The Best Bridal Hairstyles for an Outdoor Wedding

Outdoor wedding hairstyles that you'll love! - Click to explore the most gorgeous hairstyles that are perfect for outdoor weddings!

Outdoor wedding hairstyles that you'll love! - Click to explore the most gorgeous hairstyles that are perfect for outdoor weddings!

Everybody loves weddings! And if you ask us, we and our team of professional wedding photographers and videographers are just crazy in love with weddings (no matter which season couples are getting hitched!). There is some incredible and calming joy and excitement in watching two people who are head over heels in love with each other come together to profess their love and commit to one another for life! This exact visual is really just enough to bring a wide smile to anyone’s face!

Amongst all the wedding styles, outdoor weddings have always been the most desired wedding style opted by couples throughout the years! Even we believe that there is nothing more beautiful than seeing two love birds sharing their “I do” moment surrounded by mother nature while the golden shimmer of the sun shines brightly upon them! There is no denying that outdoor weddings at romantic locations like rustic bars, the beach, or plantations are surely on the rise!

So, if you are a bride who is planning her big day at some romantic and luxurious outdoor wedding venue, we have something for you! We have rounded up some really incredible bridal hairstyles for outdoor weddings which are sure to give you some inspiration for how to style your locks for the most special day of your life!

  1. Tousled Flower Crown

The very thing that you need to decide when it comes to your wedding day hairstyle for an outdoor wedding is whether you want your hair up, or keep it down and flowing, or just want half and a half! If you don’t want your hair to be framing up your face while the romantic breeze creases your face, a tousled flower crown will be an ideal choice for a hair-up wedding day bridal hairstyle! In the tousled floral crown hairstyle, the crown will pull your hair up off your neck and back off your face, but will still look romantic and whimsical! With this kind of bridal hairstyle for your outdoor wedding, you will be able to flaunt the sensuous and sexy back design of your expensive designer wedding gown, and also your facial features will shine out bright as all the hair is tied in the back! All you have to do is ask your hairstylist to add a few springs of flowers from your bridal bouquet to perfectly resonate with your wedding ensemble and add a charm and also the fragrant touch to your overall outdoor bridal look! With this bridal hairstyle, we can assure you that your bridal portraits captured by our professional wedding photographers will turn out classic and marvelous!

  1. Half-Up Fishtail Braid Hairstyle

A half-up hairstyle is nothing but an elegant bridal hairstyle choice to show off your locks while also pulling your hair back from your face! The fishtail braid is definitely an intricate touch to your overall bridal hairstyle look and will look gorgeous in all your wedding photos and wedding videos documented by our professional and talented wedding photographers and videographers! Adding a fishtail braid to your half-up hairdo holds a great staying power and will also easily hold back the layers or bands if needed to be! With this bridal hairstyle, you will also be able to put your bridal veil or a flower crown right above the braid for great versatility and a stunning look of your big and special day!

  1. Low Loose Twist Bridal Hairstyle 

Low loose twist bridal hairstyle is incredibly sexy as the loose curls gracefully frame the face of a bride and her facial features automatically get highlighted! Brides who are planning to go for this kind of bridal hairstyle for their outdoor wedding celebration, trust us you will look nothing short of sexy and beautiful all at once! This sexy twist on a classic up-do paired with a low twist with a few errant strands that gorgeously frames a bride’s face, neck, and shoulders in the best possible way! This kind of bridal hair up-do will not only keep a bride cool at her outdoor wedding ceremony and further wedding celebrations but will also give her hair great height and volume for picture-perfect bridal portraits for the best and special day of her life! We can assure you that with this kind of bridal hairdo, your wedding day bridal portraits will look absolutely amazing and incredible!

  1. Bridal Hairstyle with a Classic & Vintage Knot

If you are a bride-to-be and think vintage is more of your style, then we have something for you! We can assure you that a simple low knot could be the right choice for you as it will make you look more elegant and timeless. The pinned-back look combines classic glamor with the effortless look for a memorable seaside wedding. Wearing this hairstyle for your beachside wedding will definitely make you look stunning and will also leave your partner breathtaking! In fact, you will also look mind-blowing in all your wedding videos and photographs! Our creative and talented wedding photographers and videographers will love capturing your bridal look in the best of frames!

  1. Flowing Locks

Flowing locks are always in fashion! No matter where or in what season you are getting hitched, this bridal hairstyle will definitely elevate your bridal look and make you look than gorgeous and mind-blowing! These days our millennial brides are preferring to wear their hair down for the biggest day celebration of their life, and trust us the results are just spectacular! You can also opt for loose, natural-looking waves with an earth-tone leafy crown to flawlessly complement your wedding in a romantic botanical setting! This kind of bridal hairstyle will undoubtedly make you the trending bride on the internet, especially on Instagram! This bridal hairstyle is distinctly bohemian and is an ideal hairstyle option for all the boho brides out there! But, to add a bit of twist, you can straighten out your locks, or even glam them up with some ringlet curls to better suit your style, wedding dress, or even the wedding venue if needed!

  1. Wrap Around Crown Braid

We all know that braids are both beautiful and whimsical. And going for this kind of hairstyle will undoubtedly make you look mesmerizing if you are planning a farm or an oceanside romantic wedding! A wrap-around crown braid offers a stunning combination of a fishtail braid with a more classic design that wraps around and pins to your crown! To add a little charm and grace to your bridal hairstyle, try adding some seasonal flowers, greenery, or rhinestone bobby pins to elevate your bridal look! You can also consider coordinating this hairstyle with your wedding party to have a coordinated look on your wedding day! Flaunt the same in your wedding party photographs snapshotted by experienced wedding photographers!

  1. Classic and Timeless Braided Bun

A braided bun is always classic. In short, it is timeless like some other wedding essentials! If you are going for this kind of bridal hairstyle for your wedding day, trust us, you will look eye-catching! One of the major reasons why brides go for a classic and timeless braided bun for their wedding day look is that, under this hairstyle, the one section of the hair will be held back with a braid that incorporates into a gently curled bun for ultimate sexiness! All the brides out there who have shorter front layers that need to be held back securely, then there is no better bridal hairstyle than this one! If you are planning to get married at a location particularly warm, then this bridal hairstyle will give you all-day staying power! If by any chance you are a bride with a trending short hairstyle, then you can talk to your stylist about temporary clip-in extensions. All they have to do is match these extensions with your hair color palette as doing this will give you extra volume or length to create the look of your dreams for just one night!

  1. The Ultimate Loose Side Chignon Bridal Hairstyle

The low and loose side bun surely has a distinctly 1920’s feel complete with all the glamor of the era! A bride who is looking to bring the classic and timeless vintage look to their bridal look should go for this bridal hairstyle! Not only will they make a remarkable statement on their wedding day but will also look mesmerizing and enchanting at the same time! This classic bridal hairstyle looks nothing but stunning and beautiful with a side-swept bang, and can easily incorporate some bling like a headband, tiara, or intricate veil and in no time will elevate the overall look of a bride! If you have made up your mind to go for this kind of hairstyle, then ask your hairstylist to add some accents from your wedding day bridal bouquet to match the vibe with the outdoor setting of your wedding celebration!

  1. Sexy Pinned Back Bridal Hairstyle

This is one of the best hairstyles for all the brides who are having short hair! It’s nothing less than a blessing to have shorter hair and still be able to get the desired hairdo on the wedding day! If you have shorter hair, you can still get this stunning hair up-do with an endless bohemian vibe and standout amongst the celebration! You just need to ask your hairstylist for loose and wavy curls, and then have them all pin back at the nape of your sensuous neck in a fun chignon or twist! This stylish hairdo will not only create a lot of volume up-front but will also help you flaunt your chic curls perfectly! In fact, you will also be able to show off the sexy and sensuous back of your designer backless wedding dress!

  1. Enchanting Bohemian Braided Up-Do For Boho Brides

All the boho brides out there who are blessed with long hair must try this bridal hairstyle for your big day without having any second thoughts! This loose, crisscrossing braid will not only give you a simple boho bridal feel but will definitely elevate your bohemian bridal look! Just ask your hairstylist to leave some strands to curl and then let them seamlessly fall loosely around your face and neck. Add a romantic touch to this secure style with some really serious staying power! Not only will you look incredibly romantic with this hairstyle but your mind-blowing facial features will also get highlighted and will look stunning in all your wedding photos and videos!

  1. Romantic Curled Braided Crown

One of the best bridal hairstyles for brides who are planning a romantic beachside wedding for their big day! Just add a little bombshell factor to your beautiful braided crown only by incorporating a medium-barrel curling iron in order to create big, bouncy curls that gorgeously cascade down your back! In fact, you can also consider adding some lovely crystal accents into your braided hairstyle that can flawlessly complement your wedding gown too! But, if in case you have short hair, and want this bridal hairstyle for your wedding day bridal look, you can consider adding clip-in hair extensions to get the length and volume just right, but trust us, in the end, the result is so worth it that you will not stop admiring your hair even for a second on your wedding day! And compliments will be showering on you!

  1. The Sensuous and Messy Braid

Well, we are pretty much sure that words like “messy” and wedding” shouldn’t go together! But we can’t deny the fact that messy is in trend these days! Yes, we are talking about messy bridal hairstyles! Just one look at this easy-breezy messy braid on a Pinterest board for your outdoor wedding ceremony will surely get you desiring your bridal day hairstyle! A perfect bridal hairstyle for all the brides who have short hair or layers that they don’t like to stay put! The sensuous messy braid isn’t meant to be perfect but is only meant to look stunning and sexy on a bride! All you need to do is ask your hairstylist to curl your strands first, and then finely and gently work them into a side braid! Don’t forget to add on some flowers or cute baby’s breath if you like that vibe for your outdoor wedding ceremony! If you are choosing this hairstyle for your wedding day, all you have to do is just make sure that one of your bridesmaids has a few bobby pins on hand in case you need them for touch-ups throughout the day!

  1. Gorgeous One Side Pinned Back Bridal Hairstyle

If you are a bride, who just loves the idea of wearing your hair down for your big and special day, but also wants something to open up your face, why not consider pinning just one side of your hair back with an elegant and decorative pin or clip! You can consider adding a touch of “something blue” with your hairpin or clip to keep that loving tradition alive on your wedding day! For this kind of hairstyle, all you have to do is part your hair to one side and secure the side with less hair just by sweeping your hair up and back away from your temple, to have this stunning bridal hairstyle for a flawless bridal look! You can also consider adding some transformations to this hairstyle simply by pinning back the opposite side for a more dramatic and classic look! Trust us, this kind of hairstyle is an excellent way to flaunt your stunning and precious earrings, or just let a little air get to the nape of your neck to keep you cool outdoors!

No matter how you choose to wear your hair for your outdoor wedding ceremony, we are pretty sure that you’re gonna rock the look and we promise our wedding photographers and videographers will capture stunning and fabulous bridal portraits of you in the most cinematic and creative frames!

Best Beach Wedding Venues in the US

Check out our blog featuring some of the most amazing beach locations that serve as great wedding venues all across the US!

Check out our blog featuring some of the most amazing beach locations that serve as great wedding venues all across the US!


There are only a few things that are dreamier than getting married with white sand between your toes and twinkling stars over your head! As you imagine yourself swaying with wrapped up hands around your sweetheart and dancing your heart out to the sound of waves crashing in the background, you will realize that you do not need to have a passport to make this dream a reality. Some of the most beautiful wedding venues in the US feature open white sand beaches and sparkling turquoise water, and you do not need to learn a foreign language or take a 12-hour plane ride to reach your breathtakingly magical beach wedding destination! The incredible beach wedding venues in the United States offer event spaces for picture-perfect wedding ceremonies, from the dramatic landscapes of Oregon to the sparkling white sands of Hawaii!

Here are some of our favorite beach wedding venues in the US:

Sunset Ranch Hawaii, Hawaii

Is there someplace dreamier than Hawaii when it comes to beach weddings? Home to some of the most beautiful wedding venues in the world, Hawaii is considered to be the paradise of beach weddings, with some spots for oceanfront nuptial celebrations. One of the top private beach wedding venues in Hawaii, the Sunset Ranch is located on the North Shore of Oahu and features sweeping ocean and mountain views of the entire northwest side of the island. Considered to be the best place to incorporate all your celestial wedding ideas into your celebrations, this luxurious private beach wedding venue in Hawaii is also home to a variety of flora and fauna.

Sanderling Resort, North Carolina

Probably one of the best beach wedding destinations on the East Coast, the Sanderling Resort in North Carolina is located between the Atlantic Ocean and Currituck Sound. Considered to be one of the best venues for a beautiful beach wedding, this tropical wedding venue is filled with breathtaking natural beauty. Whether you are seeking relaxation and rejuvenation, or simply seeking an unforgettable staycation idea for adventure and exploration on the East Coast, this luxurious coastal paradise can give you everything. From roasting s’mores and playing beach games to taking splashes in the mighty Atlantic while listening to live music scenes during magical sunsets, this dreamy resort with private beach access offers everything to savor during your sand-between-your-toes wedding ceremony!

Russo’s On The Bay, New York

Probably one of the best beach wedding venues for all the New Yorkers, Russo’s On The Bay goes back to 1987 when it was established and to this day continues to capture millions of hearts every wedding season. Boasting panoramic views of the Howard Beach Bay and offering lavish Italian-style indoor wedding event spaces with shining marble floors and elegant chandeliers, it is one of the favorite places in New York for destination weddings in the US. There is a beautiful landscape waterfront garden with a floating gazebo which not only makes it picturesque but also enables you to host the perfect summer garden soirée which your guests will remember forever.

Casa Marina Key West, A Waldorf Astoria Resort, California

Apart from being home to some of the best beach wedding locations in the US, California houses some of the dreamiest wedding destinations in the world. Nestled along the southern edge of the island of Key West and overlooking more than 1,100 feet of beach, Casa Marina Key West is a luxurious and historic resort that was once home to Old Hollywood’s elite. The award-winning special wedding venue is one of the top destination wedding locations for beach weddings in the country. The elegant yet refreshingly simple hideaway for couples offers a long stretch of white sand beach and fully outdoor beach wedding reception spaces, along with several beautifully adorned ballrooms for indoor ceremonies and receptions. Featuring fresh local seafood and an unimaginable culinary experience, this can be your destination for breathing life to all your over-the-top wedding ideas!

The King and Prince Beach & Golf Resort, Georgia

If you are looking for some of the best places to get married on the beach, look no further than The King and Prince Beach & Golf Resort in St. Simons Island, Georgia. Dating back to 1941 and overlooking the entire beachfront block of St. Simons Island, the King and Prince Beach & Golf Resort is a sprawling resort that offers breathtaking outdoor ceremony spaces on the oceanfront lawns. The wide selection of richly decorated rooms, spacious villas with ocean view balconies, and resort residences make it one of the dreamiest wedding venues across the US. Located directly on the Atlantic Ocean beaches of St. Simons Island, it is one of the best places for destination weddings in the US, with sweeping ocean views and state-of-the-art facilities.

Hyatt Regency Coconut Point Resort And Spa, Florida

Nestled in 26 acres of property with over 21 wedding event spaces to choose from, Hyatt Regency Coconut Point Resort And Spa is a tropical resort near Naples in Florida, perfect for an unforgettable beachside wedding. Making it one of the best wedding destinations in the US, couples can enjoy exclusive access to five water slides, four refreshing pools, a lazy river, and a secluded private island, all in one place. One of the top choices for beachfront weddings on the Gulf of Mexico, it is also voted as one of the best places to propose in the US, as it is loved by lovebirds for romantic escapes filled with endless excitement.

Water’s Edge Resort & Spa, Connecticut

Another East Coast beach wedding venue that makes to this list, the Water’s Edge Resort & Spa, is a renowned beach hotel in Connecticut located right on the Connecticut shoreline. Featuring perfectly landscaped gardens, acres of grounds overlooking the water, a private white sand beach, restaurants, entertainment, a premium spa, and breathtaking views of Long Island Sound which serves as the backdrop for wedding ceremonies and receptions, this premium beach wedding venue in East Coast has kept its presence as a top New England beachfront resort for weddings, vacations, and getaways.

The Grand Hotel of Cape May, New Jersey

One of the most luxurious beach wedding destinations in the country, the Grand Hotel of Cape May sits right across the street from Cape May Beach. Boasting panoramic views of the historic Victorian Cape May, this hotel is the perfect oceanfront hideaway for hosting weddings on the beach. Featuring a spectacular Penthouse Ballroom that is catered to host both big-sized and small-sized celebrations, this beachfront wedding venue in New Jersey can enable you to experience your ‘grand day at the beach.’ The wedding events can be held on the sand or on the spacious sundeck that overlooks the sparkling water, making it one of the top tropical wedding locations.

Mansion By The Sea, Texas

Just like the name suggests, the Mansion By The Sea in Texas is a dreamy oceanfront venue located just 25 minutes outside of Corpus Christi. This ultimate Texas beach wedding venue is one of the many unique destination wedding locations for a memorable seaside experience for you and your guests. The tropical vibe of this coastal mansion along with the long white sand shoreline can give you the ultimate private beach wedding experience with sand between your toes and waves crashing behind you. The gorgeous indoor and outdoor areas are perfect for celebrating your big day with your loved ones on the deck with string lights twinkling overhead. Whether you are planning to host a Parisian-themed wedding in the middle of Texas or want a chic beach wedding venue for your luxurious big day, this can be your ultimate bet!

Nonantum Resort, Maine

Featuring classic East Coast charm, the breathtaking Nonantum Resort in Maine is an all-consuming waterfront destination resort that overlooks the Kennebunk River within walking distance of Dock Square’s shops and restaurants and a half a mile from Colony Beach. Considered to be one of the most accessible and convenient resorts in Southern Maine, this beachfront wedding destination also features the iconic Maine Lighthouse as the wedding ceremony backdrop, which makes it one of the most loved wedding venues on the beach across the country. Surrounded by breathtaking natural beauty and an ethereal seaside backdrop, this Southern Maine resort can be the most ideal destination for your fairytale wedding on the beach!

Sea Crest Beach Hotel, Massachusetts

There is something so effortlessly chic about the Sea Crest Beach Hotel in Massachusetts, which makes it one of the best wedding venues for beachside celebrations in the entire country. The Cape Cod beach wedding venue is one of the most beloved venues which is located in North Falmouth which offers a charming waterfront resort that is set for relaxation, romantic escapes, family traditions, and memorable events. The only beachfront resort in Upper Cape Cod, this private property located along Buzzards Bay offers easy access to the area’s best outdoor adventures, like sailing, hiking, golf, historic tours, and more. If you are looking for glamping ideas for your minimoon after your big day celebration, this can be your cozy spot to retire after a day of exploration and adventure.

Turtle Bay Resort, Hawaii

Since Hawaii is considered to be one of the top wedding destinations in the US, the mention of this tropical paradise is making a second entry on our list. And one of the most coveted coastal wedding venues in the islands of Hawaii, the Turtle Bay Resort is a dream wedding venue located along the incredibly dramatic North Shore. This tropical paradise is known for being deeply rooted in the land, the history, and the layered richness of Oʻahu as one can find endless authentic connections to the place of uncommon natural splendor and warmth in every corner. Whether you are looking to get away from social media on your honeymoon hiatus, or simply want to get hitched in a place that is marked with constant discovery and moments that can touch your soul, this top resort in Hawaii can be your dream pick!

The Crook Point, Oregon

Perched on 60-foot bluffs above the Pacific, it is easy to see why Crook Point in Oregon is considered to be one of the top beach wedding locations! The peaceful and secluded luxury resort in the heart of Oregon is surrounded by Southern Oregon’s most beautiful stretches of coastline and the historic Crook Ranch. Making it one of the best destination wedding locations, for beachfront unions in the US, this exotic wedding venue in Oregon is home to three private beaches for you to choose from, followed by a clifftop reception on Arch Rock Lawn or Burnt Hill Overlook where you can take your first dance to the sounds of waves crashing below.

Semiahmoo Resort, Washington

One of the most breathtaking locations for exotic destination weddings in the US, the Semiahmoo Resort in Washington is a dream come true Northwest seaside resort for couples to begin their ‘forever!’ Also considered to be one of the top locations for a dream destination wedding, this luxurious resort is surrounded by the Salish Sea and offers the ultimate Pacific Northwest retreat experience for everyone. The gorgeous ocean views paired with scenic mountain views make it a dream destination for couples looking out for a beach wedding venue that can accommodate all wearing styles. Whether you want to get away from the daily hustles of life or looking for a place to tie the knot in a place that looks straight out of a fairytale, this is the place to be!

If endless sunny weather and sandy toes sound like your ideal wedding vision, then a beach wedding will complete the picture of your dream wedding. All the above-mentioned beachfront resorts and mansions are gorgeous locations where you will love to spend time with your friends and family while starting a brand-new life with the love of your life! These places are not just unique, but also picturesque, which makes them steeped in photo opportunities for your wedding photography and videography session. For couples who want to commemorate the biggest day of their lives in front of the sparkling ocean waters or want to escape to an island to tie the knot in complete seclusion, one of these picturesque beach wedding venues in the US can be the perfect place to exchange your “I dos.”