Over the Top Wedding Ideas We Can’t Help But Love

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They say cats have 9 lives and hyenas have 7! Really? You might ask. Well, we don’t know, but we do know that humans get just one life! YOLO! We only fall in love once, and we only want to tie the knot once! So it only makes sense if we want to go over the top on our most special day! But we also understand that not everyone can hang the cost to make their dream of a lavish fairytale wedding come true! While some couples just want to ensure that their wedding is unique within their pre-set wedding budget there are others who want their wedding to be a flamboyant show-stopping affair that their guests talk about for decades to come as if they don’t have a care in the world. Regardless of your wedding theme or location, picking the perfect wedding decorations out for your reception can feel like a never-ending task. From an aisle running through the pool to a walk down the aisle with a unicorn to a one-of-a-kind ceremony backdrop that’ll make you feel like a celebrity, it’s our pleasure to enlighten you with the luxurious wedding ideas we can’t stop talking about. With very few installations and little furnishings, we have come up with some of the most celebrated wedding details that can transform any average wedding day into an epic celebration of extravagance and royalty.

Your sliding door moments with the love of your life have put you both on a lifelong adventure. And the wedding day that would seem light-years away until a few months ago is now coming towards you at the speed of light! We are sure you already have kick-started your wedding planning. Financially, weddings were a challenge but after 2020, aesthetically too, weddings have become a task. This year we saw drastic changes in wedding trends than ever before like large extravagant wedding venues being replaced by small simple backyards and courthouses, magnificent sweeping designer wedding gowns by low-key short wedding dresses, large wedding guest lists of about 500-1000 people by a list of 10-25 nearest and dearest, and grand gala affairs by small intimate weddings like micro weddings, minimonies, elopements, and virtual weddings to name a few. From microgreens to mini cupcakes and even tiny houses, everything seems to be getting smaller. But small doesn’t mean less important or gruey. It’s not the size of the detail that makes it special it’s the aesthetics it is able to exude. Ahead we have rounded up a few unique glamorous #weddingideas that will bring unlimited extravagance to your big event! But before we take a plunge into the sea of our favorite extravagant and clever wedding ideas, allow us to tell a little about the last over-the-top wedding that I personally attended as a guest.

Story Time!

About two years ago when everything was fine and dandy I attended a wedding of my close friend – it was a summer wedding and the venue she chose was a huge banquet hall and almost all the arrangements including the ceremony set-up, which was looking like nothing but a page from a fairytale storybook with a cherry blossom backdrop, were done outdoors. The entrance was decked up with huge beautifully framed couple portraits as far as the eyes could see which were later given away to the family and friends as wedding favors (I also received one which is hanging on the wall of my room). The guest count was huge, around 2000 (give or take) and food and beverage options were endless. I (and I am sure everyone who was present there) couldn’t even taste half of my favorite items as it was a never-ending buffet-style table with mouth-watering food. The wedding photographers and videographers were on their toes with their equipment. Drones were hovering over our heads making sure every single detail was covered from every angle. From entrance to guest tables to aisle, every nook and corner was screaming elegance and extravagance. With romantic flowers and golden uplighting everywhere I looked, I am sure the bride was feeling like walking into a fairy tale while walking down that aisle and the groom was like her prince charming while dancing with her Cinderella under the over-sized cosmic chandelier on the heavenly dance floor full of artificial fog. The day was everything magical, and I am sure it got etched in the memories of everyone present there. I could talk about the wedding till the cows come home! Here’s the catch, I remember the wedding because of those over-the-top details! Couples incorporate these luxe wedding ideas not only for guests to remember the day but also to live the happiest once-in-a-lifetime moment of their lives in an unforgettable way! Brownie points: swoon-worthy wedding photography.

Let floral centerpieces defy the gravity

This one is for those who are madly in love with orchids! And as Susan Orlean (the author of “The Orchid Thief”) said in her book “Orchids seem to drive people crazy,” bazillions of white orchids standing high on the guest tables not only promise tons of aesthetics and elegance but also allow your loved ones to mingle and witness the festivities far and wide through the space provided by tall elevated stands holding the hanging blooms. The joy of joys is that these tall sumptuous floral centerpieces are practical to arrange and only add to the grandeur of your reception. If flirty florals don’t make it to your wedding budget or your eco-conscious heart then let baby’s breath take your guests’ breath away! The baby’s breath adds softness and has romantic, ethereal characteristics. DIY your tall baby’s breath centerpieces and amp them up with seasonal blooms of your choice. A little sprinkling of your favorite ones here and there amidst the tons of baby’s breath in glass vases will do the trick! We don’t see any no-fuss, budget-friendly option that fits practically into any wedding decor more than baby’s breath when it comes to tablescapes’ centerpieces to feel extravagant. You may order your flowers from Sam’s Club or from Costco who sells bulk flowers including Baby’s Breath. You might also want to deck up the guest tables with something that screams luxurious like nothing else and that’s lace. All the more appropriate!

Tons of flowers in the backdrop can upgrade the ‘I do’ moment dramatically

The bride is dressed to the nines and the groom is looking like no less than a movie star. But if the backdrop is run-of-the-mill, don’t you think all their efforts can go down the drain? Don’t let the middle-of-the-road stuff make your extra-ordinary moment a dull ordinary one. Think flower walls! Not as photo booth backdrops but as your ceremony backdrop! No, I am not away with the fairies! Turn your mundane ceremony tent into an enchanted garden with a dramatic, gigantic floral display. You’ll have your guests swooned by this next-level extravagance! For the ultimate over-the-top look, flank the aisle with rustic candles! You may also use creating lighting to project an image onto the outside.

Let the stars light up your tented reception

When you think about it, nature really does offer some of the best décors! Case in point: A starry night sky. You might also opt for an open tent decked up with some drapes here and there to invite the twinkling stars to your celebration. Give your guests a dazzling view of fireworks at the end of the night (only if it made it to your budget). You might want to create an intimate feel by draping the walls or a romantic tent-like atmosphere or choose to deliver an element of luxurious experience by handing your guests out petal poppers or floral cannons, so they can enjoy showering you and your spouse with fresh petals as you walk the aisle as newlyweds.

Nothing can frame your best ever moment as the blooming frame does

The GOAT dream of your life comes true beneath a lush array of your favorite flowers, no wonder it’s a focal point of the ceremony space reflecting the mood of your special day. Whether you’re exchanging nuptials in a Jewish way under a standout chuppah covered in flowers on all four sides making a soft, but major statement, or simply want to kiss as newlyweds beneath a cascading cluster of your favorite roses, ceremony structures are a prime element to wedding planning. Take your “I do” moment notches above with an arbor that is all dolled up like a bride with pastel-colored roses and fronds in abundance. This 14-foot arch was decorated with fresh ferns, gardenias, and spray roses to create an ethereal woodland vibe that complimented the intimate outdoor setting. What we imagine – it would be a little like exchanging nuptials above the clouds below the rainbow. Remember the place where you become husband and wife lies under the shade of the wedding arch, so it must shower the good wishes in all colors straight from Mother Nature!

Let your wedding cake take the cake!

A wedding cake has become more than just a dessert not to mention! Think massive geometric cakes or multiple tiers with intricate details, like fondant appliqués, edible metallic foil, cascading florals, and buttercream frosting featuring ruffles or intricate texturing. Whether it’s a monet-inspired wedding or bohemian-inspired wedding, transform your cake into decor with careful designs and hand-painted accents to take your cake-cutting moment to the next level. These art deco over-the-top multi-tiered wedding cakes are almost insanely beautiful to eat but somehow, we think we’d manage! Make sure your wedding cake table is as opulent as your sweet masterpiece. Look at the larger-than-life cake (quite literally!) in the image above – how beautifully this oh-so-gorgeous six-story wedding cake from Haydel’s Bakery and the classy glass table surrounded with millions of lovely garden rose vases and romantic candles floating in the cute cylinder glass vases where it is placed are looking like MMIH! We can’t our eyes off of this full of out-of-the-world whimsy wedding cake table arrangement! We love how each hand-applied ruffle along with the delicate lace patterns on alternating tiers is matching the color palette and rustic theme. From the moment your loved ones will walk into the reception space until you and your brand-new spouse will cut the first piece together, it promises to serve as a decoration that they will talk about for the rest of their lives!

Nothing stands higher than a castle-like wedding venue in the world of luxury

No doubt your over-the-top nuptials can take place just about anywhere, but nothing can house a gala storybook-inspired wedding quite like a palace can! In fact, a castle-like wedding venue boasting lofty ceilings, gilded elements, intricate architecture, old-world pillars, enticing wall paintings, dramatic staircases, antique chandeliers, and interesting props like a piano is the most relevant venue to flaunt the royalty in your personality and the princess-inspired designer ballgown that you ran to earth! Here, we are not encouraging you to opt for a wedding venue that costs you the earth but to choose one that really highlights your very own and hand-selected aesthetics. There is a cartload of castle-like wedding venues out there that can bring your wedding visions to life without you breaking the bank! Or you could simply find a reception room that is as regal as this one at Oberoi Udaivilas, Udaipur, India that won’t need tons of flowers and expensive table linens. Also, there’s something truly special about venues with mountain views, and this historic castle wedding venue at Windham in New Hampshire provides some truly awe-inspiring scenery. For your own version of a royal (or Game of Thrones-inspired) wedding, you could also opt for a magnificent venue with great outdoors so that you can enjoy alone-time with sweetheart overlooking the striking natural beauty in the surroundings in the middle of the festivities to charge up for the remainder of the wedding day celebration and your wedding photographers can capture breathtaking sunset shots while you two are sharing sweet nothings at the golden hour.

Not to mention, a bewitching palace-like venue calls for an over-the-top bridal look

Nothing says glamorous quite like a ball gown! So, channel your inner princess out by walking down the aisle in a stunning designer number with a full skirt. Don’t forget to pair your sparkly princess-y gown with a tiara – an appropriate accessory to make you feel like what you are, and you are going to be – your dad’s princess and your sweetheart’s queen! There are myriad ways to bring elegance to your wedding day look, but we’re obsessed with accessorizing the dress with a wispy long dramatic veil, a crown or headpiece, gold or pearl accessories, and an elegant bridal bouquet! Do not forget to outfit your mother like a queen and ‘maids in glamorous dresses as you will shine like a moon only if they will twinkle like a star! For an instance, choose long solid pink bridesmaids’ dresses made of chiffon for your gals to keep the collective look sophisticated if you are donning a crisp white designer Cinderella-like bridal gown complete with a dreamy sweeping veil and tons of frou-frou.

A bottle full of thanks can elevate the wedding by manifolds

Even your wedding guest favors can get a glamorous upgrade. Add perfect endings to your new beginnings, with the perfect amount of liquid love and enthusiasm! Giving away a bottle of wine or mini bottles of champagne as wedding favors to the guests ensures the celebrating (and luxury) doesn’t stop even after the party is over. Adorn the guest favors with cute ribbons calligraphed with each guest’s name for a sweet gesture. You can personalize the labels using the colors, fonts, and designs for your special day. Consider incorporating the colors and themes from your wedding into a custom label for coordinated champagne or wine wedding favors. For now or later – serve these bottles straight from the wedding reception bar, or include them in a goodie bag as a keepsake. Add your wedding date to the label to have it etched in their memories forever. The 187-ml single serving size makes this a fantastic wine wedding favor that your guests can take home in a bag or enjoy at the wedding.

Dream big!

Brides and grooms on a budget often have to get extra thoughtful when planning their king-size ceremony and reception. But skimping on costs doesn’t mean you have to do away with your dream of having a picture-perfect big day. Every wedding has almost similar rituals and revolves around the same details. It’s only the extravagant decor or details that make it an amazing and unforgettable affair. Let’s face it! It might take a king’s ransom to pull off something different and amazing. And we can’t deny the fact that over-the-top weddings can cost you an arm and a leg but let us tell you that it’s not something that is achievable with a generous budget. You only need to forgo a few elements that are less important to you, or that you could do without! With that stubborn C-virus still breathing down our necks, intimate weddings are de rigueur and the large weddings don’t seem to be back any time soon and whatever savings the small weddings bring with them can be put towards the dream of your larger-than-life, over-the-top wedding. Where there is a will, there is a way!

2021 Trend: Petite Bouquets

a beautiful bouquet of white roses and succulents

a beautiful bouquet of white roses and succulents

While we have always been transparent about how we feel about flowers(more is always better!), we are looking into our favorite topic with a renewed perspective. Flowers are a natural choice in decorations and adornments and are a go-to for weddings. A wedding without flowers sounds like a wedding we want nothing to do with! However flowers have been used historically for a long while now, and the trends have changed and evolved tremendously over the decades. While cascading flowers, wild bunches or mismatched blooms, and packed bouquets are adorned by us, among many others, petite bouquets are something that is becoming a thing, and aren’t they a cute bunch! Like most amazing things, necessity was the mother of invention for these cuties. Since 2020 saw a global pandemic, it also saw a lot of minimal home weddings, backyard weddings, minimonies, among many other versions of a wedding which entails a smaller guest list, lighter budgets and a lighter event. Dresses were simplified, makeup and hair became natural, and bouquets-smaller! Alternatives to huge cascading bouquets started pouring in, and petite or posy bouquets gained popularity fast, and we couldn’t get over how adorable and perfect they were. Flowers express our mindsets and minimal and less seems to be the catchword for this year’s wedding scene. From a single stem of the flower to flower hoops, to the most dainty collection of tiny blooms, petite bouquets seem to be able to communicate the vibe of the year quite appropriately. While the flowers are tiny and minimal in their stature, they pack quite a punch when it comes to impact. Some say it is in fact the small size that makes them so eye-catching. Let us look into this trend closely and look at some options.

Season inspired:

seasons reflect in the wedding quite naturally, be it through the colors used, the decor elements, or the flowers. Let your petite blooms reflect the season in its composition. A fall-inspired color palette in burgundy, deep purple, and blush, translates well for a fall wedding, while tangerine, palm leaves, and yellows work great for a tropical warm-weather feel. A nod to the seasons, seasonal blooms photograph well and are quite easy to pull off in a petite format.

Petite Classic:

Petite and absolutely divine, a posy of lily of the valley, might be the ideal design for the bride herself, as well as those special people like the mother of the bride and mother of the groom. The time-approved wedding flower for the classic wedding, we love how simplistic, pure yet impactful a delicate flower-like lily of the valley emits a wedding day charm.

Aye to anemones:

We love anemones for any bridal bouquet style. Unique, charming, and a little different from the rest, a petite bouquet with anemones is like a beautiful piece of poetry. For a posy, select just a handful of anemones for a bouquet all their own, or merge with dusty miller, astilbe, or eucalyptus for a delicate and enticing design.

Fern it up:

Ferns add a sweet surprise to your wedding day bouquet for sure. An unexpected addition to a design is always something we can support when it comes to wedding blooms! Adding in sprigs of bird nest ferns or plumosa will create a stunning design we can’t help but love. Ferns sure are great to lighten up a bouquet and add a tropical element to it.


Who doesn’t love the fresh-from-the-field look that a mono-floral bouquet can sometimes exude? Incredibly romantic and sweet, like a gathering of wildflowers, mono florals are a little disheveled, and not perfectly trimmed, resulting in a design that is reflective of the beautiful environment around you, while still being innocent and romantic in an old-fashioned manner.

Ribbon action:

Ribbons are perfect for tying in an accent color within the outfit, which makes the overall look sweet and romantic. Whether it is a shorter bow or a long and flowy one, a ribbon tie to a bunch of petite blooms provides the illusion of a more generous bouquet while still keeping the design within a petite. The small profile of the posy will be emphasized nicely by silk or satin ribbon, correlated with the color of the flowers, for an elegant draping effect.

Green effect:

Known for its lovely sage hue, eucalyptus is a perfect candidate for a petite bouquet, as it serves a sweet and romantic vibe, matches most wedding styles, and will last long past the celebration as an aromatic reminder of the wedding day! If eucalyptus is too single-dimensional for you, creating a design using several types of greenery creates balance and dimension, even for a petite one! Consider mixing greens from all the shades, like ferns, eucalyptus, or evergreen, for a unique combination.


For a bouquet that stands out and makes a statement, our larger-than-life flowers anthurium comes in pretty handy. This heart-shaped charmer of a flower is the perfect accomplice for a tropical soiree. One can keep it minimal and simple by letting it take the stage or add minimal additional flowers, making a big impact, notwithstanding its size. We love how clean and minimal the look is, yet how theatrical is its presence.

Roses posies:

If you are like to save the adventures for another day and rather go for an option that is well-received and remains a classic through all the years, roses are the way you should head. It is guaranteed you can never go wrong with a bouquet of roses, as often reminded by the infamous florist Griffith-VanderYacht. Short and stubby rose petite bouquets can be highly impactful, while still staying classic and evergreen.

An unexpected stroke of color:

Bring the petite bridal bouquet to the foreground and showcase its size by carrying a bouquet that is bright and vibrant and full of life. A vibrant bouquet can take things to the next level and go for colorful blooms which best expresses your vibe. you can go for spray-painted baby’s breath for a soft and airy look, triking orange celosia for a colorful fall wedding.

Blushing hues:

Blush instantly adds a soft and romantic tone to the vibe. If you are thinking of carrying a bouquet of a darker, yet complementary color palette, adding hints of pink might just be the facelift it needs. Taking the time to find the right style and color story is an essential step in building an unforgettable day. Bring in blush throughout your wedding design and the color will unquestionably cast a sweet, romantic glow throughout the day.

Proteas Alert!

While a traditional bouquet can restrict one from experimenting a lot, and go for more traditionally used colors. Petite bouquets are hence the perfect window of opportunities for making a huge impact as it enables you to use flowers which you wouldn’t normally use, like king proteas. Proteas provide a sweet juxtaposition as it is quite a large flower however when paired with just one or two of those, they fit the bill for a petite bouquet.

The lone stem:

Posies doesn’t have to be short and clustered into a bouquet and can also be a stem of a breathtaking flower. Minimal and memorable, a single-stemmed bouquet takes the road less traveled when it comes to design and delivers an enormous impact. More and more brides and bridesmaids are opting to sport long-stemmed flowers than a whole bouquet, and the impact is modern yet romantic.


All-white wedding bouquet is not new, and is something classic and ageless. For a petite bouquet so for tulips to hydrangea, or even a cluster of white orchids, and let that monochromatic design work its magic. The impact is huge with this one and brings together a bridal look together quite seamlessly.

Orchid Affair:

Fresh, modern, and inventive, orchids always have a way of attaching a layer of mystery without actually having to do that much. Perfect for your bridesmaids to carry, whether you opt for traditional white orchids or something more out of the box, like purple, use just a few sparse stems and you will clear a lasting image in your guest’s minds.

Fluffy astilbe:

Texture is something you can consider while choosing a petite bouquet. Fluffy and naturally eye-catching, astilbe is certainly a flower to consider when it comes to the principle of less is more. Select a few handfuls of stems and you can go with or without leaves for a brand-new take on age-old bouquets.

Floral hoop:

A new kid in the block, a floral hoop adds whimsy and allure to the wedding day and allows the bride to step away from tradition. Floral hoop is minimal, out-of-the-norm, and highly palatable for every bridal style. Highly customizable, a floral hoop is perfect for a boho wedding as well as a rustic one, and everything in between.

Simple and minimal:

Most often than not, we go for petite bouquets so that we can keep our wedding look simple and minimal, and simple and clean small arrangements like white peonies or ranunculus look stunning without taking away from the look, and adding a whole lot more. While whispy flowers like baby’s breathe add subtle whimsy to the look, full-faced blooms like ranunculus look sweet and romantic, and can wow even in more modest numbers.

Succulent bouquet:

For a nature-inspired wedding, or a minimal one, a succulent bouquet might be the answer. Whether you want to go for a bunch of beautiful stubby succulents as your choice of arrangement, or you want something simple and minimal like a single green succulent, two thistles, and strands of wheat to create a textured bunch.

Dried and pretty:

It is amazing how a bunch of flowers look just as pretty dry as they do while in full bloom. A mixed assortment of dried flowers, wheat, pampas, and such creates a beautiful petite bouquet. Neutral, minimal, sustainable, and perfect for a boho wedding, a sweet and simple spray of dried flowers is sometimes all that is needed.

Small and sweet:

A bunch of small flowers like daisies, yellow wildflowers, or baby’s breath looks abundant in a bunch while still looking beautiful in a petite bouquet. The bunches look romantic in a true wildflower fashion while delivering the perfect summer wedding feels. If you have a wedding coming up this summer, wildflowers tied in a tiny bunch and wrapped in a sweet lace or burlap ribbon will hit the spot just right.

Beachside bouquet:

For a wedding by the beach, a bouquet inspired by the tropical vibe is perfect. Reflect the fun beachy vibe with vibrant tropical hues in flowers and different types of palm leaves for a beachside casual “I do”.

Flowers are nature’s ornament and add romance and poetry to everything. It adds color, dimension, and feel-good vibe to the overall look, making one happier instantly. There is so much that instantly changes with just adding a bunch of flowers here and there, be it in our homes, our gardens, our hair, or most importantly, our wedding day. Flowers play a huge role in the overall wedding look and can make or break an event. It is of supreme importance in a wedding, as most of the bridal accessories, along with decor elements lean in the favor of flowers. Petite bunches are such a tiny addition to the bridal attire but make a whole lot of difference overall. So why does a petite bouquet work so well? Well, apparently there is a lot of it. Aesthetically, a posy bouquet is an excellent idea if one is looking for flowers that don’t distract the overall look, and rather adds to it in a subtle way. Think of a petite bouquet like an accessory, a stunning bag, or a pair of lovely shoes that escalates the look, without taking away from the carrier. no matter what is style, bohemian or classic, or glam, a petite bouquet is versatile and can accommodate any style of wedding. Additionally, there is something dramatic and almost intentional about a tiny bridal bouquet, which escalates the look even further. While huge bouquets have ruled our worlds for quite a while now, the small bunches are here to take their fair share of the spotlight.