Advantages of Having Three Photographers On Your Wedding

The gold foil in your wedding invites will soon fade, the flowers will fall away and wither, and the fragrance in your dress will waft away to nothing. What will remain is the spouse you have chosen to share your life with and the memories. And what better way to explore those memories than to flip through some photographs or to watch your wedding film?

Opting for a good photographer and videographer is the best investment you can make in your wedding. When all is said and done, its the camera which holds the memories of the day forever. While having one good photographer to capture the day is great, having three photographers is thrice as good, and we come with reasons to back that statement too!

Capture Everything

You don’t have to worry about losing those precious moments of your special day. Having three photographers to back you up will ensure that every moment is captured and none of the moments have slipped away uncaptured. This means you can basically relive the entire day to its last finest details and not just the highlights of the day. More lenses, more to document, right?

Follow the Couple Separately

While one photographer is capturing the bride while she is getting ready, another one can be with the groom and document his side of the story. The third photographer can capture the guest pouring in or the ceremony. Having different photographers gives the wedding a 360-degree coverage, letting the photographers capture multiple locations at the same time. This means important details like the groom’s reaction to the bride walking down the aisle, your little nephew dancing away alone, and the couple’s mothers’ exchanging a secret joke, everything is caught in the camera.

Explore Different Angles

A single subject can look different from three different angles. While having three photographers at hand is incredibly handy, in terms of a wider range of coverage, photographers can also explore different angles of the same subject, giving it a more cinematic coverage. While one photographer can cover more traditional angles, there will still be room for the other photographers to explore a wider range of angles.

Mix Different Styles

No two artists are the same and the same can be said for their art. Having three different professional photographers means you get a healthy mix of different styles of photography backed with different lenses and filters. Not only it brings a sense of depth in the final photo or video album, but it also lets you have a variety of coverage, ensuring your final album is not one dimensional.

More Footage, More Creative Freedom: This holds true especially for wedding videography, as you never know what turns out to be important amidst all the footage which was captured. Having more footage captured surely can be more taxing to work through, but also gives the wedding videographer more creative freedom and expression to create a wedding film which they are proud of. There is no restriction as per what footage to pick and what not to- as they would potentially have more than enough.

Having multiple lenses at your disposal, especially when it comes to important days in your life like your wedding day, is the best thing you can ask for. It means more coverage, more angles, more creativity, and hence, a truly cinematic representation of your wedding. What more can you ask for? Convinced? We rest our case!

5 Fabulous Reasons to Have a First Look at your Wedding

In years past people have been believing that seeing your wife before the wedding ceremony brings bad luck for the groom. However, the progressive world has evolved since then and most couples have stopped being superstitious about these things. More and more couples are opting to have a first look at their weddings.

A first look is relatively a modern custom where the bride and groom see each other for the first time in the wedding attire, earlier than at the aisle. It’s the moment of revealing the couples’ wedding look to each other before the wedding ceremony. It is a great concept and is becoming popular by the day. If you are planning to tie the knot, it’s worth a consideration. Let us take you through some of the reasons why you should consider having the first look at your wedding.

First look brings the best look

Since it’s done at the beginning of the day, you are your freshest best! Your look and attire are flawless at that time, hence, it’s the perfect moment to capture your perfect looks. As the day progresses, which will be real quick we might add, your look is not going to stay as immaculate as it did early in the day. Therefore, this time is best to have some great wedding photography.

Great to calm the wedding jitters

Pre-wedding jitters are understood and no one has escaped from them. However, the first look can help ease those butterflies. During the first look, you and your partner get some quality time to be alone and calm each other’s anxiety down. Plus, you get out of that ‘will he like my look?’ or the ‘how do I look?’ thoughts as you walk the aisle! The first look gives you ample time to discuss how great you both look and we all would agree to that – once your partner compliments you, the world becomes a better place already.

For that precious alone time before the big exchange

Your first look is ironically the first time being single and alone with your partner and also your last, and by that we mean, you won’t be single anymore when you walk down that aisle. So if you decide to go for your first look, you would be spending some quality time with your partner before you both get sucked into the celebrations. Then it’s all about being surrounded by friends and relatives.

Gorgeous photo ops

With first look come fresh appearances and solitude of you both. This means – great opportunities for clicking your wedding portraits. In fact, if you have decided to hire a wedding videographer, even photos won’t be able to do justice to your first look. That first expression of your partner when he sees you all dolled up for your big day is too precious to be captured only in photos. And such wedding photo ops are more vital during the winters when you have a lesser number of hours of natural light needed for a perfect wedding photoshoot.

Save time for your guests

Getting your first look means you can have your wedding photoshoot before the ceremony begins. Which in turn saves a lot of time which is usually taken up by wedding portraits. That, in turn, gives you ample time to spend with your guests and enjoy your happiest day with them. Since you are done with most of the photoshoot for the both of you during your first look, you can utilize and devote time after the ceremony to your family and friends. Well, after all, their purpose is the same as yours – to celebrate your love!

Times have changed and superstitious beliefs have given way to progressiveness. That being said, it is still a personal choice as a couple has other reservations when it comes to having the first look at their wedding. This happens due to various reasons like a couple might not be comfortable displaying their emotions or might want to save time for the wedding celebrations only. However, most of the time, the pros outweigh the cons.

Wedding Planning During COVID-19

You get to hear so much about quick fixes and crisis aversion while planning a wedding, don’t you? From a tear in your train to a broken heel of your bridal shoes, everything can be fixed and saved. But what do you do when a pandemic hits just when you are in the thick of wedding planning? No wedding magazine or bridal blog quite prepares you for something like this. Because this is not exactly something that happens so often and for sure not something that even occurs to us to prepare for!

But one day, in the middle of switching color samples for your wedding decor and cake tasting, you hear the news. That Covid-19 is here, and here with a fury which is taking countless people in! Between your own share of, ‘Oh, this wouldn’t impact us’, and waking up in cold sweat in the middle of the night in a red hot panic, you have made peace with inevitable-COVID-19 has made itself comfortable and is here to stay for a while! This also means that you’ll be wedding planning during COVID19.

Understood that a lot of intricate thoughts, planning, and love has already gone into making this day truly special, there needs to be a reiteration to your wedding planning-and fast! Things have not gone south yet, and if managed smartly, you will still be able to have the most amazing wedding day, just the way you planned to! Listed below are some pointers to keep in mind as you combat the uncharted territory of these uncertain times. Breathe, refocus, and read!

Postpone or Cancel?

Postpone (Please):

A wedding to look forward to next year is still better than no wedding to look forward to! Don’t be disheartened by the turn of events and don’t give up on your big day! Rather, try to postpone the wedding to late 2020 or 2021. This will give you something to look forward to and plan towards in the current day and will make more sense in the grand scheme of events.

Half and Half:

Couldn’t wait? We understand! How about half and a half and having a small courthouse ceremony now with no party and postponing the reception until a safer date? This way, you will be technically married, but will still have something exciting and celebratory to work towards! Now isn’t that exciting?


If you don’t want the pandemic even remotely tainting your special day, we get it! Canceling is a valid choice, however, it might be wise to have a timeframe in mind as you cancel. This will give your mental clarity, and will not be disheartening for you and your partner.

Reschedule Norms

Vendor loyalty:

Do not let your wedding vendors go, as they might have also put in a lot of work into your wedding planning. Arrange for a meeting with your photographer, videographer, caterer, florist, etc. and work out rescheduled dates and availability. If there is a change in plan, they should be the first to know and should be given the first preference for the rescheduled date. It is fair that way only!


Flexibility is encouraged when you are already in the midst of uncertain times and the options are scarce. Trying to meet midway and work out dates and choice which are feasible for both parties. We understand this is a special day for you and your partner, but sometimes, things are just not in our control and it is a good virtue to take things by the stride.

Breaking the News

Go Virtual:

When physical contact is cut down, it is the internet that comes to the rescue. Send out e-vites, virtual save the dates, schedules, and reschedules. This way, everyone in your guest list is in the loop without you having to call them personally. Trust us, nobody will hold it against you, especially at a time like this. Go for convenience rather than etiquette.

Mass Communication:

Want to break the news in a way that feels a little more personal, go for live streaming, or a video conference. This way, the guests will feel a personal connection to the message and will take it in sportingly. Also, for older members of the family, this might be the safest yet most personal way to communicate your plans.

Search for the Silver Lining

More time to plan:

As you are entering a new timeline with a revised wedding day. A few extended months of planning window is only going to help you make your wedding day even more perfect. Now is the time you can consume as much as content you can relate to wedding planning, go through inspiration blogs, and nail down what you exactly want.

Delayed gratification:

We guarantee that your guests will be highly onboard with the reschedule and will be ready to party by the time the wedding day finally rolls in. Having a social gathering to look forward to is equally rewarding to your guests as it is to you, and the wait is only going to make the occasion sweeter!

We understand these are uncertain times and we are still trying to find our foot as things are changing every day. There might be a storm of emotions brewing inside you, and it’s okay to feel as you do. We understand that it breaks your heart a little as you wrap up your dreams for a date much further away, but we reassure that we will be out of this soon enough and when we do, there will be no black cloud looming over your head, threatening to rain on your special day. That day will be truly yours, and no pandemic will steal your thunder! Now, isn’t that a heartening thought?

Why You Should Consider Filming Your Rehearsal Dinner

By now, it’s pretty standard to hire a talented videographer to capture your wedding and incorporate it into a gorgeous film. But, have you ever considered having a videographer there to film your rehearsal dinner too? This is an add-on option that is quickly growing in popularity here at byDesign! Here are a few reasons you might want to consider adding a rehearsal dinner film to your package:

Candid Moments

Because the rehearsal dinner is less structured and hectic than your wedding day, it’s a great opportunity to capture candid moments between loved ones. All of the important people in your lives will be there, including your wedding party and closest family. It’s the perfect chance for everyone to get to one another ahead of the big day, and you will really value getting to look back at some of those moments.

Important Speeches

Oftentimes, the rehearsal dinner is when some of the best speeches come out. It’s a more casual event, and your guests probably will feel more comfortable opening up in front of a smaller group of people. Think funny memories, loving sentiments, and all sorts of future well-wishes. Having the ability to watch these back at a later time will be absolutely invaluable.

Pre-Wedding Bliss

The Rehearsal Dinner is “the calm before the storm.” There are few opportunities to document this incredible moment, when everything is suspended in pre-marital bliss. Everything has already been planned, you’re surrounded by loved ones, and everyone is giddy with excitement for the upcoming nuptials.