial footage, same day edits, and pre-wedding love stories. Luckily, any byDesign wedding package can be totally customized to fit your dreams – so don’t be afraid to think outside the box and choose details that will really take your wedding film to the next level.

Statement Florals

Grand floral chandeliers, elaborate pampas grass displays, and bold texture combinations are on the horizon. Brides and grooms are branching out from roses and peonies and getting adventurous with florals!