Breweries & Cideries That Are Also Wedding Venues

Check out our blog featuring some of the most amazing breweries and cideries that are great wedding venues as well!

Check out our blog featuring some of the most amazing breweries and cideries that are great wedding venues as well!


Falling in love is like bliss! It is like listening to a song for the first time and knowing that it will be your favorite for the rest of your life, and you are going to listen to it on loop! So, if you also feel the same, then surely planning a wedding for such a romantic, yet joyous notion should be at a wedding venue that’s one part character, two parts conviviality. When it comes to the search for these kinds of wedding venues, nothing fits better and gracefully than the wineries, breweries, and distilleries! Well, talking about modern-day engaged couples, these days our couples are choosing wedding venues with creative settings for their wedding ceremonies and wedding receptions! That is because modern-day wedding celebrations are not as tied to traditions, and wedding guests can always expect something out-of-the-ordinary from the wedding venue! Our young, classic, modern romantic brides and grooms are going for a wedding venue that feels more! Two perfect examples? Breweries and their close cousins, wineries, cideries, and distilleries!

There is no denying the fact that wineries, breweries, and distilleries are definitely a mind-blowing combination of setting and spirits! When we talk about wineries, breweries, and distilleries as wedding venues, there are endless reasons because of which our newly engaged millennial couples are choosing these kinds of venues for their wedding day while ditching the traditional wedding venues! The reason they are the top wedding venues is that they are much less complex than the character of their spirits, and they are usually set in the sweetest and utterly romantic of ambiance and well, we all like a little tipple or two! After all, no good and memorable love story ever started with a salad (right!).

There are endless reasons for couples to choose these wedding venues for their big day! Maybe they just truly appreciate the craft of brewing, or they just simply want to surprise their wedding guests with an extraordinary wedding venue and romantic wedding celebration! Apart from couples, wineries, cideries, breweries, and distilleries are also our professional wedding photographers’ desired locations! With so much to capture in the best frames, it’s nothing but a dream come true for our talented wedding photographers to document a wedding day at these kinds of wedding venues! Often, the aesthetic is rustic and industrial, which indeed makes breweries and cideries the perfect canvas for designs! Breweries are about the community at the core, so they truly are perfect for the couple who wants to center their affair around that theme. So, if you are also in search of breweries and cideries that are also wedding venues in the United States of America to host the memorable and unforgettable day of life in the presence of all your loved ones, then don’t stress away! Not only have we rounded up some of the classiest and luxurious options for you, but also we have also incorporated venues with a whole range of service and aesthetics! In this blog, you will easily find everything starting from luxurious and marvelous space for your grand wedding day celebration to intimate settings for your laid-back celebration!

If the idea of a cidery or brewery wedding intrigues you, browse our curated list of cideries and wineries across the United States that double as gorgeous wedding venues! So, let’s dive in and lookout for some of the best breweries and cideries that are also wedding venues so that you can have a celebration that none of your wedding guests will ever forget, and in fact, will talk about for years to come!

Finn River Farm & Cidery, Washington State

For all the couples who are planning to elope and just want to have their special day by themselves, nothing fits better than the Finn River Farm & Cidery! If elopement is your choice, then this place is available for one day each month from May to September! But, if you want to have an intimate and cozy celebration with some of your loved ones, then this is ‘the’ place in Washington State! You can invite up to 25 of your wedding guests for your romantic and quaint wedding celebration at Finn River Farm and Cidery. After your wedding ceremony, you and your sweetheart can take orchard tours and pose for some utterly romantic couple portraits for your wedding portfolio!

There is something definitely magical about having your wedding day celebration at Finn River Farm and Cidery! Started in late 2018, this cozy and enchanting cidery wedding venue always plans to offer traditional weddings!

You & Yours Distilling Co., San Diego

You & Yours Distilling Co. is not just simply a distillery, in fact, it is a brand-new, California cool, and chic destination gracefully set in San Diego. Trust us, at this location you will have the best of your wedding day! Bring all your best together for your unforgettable and enchanting wedding to experience a gathering set amidst fantastic and eye-catching distillery design at its absolute coolest! You & Yours Distilling Co. offers an alluring and heady mix of intoxicating elixirs and salvaged wood, whitewashed brick, exposed concrete, plush velvet, impeccably placed lovely palm fronds, denim linen, and copper and marble accents!

We can assure you that your intimate wedding celebration at this luxurious location will definitely be a cut-above-the-rest kind of celebration for all your wedding guests!

Julian Hard Cider, California

Gracefully located and just a 60-minute drive from San Diego in the Cuyamaca Mountain Region, Julian Hard Cider is one of the most pristine and tranquil settings for a memorable wedding day! Spanning 10-acres of picturesque landscape, at this location, you will have the opportunity to choose from several backdrops for your wedding ceremony and outdoor wedding photos! From a beautiful pergola to well-maintained lush gardens, and a luxurious farmhouse that can accommodate up to 7 guests (overnight), the options are endless for a bride to choose from! Julian Hard Cider wedding venue will also provide you with a list of preferred vendors that includes wedding coordinators, bakeries, and florists to ensure each and every wedding is customized and goes off without a hitch, and leaves a lasting impression on the hearts and minds of all your wedding guests!

Wild Cider, Colorado

This cidery wedding venue is perfect for everyone who wants a quintessential location for their wedding day! But, if by any chance your partner is serving in the military, then trust us, nothing is better than the Wild Cider wedding venue in Colorado! A piece of advice here, all the military couples should consider this location in Firestone, Colorado for their wedding day celebration! The reason we are emphasizing booking this location is that the Wild Cider offers great and amazing discounts to those who serve the military! These discounts include a waived rental charge for the grounds, discounted staff costs, and reduced beverage prices (these freebies also apply to nonprofits that opt to host events at Wild Cider). Booking this location for your wedding day will definitely be a win-win for you!

Rolling over 14 acres of lush spaces, the Wild Cider is just 45 minutes from Denver, making it an easy place to fly and reach for you and all your out-of-town wedding guests! With the space to welcome up to 200 wedding guests, the Wild Cider wedding venue offers luxurious space for your grand wedding celebration! One of the greatest perks of hosting your wedding at the Wild Cider is that you and all your wedding guests will have long-range views of Colorado’s Front Range and Longs Peak that will not only wow all your wedding guests, but will also give endless opportunities to our creative wedding photographers to capture fabulous wedding pictures!

Gorge Crest Vineyards, Washington

Gorge Crest Vineyard is nothing but a dreamy and magical location to get on the lush grounds! Featuring stunning cobblestone patios wind through expansive vineyard grounds along with the mesmerizing views of the Columbia River and Mt. Hood, this exquisite wedding space is just perfect! As far as eyes and our photographer’s camera lens can see, this supreme location radiates panoramic beauty waiting to get captured in mindful and creative frames! Have your memorable and precious “I do” moment on the well-manicured and expansive lawn with the views of snow-capped Mt. Hood and feasting tables alight with local fare and wines as far as the eyes can see!

Urban Tree Cidery, Georgia

Couples who are in search of an urban destination for their wedding day celebration can consider tying the knot at Atlanta’s first and only cidery, Urban Tree! This premium cidery is available every night of the week, except Thursday for weddings, receptions, and rehearsal dinners! So, if you have set your heart on this cidery make sure you are booking this venue on days that are available for weddings! Situated in the bustling metropolis of Atlanta does not mean that it lacks the rustic charm! Your wedding celebration at the Urban Tree Cidery will have an endless rustic charm that will woo all your wedding guests!

Avondale Brewing Company, Alabama

Once a pharmacy, and saloon, the Avondale Brewing Company is an alluring building featuring all kinds of historic brick and craft beer brewing beautifully! The hanging lights, exposed bricks, raw-wood beams, and suds to swig make this unique and romantic space more colorful, vibrant, and full of life! Your indoor wedding celebration at the Avondale Brewing Company will have an endless amount of natural light that will make your wedding photographs nothing but glowing!

Early Mountain Vineyards, Virginia

Gracefully situated at the base of the beautiful Blue Ridge Foothills in Virginia, the Early Mountain Vineyards is a stunning location featuring a vintage 200-year-old barn! Your wedding day at this location will be nothing but full of rustic and charismatic vintage charm! Your wedding guests will have the best of their time witnessing your exchange of vows at this glorious location! Let your wedding guests sip everything from rich Cabernets to perfect Pinots while everyone lingers at long feasting tables on the expansive lawn! Early Mountain Vineyards have everything for every couple! With the sweeping views of Virginia’s most prized vistas, the location has endless photography opportunities for our wedding photographers to capture in swoon-worthy frames!

Wyndridge Farm, Pennsylvania

Perhaps the most experienced and most book wedding venue, the Wyndridge Farm is on every bride’s wedding venue search list! With the expansive space to welcome up to 25 people, the farm features a climate-controlled setting, so weddings can be held year-round! The dramatic outdoor patio featured by this stunning location will be great for your wedding guests to savor their time outdoors while sipping fine wine while adorning the scenic views of the rolling hills and miles of the magnificent skyline! Think of the moment when you are sharing some romantic moments together while the changing hues of the sky during the golden hour create a magical backdrop for our professional wedding photographers to document in swoon-worthy frames!

Bad Seed Cider Company, New York

One of the unique things about the Bad Seed Cider wedding venue is that it only hosts about 10 weddings per year! So, if you want this to be a wedding venue, then you have to be early with the bookings! The versatility and flexibility offered by this location allow couples to customize the space to fit their vision! You can freely allow your wedding dreams and imaginations to go wild with the Bad Seed Cider wedding venue! At Bad Seed Cider, you and all your wedding guests will have easy access to all its ciders, which is a great way to amaze your wedding guests!

Lookout Farm Brewing Co., Massachusetts

All the couples who are in search of a classic farm wedding venue with an added perk of having a cidery on-site, look no further as the Lookout Farm will gracefully deliver both! With a deeply rich history dating back to 1651, the Lookout Farm is one of America’s oldest working farms and offers everything family-friendly fun folks expect at a New England farm, including U-pick orchards to pick apples, farm animals petting area, and even a train ride for tots, from June to October. And of course, also have your memorable wedding day celebration!

One of the greatest advantages of hosting your wedding day at this beautiful location is that this venue brews its own beer, so all the couples who are divided on drink preferences can always enter matrimony in harmony (pun intended)! Rolling over 180 acres of lush green space, the Lookout Farm offers various opportunities for beautiful wedding photography to abound! Featuring an outdoor and indoor space to host your wedding day and wedding reception, this Massachusetts wedding venue provides you a chance to choose your desired event space! Conveniently sits just 40 minutes from Boston airport, your wedding guests will have an easy ride to reach your wedding location!

Maiden Rock Winery and Cidery, Wisconsin

If you and your sweetheart are more of a cider and wine person rather than a beer and cider kind, then Maiden Rock Winery and Cidery is nothing but an ideal location for you to tie the knot! Named for the nearby bluff overlooking Wisconsin and Minnesota’s shared Lake Pepin, the Maiden Rock Winery and Cidery is the perfect place for couples who prefer the incredible combination of cider and wine over beer and cider! Before you plan to book this spot for your wedding day celebration, make sure you are well aware of the months when you can have your special day celebration. As Maiden Rock Winery and Cidery only permit weddings from May to August, which also makes a great time to check out the Mississippi city! Featuring a romantic outdoor gazebo that can lend a charming backdrop for your “I do” moment and a rustic barn with the space to welcome up to 150 of your wedding guests to host your indoor wedding reception, this Wisconsin wedding venue is an absolute stunner!

Brewery Ommegang, New York

Spanning 130 acres of stunning farmstead property, the Brewery Ommegang is a pristine location in New York City for couples to tie the knot! The impeccable white high peak tent featured by this charming wedding venue will automatically set the overall tone of your wedding day celebration! With the space to welcome up to 250 of your wedding guests at rustic farmhouse-style tables, this location will leave all your wedding guests in great amazement on the wedding day! They will love to savor the custom beer and food pairing menu created by you! Allow your attendees to taste the world-class beers offered by Brewery Ommegang! With endless beauty to capture, our cheap New York wedding photographers will have ample opportunities to click magical wedding photos in the best of frames!

Great Divide Brewing Company, Colorado

Elegantly situated in the heart of Denver’s RiNo Art District on the Platte River, the wedding venue space at the Great Divide Brewing Company features an expansive 6,200 square feet of luxurious space in a rustic and chic industrial brewery ambiance! Couples who are in deep search of an authentic industrial setting with versatile and flexible spaces that can easily transform into as per their wedding visions, this is the place! Offering panoramic views of the majestic Rocky Mountain and mind-blowing Denver skyline views, your wedding guests will have the best of their time while witnessing your exchange of vows!

Staycation Ideas if You’re Not Ready to Travel

Here are some trendy and amazing staycation ideas if you don’t feel like traveling right after your wedding!

Here are some trendy and amazing staycation ideas if you don’t feel like traveling right after your wedding!


Hats off to all 2020 and 2021 wedding couples! You guys are surely navigating these crazy times and uncharted waters with such grace! Postponing your wedding day, shifting up your idea of a grand and lavish wedding to a more intimate celebration with just some of your near and dear ones, and lastly discovering how to plan a wedding right in the middle of a quarantine… Well, trust us, you guys are completely rocking it! To date, we have shared a lot of tips on weddings during COVID-19, and topics related to that, but today we will be talking about the various trendy and amazing staycation ideas if you don’t feel like traveling right after your wedding!

Read our latest blog on the fun and romantic staycation ideas for all the couples who don’t feel safe to travel during this pandemic situation. All you have to do is hold your partner’s hand and enter the staycation and read on to discover some of the great and romantic staycation ideas while being at home!

Plan a theme night

You have made your mind, and the bags are packed, for Italy! But with everything going around, there are chances that you might not feel like traveling. Well, you can always bring Italy to your home! Rather than buying pasta from a local joint in Paris, make it at home with your sweetheart with your own ingredients, don’t forget to put love (as Paris is the city of love). Why not turn on some enchanting romantic music that reminds you of romantic Rome. You can also consider decorating your patio with vibrant and aromatic flowers and candles, and order in some of your favorite local Italian fare, and make a whole theme night out of it! And want to go the extra mile with your theme night? Well, dress the part, too! And finish the evening ‘laying in the sand’ in your bathing suit, practicing some moves for your cabaret dance, and even smooching while listening to French ballads! African, French, Caribbean- wherever you planned to journey, get creative and bring the world to you, in fact to your house! Even better, travel the world with a Theme Week!

Sightsee from home

Well, if you have always wanted to go backpacking to Europe and have been postponing your travel plans since last year, then don’t worry. There are still various ways for you to explore the wonder of this continent and all its various cultures without even leaving your bed! With everything going virtual, many legendary museums and cities these days are offering virtual tours, a perfect and fun staycation idea! Were you supposed to take your spouse to Paris after your honeymoon but due to this global pandemic, your plan is on halt? Well, not now! You can check out the Musee d’Orsay of Eiffel Tower online. In fact, you will also be able to discover different sights that were not originally on your itinerary list! Wherever you plan to go, try to spend time researching what’s available digitally, so you don’t lose your wanderlust. When it’s safe to plan again, you’ll be armed with (even more) information. Bring your travel destination to your home and explore the world with just one click!

Cuddle up in front of a fire

Tell us one thing! Is there anything in the world more romantic and peaceful than curling up on the couch with the love of your life and cuddling under a warm and cozy blanket while watching firelight flicker and dance? Or spooning with your partner and watching a romantic movie on Netflix and embracing the ambiance? Well, we are pretty much sure, nothing is more romantic than this.

If you are planning your staycation for summer when you might not want to build a fire indoors, you can always have your romantic cuddle night outdoors if you have a firepit. Trust us, with such a setting in the outdoors, you will forget what Paris or Spain feels like!

Cook a meal together

The love that bonds and blooms over food is never-ending! Preparing meals together is one of the easiest and most romantic ways to spice up your staycation if you don’t want to travel!

The time is here. While on your staycation, break out that wedding china and enjoy a dinner you both have cooked together with your special ingredients, like love, passion, and tenderness! Just a piece of advice, try out some new recipe as it will be more fun when you both will be involved in it. Play some romantic songs in the background and enjoy cooking together! There are times when just walking the aisles of a grocery store brings inspiration and kinda feels like a date though.

Work on some home-improvement projects together

A fresh coat of paint will bring a new perspective to your home-based staycation’. This is what we also feel. It is always a great idea to use your staycation in refurbishing your new home, or we say the house of your dreams. Spring cleaning might not be what you have envisioned for your honeymoon, but handling work around the house together is indeed an incredible bonding. Don’t take the heavy work that requires some professional assistance. Ease into easy house remodeling projects together like painting a room with your favorite color, and marvel at how quickly progress can be achieved while stealing some kisses in between. You can also consider renovating the unused parts of your house, like a garage or the attic, or media room makeover to upgrade your Netflix date and chill sessions! Don’t forget to make your staycation relaxed and aromatic by bringing in the fresh air and new flavors in your house by potting plants, herbs, and spices!

Plan a romantic spa day or night at home

This idea is best for all those couples who are eagerly wanting to detox themselves and cool their mind off the chaos of wedding planning, or want to give themselves some good and relaxed time after they have been treated to all of the food and wine they can handle! A spa day or night at home is not only the best way to unwind the stress but is also an exquisite way to spice up the romance. Well, these days, a relaxing spa after the wedding jitters is almost on most of the newly wedded couples’ to-do list of activities. During your staycation, a spa session at your home will definitely make you and your partner feel special and romantic! You can simply start your day or end your day with a bath bomb and glass of champagne for two (remember, when Chandler and Monica have their romance in the bathtub with wine). You can always try your skills at being a masseuse with neck and shoulder massages and scalp and hair massages (check out some reference links on YouTube, before performing it on your partner, pun!). To make your staycation massage session more interesting, you can assign a different body part to the numbers on a dice, and then roll the dice to see who massages what part for the first five to ten minutes! You can also consider making your own cucumber lemon water to sip on while wearing face masks to give each other mani-pedi. Trust us, while staycationing, you and your sweetheart will get all the luxury at a fraction of the cost!

Don’t forget to snap all the photos!

Don’t forget to snapshot your staycation in the best of frames just like you would do if you were traveling to a far-off exotic place with your darling! Trust us, these are very special and precious memories, just like any other vacation (because once everything will be back on track, we can assure you that you will be going to miss this time, so capture it!). If you are a person who loves keeping a journal, then you can use your journal to write down the fun things that you did, ate, or saw! Just think of it as an at-home travel journal. Trust us, it will turn into the sweetest keepsake from your staycation. While staycation at home, you can even ask our affordable and professional wedding photographers to snapshot some really cute and adorable staycation photos of you both. Because once everything will be sorted, these photos will always allow you to cherish the perks of staying at or close to home with your partner!

Utilize the time to reminisce over photos from past celebrations & travels

There is no better time to get out your wedding photos or old family albums or even selecting the best photos for your wedding album than enjoying quality time during your staycation with your partner. Sharing and creating memories with your spouse is always a great way to spark conversation and learn even more about your better half!

And going down memory lane and looking at your old travel photos will always provide you with some new inspirations for your upcoming travel. You might even want to set aside a little of your staycation time in brainstorming the ideas for the next time you both are going to travel.

Plan for some at-home wine tasting

Well, it is absolutely true that a big part of many memorable weddings is the party. Full of delicious food and never-ending wine, and this is the time when you and all your loved ones can come together at your place and celebrate the start of your beautiful happily ever after story! These days, at-home wine tasting is so in the trend that every millennial couple is doing it. So, all you have to do is head to your local market and pick up a selection of different wines, and complement it with some cheese, fruits, snacks, and other yummy treats. Trust us, going on wine shopping will make you feel like you are on a wine tour in Florence or Napa Valley, yet in the comfort of your home!

Set up a backyard beach for your staycation

There are many couples who have always dreamed of just lying on the beach, taking the best of sunbathing on the beach for a couple of weeks post-wedding. If that is not on the card for you right now, you don’t need to get disappointed! You can always create ‘your own beach’ right in your backyard. You can just order an inflatable pool, and bring in some fun tiki accessories like a palm tree and a cute umbrella, and voilà you are all set to go! Now all you have to do is slip in those swimsuits that you order and soak the sun with your favorite person. We personally love this activity as it is not only a blast to put the whole atmosphere together, but it is super-duper unwinding to just lay out in the sunshine together while sipping your martini or any favorite cocktail!

Unplug & have a real conversation or read a book together

Take a break from social media and your phone and just connect with each other like in the 90s. Make the best of your staycation by talking about all the things you have always wanted to talk about. If you both are nerds, then choose a book to read aloud to each other, or you can simply just choose to read one chapter at a time! Well, there is no such rule that it has to be particularly lofty or literary. You can simply select a book that was special to either or both of you as a child, like the Harry Potter series. Well, if you ask us, we think that The Chronicles of Narnia particularly lend themselves to being read aloud in this way!

Take as many naps, together!

Just leave the world and everything behind, and snuggle up under a blanket together like a couple of bunnies and just relish the simple pleasure of napping together. Trust us, it is very soothing and pleasant. It is true that while traveling, couples are highly focused on getting the most out of their time at the destination that they can visit. While you both are staycationing at home, you have already seen everything and there is nothing to see or explore more in your home, so there is no fear of missing out on anything!