The Elegant Detroit Wedding of Johnny and Janela

Is there anything more beautiful than the union of two souls that were simply meant to be? We have always believed that weddings are the biggest testament to true love, marked by an unending level of happiness and joy all around. Weddings are filled with a tremendous support system, where a couple’s friends and family come together under one roof and raise a glass to say cheers to brand new beginnings and relationships. Whether it is an artistic wedding at a museum or art gallery or a lavish beach wedding at a faraway, exotic destination or even a backyard affair with intimate wedding details, weddings are fascinating and enchanting, irrespective of where it is taking place. We are endlessly inspired by real wedding stories of couples when they are packed with gorgeous wedding dresses, transforming wedding details, personalized wedding touches spread throughout, and unique love stories translated into unforgettable anecdotes. Especially after two years of intimate elopements, staycation ideas, micro wedding details, and mini wedding ceremonies, we are loving the fact that couples are coming out and hosting their dream weddings again, in the way they were always meant to be!

From over-the-top wedding ideas that are all about things extravagant and luxurious to celebrating weddings with unique details that were never seen before, couples are experimenting now more than ever. It especially stands true for couples who have either spent the entire lockdown apart or were locked up together and were forced to take minimoon glamping ideas instead of their dream honeymoon in the Bahamas. Hence couples are getting married in special ways by hosting incredibly personalized celebrations after navigating a global pandemic. From jumping through hurdles to declare their love for one another to making the most out of the current situation, these couples made us believe that “love cannot be canceled!”

In the early fall of 2021, we came across Janela And Johnny, the gorgeous couple from Detroit who had a fire in their eyes and sprinkled stardust as they swayed through their wedding day! From hosting a Greek wedding ceremony at a Cathedral in Detroit to hosting a glamorous wedding reception filled with extravagant details at a country club that was marked with Filipino traditions, this modern cultural Greek-Filipino wedding tugged our heartstrings stronger than ever with its sheer brilliance! Their wedding video was filled with memorable wedding moments that will definitely be played by this beautiful Detroit couple for years to come! As they move on to their new chapter in life, let us take a sneak peek at their extravagantly detailed wedding day which was all the more beautifully captured by our talented team of wedding videographers in Detroit.

The wedding day of Johnny and Janela started bright and early at Annunciation Greek Orthodox Cathedral in Detroit. The gorgeous church wedding venue in Detroit marks the beginning of this lovely couple. Our premium wedding photographers in Detroit started capturing this magnificent day bright and early which began with sweet moments that were exchanged between the love-drunk couple! The story started with our Detroit wedding photographers capturing Janela while practicing her wedding vows during the early hours of the day after she decked up in her bridal ensemble.

Flashes of many special wedding moments of this Detroit wedding were featured in between. Her voice crackled with thousands of emotions flowing through her as she practiced her vows and we instantly fell in love with her and her idea of love which she beautifully managed to pen down in her wedding vows! It was followed by Johnny as he unfolded his envelope of wedding vows which started off with describing their love story that spanned six and a half years up until that day. The to-be groom left us emotionally stirred up as he was in total awe about the future with his soulmate that was to begin today. After the wedding video in Detroit began with the bride and the groom practicing their respective wedding vows, our wedding photographers moved on to the other parts of the wedding.

The next scene unfolded at the bridal suite that was filled with our beautiful bride Janela and her team of closest friends and family. The bride getting ready portraits were clicked along with small glimpses of all the excitement that spread through the room among everyone present. The professional bridal makeup and hair artist got our stunning bride ready for the biggest day of hard life and we were stunned by the final result that revealed a bride that looks straight out of a modern-day fairytale! Her luxurious bridal accessories were placed next to each other and our Detroit wedding photography captured these details intricately. The classy bridal accessories were a pair of ivory Jimmy Choo wedding shoes, a Versace Bright Crystal perfume, and a luxurious wedding ring box that elegantly showcased the Cartier wedding bands. Stunning indeed! Special moments were captured as the bride got ready with her mother and best friends by her side. Special bride getting ready portraits were clicked in these intricate and nuanced moments.

The wedding dress was beautifully captured by hanging it against a light-filled window with the bright sun rays illuminating the intricate details of the dress. Our bride took some time to pose with her wedding dress before she slipped into it. It was a beautiful sheath wedding dress with elegant floral embroidery and beading work spread throughout the dress. The plunging neckline of the wedding dress featured illusion details along with a sweeping train that swept the grounds as she walked. The classic v-neckline flows into elegant off-the-shoulder straps which frame the décolletage perfectly. Her all-white bridal bouquet featured roses and greens that were beautifully arranged to make a refreshing statement. The stunning vintage bridal accessory that brought all the more glam to her wedding look was a headpiece in copper tone. The cathedral bridal veil was another statement-making bridal accessory that added to her sophisticated bridal ensemble. Her simple bridal jewelry choices perfectly accentuated the overall minimal bridal aesthetics.

Our groom Johnny looked equally fabulous in his three-piece groom suit which was a dark navy blue suit with black lapels and a crisp white shirt. Complementing the bridal bouquet, he wore a groom boutonniere featuring two white roses with a little bit of greenery! He paired the entire sophisticated groom look with shiny black formal groom shoes and a navy blue tie with a platinum tie pin. The groom getting ready portraits as he was dressed up by his best man was equally stunning and emotional. The look of nervousness and anticipation for probably the biggest day of his life was clearly reflected on his face as he got ready for the ceremony.

The team of bridesmaids brought their A-game of dressing up as they slipped into personalized bridesmaid jackets in neutral colors which featured their names in embroidery at the back. The bridal getting ready attire was a matching light pink jacket that had an embroidery at the back that said “Mrs. Diamantopoulos!” The white bridesmaid dresses were sheath dresses which was a very modern way to break the age-old wedding tradition of “bridesmaid can’t wear white!” The elegant bridesmaids’ bouquet featured purple, pink, and mustard-colored flowers and greens that nodded to the entire wedding color scheme.  The team of groomsmen wore all-black three-piece suits that were paired with crisp white shirts and elegant black ties. Complementing the groom himself they also carried white rose groomsmen boutonnieres. The overall groom and the groomsmen look featured a complete black-tie wedding affair that looked out of a Cosmopolitan magazine!

The Greek cathedral wedding venue was lit up with sunlight entering through the tall clerestory windows! All the attendees made themselves comfortable in the spacious wedding ceremony seating arrangement that featured long wooden pews in a natural finish. The wedding band played beautiful songs on their violins and entertained everybody present there. In an intense and emotional moment, the bride was walked down the aisle by her parents on both sides. The wedding ceremony took place with complete Greek wedding traditions.

From the couple holding tall candles to wearing their marital crowns or Stefana, many important Greek wedding traditions were observed during this cultural Greek wedding that celebrated the groom’s heritage and culture. The priest too said that “this is the marriage between two cultures- the Greek and the Filipino” which made it even more beautiful. And shortly after they were announced, husband and wife that was followed by a wild cheer through the crowd! The wedding exit with rice tosses stole the show as they made their way through the sun-kissed ground. They also posed to click many couple portraits along with group wedding portraits with their respective team of groomsmen and bridesmaids. The stunning bridesmaids’ photos and groomsmen’s portraits looked orchestrated for a glamor magazine!

Johnny and Janela chose Shenandoah Country Club as their reception venue. This elegant country club wedding venue in Detroit is a chic and stylish place for wedding celebrations in Detroit. The entire ambiance was lit up with crystal chandeliers dangling overhead with statement wedding arches made out of purple and yellow flowers and an ample amount of greenery. The remarkable wedding flower installations featuring white and green looked majestic along with the gold plated wrought iron accents. The wonderful all-white wedding cake was a five-tier wedding confection. Adorned with white edible sugar roses, this statement wedding confection was placed at the center of the reception event space which played an integral part in the overall wedding décor.

There were also overhead installations of dangling pink, purple, and blue flowers with wreaths of greenery that were punctuated by twinkling fairy lights. The entire wedding venue was decked up with white, yellow, lilac, pink, and blue flowers with garlands and wreaths of greenery that instantly added a storybook feel to the entire atmosphere. The welcome wedding sign was a dark green ivy-filled board that featured “the Diamantopoulos” in bold gold calligraphy letters. The picturesque reception table décor featured overhead flower installations along with long and sleek transparent glasses with floating tea light candles.

After making a grand entrance at their reception, the couple went on to cut their wedding cake. It was followed by an amazing time at the reception dance floor where the newlyweds had their first dance as husband and wife. The first couple dance also featured the amazing Filipino money dance which is another Filipino wedding tradition. It was a strong nod to the bride’s heritage and culture. According to this Filipino wedding tradition, the male guests would line up in front of the bride to pin money on her dress and the same would be done by the bridesmaids to the groom. The money bills are pinned together as garlands and crowns, and many guests would take turns to dance with the groom and the bride while they wear those money bills on them! They were also joined by the teams of bridesmaids and groomsmen as they carried LED sabers as wedding photo props for their dance. It was an amazing and fun part of the wedding photography session in Detroit.

As the day came to an end, we reflected on how much we loved this multicultural wedding day in Detroit that celebrated so many fun and beautiful wedding traditions with the utmost respect and an equal amount of fun. As much as our wedding photographers loved documenting this beautiful wedding day in Detroit, we loved retelling this special piece as this magical love story deserves to be heard by every Romeo and Juliet out there who believes in the power of true love!

Museum & Art Gallery Wedding Venues Around the World!

Presenting some of the most spectacular museum and art gallery weddings venues from all over the world to have your dream wedding at!




Presenting some of the most spectacular museum and art gallery weddings venues from all over the world to have your dream wedding at!


For a day as monumental as your wedding day, it certainly requires a wedding venue that speaks for your unique personalities as individuals as well as a couple who has vowed to stay together through the thick and thin of life. Picking out a wedding venue is one of the most important wedding decisions that will go into your wedding planner diary for so many good reasons. From choosing a wedding venue that will speak volumes for your personalities to decking up with unique wedding details featuring all the dreams that you envisioned together for your big day, it is truly a monumental decision that can pave the way for other wedding decisions and ideas. From art and music to archaeology and history to space and science, there are quintessential themed wedding venues across the planet where you can get married. Just like a scenic golf course wedding venue would be great for a couple who loves to go for a good game of golf on Sundays and classic beach wedding venues across the US would nod to the personalities of a couple who loves beach vacations, themed-wedding venue ideas are endless and incredible.

There are so many incredible institutions that conserve years of history and artifacts to educate the public and intrigue them about their shared past on just about every subject imaginable. Yes, we are talking about our galleries and museums across the world where you can get married to the love of your life while being surrounded by world-renowned historical artworks and artifacts. Steeped with years and years of history, art gallery and museum wedding venues are magical that lets you say “I do” below a famous painting painted hundreds of years ago or a historical artifact that represents culture dating centuries back or lets you have your first dance under an iconic sculpture that is a memoir of something majestic.

Just like a classic brewery wedding venue will let you reverberate your love story as a union of two wine connoisseurs, hosting a wedding in an art gallery wedding venue will be an echo of your intriguingly artistic personality and represent your immense love for art and history. Art aficionados and history buffs who have always loved incredible art-inspired wedding venues around the world and have chosen them to begin their forever love stories. Artistic museum wedding locations are the perfect spot for couples who love spending hours and date nights looking at artworks that represent long histories and tons of cultural significance. It is also perfect for couples who grew up in the area and want to channelize their cities unique artistic and cultural flair. We have come up with a compiled list of some of our most favorite art galleries and historical museums from around the world that can be the perfect way to highlight your shared passion in a big way.

Our Favorite Museum and Art Gallery Wedding Venues From Around The World –

American Museum of Natural History, New York

Perfect for weddings with long guest lists, the American Museum of Natural History is a historical museum wedding venue in New York that can hold over 3,000 people. From hosting your reception at the Hall of Ocean Life, under the Great Blue Whale to booking a private space for your cocktail reception at the famous Hayden Planetarium, your options are endless. The in-house wedding catering serves a sustainably sourced seafood-inspired wedding menu. Your wedding ceremony can take place in the grand lobby with a majestic dinosaur as the room’s centerpiece where you will most likely dance away the night under the stars with a squid and a whale serving as wedding décor pieces.

Bristol Museum & Art Gallery, Bristol

Bristol Museum & Art Gallery is a historic wedding venue in Bristol‘s Clifton neighborhood. This institution, with its Edwardian Baroque design, provides a large and elegant atmosphere for your special day. This magnificent Bristol wedding location features sweeping staircases, glass vaulted ceilings, and romantic balconies for an unforgettable wedding photography session. You may book the Bristol Museum & Art Gallery exclusively in the evenings and organize your own private art exhibitions- this is the ideal wedding venue for art lovers! You are invited to say “I do” while being surrounded by your loved ones here, which is available for both evening wedding ceremonies and daytime celebrations. The French Art Gallery, Winterstoke Hall, British and European Art Gallery, and Victorian Art Gallery each have their own distinct atmosphere.

Philadelphia Museum of Art, Philadelphia

While the grand cascading staircase was always considered to be a must-have wedding photography spot for couples in Philadelphia, the whole of Philadelphia Museum of Art is allowing weddings to happen at its various event spaces. Couples can now be married or hold parties at the museum. With soaring ceilings and Augustus Saint-Gaudens’ 14-foot Diana statue front and center, the enormous Great Stair Hall is ideal for large events of up to 300 people. The Art Deco Perelman Building offers a private patio and a skylit atrium that serves as a dance floor for casual receptions, while the separate Rodin Museum is ideal for small ceremonies, with outdoor meals for up to 60 guests surrounded by sculptures by the French artist.

Milwaukee Art Museum,  Milwaukee 

The Milwaukee Art Museum is a lovely site for your special day. For art and design lovers, a wedding day spent at the museum is an exhilarating experience. Getting married in the Midwest may seem out of the question if you’re from the East Coast. However, taking guests to Santiago Calatrava’s postmodern, sculptural Quadracci Pavilion is well worth the journey. The magnificent room is bathed in light, highlighting the sculptural background and giving the ideal contrast to your delicate gown. Moreover, on the day of your wedding, the museum schedules no other activities, guaranteeing that all eyes are on you.

The Silk Mill Museum, Derbyshire

The structure lies on the location of the world’s first factory, possibly the start of the Industrial Revolution, which took place in 1721. It also serves as the southern entrance to the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Derwent Valley Mills. As one of the world’s marvels, it drew visitors from all over the world, including Benjamin Franklin, America’s founding father, who visited the Mill in 1771 and was so impressed that he brought the concept to the United States. Take a closer look at the Silk Mill Museum if you’re searching for an industrial-chic wedding site. It boasts lovely river views and is perfect for couples seeking a historic wedding setting.

The Toledo Museum, Ohio 

Imagine getting married in a room full of Baroque paintings! Wouldn’t that be a dream come true wedding destination location for art and history lovers? The drama, enthusiasm, and emotion of the exquisite artwork at The Toledo Museum are ideal for a wedding! The museum wedding venue in Ohio will work with you at every step of the way to ensure that everything from the food to the reserved gallery is to your satisfaction. Additionally, your rehearsal dinner can be held at the Museum, in the Glass Pavilion, or in the Peristyle Lobby. Plus, there’s a sculpture garden up for grabs.

Museum van Loon, Amsterdam

The Museum van Loon is a stunning European mansion suitable for a Vogue feature. The Museum, which is located on Amsterdam’s beautiful Keizersgracht canal, was once the house of Willem van Loon. During the Golden Age, the van Loons co-founded the Dutch East-India Company. On your big day, take a step back in time and rejoice with your guests as if it were the thriving 17th century in Amsterdam. The historic Museum Van Loon has recently been turned into a public museum where visitors may take a journey down memory lane and get a glimpse into how the other half lived during Amsterdam’s thriving Golden Age.

The Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago

The historic art museum wedding venue in Chicago offers limitless possibilities for your engagement party, rehearsal dinner, bridal shower, wedding ceremony, or reception, with a variety of special event venues ranging from classic to futuristic. The Chicago Stock Exchange Trading Room, for example, adds instant vintage grandeur to your celebration, while the Modern Wing’s clean, beautiful architecture serves as a blank canvas for you to create your magnificent event. A private viewing of the permanent collection or special exhibitions of The Art Institute of Chicago can be added to the wedding activities to make the visit really unforgettable for all your beloved wedding guests.

Peggy Guggenheim Museum, Venice 

If hosting a dreamy Venetian wedding has always been in your cards with a touch of artistry and exclusivity, you have found your ideal wedding venue in Venice! A grand Italian wedding is every couple’s original dream and what can be better than hosting it at a wedding venue that is home to hundreds of years of history and artwork. Located at the heart of Venice, The Peggy Guggenheim Collection is located on the Grand Canal and houses a remarkable collection of modern art. Give your wedding guests a night to remember by allowing them to explore the collection in an intimate setting with a personalized tour guide.

Seattle Art Museum, Seattle 

Host your wedding at one of the most historic spots in Seattle! Allow your visitors to go around the city and explore the galleries of the Pacific Northwest’s foremost visual arts organization. The Pike Place Market, the Seattle waterfront, and most major hotels are all within walking distance of the Seattle Art Museum. From the ceremony through the reception, the historic Seattle Art Museum can accommodate all your wedding events. In addition, the museum offers competitively priced packages that entice people to hold both their ceremony and reception there. The Museum can accommodate up to eight hours of event time and can also provide musical entertainment for the cocktail reception. Not only can you be married among stunning artworks, but you can also feel good about your financial decisions.

Brooklands Museum, Surrey

The historic Brooklands Museum is a unique wedding location in the Surrey countryside that caters to a wide range of guests. It is a historic art museum wedding venue in Surrey that is a magical and one-of-a-kind location for your romantic wedding ceremony, with a plethora of themed rooms to choose from. The Brooklands Museum provides a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to marry onboard Concorde and toast with champagne beneath its wings. There are plenty of additional choices for a larger celebration, as well as plenty of fantastic picture possibilities among the aircraft antiques.

Blanton Museum of Art, Austin

The Blanton Museum of Art is more than just another gem at The University of Texas. The art museum wedding venue in Austin has a stunning atrium with a 50-foot ceiling and iridescent blue walls, which can accommodate up to 150 guests for your art gallery wedding. With blue ombre walls, contrasting terracotta orange, and vibrant decor, this museum wedding scene is perfect for the artsy couple looking to escape from the summer Texas heat. Moreover, the Museum’s curfew is 2 a.m., so you may keep the party going during the reception and dance to your music until the early hours of the morning.

Do not consider yourself the typical couple? Your choice of wedding venue can speak for this. If the typical ballrooms or barn wedding venues are too mainstream or predictable for you, finding an out-of-the-box wedding venue like an art gallery or a historical museum can do the magic for you. If you’re an art-loving duo, why not hold your big event at a local gallery or go for a destination wedding at some of the dreamiest wedding venues across the world that are filled with centuries of history and art? From the iconic sculptures to the magnificent and famous arts, hosting your wedding events at a museum or art gallery will be an über cool and sophisticated soirée that will leave an imprint on your guests. Unique art-centric wedding venues are perfect for over-the-top wedding ideas as they are already a juxtaposition of all things unique and creative.

Hosting your wedding at a museum or an art gallery will mean that your guests will have their own private tour of the building and get access to some of the most timeless and priceless pieces of art while getting a sneak peek about your passion and hobby. Since historical museums and art galleries generally feature ample space it is a great choice for hosting macro weddings with an extended wedding guest list. Incredible museum-centric wedding venues already feature their own exquisite decorations and unique glamorous wedding details so that you will save time and money on filling up the space. If minimal wedding décor is your thing, this is the place to be as you would not want to overshadow all that a museum or an art gallery has to offer. These historical wedding event spaces are generally built upon a color scheme that can nod to your favorite wedding theme and ideas.