How to manually update Drivers in Windows 10

Many problems on a Windows Laptop or Desktop computer are caused due to outdated or corrupted device drivers. Hence, we are providing below the steps to Update and Reinstall Drivers in Windows 10. On my PC, Auslogics Driver Updater took quite a long time to scan all the drivers, about 4x more than the average time of other tools listed here. However, it also found 23 outdated drivers, which is more than any other tool in this list. Interestingly, it also found an important security driver that others missed. Other than that, DriverFix has all the required features like automatic updating drivers, full backup and restore, and notifications.

The working and functioning of hardware devices vary between them. The firmware is used in almost every electrical device and the micro embedded devices. It helps the hardware to function without installing additional software. An unsigned device driver is one that doesn’t come with a security certificate from Microsoft that verifies the driver is safe to install.

What Does Device Driver Mean?

Registration with the core initializes several fields in the struct device_driver object, including the reference count and the lock. These fields are assumed to be valid at all times and may be used by the device model core or the bus driver. The profiling library can be used to profile any of the Platform Development Kit components at the runtime.

  • The software is your operating system and any programs and apps you have installed on it.
  • A driver transfers print data to the printer in a language it can understand.
  • The McASP driver uses the CSL McASP register layer for all McASP MMR access.
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Install the correct, most up-to-date drivers with just a few clicks. Run the installer and follow the simple instructions. Alternatively, you can automate this process by using Avast Driver Updater, which does all the work for you in the background. Click Repair All to fix issues with Patented Technologies . Sometimes, developers release WIP builds to the public for testing to flush out any problems that bypass the internal testing. To find the best drivers for your computer, you should also take a look at the Microsoft Drivers Download Center.

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If you face any problem while following the above steps, then let us know in the comments, and questions & answers down below. In the next window, select “Browse my computer for drivers”. You can now disconnect your printer from the computer. Remove the plug if it’s a USB connection or disconnect it from the router. Shut everything down and turn off power supply to all of them.

How to Easily Install Graphics Card Drivers on Windows 10

Out-of-date drivers and operating systems can cause a variety of issues and are one of the first things to check when a game is having problems. The instructions below will help you check and update your drivers. Many computer hardware components, like a video card, sound card, Wi-Fi, or motherboard, require drivers to be installed to function properly.

How to Remove Old and Useless Drivers in Windows

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All you have to do is go to the Device Manager and uninstall the older drivers. When it comes to gaming, we always want the most frames and the highest settings to get fully immersed in the awesome world of the games we play. If you switched to a new GPU, uninstall the AMD drivers and install NVIDIA ones in their place. Now that the AMD driver Windows 10 is removed, we need to reinstall AMD drivers in Windows 10. Here are the 2 best ways to install new AMD drivers. Just disconnect internet when using DDU until you have installed the new driver.

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If you like it’s a lot of work you can Look into the following method. Here’s an epic guide on how touse host mode on Twitch. Unlike AMD, NVIDIA doesn’t offer complete cleanup utility software.

  • If you found this tutorial useful, you may enjoy our guide on how to remove Windows 10 bloatware and uninstall the Xbox Game Bar.
  • So, the best way to fix the Bluetooth-related issues is by reinstalling the Bluetooth driver.
  • Therefore, players will be able to have the best experience possible right away.
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8, the Insider Preview does remain activated as long as the user does not exit the Windows Insider program. Windows 10 adds FLAC and HEVC codecs and support for the Matroska media container, allowing these formats to be opened in Windows Media Player and other applications. On June 1, 2015, Microsoft announced that Windows 10 would be released on July 29, 2015.

You can also make use of different diagnostic tools to determine which problem is related to the Bluetooth link drivers and needs immediate attention. Corrupted or outdated drivers often create file errors, communication problems, or hardware malfunction in Windows. Common problems include no sound, printing malfunction, video / screen problems. Driver Manager performs an in-depth scan of your entire system and all devices attached to it and verifies that you have the latest and most compatible drivers installed.

Bluetooth driver get uninstalled on every boot – Similar Threads – Bluetooth driver uninstalled

Don’t disrupt it until Windows Update is completed. This might happen if the restart is pending or any NVIDIA service is still active in the background process under Task Manager. This is the most common error message that occurs while trying to update the driver.

Once you select an option, it will open a list of available Bluetooth devices that are available to connect. You can also use your Windows Update settings to reinstall your Bluetooth drivers. You can also uninstall the Bluetooth drivers and download them from your PC manufacturer’s official website. Right-click the hidden device drivers and select Update driver.

Follow the steps below to download and install an Nvidia driver. This probably goes without saying but, in order to install drivers for your GPU, you first need to have the executable files on your PC. The best way to get the latest NVIDIA software is to go to NVIDIA’s website. In addition to deleting AMD software this way, we recommend downloading a useful app called Display Driver Uninstaller and running it from Safe Mode. GeForce Experience – The easier choice of the two. This NVIDIA GPU companion software doesn’t only keep your drivers up to date, but also offers a host of other options, made specifically for gamers.

How to install drivers manually

If the driver’s license is in a language other than English, an International Driver’s Permit is required along with the driver’s license. If you plan on driving a vehicle outside of the United States, make sure to check if you will need an International Driver’s Permit . If you are driving in a country with little English spoken, it may be wise to pick up an IDP to make the process easier. When applying in person , your International Driver’s Permit will be provided to you after reviewing your application and your payment is processed.

For a PC, you can – and should – go directly to Nvidia or AMD. Go to the device manufacturer’s website, and then download and install the latest driver software installer. Windows itself doesn’t provide updates to all drivers. Hardware makers have to go through a rigorous acceptance process before Microsoft includes the driver in Windows Update. As a result, it could take months for a driver to arrive on your device — and by the time it does, the manufacturer has released newer versions. Double-click on that entry and select the Drivers tab.

Windows 7 is configured to make driver installation as smooth as possible. By default it will always try to download appropriate and newer drivers from Windows Update. For most users and devices that’s a great setup. However, you may need to install custom or downloaded drivers for a device that’s already attached. Obviously, it is necessary to ensure that you have a driver file on your PC downloaded before you begin following the steps below.

Unable to install driver manually

Subsequent Macintosh models shipped with the newer firmware. In this scenario, booting is performed in the same way as on legacy BIOS-based systems, by ignoring the partition table and relying on the content of a boot sector. The Unified Extensible Firmware Interface is a publicly available specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware.

  • To apply for your permit, print out the form, fill it out, and follow all the instructions before mailing in.
  • For example, to update the drivers for my AMD Radeon graphics card, I would right-click on the Radeon Settings icon and choose Open Radeon Settings.
  • needs to review the security of your connection before proceeding.

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Then download the most update to date driver, after that finishes it will ask if you want an express or custom installation. I usually go with express because I don’t need to make any customizations to the install. OS updates come as second most important as they fix bugs which can cause all sort of problems.

The following section describes the steps to install the driver for the Google BigQuery data provider. The following section describes the steps to install the driver for the Hana data provider. The following section describes the steps to install the driver for the ElasticSearch data provider. The following section describes the steps to install the driver for the Hive data provider. Look through the list of devices in the Device Manager window to find the names of hardware devices connected to your PC.

Using Windows Explorer, navigate to the windows\video\os folder . In the dialog box that follows, select Install from a list or specific location and click Next. Follow the installation wizard to install TPM driver. Update the Ethernet driver by choosing the file in the corresponding OS folder from the Tools and Drivers CD. Restart your computer, even if you’re not prompted to do so.

How To Install Audio Drivers Mac Os X?

Open the “Control Panel” and then double-click “Display” to bring up the “Display Properties” window. Select the “Settings” tab, click “Advanced”, and then select the “Adapter” tab. Just right-click on the game name and select properties.

It is required to update Windows drivers in order to help your PC run in an effective manner. In addition, it prevents the issues caused as a result of outdated, corrupt or missing drivers on your Windows PC. You can easily update Windows drivers using Driver Restore. This driver utility tool allows you to ‘scan’ the system, find outdated drivers and ‘update’ the latest Windows drivers required to optimize the PC performance. Driver Restore facilitates a user-friendly approach to analyze and detect the device driver issues that may affect the system functions. Your latest driver is just a click away with Driver Restore installed in the Windows system. The software ensures that the latest versions of the driver are downloaded in your computer each time the drivers are updated.

Where do you find CPU drivers?

I don’t use lappy with sound so not sure and another reader may have more info. Five — is there any override on your headset that might be not allowing for the L mouse to function — not likely but I always like to eliminate any possibilities. Also if you can adjust the volume via the headset, that might provide as simple an alternative as there is. If using external speakers, there usually is a volume adjustment on them too. My 1 left click on “sound” function has gone and i don’t know what to do. I can access volume settings only via right click “open volume mixer” and this is taking much longer and it’s annoying.

During set up, i had already connected to Wi-Fi and the back-arrow only refreshed the page to sign-in with MS account; leaving me stuck on this dreaded sign-in with MS account. I don’t want this device linked as it will only be used as a back up device for my iPhone. As others have stated, there are operating systems that are less intrusive and require no PII. Ubuntu, for example, comes with a complete, free, office suite, and installs in less than 1/2 hour.

  • If you are using typical computer speakers or headphones , make sure Speakers is selected.
  • NVIDIA recommends consulting a security or IT professional to evaluate the risk of your specific configuration.
  • But don’t worry, the latest firm also helps you to patch the security gap, and encountered issues in its current version.


There’re multiple reports suggesting that the no sound issue is caused by an outdated or incompatible audio driver. Some drivers might not work properly if you upgrade from Windows 10. For Windows 11 to function properly, you need to make sure you have the latest correct audio driver.

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And it’ll enhance your computer security while doing so, ensuring that you’re getting only the correct updates from the official providers. Forget about hunting down drivers yourself — Avast Driver Updater seamlessly sources drivers from over 100 major brands. New drivers aren’t always about pure performance optimizations and speeding up your PC.

Opening My Webcam in Skype Crashes My PC

Failed GPU installation can be another reason to cause the error. Uninstalling NVIDIA drivers can be helpful in such a case to remove corrupt files. Hit the links below to download and install drivers for a new NVIDIA or AMD card. No, If you are asking that can you install Nvidia drivers on Intel GPU’s then it is completely no.

How to Uninstall Nvidia Drivers on Windows 10

You’ll want something such as a large, clear gaming desk or even a standard wooden kitchen table; wood being particularly important for a pivotal factor here – static. Not only will you choose all the components that are right for you, but you’ll also be tailoring the rig to your budget, too. Here’s how to build a gaming PC this year with our encompassing guide. Locate your hard drive and enter the command below and be sure to replace 0 with a number that represents your hard drive.

You have to select a date and time from the given options; when you select a date, the drivers that you installed after the chosen date won’t work. For those who don’t know, System Restore is a utility, which helps the user restore their system to its previous state. System Restore removes all those programs, which interfere with the operation and performance of the computer.

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Browse to the folder that contains your NVIDIA drivers, and click on the right-click menu to select the “Edit” option. Alternatively, you can also open File Explorer and look for the NVIDIA folder, or simply type ‘NVIDIA’ into the search box. I just finished building my first pc and your expertise was a big help! Being a Mac user for years, I have to admit that I’m having trouble with the next step of figuring out how to set up the appropriate drivers for my Nvidia RTX graphics card. Could you help or send me to an article that would step by step walk me through the process. It removes all graphics drivers, audio drivers, accompanying software, and registries.

  • All you need to do is to make sure that the module is built into kernel initramfs used to boot the system.
  • Even 8mm drivers are capable of the same quality as 50mm drivers, and the size is important only from the perspective of design, and ensuring that the driver fits properly within the casing.
  • Even if you restore a previous driver, there may be issues that require a fresh install.
  • If you cannot uninstall GeForce Experience through Control Panel, then look for uninstall.exe in the installation directory of GeForce Experience and run it to uninstall GeForce Experience.

You can download Nvidia drivers right from the Nvidia website, or using an app called Nvidia GeForce Experience. Part of the article contains outdated steps or commands? It’s possible that some articles that worked well five years ago won’t work today. After reading that you switched away from Zorin / Mint i got interested and did give Pop-OS a try but decided it is not “my thing”. Pop-OS has that Unity “look and feel” to it i personally really dislike. So i will stick to Mint BUT… its always nice to read about other experiences.

Save your time and struggle to search for drivers manually on manufacturers’ websites. This powerful free driver software does it automatically for you. This easy-to-use program encompasses a multitude of powerful features and pros that make it one of the best software to update drivers in Windows 10, 8, and 7. This tutorial introduces two ways to help you update device drivers in your Windows 10 computer.

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‘Product Series’ will determine which product options you see in the next step, so it’s important to know which series your GPU belongs to. Once you have your driver selected, all you have to do is click Download. The drivers are usually a few hundred megabytes, so depending on your connection, this part of the process shouldn’t take long. Read on to learn how to update your Nvidia drivers.

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Where are the updated drivers for Windows 11 computers? Tips for updating drivers for Windows 11

If not, it will tell you that the best drivers for your device are already installed or something like that. Select “Search automatically for updated driver software”. The Device Manager is the most common place to upgrade device drivers. And, there are several entrances to trigger the driver update wizard in the Device Manager. At that point, the Device Manager will automatically download and install the drivers. Graphics drivers are the software that allows your Windows 11 computer to use the machine’s graphics hardware.

Its not something i would consider when choosing a new card. There is no need to install PhysX with Nvidia cards, as it only works with them. If you don’t select it, games that use it will try to use the ones they are installed with and crash. The report provides a study of the key global Physics Engine Software market players, corporate strategies implemented by the players, and barriers to entry. • The Physics Engine Software report discusses the primary demand drivers and profitability drivers. Use the search tool to find and download the latest drivers.

The fact that Pop_OS supports Nvidia out of the box is a deal maker for me. I am now replacing Ubuntu systems with Pop_OS. Just the alternative a lay person like myself needs.

Epson Expression XP-4105 Driver

It isn’t as obvious as we would have liked, but it’s download not too hard to find. The ‘Language’ option simply refers to the language you want to use during the installation. But how much do they actually increase performance?

  • You can determine whether UXSPs are stored in the OS device-driver repository from the Download Status column on the Individual Updates tab of the Windows Driver Updates Repository page.
  • On the one hand, you can manually select a location on your PC to browse for drivers.
  • Generally, these updates are almost always tailored to their latest GPU line, as that is what is currently selling on store shelves waiting to be purchased.

And if you are building your own PC, you know how to get the drivers directly from the manufacturer and don’t need a utility like this. Straightforward product focused on updating drivers. Once new drivers are identified, you have to manually install them in the free version.

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LLPC builds on LLVM’s existing shader compilation infrastructure for AMD GPUs to generate code objects compatible with PAL’s pipeline ABI. Notably, AMD’s closed-source Vulkan driver currently uses a different pipeline compiler, which is the major difference between AMD’s open-source and closed-source Vulkan drivers. Be alert for scammers posting fake support phone numbers and/or email addresses on the community.

For those GPUs, you might not be able to take updated drivers directly from the vendors of the graphics adapter. Therefore, you should take the driver updates from the manufacturer of the laptop. Yet, the laptop vendors won’t publish driver updates frequently or regularly. Updated graphics drivers are essential and often deliver better performance. This article will show you the three main methods for updating the graphics card drivers.

1) one or more of the hotfixes and/or service packs update MassFX binaries. 4 I copied the upper MASSFX folder for safe keeping. Then I moved all the files from the inner folder to the outter (without over-writing the ones that seemed to be newer from SP2).

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I’ll be demonstrating how you can remove the audio drivers from windows 11 but remember, following this exact method, you can remove any driver you need to. Whenever we install a problematic driver and don’t have the option to roll it back to the previous version, we can only uninstall it. If you know how to uninstall driverscorrectly, you can also get rid of unused and old driver from your computer. Many bugs are resolved by uninstalling the drivers first and then reinstalling them. The Device Manager in Windows lets you view the hardware installed on your computer, along with its Properties.

  • needs to review the security of your connection before proceeding.
  • If possible, you can also try a different USB port to confirm it is not a problem with the port.
  • I’m going to try the DDU removal process to cleanse my Win 10 install of the driver gunk and do a fresh install of the new Apple drivers.
  • The program itself has a clean interface with only a few menu buttons.

Restarting the computer can resolve most software conflicts. If problems persist, uninstall one of the webcam software applications, and reinstall the software that you want to use. If your webcam is disabled here, no applications – not even desktop apps – will be able to use it. This option changed with the Windows 10 April 2021 update.

This means that drivers may work for many different makes and models with little or no modification. The companion to MPlayer, MEncoder can record from a webcam to video files. FFmpeg is a cross-platform audio/video recording, conversion and streaming application.

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This is more likely to happen with obsolete drivers that are no longer updated by their developer. So, while it might not provide an immediate benefit, it’s good practice to uninstall drivers you no longer need. This will automatically scan for unnecessary files including the device driver packages which are no longer being used. Click the Remove files button when the scan is complete. Many computer users are not technically savvy or comfortable enough to dive into the preceding methods of reinstalling graphics drivers.

Choose the Update drivers button, then choose the Browse button to find your driver update files. If you’re lucky, one of those files is called Setup or Install, which makes your life easy. But it’s just as likely that an installation tool isn’t included. In that case, you need to open Device Manager and use it to install the driver manually. So if your hardware isn’t automatically recognised, the device crashes, or if you run into problems, you may need to know how to update the drivers yourself. Drivers are integral to your PC’s functionality.

How to Fix Camera Locked (Not Working) on Windows 11

Click on “Uninstalled” to complete the uninstallation process. Select “HuionTablet” and click “Uninstall/Change to uninstall the driver. When you are using the Windows Device Manager, you will be able to delete drivers only one by one.

From here, you can click on and expand a category to see individual peripherals, then view their properties to view driver install dates and version numbers. Using the device manager yields the same result as a Windows Update but gives you slightly more granular control over individual components than third-party software would. Users need to install drivers for hardware devices connected to their Computers, so that Operating System communicates with the device through driver program. So the driver is the medium between Operating System and the device.

How do I install a driver?

He is technology enthusiast and an English teacher. If it’s Windows/Mac/Linux, then you have to update to Windows/Mac/Linux that can support your driver. If it’s a hardware problem, then you should replace the old one with new one.

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What are the required system specifications?

If you encounter any issue with your computer that can’t be quickly resolved by restarting it, updating the driver is the next solution. While it’s not the answer to all problems, it should always be a part of the troubleshooting steps computer users can perform. Driver updates can provide many things, including new security patches, such as keeping hackers from corrupting your files and upgrades to the technology of your device. Often, device manufacturers will identify any errors or glitches, known as bugs, then create an update to address them. If you’ve downloaded the driver files to a known location or copied them to removable storage, click Browse to select that location, and then click Next to continue. At this point the driver should be correctly installed.

Windows 10 drivers are stored in the %SystemRoot%\Drivers folder. Part of the article contains outdated steps or commands? We have over 1500 articles in the last ten years. It’s possible that some articles that worked well five years ago won’t work today.

  • My assumption for installing drivers automatically is based on experience from GUI version on that same server.
  • If you do not accept, you will be unable to chat with our support team.
  • On a metered internet connection, such as a cellular data, you might need to manually download updates.

Think of your Brother printer driver as the translator who helps your technology to communicate more effectively. Now if the rollback option is available, click on it and follow the on-screen instructions to roll back your driver. However, if this option is greyed out then click on ‘Uninstall device’. If you manually installed your driver or used an executable from your OEM then this is the recommended method for you. If Windows managed to store the previous driver on your system then you will also get the option to roll back your driver.

Ask Different is a question and answer site for power users of Apple hardware and software. Step 5) This step is different based on which tuner you are using. Look for any items with a yellow question mark or exclamation mark on it. You’ll either be looking under the “Jungo” category, “Universal Serial Bus Controllers” category or “Unknown Devices”. If you see one right click on it and select Update Driver. Step 4) It may take a moment for this window to open.

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One simple method to update drivers in Windows 7 or Windows 8 is to navigate to Check for Updates in your Control Panel . You can access the Control Panel from the Start menu. Check for any updates that may apply, then view and install them. A restart may be required, so be sure to save all work and close any open applications before you begin.

I relay in on the advice supplied from website like yours. Now I have to pay to someone to re-install windows for me. I don’t have now the time and resources for that.

Update AMD graphics drivers for Windows in Boot Camp

Not all devices have the same tabs, and some devices do not offer the ability to view or modify the device driver. Sometimes it is important to remove a device driver completely from the system. It might be corrupted or incompatible with your system. If Windows determines that the driver is valid and up to date, it is impossible to use another device driver while the current driver is present. To uninstall an unwanted device driver, use the following steps.

In Way 03, 04, 05, we will talk about 3 tools which offer the driver uninstalling function. Each time a new package is installed, the Installer adds the package contents to the Installer2 folder. Quit all Adobe applications currently running on your desktop. First, check the information about your supported Graphics Card by issuing following command.

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The Driver Package Rollback feature can only be used to revert to a previously updated driver. If you have not installed a later driver, the option in Device Manager will be unavailable. I have Windows 10 Pro and have installed the Threshold2 update.

  • WinZip Driver Updater, a driver-fixing solution having one of the extensive driver databases, scans your PC and finds & installs the outdated drivers.
  • Check the Bluetooth vendor on your ASUS Notebook and download the corresponding driver.
  • After all, you want to work or game with your PC, not hunt for drivers every month.

If everything goes in the correct manner, the NVIDIA graphics driver will be successfully installed in your computer. If there is no update available in the Windows updates section, you will have to manually update the driver. The Installer places all driver and related add-on software in the Installer2 folder to ensure that re-installs and uninstalls are successful and complete.

Afterwards navigate to the “Screen Adapter”, click on the downwards arrow, and double click on your GPU. That being said, many will prefer to uninstall the drive through Windows, and then also remove any additional elements via third-party software. In the case of GPUs, the driver is the mediator between the OS and your graphics card. After installing your new GPU on your motherboard, it’s time to install the latest GPU driver.

This post shows students and new users steps to install Nvidia drivers on Ubuntu Linux. Linux, including Ubuntu is rapidly being installed on advanced computers with proprietary graphic cards and drivers to support them. If you read this article at a later time, you might have newer version of Nvidia drivers.

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To avoid quick charger no function due to compatibility issue after upgrade to Windows 10, please update ASUS USB Charger Plus to v4.1.6 or above. To avoid losing ASUS customized gestures due to compatibility issue after upgrade to Windows 10, please update ASUS Smart Gesture to v4.0.5 or above. ASUS Smart Gesture provides smoother and more intuitive touchpad experiences. I have the same problem as Benny – have tried the recommended methods repeatedly, still get the error message in iTunes even though Windows indicates the driver is up to date. You’ll be able to review and install the available updates on your computer.

Verify driver installation

3.Select “Search automatically for updated driver software” and if any update is found, Windows will automatically install the latest drivers. The most common video cards are NVIDIA and AMD and both of these manufacturers release new drivers that significantly enhance performance with each new version. Now, they’re not going to send you an email with every new release of their software.

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I must confess to being a bit nervous regarding this approach and because of this, I have looked at driver update services. Device Manager in Windows 10 version 1909Device Manager comes with two options—Search automatically for updated driver software and Browse my computer for driver software. Device Doctor is a free program, which scans devices and shows driver updates if available for them with links to download to your computer.

If the driver is not available there, search for it manually. You can do this in the Update & Security, Recovery, or Custom section. Once you have found the appropriate driver, choose the one that best suits your needs.

  • Device drivers are software that tells your computer’s operating system how to talk to…
  • If you need to roll back a driver in Windows 10, you can do this using the Windows Device Manager.
  • Click “Check for updates.” Windows will scan your computer for the missing driver.
  • Before installing a driver, Driver Booster automatically creates a restore point of your is case anything bad happens.

There are a couple of easy ways to install old NVIDIA drivers on Windows 10/11, anyone can do it. To delete old Nvidia drivers in Windows 10, open the registry editor. Type “regedit” into the Windows search box and open the “Registry Editor” application.

Not the answer you’re looking for? Browse other questions tagged windows drivers or ask your own question.

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Click onSearch automatically for updated driver software. Look for graphics card drivers that mention manufacturer names related to graphics components, such as Intel Graphics, NVIDIA, or AMD Graphics. You may see these in the main view or under the Optional Updates category.

How to Turn Off Notifications on Windows 10

Even your computer’s Wi-Fi receiver needs its own driver to function. The same is true for your mouse and speakers. That’s why the files located in this directory are .inf files.

There’s a higher chance of losing PC files from windows updates than using DDU. And these errors will not be the one that can be taken lightly. Because these errors will force your windows to shut down and it will keep crashing and you will end up losing your windows in the end. We should delete old Nvidia drivers and if you do not know how to do it. Do not worry, Let’s not waste any more time and let’s get started with the first method. Today we are back with another article, In this article, we will tell you, how to uninstall Nvidia drivers.

For example, you can open the hardware tab for your keyboard or monitor and choose to have the device driver for those components updated. If you’re feeling lucky, or just stubborn, here’s how you can update your own drivers. The process has been boiled down to a relatively simple series of steps that you can follow.